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Tea Tree Cleansing Conditioner is fortified with miraculous stimulating and rejuvenating properties that aid in alleviating sensitive, dry or flaky scalps. This detergent, lather and sodium laurel sulfate-free formula is ideal for medium to coarse, wavy to curly and ethnic hair and may be used as often as necessary to cleanse without stripping away hairs natural moisture.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wen made my blonde hair SHINY!!!
    As a blonde with assistance from L'Oreal, I have never seen my hair so shiny, so manageable, so soft and I adore this product.

    It is superior in all ways! ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!
    i was happy and amazed the very first time i used WEN. my hair hasn't been this soft and shiny since i was a little girl. first, i want to say to all my Sisters of Color...if you have relaxed or natural hair, do not be afraid to try this product! my hair is thick and can be very dry and coarse - WEN Tea Tree has TRANSFORMED my hair (not kidding!) i cleanse my hair once a week with the Tea Tree, but now that it's so healthy, moisturized and manageable, i'm also able to use the Sweet Almond Mint. it's fun to change up now and then, just for a sweeter scent. and when i go to the salon for a cut or color, i will only allow my stylist to use WEN when "shampooing" my hair.
    i have never raved about a hair care product, but this is PERFECT for my hair. for those people who were disappointed or felt like it wasn't cleaning well enough, i would like to suggest maybe using your favorite shampoo first then conditioning with WEN.....my friend has the oily scalp issue and this solution seemed to well work for her....more info
  • love it
    I love wen products, my hair is dry from processing and wen products make my hair feel so soft.

    thanks Wen...more info
  • simply amazing
    I have suffered with bad hair my entire life. I have thick, curly, unruly and frizzy hair. I have had expensive haircuts (short hair-long hair)and have spent a small fortune in styling products. This cleansing conditioner has saved my life-well, my hair anyway. Who knew that all I needed was to simply change the way I washed my hair? My hair is soft, hydrated, and manageable. My curls look beautiful and my flat iron has not damaged my hair because it is so hydrated. My highlights even after eight weeks still look great. Typically, I am running to the salon by now to have them redone. I am now getting compliments on my hair! No more bad hair days for me!...more info
  • Ripped off..
    I watched the infomercial on TV and really bought into the hype. I just dished out $28 (during our bad economy) hoping to found something worthwhile. I have used this for a month and each time I use it, my hair is frizzier and "dirty-looking" than usual. I was hoping for smooth, shiny hair like they advertised. I think i have better luck with my normal organic shampoo mixed with natural oils. Will not repurchase....more info
  • Must try for sensitive scalp
    After turning 35 my skin and scalp have revolted into an itchy relentless regime. I tried several tea tree shampoos and conditioners and other "sensitive scalp" shampoos but none of them offered any relief. My hair is baby fine and I don't have much of it. Although my scalp is itchy, it is not dry and my hair is oily by the next day, so shampooing daily is a must. This has been the ONLY product that has allowed me to shampoo daily with itch relief and surprisingly doesn't make my hair completely lifeless. However, because my hair is so fine I do not use it as a leave in conditioner and my hair is still soft and tangle free. If you are at the end of your rope (as I was) give it a try. It just might work for you!...more info
  • hormonal?
    Hormones do horrid things to your hair. Whether you just had a baby and discover more hair in your hands than on your head or menopausal with more hair in the drain than drano can handle. Rinse those excessive hormones away. this is that product!...more info
  • Relief for flaky scalp
    I purchased this product as part of the coarse/ethnic hair set (tea tree, lavender, and fig). I have very thick hair that's curly/wavy. This did help my flaky scalp while being gentle on my hair. I towel dry my hair after the shower and rub one pump onto my scalp, then another pump into my hair. It has totally gotten rid of my flakes and kept my hair smooth....more info
  • Keeps healthy long hair for donation
    True to my heritage, I have a coarse, thick Asian hair that I try to donate every 20 months or so. Lately, I've found that my shampoo and conditioner left my hair dry resulting in worsened split ends. In my attempt to alleviate these problems, I tried WEN Tee Tree. Within a few days, I was amazed to see the noticeable difference - my hair is now smooth, moisturized, and appears much healthier. I'm pleased to know that I can donate a healthy lock of hair in a few months. And I found that I can get away with much less pumps than recommended. This is truly a great product and I recommend highly it. ...more info
    Amaaazing--I will never use a non-WEN product ever again---you know, I read these comments when I orginally researched WEN products, I was very skeptical...VERY.

