DeLonghi DE400 40-Pint Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Delonghi's DE400 Dehumidifer make the local atmosphere more comfortable. This fully portable dehumidifer has durable castor wheels for easy moving from room to room. Three different fan speeds and fan-only operation make it easier for use during the summer. It's ideal for your basement, office, bedroom or any location with too much humidity for your comfort. Lateral intake/outtake grille Color - White Unit Size(WxDxH) - 15.39 x 14.29 x 23.03

  • Electronic controls with digital display
  • Low temperature operation - Ideal for basement use. Designed to function at temperatures as low as 44 degrees
  • Tank Control System; a special safety system prevents water overflow due to a full, improperly positioned or missing tank
  • Two systems for collecting condensation so you can collect moisture in the large tank or discharge continuously through the included connector hose
  • 40-pint capacity
Customer Reviews:
  • pretty good
    I don't know much about dehumidifiers but this one is much better than the one we had before. Our cellar is much dryer and more comfortable. I would purchase this unit again if our home requires another for the upper levels or when this one is too old....more info
  • Very pleased with dehumidifier so far
    I've owned this product for a month now and have been very pleased with both features and performance. As previously mentioned, the water reservoir is rather small. I have a sump nearby to allow for constant drainage but have not yet hooked up. Before doing that, I wanted to "eyeball" how much water it was collecting. So far, I've been emptying just about everyday. Pulling out the reservoir is not particularly easy and could use a design improvement. However, if you are worried about dampness or can't remember to empty it, you should definitely attach a hose to it. I'll do this prior to vacation later this month.

    Our basement is rather damp. So damp in fact that it probably should never have been built, nearly below the water table. About half of our basement is finished and half unfinished. I've taken a number of steps to keep it dry including a three-quarter horsepower sump pump with battery backup. The DeLonghi unit replaces a 10 year old Home Depot purchased dehumidifier that stopped working. I choose the DeLonghi unit due in part to the Energy Start rating. What I like most about the unit is the ability view current humidity levels and set it to the desired amount. In reading up on "healthy" humidity levels, it seems the 45-50% range is best. By default, the unit is programmed for 60%. To reduce the level, one simply presses the "minus" button to reach the desired level, i.e. 60%, 55%, 50%, 45%, etc... That's really it. Nothing more to do. The impact is noticeable and is a big improvement over my previous unit. I can't say for sure just yet, but I think we're actually saving money on the central AC cost. We have a fairly small 3 bedroom 3 story home and we've been able to set the AC at 75 rather then 72 or 73 since purchasing the DeLonghi unit. This seems to be because there is less humidity in the entire house. Truth will be told with the next utility bill. Better yet, the entire basement no longer has that musty smell associated with dampness.

    Set it, (empty it if not connected to drain) and forget it. That's it. Easy to start. Easy to operate. A buy.
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  • DeLonghi 40-pint Dehumidifier
    So far so good! The dehumidifier has been running non-stop since I purchased it, about a month ago. It's doing a terrific job of airing out my musty old basement. I love it. The water tank is easy to remove(I empty it twice a day) and the alarm tells me when it is full. The machine is on wheels making it easy to move around and is very quiet. I can now leave the basement door open and with the machine at the bottom of the stairs, it helps to dehumidify upstairs, too! I will eventually hook it up to a separate pump and let it drain out my washing machine drain pipe (I don't have a sink in the basement yet)and let it run continuously. I wish I had done this sooner! P.S. if you don't have a basement sink or floor drain, but do have a washing machine in the basement, as I do, empty the dehumidifier's water into the washing machine (don't worry - it's clean distilled water) then run the last rinse cycle to expel it. Works great! And is much easier than carrying the water tank upstairs or outside to empty it. I highly recommend this machine. ...more info
  • The DeLonghi Dehumidifier is a winner
    So far the dehumidifier has been a success for us. When it arrived it had a broken wheel. We called and was called back immediately. We could have sent it back or had a percentage off, but my husband was able to purchase a wheel at the hardware store to fix it for a minimal cost. It has been running well, and we like the way it beeps when full, which our other one did not. It has not been warm very long, but so far all is well. Thanks....more info
  • Great dehumidifier
    I have read the other reviews and do not agree. The unit is relatively quiet for a dehumidifier. It has a fan and a compressor that is needed to be able to take water from the air--that in itself, would make some noise, but it is not a disturbing sound. The room's temperature is shown in the control panel window. You set the humidity that you want, and the machine will run until that humidity is reached. There are 3 fan settings and an automatic defrost. Dehumidifiers are usually used when the air is warmer and humid. In this situation, there is no need for defrosting. However, when the air temperature cools, dehumidifiers tend to freeze up. This one automatically warms slightly to defrost the coils that would normally be used to condense the moisture in the air. Apparently one of the previous reviewers has not recently been in the market for a dehumidifier. They are sold as a capacity quantity machine. The amount of water listed is the water removed in a 24-hour period of time. A machine that removes 40 pints would do that in 24 hours. If the machine was to hold 40 pints of water, it would need a water container that would be the size of a 5-gallon spackle bucket. It has a smaller drawer on the side if you want to empty the water on your own. This machine also has a great pump system. You put the included hose into a hole in the front of the dehumidifier and put the other end of the hose in a drain, out a tiny space by a window, through a little hole by a door edge, etc. You never have to remember to empty the bucket. The dehumidifier in the pump mode can pump the water up 13 feet. The hose is about 16 feet long which for my use is plenty long enough. It can pump up to a sink or up to a basement window. You can go on vacation and not come home to a musty smelling area. The machine is attractive with very plain curved edges. It has casters that roll easily on a carpet as well as a smooth floor. It also has a turbo switch which, when pressed, allows the dehumidifier to run all of the time and continue to remove moisture from the air without regard to the humidity that you set manually. I would recommend this machine without any reservations. It does what a dehumidifier is supposed to do and more....more info
  • So far, so good
    This unit is working well so far. Time will tell, but it doesn't ice up even during continuous operation. This is used in a basement to reduce moisture in the summer months. I had to by a longer drain hose at the local home improvement store to run the water to a floor drain. A plug is included for the collection bucket, which is nice, as I move this unit from room to room and the floor drain is not always accessible. I really don't use any of the electronic features, I just set it to continuous run and let it go. What I'm really looking for is for it to LAST. The previous unit I had (a Kenmore) only lasted 1.5 years....more info
  • "There's A Sucker Born Every Minute" . . . by Delonghi

