Anolon Advanced Nonstick Hard-Anodized Aluminum 12-Piece Cookware Set

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Product Description

Professional cookware for the everyday chef. Elite 12-piece set features hard-anodized material and Dupont's Autograph? nonstick surface that provide great, consistent cooking results. Limited lifetime warranty.

Handsomely designed with contemporary straight sides, deep charcoal gray exteriors, and shiny stainless trim, Anolon Advanced cookware has another reason it's so sought-after: it cooks beautifully. Constructed of hard-anodized aluminum that's even more durable than stainless steel, the cookware retains and distributes heat efficiently with no hotspots. The cookware is also coated inside and out with DuPont's high-quality, three-layer Autograph nonstick finish to keep food from sticking and scorching. Moreover, Anolon gives the cookware 18/10 stainless-steel handles with cushy silicone rubber grips for a cool, secure grasp. Break-resistant glass lids let you monitor cooking progress without losing flavor or nutrients. All the lids and knobs are oven-safe up to 400 degrees F, so you can start a dish on the stovetop, and finish it in the oven.

Everything a home chef needs to handle everyday cooking requirements is included in this 12-piece Anolon Advanced set. With their glass lids, the saucepans in 2-, 3-, and 4-quart sizes always come in handy for whisking sauces, heating soups, cooking rice, boiling potatoes, and plenty more. Two skillets, 8-and 10-inch, turn out perfect crepes, pancakes, and eggs. The large 10-quart stockpot slowly simmers chili and stew or boils a big batch of pasta. Finally, the 12-inch-wide, 5-quart shallow saut®¶ pan with its helper handle tackles stir-fries, chicken and rice dishes, and deep-dish apple turnovers with aplomb. Thanks to the nonstick finish, the cookware easily washes clean by hand. Anolon covers the set with a lifetime limited warranty against defects. --Ann Bieri

What's in the Box
12-piece cookware set. The set consists of: 2-quart covered saucepan; 3-quart covered saucepan; 4-quart covered saucepan; 10-quart covered stockpot; 8-inch skillet; 10-inch skillet; 12-inch covered saut®¶ pan. 12 pieces total.

  • Set includes: 2-, 3-, and 4-quart covered saucepans; 10-quart covered stockpot; 8- and 10-inch skillets; 12-inch/5-quart covered saut? pan with helper handle
  • Hard-anodized aluminum with Autograph nonstick coating inside and out
  • SureGrip riveted handles constructed from stainless steel and silicone
  • Break-resistant, domed glass lids permit cooking monitoring
  • Oven-safe to 375 degrees F; limited lifetime warranty; hand wash

Customer Reviews:

  • Creates the Desire to Cook!!
    I bought three sets of this product for my three young adult children. Doing so has resulted in their increased desire to cook, or learn to cook. They have all abandoned their college era cookware and rave about the difference in their culinary experiences with high quality equipment. They mentioned heat retention, pots 'getting hot enough', even distribution of heat, true nonstick surface, and the full line of cookware shapes and sizes.

    Initially, the discouragement to clean this product in the dishwasher was somewhat of a concern. My children's generation does not fondly look on menial, housework tasks. But I have been assured that clean up is no problem; and they have not been forced to wrestle with the idea of putting it in the dishwasher...anyway.

    As a result, all three have been experimenting more in the kitchen. And the outcome of that is that all three of them are eating healthier food. This cookware has sprinkled some joy in what was previously deemed a more task oriented activity of 'having to cook'.
    ...more info
    I received the Anolon Advanced 12pc. cook set as an early Christmas gift from my husband and I absolutely love them. I have a ceramic top stove and cant use cast iron pans so I love the fact that these pans actually have some weight to them. The heat distribution is excellent and clean-up is a breeze. I have owned other top name brand pans and I have to say I like these better. ...more info
  • This set is great!
    I'm by no means a great cook, but the difference between cooking with this set of pots and pans and my previous set is unbelievable! They heat evenly when cooking, no more half burned dinners.

    Worth every penny!...more info
  • This was a really great deal!
    I saw this exact item at Bed Bath and Beyond for $399. Came home and found it on Amazon for $269 with free shipping. Amazing!

