Generic Eureka Style EX Micro-Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags

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Product Description

EnviroCare Technologies Micro Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags EUREKA Style EX which are designed to fit ALL Eureka canister vacuum cleaner models on the market that take a Style EX bag. These bags are a must for the allergy sufferer or anyone that does not like dirt and pollens coming back out into the home. These bags provide 99.7% filtration through the bag alone and will trap microscopic particles and allergens. The Filtration Efficiency of these bags being almost 100% compared to as low as only 20% in standard bags which will allow you to notice a great amount of reduction in dusts and pollens inside your home. For a cleaner home environment buy these EnviroCare Technologies Microfiltration bags today.

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Customer Reviews:
  • A good buy in my opinion
    This style of bag is hard to find for some reason where I live. Having it delivered to my door is a bonus. I don't know if these are affiliated with the factory or are from an independent aftermarket supplier, but they fit perfectly and perform very well. I expect to purchase more in the future....more info