    I bought this unit to replace a VERY old dehumidifier that, if it were any older, would require an antique license plate. I purchased this for 2 reasons: the pump feature AND the fact that it claimed to hold a capacity of 40 pints of water -- far better than my old unit which only holds about 20 pints of water. In addition, this unit was Energy Star rated, so I figured it'd use less electricity while making my life simpler.

    Well, apparently, truth in advertising is NOT Delonghi's strong point. And, unfortunately for me, this unit sat around in its carton, unopened, for about 3 months -- until last week when the old unit gasped its last breath and went to that arid place in the sky where old dehumidifiers go to die. So I finally opened this new unit, unpacked it and plugged it in. But I didn't set up the pump as I wasn't prepared to drill holes through my wooden paneled basement walls. I just decided to use it in "normal" mode, as I did the last one -- at least for now. And, I must say, the unit looks great, has some nifty buttons and cool colors on its digital readout, and is quieter than the old antique one.

    So far so good. And then, a few hours later I hear this continual beeping coming from the unit, which turns out to be the "full pail alert". And I'm thinking, "Wow, that unit removes moisture about four times faster than the old one -- not bad!" So, I run to the basement, open the door and out pops this tiny (and I DO mean tiny) container full of water. I empty it out and go to look on the other side for another container and, lo and behold, there is no other container on the unit -- this is it. So, naturally, I refer back to the carton to see if I misread the capacity and, no, it states in LARGE type: "40-PINT CAPACITY!" So now I'm thinking, what am I missing here. So I go to the manual figuring I'll be enlightened but, alas, no. That, too, claims a 40-pint capacity for this model. So I do what any other well-meaning, albeit baffled, consumer might do. I take the tiny container upstairs, take out a measuring cup and start pouring water into it to see if it lives up to its claim.

    Now, if you don't like unhappy endings, stop reading here, because this unit only holds 10 1/2 pints of liquid -- about 1/4 of the 40 pints claimed. But as I said earlier, I've owned this unit for over 3 months, so I no longer have a return privilege. So I call Delonghi customer service, or should I say "dis"-service. After waiting on hold for over 15 minutes a "customer care specialist" answers, listens to my complaint and then tells me that I don't understand the meaning of the word "capacity". The 40-PINT CAPACITY, she says, refers to how much water it will remove in a 24 hour period, not how much water it actually holds. I reply that "capacity", according to every English dictionary I've ever read defines capacity as the maximum amount of a substance that can be contained. Further, I explain that the 40 pints of water this unit removes in a 24-hour period, while very impressive, is what is normally called a "RATING" and not CAPACITY, as advertised. Again, she declares that the company's position is that "capacity" means how much water the unit will remove in a 24-hour period and if I insist on disagreeing with the company's position on this, I'll have to take it up with her supervisor as she, herself, can no longer be of assistance to me.

    That was 4 days ago. I'm still waiting for her supervisor to return my phone call. I empty the unit 3 times a day, every day, and that damn beeping is really getting to me. But the supervisor's voice mail said she'd call me back, so why would I think otherwise. Of course, maybe her voice mail was OVER CAPACITY with complaints and she just decided to EMPTY them. Or maybe her voice mail doesn't beep for her attention as often as my overloaded "10-pint" capacity Delonghi dehumidifier beeps for mine. But I'm hopeful. I'm calling in "sick" to work every day, canceling all my plans, and I'm going to sit here by the phone until they call. For as long as it takes. They said they would. And I believe them. After all, why would they lie to their customers?

    My RATING on Delonghi - don't be a sucker. Buy something else.
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  • Effective but some flaws
    First off: the first unit I received was defective but as usual Amazon's customer service was outstanding. The replacement is fine and is actively removing gallons of water from my basement. I saved the price of the pump model by routing the water drain to the water pump connected to my gas furnace and that works fine too.
    The product has some shortcomings though. First, the fan is quite loud. Don't even consider using this in a living space. Second, the fan runs all the time, even when the set humidity level is reached. That may be necessary to maintain and accurate measurement of the ambiant humidity but it's wasteful and noisy. The auto-on/off timer is useless because it only allows to set the start time OR the stop time and it has to be reset every time. A more useful feature would have allowed me to set the unit to start at 8 PM every night and stop at 8 AM the next morning for example. Lastly, the drain tubing included is way too short so plan on buying some extra....more info