DeLonghi DE500P 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Pump

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Product Description

50-PINT CAPACITY For room sizes up to 2900 sq. ft. (Source: EPA)ELECTRONIC CONTROLS WITH DIGITAL DISPLAY With soft-touch controls and large LCD display the functions are easy to set and read. The electronic humidistat and fan speed functions allow you to easily set your desired level of comfort.PATENTED HEAVY-DUTY PUMP SYSTEM - NEVER EMPTY A BUCKET Patented pumpsystem automatically removes moisture from collection tank. Just attach the 16-foot hose (included) and the unit can even be drained upward through a window. Dehumidifier function can be operated with or without pump. IDEAL FOR BASEMENT USE - LOW TEMPERATURE OPERATION Designed to function at temperatures as low as 44 F.24-HOUR PROGRAMMABLE TIMER Electronic timer allows you to easily program the start/stop delay function.LATERAL INTAKE / OUTTAKE GRILLE Unique lateral grille design provides several options for positioning the unit including directly against the wall. TANK CONTROL SYSTEM Our special safety system prevents water overflow due to a full improperly positioned or missing tank..oreven if the optional connector hose is obstructed. THREE OPERATION MODES The unit features two functions a fan only control with three speeds and dehumidification.AIR FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY Permanent washable air filter traps bothersome dust particles and extends the life of the unit.FULLY PORTABLE With durable castor wheels you can easily move the dehumidifier from room to room.16-FOOT & 3-FOOT DRAINAGE HOSES INCLUDED No assembly or plumbing necessary.PERFECT FOR ANY ROOM Ideal for use in the basement living room bedroom office or wherever excess humidity is present.QUIET

  • Electronic controls with digital display
  • Patented Heavy-Duty Pump System - Never empty a bucket - patented pump system automatically removes moisture from the collection tank
  • Low temperature operation - ideal for basement use; designed to function at temperatures as low as 44 degrees
  • Tank Control System; a special safety system prevents water overflow due to a full, improperly positioned or missing tank
  • 50-pint capacity
Customer Reviews:
  • Avoid Delonghi Dehumidifier
    I've owned this product for about 2 years. It has stopped working. The pump stopped working after about 6 months. It rattled a few weeks after purchase. It did a great job dehumidifying our basement for as long as it lasted. I wouldn't recommend. ...more info
  • Pump stopped working just after warranty.
    This unit worked great the first summer I owned it. Humid summers in New England, stinky basements. This summer, I plugged it in and set it up again and it worked for about a week. Then the pump stopped working. The small bucket fills up so fast you only get a couple of hours out of it. So I punched a hole in the bucket for the drain hose, but it's only 3 feet long so I had to relocate the unit to a corner of my basement by the sump pump hole and it doesn't do such a good job now. I bought the unit for the pump, and now - like many others here - it's broken. Based on this, and the review of others here it's basically useless unless you can empty it like 12 times a day......more info
  • Lacks durability
    I purchased this unit a year and a half ago and the pump does not work and my unit, as mentioned by others, also leaks out of the bottom from the enclosed plastic casing (pump here??). The service department was not helpful since it is beyond the warranty. It would cost me at least 100$ to ship, never mind repairs. Not worth the price and frustration....more info
  • Great but a little loud
    We have two of these units in our basement. They have worked well at maintaining an acceptable humidity level but with the pump action engaged they are audible upstairs in the family room. It is a low drone but perhaps in future models it could be eliminated....more info
  • nice feature set, but a few problems
    I have had this unit for 2 days now. The two problems I have are 1) unbearable rattle - which I fixed by stuffing a small piece of cardboard between the filter and side panel, and 2) the current humidity level is not accurate. If I just plug the unit in, but not turn it on, the current humidity level that is displayed is accurate. But once I turn it on, the current humidity level that it displays goes down to about 30% lower than the actual relative humidity. This means that to keep my room at 55% I need to set the unit to 35% (which is the lowest it goes). I bought this because of the electronic controls, but if they are inaccurate, I might as well return it for a cheaper, non-electric model....more info
  • Great dehumidifier and can not live without
    Recently we bought this DeLonghi DE500P with pump system. We left in our over 2000 sf basement. In the first 5 hours of operation, it pumped out about 3/4 gallon of water (I used 1 Gal milk container to collect water for my measurement). We got a very humid weather down here in southeast. Then, I left it on for overnight, it collected over 1 gal of water. It also has 4 wheels to make movement really easy. The best thing is that this dehumidifier can drain upwards. I attached the 16 feet long tube (or the drainage hoses, it comes with two sizes: 16 feet and 3 feet long) to the unit and drained the water to my kitchen sink. I now can not live without this great dehumidifier. If you have a home theater or you work at your basement, this is the humidifier you must have. Look no futher.