    Love the set. It's a great combination of qualities. The handles are coated so they never get hot. The lids are glass so you can see inside the pots. Non-stick surface, terrific. They are a little heavier than my old set but the big pots have two handles.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Anolon Advanced 12 Piece Cookware 81959 is the very best!!
    I bought this set for myself for Christmas and it is by far the best cookware that I ever purchased. It's easy to cook in and very easy to clean. My husband is starting to cook with this new set and he just loves it. My daughter purchased this set about four months ago and I cooked with it at her house. I knew right then and there that I wanted this great cookware set. I gave it five stars and would give it more if I could! I highly recommend this set to anyone that is looking to purchase a new cookware set! Thank you Amazon for the great price and quick delivery!!! ...more info
  • Very usable set
    this set has a great range of pots for every day use and the exterior finish
    seem more durable then other lines. Handles are comfortable and are easy to grip....more info
  • Shipment is lost
    It was to be a christmas present for my wife. It is Jan.9 and we are still waiting for it....more info
  • Outstanding Value!!!
    I purchased the 12-piece Anolon Advanced cookware set as a last second gift for my wife. Sometimes she doesn't understand the value in buying a quality product. I was about to buy this same set for nearly twice the price but got it for $199!! When we received it, she and her mother that was in town, absolutely loved the look, quality, variety and how smooth and evenly it cooked. It cleaned extremely easy, too! I would highly recommend this Anolon cookware to any and everyone!...more info
  • Excellent at any price
    I have bought Anolon before and paid $60 for 1 ten inch pan. I pretty much used this pan every day and it has held up incredibly. For 250 the 12 piece set was an incredible bargain, and I have used every pan. The large covered skillet is a great pan for almost everything. All of the pans cook and clean so well. This is the only review I have ever taken the time to write- that is how strongly I feel about Anolon. I have bought Calpholon and Circulon and I have not been a fraction as happy. I am shocked more people don't use this brand....more info
  • Five years of use and still good as new
    These have been great pans. I've had a set for over five years now and they still look new. No signs of wear at all. I've religiously used only non-metal utensils with them (wood, silicone, etc). As a result they're still like new. Even with overheating the pan once or twice they're still in perfect condition.

    And if you want a good addition to the set, get the grill pan. The one that's a regular height, not the shallow one. The regular one does a FANTASTIC job cooking bacon. Likewise it does a fine job grilling everything from chicken to fish and burgers (which are still better outside).

    You will be pleased with these pans....more info
  • Worth the Wait
    I had a set of pans I bought in 1968 before I was married. They lasted me 30 years I didn't want to give them up. I went online to get the Wolfgang Puck cookware. I was so disappointed the first time I used them. They had a no return policy. I was very shocked at the lack of quality in this product, I will never use them again. So, I decided to buy one pan, use it for a year then buy the full set. This was a smart decision. I truly love these pans and beleive they will last me a long time. They are easy to clean and most of all food cooks evenly with no hot spots. They are a valueable tool in the kitchen and a pleasure to use....more info
  • The best!!
    I looked around and researched A LOT and this is by far the most well thought out cookware available. The Cuisinart and Emirlware are ok, but the handles and lids get really hot and the nonstick coating wears off quickly. Spend the extra and get these. They will last a LONG time!!! I was really impressed by the quality and customer service of Analon as well. I dropped one of my lids and it had a little ding. I called customer service and they sent one out free of charge. Nice!!...more info
  • Analon Advanced is great cookware
    I purchased the Analon cookware as a Christmas gift to myself! After searching retail stores and online, Amazon had the best price by far for the 12 piece set. (I see it's higher today) The cookware is solid, with even heating surfaces, and the covered handles are comfortable, sturdy, and don't need potholders. The exterior as well as the interior surface cleans very easily- my 21 year old son even commented on it! I've already bought several other pieces-the little grill pan makes perfect crepes. My ONLY negative comment is that ordinary metal utensils make a nasty scraping sound in the pans, so I'll be buying new teflon utensils or using my wooden spoons when cooking in my terrific new collection of cookware....more info
  • so far so good
    we bought these for ourselves for christmas, and so far they're great. they cook very evenly and clean up easily. we haven't used any of them in the oven yet, but on the stove we've noticed a difference in our food....more info
  • Throw out the rest of your pots/pans
    I have spent a good amount of money of other cookware including AllClad and the various grades of Calaphon... nothing has held up and is as easy as this cookware, especially for the price. I got two sets on sale from Amazon and gave most of it away as gifts split among my family. They all argued about which person got which pan because they all wanted the complete set... so last year I bought everyone the pieces they were missing including myself and then put all my other pots/pans in the next rummage sale. I've never been happier.