    I was using Purology products at the time and thought they were the best thing ever BUT still didn't like the fact that my "healthy" hair was starting to look and feel drier than usual...decided to give it a try...

    Best decision I have ever made---after about 3 weeks of using this product, my hair felt smoother, looked healthier and had that shine back...

    I was skeptical about the non-suds factor as well, b/c I associated clean hair with the squeaky clean feeling--I wash my hair every day b/c it gets greasy and was worried that WEN would create a residue feeling that most other products on the market gave me- not so...

    I have continued to wash my hair everyday, no residue build up, no "split ends"--i was told by wen product support that the whites on the ends of my hair were actually protein buildup from regular shampoos and conditioners not split ends--couldn't be a truer statement...don't have white dots anymore! AND it's all in one! Just one bottle and you have your shampoo AND conditioner.

    Obviously, each product works for a different person...after trying all of them, the cucumber one was the best for me-left my hair clean, smelling great, non-greasy, managable, body and beautiful. My husband LOVES this one because it helps with his dry scalp!

    Once you buy it, I have a few suggestions: USE alot (I think I use 20-25 pumps--I have medium length hair and spread it all over, it'll feel like a mask product that you would use to condition your hair) and rub it in (RUB, but not too hard) your scalp and the rest of your head for 3-5 mins, comb through, then let it sit for 5 mins. A bottle usually lasts me a month and half. (again this is the regime that works best for me!)

    Remember that you are only skeptical because you are used to the products on the market--the same ingrediant in your shampoo now is the same ingrediant that can wash your clothes or clean your body with-sodium laurel sulfate, every product on the market has that ingrediant except for WEN products!

    Check this out-----
    Sodium laureth sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), is a detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste etc.). It is an inexpensive and very effective foamer.
    Sodium Laurel Sulfate-Effects on sensitive skin:
    (Products containing these substances can affect those prone to eczema and other irritants. These substances provide a foaming quality to the product, allowing for better distribution of the product while washing hair or skin and while brushing teeth. When rinsed off, the product will have cleaned the area but will have taken moisture from the top layers of skin. In people with sensitive skin (prone to dermatitis, acne, eczema, psoriasis and chemical sensitivity), the drying property of these type of detergents can cause flare-ups of skin conditions or may worsen existing conditions)

    TRY THIS product! BEST thing you could do for your hair! I promise! I have been telling all my girls, all the salons, etc. ...more info
  • Almost perfect for my hair
    I had ordered the three pack of different cleansing conditioners. Of the three (lavender, tea tree and fig), the fig worked the best on my hair. Unfortunately when I ordered this one, I couldn't remember whether it was the fig or tea tree that worked best. This one is great, but for my coarse, curly hair, I think the fig works best. Wen is a great product and I intend to continue to use it....more info
  • WEN Conditioners are great!
    I have been using the tea tree wen for 3 months, and you will become addicted to the wonderful smell, feel, and moisturizing effects. It's spendy, but totally worth it! I wish all products good be this natural! Thanks Chaz Dean!...more info
  • You won't be disappointed!
    Simply the best - it works, it is absolutely amazing!!!...more info
    I had seen the infomercials for Wen for months; but could NOT bring myself to order it.

    A month ago, I did and BOY I'm so glad I did!
    After a few weeks of using the Sweet Almond Mint formula; I came to amazon.com to order a new "flavor".

    Both Sweet Almond Mint and Tea Tree are lovely! Clean, fresh, and the product WORKS!

