Sift Clean Liners (36' x 40')

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Product Description

Introducing liners with closable sifting holes! Package includes twenty-eight sifting liners (36' x 40') plus two regular liners.

  • Excellent results with most clay litters.
  • Extends litter life 50% and more.
  • Keeps litter box cleaner.
  • Fits most regular and hooded litter pans.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Value
    Sifters is the only way to go. I first saw similar sifters at Petsmart, but they were double the price - they also discontinued selling them, so I'm very glad I found this on Amazon. I typically use 2 sheets each time and still find it to be a good value BUT it would be nice if the sifting holes were made a bit smaller....more info
  • Sifting cat liners
    These liners are functional, but a little flimsy. I wish the liners were a little heavier....more info
  • wonderful product
    I love this product! No more bending over the litterbox with a slotted spoon. Just lift up the corners of the top sheet of the liners and let the litter flow out the holes, leaving all the clumps behind. If you have a "digger" he may tear it and you will have to use the next sheet as well. The last two sheet do not have holes, so dirty litter need not ever touch the box itself. No more scrubbing the box in the bathtub. A similar product was being sold at a major pet store chain but they stopped for some stupid reason. Thank heavens I found them here. ...more info
  • Fast, thorough, and efficient
    Sifting liners are so much better than poking a spatula around a dirty litter box. These are even better than the sifting litter boxes(with a grid to strain the litter through) because sooner or later that grid is going to get clogged and then you have to clean it. With these, you just toss. Cats get used to the plastic, but be sure to fold the ends underneath the box, or the cat might pull it in the box when he is burying his business....more info
  • Litter Box Sifting Liners
    This is a good product; it does the job intended. Its large size is wonderful for the bigger-sized litter boxes. It is, however, a little thinner than expected and, since my cats are not declawed, the liners are occasionally ripped in spots....more info
  • No one will know you have cats!
    These are fantastic. Scooping litter, especially for 2 or more cats, can be a daily pain in the neck not to mention a health hazard for some, like pregnant women. There are other brands, but none is more economical, easy to use, or as strong as Sift Clean Liners. One thing I must mention:

    IT DOES COME WITH A RUBBER BAND! Why it doesn't say this in the description is beyond me. But the BIG RUBBER BAND holds the liners in place.

    Our cats are happier and healthier, there is no odor in the house, and all this for a low price. You can't beat this product. I would also recommend Arm and Hammer litter box deodorizer. It works better than I imagined. Together with these liners, no one will know you have cats!...more info
  • Great product, big time saver
    I like the Sift Clean liners because they make the chore of cleaning out the litter box go quickly and relatively painlessly. It only takes me about 2 minutes. I have 2 cats, so as long as I change the liner once a day, the litter box stays smelling fine and the cats are happy. They also have 2 "bottom level" (non-perforated) liners in each pack, which is really nice because putting all the liners in at once is a bit bulky. The liners are large enough to fit in my deep litter box. The rubber bands to keep the liners in place are durable.
    A word of caution: I've found that it's easy to break the liner if you try to pick up all four corners at once, especially if you put a lot of litter in the pan. So I pick up one corner and start the sifting process while the liner is resting on the remaining litter. Once some of the clean litter has fallen through, I switch to the other side and repeat. Once a good amount of clean litter has fallen through, only then do I pick up all 4 corners and finish the sift. I also keep a trash next to the litter box so I can just lift and dump. I didn't give 5 stars because, as far as I know, the liners are not biodegradable....more info
  • Great Sifters!
    I've used a few different sifters for cat litter and I really think these are the best so far....more info
  • Sift Clean Liners
    These cat pan liners are great, especially for the price. I've used another brand which were equal in quality but much more expensive. I'm glad these are available on line because in general, they are hard to find in pet stores. ...more info
  • Easy cleanup
    Sifting cat litter liners are the only way to go. At one time they were available at Wal-mart's but they no longer carry them. I have been unable to find them in any pet stores and I was thrilled to find them on line!

    The only change I would like to see are slightly smaller holes for "sifting". Great concept for sanitary cleaning!...more info
  • Love These!!
    I love these liners. I've been using them since my cats have been little. I love the convenience and its a super easy way to get a fresh box every day!! Recently three of my local stores stopped carrying them. Thanks Amazon for keeping them in stock!!

    ...more info


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