eb5 Facial Cream (4 Ounces)
eb5 Facial Cream (4 Ounces)

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Product Description

Created by Research Pharmacist Robert Heldfond, eb5 Facial Cream is designed for men and women, seniors and baby boomers alike, who are concerned about aging skin. Containing Vitamins A, E and B5 in a penetrating and nearly greaseless base, eb5 Facial Cream helps improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, crow's feet, "feather lips", uneven blotches and dry, sensitive skin. It's like using 5 creams in one jar!

  • One 4-ounce jar of facial cream
  • Contains Vitamins A, E and B5 in a penetrating and nearly greaseless base
  • Developed by chemist Robert Heldfond to moisturize and prevent wrinkles; ideal for men and women of all ages
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet; tightens the appearance of loose, sagging skin; hydrates dry and sun-damaged skin
  • Safely and effectively keeps your skin looking young and healthy

Customer Reviews:

  • wonderful face cream
    I love this face cream. You don't need to use much at one time so it last quite a long time. Would recommend highly....more info
  • eb5 facial cream review
    I'm a 23 year old male and didn't really read what this was suppposed to be used for. I have sensitive facial skin so I chose not to waste the money and try it anyway. I have been using eb5 for about three weeks as directed and it seems to have worked out great. My face is softer, cleaner, and clearer also. ...more info
  • EB5 Facial Cream
    I have used ASIN:* for several years. Previously I was purchasing it from Penny's. I find that buying it from Amazon is cheaper and is delivered to my door.

    I have been happy with the product and am pleased with the results. It works as well as other more expenisve facial creams....more info
  • great product
    I have been using this product for over 25 years and have always had great results....more info
  • Mothers Do Know Best...
    My mother passed away in early June and while going through her things, I found her container of eb5. I remember her telling me how much she enjoyed using it, and further suggesting that I should try it. Well, I did and it is everything that it advertises to be and much more to me...a reminder of my mother's advice. ...more info
  • Home Town Product!
    I have been using eb-5 facial cream for over 25 yrs. I used to buy it downtown at the drugstore of the pharmacist that created it. It has been harder to find at local merchants lately. I am signed up for the subscription plan at Amazon to receive mine now. It's cheaper, no postage and I don't have to make a 20 mile round trip to buy it. I have never used a facial product that I like so well. I find it not to be greasy at all. I was carded on a flight to Hawaii when I was 52 for a cocktail, and I believe eb-5 was responsible! lol. I also use it on my hands, a little goes a really long way and my hands deserve the best too! ...more info
  • eb5
    Have used eb5 product for 3 years and was discouraged when JCPenney no longer carried it. It makes skin softer and removes sleep puffiness under eyes.
    Need approved source for product line.
    Sandra Peterson...more info
  • Eb5 Facial Cream is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been using this product for a number of years now and I just love it. My skin looks great. I am 60 now and no one believes I am that old. (Love the compliments I received in March on my 60th birthday.) The product goes a long way. I am so glad that you are selling this cream. Your price is better than ordering direct from EB5 and also JC Penney. Love that fact that I can order online with no shipping charge and receive shipment really fast. I recommend this product to ALL WOMEN....more info
  • EB5 Facial Cream - Too Soon To Tell Any Difference...
    I've only been using the product for 3 weeks. Feels greasy when first applying. No difference on my facial lines yet......more info
  • this is a very good product at a good price
    I really like this product although it isn't a miracle worker it absorbs into my skin and softens fine lines and wrinkles as well as some of the more expensive creams....more info
  • EB 5 facdial cream
    The cream works moderately well. My Mary Kay cream is very much better. This is somewhat greasy. ...more info
  • eb% Facial Cream
    This product was also inferior to maeb5 Facial Cream (4 Ounces)ny cheaper easily acessible facial creams. I am a therapist and one of my clients asked me to order ti for her. I did and ordered some for my self as well. I am not happy with this product....more info
  • wonderful
    have used this cream for 15 years . would not use anything else . have tried other things but i always have sensitivity problems with other product . not this...more info
  • eb5 is the best thing on the market!
    So many years and probably thousands of dollars spent on finding the right product and eb5 ended my search. This is the best product on the market! Not greasy at all which was a perfect win for me! Went to a dermotologist recently for a non-product related issue. I had been using eb5 for about 2 months. When the doctor saw that I was 46 years old she couldn't believe it! I highly recommend the the facial cream and the eye cream! The crows feet around my eyes have just about vanished....more info
  • Wonderful product
    I have used EB 5 face cream for many years and have found it to be the best anti aging cream around. I am allergic to many scents and have found this unscented product easy to use. Thank you for a wonderful product....more info
  • Love eb5!
    This product is wonderful. You can use it at night before you go to bed or during the day. I have used it for 9 months now and love it. It is much cheaper here than any where else I have looked. I will continue to buy it from Amazon. Thanks Amazon!
    ...more info
  • good stuff
    EB5 Facial Cream is one of the best products on the market -- and Amazon deliveries are fast and efficient....more info
  • Lovely face cream
    This is the first time I've ordered beauty products on line. The face cream is delicate, has a delightful scent, is not greasy, keeps my skin soft. Don't get it in your eyes as it will burn. I haven't used it long enough to know if it softens my wrinkles but I will continue using it regardless....more info
  • eb5 Facial Cream ( 4 ounces )
    Saved me money, gas and time. Same great product I have purchased before at my favorite department store. I will purchase it again and again from Amazon....more info
  • EB5
    Isn't any better than Olay that I can tell after three weeks use. Not worth $37.00....more info
  • eb5 Facial Cream
    Great product - I have been using it for many years and people are always surprised when they find out my age....more info
  • 90 year old Mom has no wrinkles...or very few
    My mom turned 91 in January and swears by this cream. She won't use anything else. Her skin is "almost" wrinkle free...she is 91 after all! I started ordering it online for her because it is harder to find in the stores. Great convenience with Amazon.com ...more info


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