Honeywell/Enviracaire HEPA filter #21500

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Product Description

HEPA and Air Filters are designed to remove harmful allergens such as dust mites, animal dander, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and harmful fibers. They also eliminate odors and tobacco smoke. They are ideal for those suffering from allergies, asthma, respiratory problems and environmental concerns.

  • Honeywell/Enviracaire HEPA Media filter #21500 fits 11500 series(EV-15), 11502,11520 series, Honeywell 17200, 17210, 18150, 51500, 61500;
Customer Reviews:
  • The best thing I ever bought!
    What a brilliant replacement HEPA filter. The quality of craftsmanship, its operations, the way it makes me feel. If only it was animate!...more info
  • Honeywell HEPA filter #21500 works great
    Product fits and works great. The new filters from the manufacturer are now smaller so you need to stack two of them to fit in my air purifier. But this brand is just the right size!...more info
  • New Filter
    This is a great filter at a great price. This one piece unit fits perfectly and gives me optimum air flow. Honeywell only offered two smaller filters that needed to be stacked. ...more info
  • check out HRF-14
    Yes, the 21500 does work great, but for less you can get 2 HRF-14s (Honeywell enviracaire UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT TRUE HELP FILTER) to do the same job......more info