    Nothing sticks and clean up is two seconds... what more can you ask for....more info
  • Wise investment
    Very happy with this cookware. I have had other top of the line cookware in the past, but this far surpasses them. I am in the process of building up my kitchen cookware and I intend to purchase more to this collection. It cooks so evenly and efficiently and cleans up easily. Just wonderful technology....more info
  • Analon cookware
    Aging wrists and strength in hands necessitated disposing of our All-Clad cookware and the Anolon cookware has proven an excellent choice: light weight, good grip handles(on utensils too), a breeze to clean up with both sides coated, even cooking surface and no fear burning bottom of pans. roast pan and rack easy to handle......worth every cent.!!!!...more info
  • Best cookware for chefs of any level!
    Anolon Advanced cookware is excellent for all cooking needs - it is heavy so it sits on the stove top securely, the surface works very well as a non-stick surface, the glass lids allow you to see the food AND they have a rubberized handle that is easy to grip, and the handles of all the pots and pans do not get too hot and are comfortable to grip or carry. These pots and pans are sure to last longer than most other brands even for the aspiring or even professional chef!...more info
  • Very pleased with this purchase
    This is my first really nice set of cookware I've every owned - I've always used T-Fal or other middle of the road sets. If I had realized how much easier cooking would have been with this set years ago, I would have purchased it sooner. Cooking eggs (scrambled) was a breeze, put a little bit of buter in the pan, poured in the eggs and they cooked up evenly, quickly and clean up was VERY simple. I boiled pasta it the 4 qt pan and when adding the pasta to the boiling water, the temperature of the water did not drop much (because it kept right on boiling evenly). Again, the cleanup (after mixing in cream soup and other ingredients and letting the left over dry in the pan) was VERY simple. I use my dishwasher for everything so I wasn't real thrilled about the suggestion of hand washing these pans, however, they clean up so easy there is nothing to it. Great purchase!!! Highly recommend...more info
  • Very nice cookware
    I have had a farberware set of cookware for 15+ years and wow what a difference when I used this better cookware. Although they have to be hand washed, they wash like a dream. It is also helpful to be able to see through the top, without taking it off, to see how things are doing. The frying pans are very easy to clean and much healthier for me because you don' have to use butter or oil before you cook in them. The heating is definitely more even and the price is right....more info
  • great cookware
    It's hard for me to believe that I've been cooking with inferior cookware for 50 years. This is the best I've ever used and believe me I cook a lot! Sure wish I'd had it to cook with in the past. I got the big sautese pan with the set but didn't think I'd use it much, it has now become my favorite. Just don't over heat them and I'm sure they'll last forever. It does take a while to heat them up as they are very thick but they heat very even too, way beyond the burner size.
    Great product. ...more info
  • BEST EVER !!
    I have been using my new Anolon Advanced set for 2 weeks now and do not know how I lived without them !! The 12 pc. set has every pan size you need, and the stock pot is a generous size. I also bought the meatloaf pan and a few cookie sheets. The meatloaf pan is a dream, the grease dripped to the bottom through the holes and it was the best meatloaf I've made in years, what an ingenious design. I could go on and on about the better taste of the food to the price to the quality.... I highly recommend this set and brand for new to seasoned cooks !! I researched all the top brands before purchasing this one, and I made the best choice....more info
  • So far, impressed with this Anolon set
    My wife and I researched cookware sets for over a month. Finally we decided to purchase a more expensive set made by the most renowned name in pots and pans in the $250-$400 price range (I will withold the name of the manufacturer here as it isn't important). After cooking in 3 of their pots and pans the first evening, we returned the set the following day because of the way insides were tarnishing and almost looked like they were rusting.
    We came here to Amazon and saw the reviews on this set and decided to purchase it from Amazon that night. Over the last 6 weeks, we have enjoyed everything about the Anolon pots and pans including the nonstick surface and the clear covers. An added bonus has been the durability of the finish on the outside, which still looks as good as it did the day we unboxed it all. May sound like a dumn thing to mention, but if you look at most of the other black pots and pans in stores, you will see how easily the display models can be scratched - and usually are very scratched, even though they haven't been used in a kitched yet.
    These pots and pans have all the bases covered, inside and out including the clear cover. It's unbelievable to think we saved $100 returning the other set and have a set now that so far seems to be both less expensive and better....more info
  • The Best
    Fantastic cookware at a great price. Just as advertised, arrived quickly, discounted...the perfect transaction!...more info
  • pan's do the trick
    I am very pleased with this cookware. I was concerned at first about not being able to pop them in the dishwasher; but they clean up very well. They cook evenly, they store well and they are made of top quality material. No complaints here!...more info
  • Excellent set of cookware
    We purchased this set of cookware after reading all the great reviews. Since everything has been said many times I won't reiterate it all. This was a Christmas present to ourselves a year ago and we have been extremely happy with it. Over the course of a year several of the pieces have gotten a few stain marks on the bottoms (mostly the frying pans) but since we use them so often this is a very minor flaw. Otherwise they look as good as the day we took them out of the box. I would highly recommend this set....more info
  • great cookware set, only which it were dishwasher-ready
    I've been married many years and my wife constantly wants new cookware. (she does all the cooking)
    Every time we buy some, copper-bottom, stainless steel, non-stick, etc....she finds something to complain about.