    Here's the thing: if you have thick hair I'm sure you can probably use the product as directed. I have fine hair and lots of it, so I must shower daily in order to style my hair. On top of that, I've got skin issues (eczema on my hands, stress-induced psoriasis on my scalp) so I am very cautious when it comes to product. Because of my fine hair, I decided to try an every other day regime. I use regular shampoo every other day (up to three times a week) HOWEVER I use the Wen EVERY day as directed. I can shampoo my hair with regular shampoo, then use the Wen like the bottle says; it keeps my hair so soft and TANGLE FREE! Even if I let my hair dry naturally, it DOES NOT TANGLE! It's almost creepy! I can't keep my hands off my hair! I love this stuff! It makes my hair easy to style too!

    Healthy hair dries faster whether you air dry or blow dry, if you don't believe me ask your hair dresser! The first time I used Wen, I blew my hair out with a round brush and my hair only took 10-15 minutes to dry and style; doesn't seem like much, but my hair used to take 20-30 minutes to dry and style before! That's huge!

    I can't stop raving about WEN! If you are skeptical, that's fine. If you have been having "problems"; try using shampoo every other day. It WORKS!...more info
  • Wen- Left my hair greasy and dirty
    I was really excited when I first ordered Wen- I was convinced it would help my senstive scalp and make my color treated hair look more lustrous. After using it for 1 month- my hair really started to look horrible- it became dingy/greasy by the evening (I wash every morning). In the last week, I noticed what looks like dandruff for the very first time EVER. I've tried really rinsing really really well and have tried not using it as a leave in conditioner. Nothing seems to help. NOT WORTH THE MONEY..... ...more info
  • The healthiest my hair has ever been
    I have tried all three "flavors" of Wen, and while the Fig Cleansing Conditioner is my favorite scent, this particular Tea Tree Cleansing conditioner is the best for my hair and scalp type. I have an oily scalp and coarse hair that is oily at the roots and dry at the ends. I used heavy duty clarifying shampoo everyday with the hopes of obliterating the oil problem. BIG MISTAKE! This made my scalp itchy and hair dry from root to end, and at the end of the day my scalp felt covered in nasty greasiness. Now I use Wen Tea Tree everyday and my scalp feels healthy and comfortable, not dry and irritated as when I used the harsh shampoo everyday. I didn't think this was possible, but my hair seems more balanced and perfectly moisturized both at the roots and ends and my scalp does not feel greasy at the end of the day. An added bonus is that my hair looks and feels healthier and than it has ever been. I even convinced my "product-phobic" fiance to use it just once and he continues to use it without further persuasion. I will tell you now that the product smells like tea tree oil, having a "medicinal" smell. At first I didn't like the smell of tea tree but now I find it relaxing. The weird thing, however, is that once my hair is dry, there is no lingering medicinal odor. I even smelled my fiance's hair, and at the very most his hair smells lightly of sandalwood or a light, woodsy smell. Definitely a great product. I wish more people would try it....more info
  • Excellent product
    I found this product to be excellent. It cleans my hair and works much, much better on my dry scalp than any of the leading dandruff shampoos ever did (and I tried pretty much all of them). My hair is softer and not dried out/frizzy like it tended to be with regular shampoo. Will definitely keep using and probably order other Wen products too....more info
  • Try WEN & you're hooked
    Wen is a tremendous product. We place mass orders for every single woman in our office. Once you try it and figure out how much you need to use for your hair type you are hooked for life. Going back to regular shampoo is out of the question. It feels like a luxurious treatment everytime you use it. ...more info
  • I will never shampoo again!
    OK, so I too have seen the infomercial a bizillion times and finally decided to go for it. OMG this stuff is great! I have been using it for three days so far and have received numerous compliments about my hair since then. I have to say that I already had pretty nice hair to begin with, but I have worked with the same co-workers for years and now they are all noticing. I do agree that the Tea Tree has a medicinal smell---but I like the smell anyway and your hair does not smell like that when you wash it out. It smells like Tea tree but not too strong. Also, I am thinking that the complaints about people's hair not feeling clean/feeling greasy afterwards are results of not rinsing it all out. I read those reviews and made sure to rinse it all out completely and I have not had any problems. Hopefully this review is helpful!...more info


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