Balance Bar Trail Mix Bar, Chocolate Chip, 1.76-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)

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  • Case of 15 1.76-ounce chocolate chip flavored trail mix bars (total of 26.4 ounces)
  • A special blend of nutrients with 40% carbohydrates and 30% protein and dietary fat
  • Designed to keep you full and satisfied
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Low glycemic index

Customer Reviews:

  • Buy these bars somewhere else
    Prepare to be disappointed if you buy from this site.

    I just received my shipment of Balance Trail Mix bars - chocolate chip flavor. What a waste of money. I have purchased these bars elsewhere and they were very good. The bars that Amazon shipped to me had an expiration date of less than one month from the date of arrival. The bars I received from Amazon were hard, dried up and tasted strongly of vitamins. I purchased 3 boxes of 15 each to get the free shipping - What a waste of money.
    I intend to contact the Balance Bar company when they are open on Monday to let them know of the problem. If this had been my first experience with the Balance Bar line I would never have purchased another one of their bars. ...more info
  • Sickly sweet to me
    These looked like something I'd like but I found them to be far too sweet - the sugary taste overwhelmed the chocolate/granola/nut flavors. Obviously, we don't all have the same tastes. For a reference point on my flavor preferences, my favorite tasting energy bars/snacks are - Luna chocolate pecan pie, Luna nutz over chocolate, Balance Go Mix toffee crunch, Balance Go Mix chocolate nut crunch. I also like Lara Bar cherry pie and banana cookie (raw foods bars with only three or four ingredients per bar). They are expensive, though, and not as high in protein (4 or 5 grams). ...more info
  • Too sweet
    If you're looking for a before or after workout bar, this one is too sweet. A lot of chocolate and pecans. It's like eating a candy bar. Go for the regular Balance bar or a Clif bar....more info
  • These bars are great!
    I love these bars. They are hands down my favorite high protein/low glycemic index bar. I was a bit worried about freshness after reading previous reviews, but mine arrived today with an expiration date of November 2006. I guarantee you the three boxes will be gone long before then!...more info
  • Balance Bar Trail MIx
    The bars are very tasty. Unfortunately, the ones I received were one month away from the expiration date. They tasted stale. I buy these bars all the time from the supermarket, and the ones from Amazon definitely did not taste fresh. They were hard to chew. I then purchased them from the supermarket and the bars from the supermarket had an expiration of six months later. I would not buy them from Amazon again....more info
  • Quite tasty
    I was hesitant to try yet another protein bar, but this one was worth every calorie! Perfect for the kids backpacks or in your purse/briefcase when you need a boost. Tasty, good texture, healthy makeup. ...more info
  • "OH MY GOODNESS" Protein Bar HEAVEN!! Can we say MMMMMMMmmmmmm
    Like I said in my previous review, I used to think they (BALANCE) REALLY had the market wrapped up in the flavor department, on those Gold Caramel bars that kind of tasted like a snickers bar, then I read the reviews for these & decided to give them a try as I was kind of getting tired of the same bars ( I bought 10 cases of the gold caramel ones, as I have 7 kids & IF I hoped to have a few when I wanted them I had to buy "extra" to share, when they did the puppy dog eyes at me as I nibbled my bar with my A.M. tea, I would give them a snack, cookie, trail mix etc... but they always wanted a piece of my treat! Therefore the 10 case purchase!

    Any who....., I digress, These Chocolate Chip & Chocolate Almond bars are now my entire family's tie for Favorite protein, low glycemic bar! The Trail Mix fruit & nut bare bars (& the rest) are all just a bit too sweet for us, good flavor & texture, just really REALLY sweet! Now if that's what works for you, boy have you got a treat coming when you buy those babies! BUT please try our favorites FIRST! These are heavenly! We open up a few & cut them into pieces & I give each child, some fresh walnuts, almonds, & pecans or cashews with their pieces of the bars, they are to die for!! It's like a custom candy bar kit every morning, sometimes they like to spread them with extra peanut butter & sprinkle on the nuts all chopped up or slices of banana & toasted coconut. They call this 'snack" first thing in the a.M. their First breakfast when we all sit down to do our family devotions, then it's off to get their chores done & their Second breakfast which is usually light as they are so satisfied with their slow burning "fuel" they had at their First breakfast! they have plenty of energy to usually go 3-4 hours if need be from their Balance Bare Bars breakfast! We have tried all the rest, the yogurt ones, fruit & nut ones, & peanut ones & oat ones (I forget what they're called), but they are all a bit too sweet for our tastes, but then again we don't like kool aid & sugar cereals, & REALLY REALLY sweet things, IF you do, then you would enjoy these other flavors as well! For our Family the chocolate almond bare bars & the chocolate chip trail bars are number 1, (excuse the pun) , "bar none"! I(I couldn't resist!) LOL :-)...more info
  • Great taste, filling, and highly nutritious
    I'm a real exercise / fitness nut, and I've tried most of the bars out there in an attempt to find something that actually tastes good while delivering quality nutrition. These are my favorite - I get boxes of them shipped to my home AND office. The bars are filling and have a lot more dietary fiber than other types of bars (including other Balance bars). I can't say I agree with the other reviewers who think these are too "sickly sweet," but that's a matter of taste - also, I have never experienced any quality problems with the delivery/subscription. I will say that we give these to our kids as treats, whereas the kids think most other kinds of energy bars are gross. Now that I'm having these shipped to the house, we go through a lot more because my wife takes them to work, too.
    I highly recommend them. ...more info
  • Why the new look?
    I like the taste. A lot of nuts with a little chocolate treat. Great with a glass of milk. But why the new look? The picture of the product on the amazon web site has not been updated. So I was a little surprise when I received it. I though they had changed the product. No, still the same nutrition facts. They still bear the "trail mix" category name but have now the "power bar" look. Anyway, they don't have partially hydro fat (or they are really good at hidding it under other names...). It is a delicious treat I use after my workout....more info
  • Good healthy junk food ;-)
    I really love these bars -- they satisfy my junk food cravings while still being healthy!...more info


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