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The Electrolux Legacy Canister is made by the real Aerus Electrolux company, not the Eureka Electrolux. This machine come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty. The vacuum comes packaged with Aerus Electrolux's patented Sidekick, which a mini power head that is excellent for picking up pet hair on stairs, upholstery, and even your car. Other attachments include; Deluxe Floor Brush The bristles provide gentle cleaning while allowing air flow to suck up dirt and debris on your hard surfaces such as tile or hard wood,Combination dusting/upholstery tool Soft, natural bristles are anti-static and protect your furniture and delicate surfaces, while adjustable wings allow for improved cleaning of upholstery or fabrics, Crevice tool Perfect for narrow, hard-to-reach areas such as bookshelves, between couch cushions and car interiors. Expect this machine to last you 25-30 years. There is a 3 layer electro-statically charged exhaust filter that needs to be changed once a year. If there are any breathing issues, such as asthma, or allergies, you should change this filter every 6 months. The vacuum bag door will automatically pop open when the vacuum bag is full, taking out any guess work in when to change the vacuum bag.

  • Brand New In the Box
  • Comes packaged with Lux Sidekick? A mini, motorized power nozzle useful in cleaning stairs, bedding, furniture, car interiors, and more!
  • 395 Air Watts
Customer Reviews:
  • A v acuum cleaner you can count on..worth the price
    For years I have struggled, like many, with the notion that it is ridiculous to pay 500, 600 a thousand dollars for a good vacuum cleaner - how much difference could there be ..right? Wrong. Over the past 5 years I have replaced at least 10 vacuum cleaners - all medium to moderately priced and so I consider myself somewhat of a vacuum cleaner official - though I have no such title or credentials. I am just a woman with a big shaggy dog, a messy husband and a house to clean. I gave into the notion of buying the Lux Legacy because I just had my last vacuum cleaner, a hoover, give up the ghost within 4 months of it's purchase. While I will agree, that the hair from my dog will put most vacuum cleaners through their paces there are other things to be considered. I also have bad shoulder problems so the heavy uprights, including the Dyson, just didn't work for me. I would end up exhaused, especially when trying to vacuum the stairs. So,when I saw the Electrolux Legacy demonstrated at a trade show, I decided to buy it. Here is what I CAN tell you. Did you know that this vacuum cleaner was designed by a woman? Now there's a thought, finally somebody in the industry asked the person who cleans the house the most what they would like to see in features. Here are a few, the bad is easily, I do mean easily changed and is sealed so no dirt escapes, I know, I know I tried all of the bagless cleaners out there but in the end still ended up with dirt everywhere. There there is the weight and size. The body fits onto a step without tipping or falling and only weighs 12 pounds, that's it - 12 pounts. The head weighs another 4 pounds so your total weight is 16 pounds --try comparing that to the 40 pound Dyson and you will see why it's so much better. There are other convenience type features but what I have notices is, it's made well, it keeps picking up dirt that ALL my other vacuum cleaners left behind. The tool for stairs actually works, like a real vacuum cleaner, not like a rolling brush and is great to clean the kick plate of the step as well as the step and is awesome on my dog's bed. The 10 year warranty is just that and gives me a lot of confidence. All the vacuum cleaners I have bought start out pretty well and they fail miserably over a very short amount of time. My grandmother had her electrolux for 30 years so I decided I should find out why. I am very happy with the performance so far ....and as for the price, I've spent more in the last year replacing vacuum cleaners and feeling very frustrated so though the cost is a lot, there is no denying it I think if you can swing it, in the long run you will find it to be the well made, durable, excellent cleaner your grandma used with the same kind of committment behind it. Anyway, I am not a rep or a salesperson or anything like that and generally wouldn't even write a review except I am skeptic like many of you so I thought I would share my experience. P.S. My Dyson broke after 18 months. ...more info
  • A little place to reproduce germs
    I threw away my Electrolux since I bought my new cleaning system. Not only the Electrolux, also you would throw away all the vacuum cleaners that works with a bag or a filter. The reason...everytime you clean your house you have to change the bag. Why? because otherwise we are reproducing germs and bateria in that bag full of dirt. Also the small particles of dirt return to the outside again because the bag has pores and it doesn't make sense to clean your house with a bag full of holes. Believe me. Just ask for a Rainbow cleaning system in home demo and you will proof what I am telling you....more info
  • I've had this vacuum since 1995, it's worth investing for your health.
    My husband, Joven, always believed in Electrolux products as good innovations first all for cleaning and removing dust mites that causes you get sick. He believed that spending more for a vacuum cleaner like this is worth investing, for your health. ...more info
  • The best vacuum by far
    I've spent hundreds on vacuums from both Wal Mart and Sears, by far the Electrolux is the best. The saying "You get what you pay for!" does apply. While not cheap, you won't get anything else for years to come. From the young to the elderly, this vacuum is easy to use. It cleans, the L shaped head works great around chairs and tables. This machine is quiet not loud like a freight train where the whole neighborhood knows what you're doing. For the money and if your hesitant-don't-buy it and you won't regret it at all! If you do-you don't want the best and will visit the dept stores every 2-4 years for another machine....more info
  • The Floor is at Your Command!
    In recent years, Aerus bought the Electrolux name and this product is an Aerus Electrolux. However, Electrolux is a separate company and has their own line of products. The Aerus Electrolux Guardian, a similar product has been rated in the September 2005 issue of "Consumer Reports" and has been noted for its mediocre performance. The one high mark the Guardian received was for the low noise volume due to the add-on filter.

    The Legacy vacuum cleaner comes with a 10-year warranty from PayLess Vacuums and Electrolux. While it can be used to do a reasonable cleaning job on carpets, floors, walls, curtains, upholstered furniture, fans and window coverings, it is still extremely pricey and you can do even better with a Hoover or a Kenmore. (Hoover owns Kenmore). The Legacy is what it is - a ridiculously overpriced vacuum cleaner with lots of accountrements. The Hoover and Kenmore lines are much more efficient and can be counted on for a much more impressive performance. You will also save hundreds of dollars with the Hoover or Kenmore.

    ...more info