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The Top-of-the-line Electrolux canister is the same Electrolux quality you've known for generations, and not the new (Eureka)Electolux Oxygen canisters. This motor will last you decades to come. The machine is excellent on carpet, as the extra large power nozzle eats pet hair for breakfast, and has a nice and bright headlamp for under the beds. Accessories: Combination Floor and Rug Tool Bristles provide gentle cleaning if used on hard surfaces such as tile or hard wood. simply rotate 180 degrees to utilize the straight suction tool for cleaning fine rugs. Dusting tool Soft bristles protects furniture and delicate surfaces. A crevice tool, for the nooks, and corners is also conveniently stored on the machine, under the tool lid. The L shaped power nozzle is perfect for under the counters, or under the couch flap. System controls are conveniently located on the handle allowing for easy operation. The power nozzle automatically adjusts between carped and bare floors. Completely sealed system ensures captured particles and debris are not released back into the home. 5 wheel guidance system manuvers easily across all surfaces. Circuit breaker shuts down automatically to prevent damage when an object becomes entangled in the powr nozzle. 28-foot (8.5 m) cord with automatic winder provides for easy usage.

  • Top of the Line Electrolux Canister Vacuum
  • Brand New In a Box
Customer Reviews:
  • Cleans great, sealed vacuum system, expensive.
    I've owned this vacuum for about 5 years now. I'm currently looking for a second vacuum so I can leave one upstairs and one downstairs. I bought my first Guardian from a local salesman who offers unbelievable service! He calls every six to eight months to see if I am low on bags, which he then brings to my house within 24 hours if I do need any. He is very sweet and will be on top of any issues I have if ever any do arise!

    My only complaint with this vacuum is that the HEPA filter is pretty delicate and if you tip the machine over (not easy to do, frankly, it turns pretty darned well) you may break off one of the clips that attaches the HEPA filter to the top, and then you don't have a good seal anymore and really have to replace the filter. The filters are pretty expensive; over $50, and they have to be replaced every year, although they recommend every 6 months.

    For a 2nd vacuum, I was hoping to spend a bit less if possible. I learned from my salesman that many "Electrolux" vacuums are actually Eureka's and they are crap. It is very confusing, so be sure to look for the Aerus Electrolux name for the high quality. I was briefly considering an "Electrolux" Oxygen 3 for my second vacuum and am glad I called my guy to buy it from him, because he warned me about the poor quality and said I should save up to buy a second Guardian.

    I don't think I will, but I am strongly considering a Miele Capricorn. Still over $1,000, but much less than the Guardian and that savings will pay for a lifetime of bags! I also trust the Miele name.

    Bagless vacuums are not worth a cent, imo. What a mess!...more info
  • A place with germs and bacteria
    I threw away my Electrolux since I bought my new cleaning system. Not only the Electrolux, also you would throw away all the vacuum cleaners that works with a bag or a filter. The reason...everytime you clean your house you have to change the bag. Why? because otherwise we are reproducing germs and bateria in that bag full of dirt. Also the small particles of dirt return to the outside again because the bag has pores and it doesn't make sense to clean your house with a bag full of holes. Believe me. Just ask for a Rainbow E2 cleaning system in home demo and you will proof what I am telling you.
    ...more info
  • The Floor Is Yours
    Although I would never pay over a thousand dollars for any such product, I have used this and can verify its cleaning ability. Since Aerus bought and has since sold the Electrolux name in recent years, the name could be misleading. There are products sold under the name Aerus/Electrolux. At the time of this review, this product is not rated by Consumer Reports and this model/body style has been in existence for several years.

    The filter is placed in the top hole of the machine. It removes odors from the room. It is filled with charcoal as charcoal is an effective odor buster. The filter has the added attraction of reducing the noise when vacuuming.

    The vacuum cleaner comes with several accoutrements. There is the vacuum cleaner body itself. The hose can be attached to the top hole for blowing out and can be used for outdoor work, such as leaf blowing. The hole in the very front of the machine is where the hose is inserted for sucking in. The latch on the top of the machine has a latch in the front for getting to the bag and another button for releasing the flap which shows where other accoutrements are stored. In this small space can be found a brush for cleaning electronic equipment; a propeller shaped attachment for deep cleaning furniture which can also have the blades drawn together for cleaning drapery and a crevice tool. The crevice tool works wonders on cleaning out slats in dusty vents and is ideal for cleaning corners, baseboards and even the lines where ceiling and wall meet.

    This machine also comes with a piece called the sidekick, a small heart shaped piece which is used to clean stair cases and automobile seats. The final attachment is a scrubber brush for rug and floor cleaning. The results for the scrubber brush are somewhat disappointing and unreliable.

    This is basically a good cleaning system, but I would never pay over a thousand and close to two thousand dollars for it. Although this is a big ticket item, it can cost over $3,000.00 in stores. You can do better shopping online where you can save hundreds of dollars. If you buy the Aerus-Electrolux Floor Pro Rug Shampooer from most dealers and sales people, count on paying between $650-$900.00 for it. You might also want to call Aerus-Electrolux for stores in your area and price shop, but expect to pay over $1,000.00. You can do even better with a Hoover or a Kenmore (Hoover owns Kenmore) for under $300.00. The Hoover and Kenmore products are much more efficient. So is the Rainbow.

    *Update - the September 2005 and October 2006 issues of "Consumer Reports" do not rate this product highly except for the low noise, thanks to the filter. Their findings were the same - you will do better with a Hoover or a Kenmore at a much lower cost....more info
  • Get a Rainbow E2
    I bought this machine, and think personally, that after buying this machine, and then owning a Rainbow E2, for the money, the Rainbow is a much productive machine. If your in the market (and willing to pay the price) for a top of the line machine, go for a Rainbow E2. I own both, and hands down, the rainbow is the winner. Downfall is that the Rainbow costs a bit more.

    ...more info