My Cleaning Trolley Set with Hand Vacuum Cleaner

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Make cleaning chores feel like child's play with this fully-stocked cart featuring a real working vacuum cleaner with electronic lights and sounds. The set also includes a broom, mop, hand brush, dust pan, bucket and real working water sprayer. Measures 17"L x 14"W x 30"H. Requires 7 "C" batteries (not included).

Customer Reviews:
  • cleaning trolley is fun, but falls apart
    This trolley lets my little guy have so much fun cleaning the house and "helping" me. My only complaints are that the trolley comes apart so easily I am trying to devise ways of keeping it together for my own sanity and that the vacuum does not fit easily in the front as shown in the photo so it is never put away properly. Also, though the dust-buster is fun, there is no place provided for its storage and so it too is abandoned in the middle of the floor more frequently than I would prefer....more info
  • Cleaning Trolley
    My Cleaning Trolley Set with Hand Vacuum Cleaner

    Cute toy, my Grandson loved pushing it around. The durabilty could have been stronger - cart easily comes apart....more info
  • My cleaning Trolley Set
    Great gift for a busy 2 year old. My Grandson loved it, easy to use ,lightweight, and bright colors. Everything to keep a toodler busy and happy....more info
  • Cleaning Cart
    This product was enjoyed by all three of my kids. However, the cart comes apart too easily. It was separated in pieces within the first few days, and I am still looking for all the parts. With shipping, this product is $30, and I consider this too much. $20 is a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Cleaning Trolley Set w/ Vacuum
    My 18 month old son loves to vacuum, so I searched for something his size. This is a fun toy that makes noise and has easy to push buttons. I wish the parts were sold separately, as the cart is a bit flimsy and not really very interesting. The dustbuster also is ok, but not as exciting as the vacuum....more info
  • Real working vacuum and hand vac!!
    I was looking for a toy working vacuum for my two year old. We had an old one that broke. Both the hand vacuum and the standing vacuum really work and the set comes with stryofoam pieces to pick up. Mu daughter loves playing like Mom!!...more info
  • Our 2 year old LOVES it
    We bought this for our two year old for Christmas and it is by far his favorite toy... he plays with it all day and pretends like momma. I love that the "on" button doesn't stay on when pushed (could be broken, but we don't know the difference). If you want to hear the vacuum noise you just push and hold down the button. If it stayed on until off is pushed it would probably get old really fast. He also loves playing with the broom....more info
  • Fostering my cleaning staff
    We bought this for my son for his second birthday - he is constantly using our swiffer and dustbuster and thought he'd like having something more his size. He and my 5 year old daughter play with it every day. In less than a month we've already had to replace a set of batteries, it gets that much use. The parts don't stay connected on the dust buster and vacuum too well, but my 5 year old has figured out how to put them back on and she helps her brother. The stuff also doesn't store as neatly in the cart as it seems in the picture, but that's OK for us too. My favorite thing is that the noise it makes is realistic enough for the kids but not loud or high pitched enough to drive me crazy. And there are enough pieces that they can share without too much fighting....more info
  • Great Playtime Fun
    We got this toy for our daughter when she was 4, and she's now 7 and still plays with it. In fact, every child that comes into our home LOVES this toy and always wants to clean for me. Yes, the trolley is a little wobbly, but the kids have figured out how to drag it around without it coming undone. Great for boys and girls from 18 months to 10 years....more info
  • Great idea, but needs improvement
    I bought this set for my 3-yr-old sister because she really wanted it. Of course, though, all she ever plays with is the vacuum. She has every other cleaning set out there and(because of the working vacuum)this is the most expensive but the cheapest tools are included. the vacuum hose keeps coming loose from the vacuum body and just barely sucks. my mom has had to hide the vacuum and make her play with the other parts of the set. she just uses her other cleaning toys! the set has lost it's intrest so we are returning it....more info
  • Great toy
    My two-year-old little girl loves this toy. She spends hours cleannign anything and everything. The only complaint I have is the vacuum cleaner hose is always coming disconnected from the vacuum which fustrates my daughter terribly. The top of the trolley also comes apart easily which gets annoying....more info