    also we have a gas stovetop that heats in a ring at the outer edge of most pans, so things like chicken breasts and pork chops tend to burn with aluminum pans near the flame while remaining uncooked in the center of the pan.

    so we got copper-clad stainless steel pans to solve that problem....then the stainless steel warped after a while and was a complete headache to clean up. Also the edges were very thin and the pans got dents in them, etc.

    then we got another brand of aluminum anodized stainless stell cookware. it was on one of those "ridiculously great" cookware deals that you see all of the time. well the anodize suface started scraping off after about six months and the outside of the pans got a milky-white oxidation residue on them. also the pans were hardly nonstick for an anodized surface.

    then we tried a teflon coated surface but we had concerns about toxicity (the fumes from a hot teflon pan have been demonstrated to kill pet birds). Also fried chicken breads just looks and taste really odd with a teflon nonstick pan. All white and smooth looking..... very weird.

    pretty much everything sucked one way or another and almost none of it was as good at pots and pans were in the "old days"

    However, I have to say that she *loves* this new analon cookware set. We wish we would have had the foresight to purchase the Anolon titanium series instead as it is dishwasher safe.
    but these pans and pots are great. Nice and thick, the lids fit well even after banging them around. The chicken breaks and pork chops brown nicely....the cook very evenly, and they are actually nonstick.... pretty amazingly so for anodized aluminum.

    I don't think you can go wrong with this set. Don't make the same mistakes I did and end up buying a half dozen other sets first.

    The handles are comfy and easy to grip, and the larges ones have double handles for lifting heavy items. great stuff all around.
    ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    We love the set, and better yet we loved the price! Great quality, good value. Would recomend this for anyone who loves to cook....more info
  • Fantastic quality & easy to clean...
    This set has been wonderful. The quality is fantastic and they are soo easy to clean... almost no effort due to the great non-stick surface. We were in dire need of replacement cookware after the set we received at our wedding got to be nearly 8-years old....more info
  • Nothing better.
    I bought this set of cookware after checking out Circulon and Calphalon sets and what I noticed was that this set feels better made. I got the 12 piece set and actually added a few more pieces to it afterwards because its well put togther cookware. I purchased the 1 1/2 quart pot , the Wok and the 12" griddle. This stuff cooks well and goes from stovetop to oven no sweat. The no-stick surface cleans up easily. Good stuff....more info
  • Great Cookware
    Have been completely satisfied with this cookware. It has to be washed by hand(No dishwasher) but it is so easy to clean since even the outside is nonstick, it isn't a problem. The set price was an excellent value. Cooks well too. ...more info
  • can't say enough good things about these!!!!
    Those are great quality cookware. I use them on a daily basis and could not be happier with them. What I appreciate the most is that nothing sticks to the bottom of these, no even boiling milk. In the past, I'v used caphalone, but heating milk on a stove always follows tough cleaning of the pot afterwards. With these, the burned milk on the bottom simply lifts off as one piece with a rinse of water.

    ...more info
  • Cookware
    My wife and I said we would buy some professional cookware once we
    put a new kitchen in our home. This cookware is exactly what we hoped it would be. The non-stick surface is excellent. The cookware heats evenly
    on our gas cooktop. Clean up is a breeze. I would recommend this cookware to anybody. ...more info
  • Perfectly satisfied
    I am absolutely satisfied with the Anolon Advanced set. Everything is sturdy, easy to clean, attractive, great price. Very happy....more info
  • quality cookware
    Had this set for about a year now. One or more pieces used every day. It's holding up extremely well. I'd buy again....more info
  • Unbelievable cookware
    I am what I like to call an average cook. I wanted something that would last a while. After reading several reviews I decided to buy the set for $220.00. I have had the set for about 5 months now and my wife and I love it. We liked them so much we bought a few sets for Christmas presents. They clean up with ease and cook everything thouroughly and fast. If they are in your price range you cannot go wrong. ...more info
  • Cookware
    The Analon Advanced cookware is super. It distributes the heat evenly and cleans very easily. The only drawback is that is is rather heavy compared to most cookware....more info
  • If you are still reading all the reviews and can't decide BUY IT!
    I bought this set for my wife for Christmas. She loves it. She can't believe what a difference there is between this set and her old set. As numerous people have already discussed, this set cooks very evenly even with the big pans on a gas stove. Obviously very easy to clean. Be sure to get some nylon/plastic cooking utensils, as you don't want to scratch the surface. I can't say enough good things, SO JUST BUY IT ALREADY....more info
  • Love this set
    My old cookset, Lifetime Cookware "waterless stainless steel" at $400 in 1972, lasted almost a lifetime (36 years), and I was afraid I couldn't find another I liked as well. This Analon Advanced is even better!! I was worried when I read the enclosed instructions saying not to use any higher heat than MEDIUM. But the large pot actually boiled water for noodles FASTER at the medium heat than my stainless steel at high heat. Clean up is terrific!...more info
  • Excellent Cookware - But Not Dishwasher Safe
    We purchased this cookware about 3 months ago and use it on a gas stove.