    I did not understand why some people wrote a review that they only got few cups of water or they have hard time to attach the drainage hoses. Make sure follow the operational instruction with care. Though, it makes some noise and it can not auto-restart (I think it might be doing so for the safety reason). But for the great benefit it provided, I think I can live with....more info
  • Silent and efficient
    The pump allows me to skip emptiying the bucket twice a day. I ran the discharge hose to the AC drain, so it runs unattended. Easy setup, nice looking. It has to work almost fulltime to keep a 2,200 sq foot appt at 50% humidity, so I am not sure is a large enough unit. I have a second unit (Sears), helping out....more info
  • I own it, you shouldn't
    I purchased this product as a spare. I left it in my garage in the box and when I needed it because my other unit failed, it had been a few weeks over a year since its purchase. I plugged it in and the fan worked the display functioned, everything appeared fine. The unit never produced an ounce of water. I called the warranty people at the company, and they were unresponsive and curt. Said if I mailed the unit at my expense 800 miles to some service center that they might cover the parts depending on which parts had failed. Do youself a favor and look at another brand of dehumidifier....more info
  • Stops working just after warrenty
    Same story as others. 13 months after buying this unit the pump stopped working. With such a small Water tank it has to be emptied multiple times a day. I actually replaced a fully functional unit with this just for the pump. Good think I kept the old unit as this one is now useless....more info
  • Stay away from this humidifier
    I have to ask myself why did I even go through the trouble of replacing this unit twice...

    This dehumidifier is built with very poor quality. Less than a month into operation they start rattling. Even if I can ignore the noise, I can't ignore that this unit's pump just broke 3 times. Once the pump stops working, this unit is useless as it has a very small water container.

    Do yourself a favor and get something that works....more info
  • Junk, don't buy it!
    Worked beautifully for about 6 months, then drain pump went out, 2 weeks later the whole unit got really noisy and stopped working. Called Delongi, they were not helpful at all, told me I had to ship the unit to Ohio and gave me a phone number where no one would answer or return my call..
    ...more info
  • junk with very poor customer service
    this dehumidifier was ok for the first 2 months, then the thing stopped pumping out the water. I took it to the AUTHORIZED DeLonghi service center. They "Fixed it" but wouldn't return the box that I brought it in. It broke again (sane problem) . When I called them back, they said they were going out of business in a week. (No wonder) I called the corperate headquarters and got NOWWHERE!They said I would have to take it somewhere else. But now I had no box to carry it in, (and it's heavy, 60lbs.) I asked for a box to replace the one that their Authorized service outlet STOLE from me. They said NO, I would have to buy my own box.(This is NOT a regular, lightweight box. The machine is heavy and bulky). I asked for a repair manual in order to fix it myself, they said NO!Terrible customer service!...more info
  • Waste of money
    Dehumidifier of very poor quality.Arrived broken.Cooling elements did not work.Got rid of it....more info
  • Defectice product.Buyers beware.
    Took the unit out of the box.Set it up as described in guide.Great soft touch controls,3 fan speeds,excellent humistat.
    Great unit, EXCEPT IT DOES NOT WORK because cooling coils never got cold.It does not need a pump or a bucket since it did not collect a single drop of moisture.Very very expensive and useless fan.Especially if you add the cost of shipping it back.
    Useless thing weighs 75+ pounds.Customer service is of no help....more info
  • Don't buy this dehumidifier
    My pump stopped working after 11 months. Fortunately, the unit was still under warranty. I had to ship the unit (at my expense) to their service center. The service center took 5 weeks to make the repair. Two months later, after the warranty had expired, my unit stopped working. I called Delonghi and they told me that one of the unit's sensors was shot. They would not sell me one and told me that the only thing I could do was get the unit back to their service center. The fact that I had had two problems within 14 months didn't seem to upset them at all. Delonghi was unhelpful, did not stand behind its product and does not deserve your business. Besides, clearly there are quality issues with the DE500P....more info
  • Saved my comfort!
    I bought this to put it in my basement. My basement is extremely humid, due to the fact that; A) it's a basement, and B)I live on the East Coast. This is also where my home theater is, and there's nothing worse than watching a movie and sweating like a dog. I put this unit down there and it helps the situation greatly. It is so comfortable. My wife and I love this product, and couldn't go another summer without it....more info
  • Read careful all reviews
    I fell in love with the feature list and the pump feature no one else offers. Out of the box it looks great however that's where the story ends. After running for 36 hours in a humid room of 70% humidity it pulled out only 2 cups of water. The 2 cups of water never made it to the pump since it leaked out of the dehumidifier from some strange covered in plastic place.

    Be very careful Delonghi does not pack this unit for shipping. It's in a tight cardboard box without any additional protection. I don't know what they were thinking since the unit is shipped many hundreds of miles. I returned this unit and picked up a LG unit. The LG quality and packaging is significantly better and we are now pulling four gallons of water out of the air quite a difference from the Delonghi's two cups!
    ...more info
  • Quieter and smaller than the Maytag, but lacks auto restart
    I have two basement rooms. In one is one of my several Maytag (M7DH65B2A) 65-Pint Dehumidifiers that I've owned for about a year, and in the other is the DeLonghi (DE500P with Pump). The original plan was to use the DeLonghi's pump, but then I discovered that I have a floor drain. Both the Maytag and the Delonghi empty into floor drains.

    The DeLonghi (D) is quieter and smaller than the Maytag (M), yet costs nearly $100 more (as I write this). The D's 16-foot tube according to the User's Manual is supposed to attach easily, yet I never was able to attach it, and ended up using the second drain tube provided which does attach reasonably easily. The M has auto restart after power outages; the D does not; until I got the D, I didn't realize how many power outages there were.

    Thus, if quiet operation and size is a priority, go with the DeLonghi. If price and auto restart are priorities, go with the Maytag.

    D = DeLonghi DE500P 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Pump
    M = Maytag M7DH65B2A 65 Pint Dehumidifier...more info