Waterbed Conditioner; large 16 oz. bottle

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Keep your waterbed in excellent condition by cleaning and conditioning the water, preserving the vinyl covering and draining and filling properly.

  • Waterbed Conditioner; large 16 oz. bottle
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  • waterbed conditioner
    I finally found a place to buy it. It's a hard item to buy because there
    are no waterbed stores where I live. They all closed down. ...more info
    I ordered the waterbed conditioner THREE WEEKS before I would need it. It never came. Nor did any message from the seller. When I contacted them after two weeks wondering where the items were, they took another two days to say, oops, we're backordered. I had to then run to a store 20 miles away to get the conditioner, when if they had been considerate enough to let me know within a few days of my order, I could have ordered from another vendor online. Incredibly INCONSIDERATE. Lousy service. No discount on price is worth this type of lousy service....more info