    Pros - Well constructed, non-stick surface, heats evenly and very quickly on gas stove, glass lids for checking of contents, handles stay cool, cleans easily with soap and water, lifetime limited warranty

    Cons - According to manufacturer info, not dishwasher safe and oven safe to only 350 degrees

    Overall - We would rate it a solid 5 if it had a higher oven heat tolerance and was dishwasher safe

    ...more info
  • The best set yet.
    For the price ($190) this is by far the best set my wife and I have used. Even at $400 this would be a value.

    The set is so easy to clean - inside and out - and she thinks that the food actually tastes better coming out of these pans than the last set we had (C.E. from QVC).

    The only thing my wife did not like about this set is that it didn't come with a small sauce pan, but we remedied that by buying the butter warmer and the 1.5 qt sauce pans at LNT.

    I would not hesitate to recommend this set of pans to anyone....more info
  • Great Cookware Set!
    This is the best investment for the money on cookware. It cooks evenly and is wonderful to use. The handles are great to use while you are cooking, no pot holders needed. I purchased this item at $220 and a bonus item was also included, with free shipping through amazon....more info
  • Good Set of Cookware
    I'm sure this will be a very good set of cookware, however, the reason we bought these pans was because we have owned a Analon "professional" for a few years now, NOW! that is the greatest cookware pan we've ever had, I thought I was buying "professional" when I bought this set, but these cost more, so perhaps they should be better. I would still have been more satisified if I would have got the professional series of cookware. Not to sell this set short, like I said I'm sure they should be equal, if not better, I guess time will tell....more info
  • Superior
    Superior build quality. Heat spreads evenly. Simple to clean. Well thought-out cookware set. Good stuff. Very nice....more info
  • Absolutely Wonderful
    This is this best cookware I've ever owned (and this includes my many Caphalon pieces). Couldn't be happier. It cleans whatever I cook for however long and however messy with a quick wipe. Cooks evenly and fast. Browns well. Love the glass lids that let me see what's cooking. Low price ($219.99) plus a free bonus saute pan made it an incredible amazon deal. Wish I could give it more than 5 stars....more info
  • Great Cookware
    This is a great quality cookware set at a great value. Only had it two months but very pleased. Works fine on a smooth top stove...more info
  • Wonderful cookware
    Nice heavy duty pots and pans. The non stick is amazing both inside and out. It practically cleans itself! I was a little apprehensive about not being able to pop in the dishwasher, but it hasn't been a problem at all. I have even left the pans for two days before washing. Just soaked for a few minutes in hot water and wiped clean as a whistle.

    The 12 piece is a nice starter set that I am still adding to. I bought the now discontinued pasta pot, 14" open fry (which works wonderful as a stir fry-just use my large pizza pan as a lid), the mini au gratins and received the 5 quart casserole as a free gift. My next purchase will be the 18x10 griddle to replace the piece of junk I received when I bought my new glass top stove.

    The selling points for me were the clear glass lids to be able to see what's in the pot, and the rubber grips on the pan handles and lids. I don't like burning my fingers because I always forget to grap a pot holder first. They are oven safe to 375 and I usually don't cook too much over that temp any way.

    I would definitely recommend this item. ...more info
  • Great Set
    This is an excellent set of cookware for anyone who loves to cook at home. Is a joy to use and clean and is oven safe. I do recommend it....more info
    I have been using these pans for a few weeks now. I love the sizes of the pans offered in this set - no more having to split up large batches! Clean up is amazingly easy too!!...more info
  • What a great bargain!
    This product sells in the stores for $300 - $400 for the smaller set (10 piece) so this is a great deal. The product is a great professional set and will definitely last for a long time. I am extremely pleased with the quality and craftmanship of this product....more info


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