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Product Description

Fig Cleansing Conditioner is a universal cleanser which, due to its rich, dense consistency, works exceptionally well to moisturize, hydrate and replenish dry, heat-damaged, color-treated, or dehydrated hair. This cleansing conditioner is free of sodium laurel sulfates and detergents, and cleanses without lathering or stripping the scalp or hair of natural moisture.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product
    I am a Cosmetology Student (Beauty School) and was very curious about this when I saw it on TV. I am white with thick dark hair similar in texture to Native American/Asian hair. I ordered the Fig Cleanser and noticed a huge difference in my hair after the first use. I was worried that I wouldn't feel like my hair was clean, but that is not the case. Hair came out soft, bouncy and dries naturally with out frizzies. I also noticed right away that when flatironing my hair was much smoother even without using any styling products. I will never use regular Shampoo again. I even got my boyfriend using it and he loves it. I wish we could use this at school on our clients. ...more info
  • Life Saving!
    WOW! I waited until I used this product for a month. It has been perfect for my dry, over-processed hair! It is so soft and silky. I thought it would be slick and weighed down, but not so! I WILL NEVER go back to regular shampooing!...more info
    I absolutely love WEN Fig Cleansing conditioner. I bought it on a whim & was excited but didn't really expect it to deliver the results it claimed to deliver. I have thick, color-treated hair & normally use a shampoo, a variety of conditioners & then I use 2 leave-in products followed by a styling product & when finished styling, a shine product. WEN replaced all of them & my hair looks amazing!! No split ends, no "fly-aways", tons of body and shine. I was totally floored by this product. You have to really follow the instructions and give it all the time it suggests and do use it as a leave-in as suggested on the product instructions. My husband is thrilled too because now I will be buying one product (WEN) and not 5 or 6 products!! Love it!!...more info
  • Just not worth the money
    I ordered this from QVC and I have used it several times, not terribly impressed, particularly with the price. Also not sure if my very thick coarse hair is clean. I will not send it back, I can use it as a conditioning treatment but my advice for women with hair like mine is to look for gentler shampoos and wash less often. If you really used the amount of product they recomend you would need 2 full bottles of the stuff a month, to the tune of some 60 bucks. Also the miracle ingredient in it is old fashioned and inexpensive glycerin. Basically a rip-off....more info
  • Great Product
    I absolutely love this product. My hair feels much softer, healthier, and less frizzy. The condition of my hair continues to improve as I use this product more and more. LOVE IT. ...more info
  • AMAZING!!!!!
    This is an amazing product. I was skeptical at first of non-sudsing shampoo (like anyone else) but am a big fan of great shampoos from John Masters. I had heard of this shampoo before and never thought of buying it. However, lately, I've been having a lot of issues with my scalp (itchiness caused by most shampoos and quite a bit of oil), my hair (which has gotten thinner recently from stress) and I have quite a few grays even though I'm so young! I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE FROM USING THIS PRODUCT ONLY ONCE! All itchiness was gone, I have ethnic hair and my hair was relaxed and full of volume and STRAIGHT and it was SO SOFT. The product smells amazing and does what it says, it cleanses without all the usual issues that sudsing shampoos cause. I heartily recommend this product and bought it as gifts for my sister (who's hair is incredibly thick and long) and my mother. They are loving it. Seriously, buy it. It's a beauty SPLURGE well worth the benefits!...more info
  • Fantastic! Love my hair!
    I used this on my daughter's and son's hair too with fantastic results! This stuff really works on our mixed hair (I'm bi and my kids are quads). Finally our curls look curly not frizzy and my son's hair lays down smooth and neat. My hair is very damaged from years of flat irons and hair color and over the past few weeks it keeps getting healthier and healthier. Plus it smells so good! Love it...buying a ton more!
    ...more info
  • So so
    I ordered the Fig after I'd been using the Sweet Almond Mint for a week or so. The first use of the Fig left my hair totally full of flakes (this is never an issue for me any other time). I am not sure if it really dried out my scalp or what but the difference was night and day compared to my use of the Sweet Almond Mint. After combing my hair many, many, many times to remove flakes, I rewashed the next morning with the Sweet Almond and my hair was good again. I am now using the Fig on the back of my hair and the sweet almond mint on my scalp & sides of my head. This gives me the best of both worlds...no dry scalp, but the lasting scent of the Fig cleanser....more info
  • Excellent Replacement for Traditional Shampoo and Conditioner
    Came across the product on an infomercial. Received it and used right away and after three weeks of use, I am very impressed.

    I have very thick course hair that I color and almost all shampoos' including those for color treated hair, strip the color and often make my hair dry and frizzy. Good quality shampoos easily cost $18 a bottle and add good quality condition at $12-$15, the cost for Wen is about the same, and maybe a little more because of shipping, but I think it is worth it.

    The fact that is does not contain soap is good and while others say it weights their hair down, or makes it feel oily is possible, but it's really important to follow the directions exactly as described. I thought that the recommendation of so many pumps for one washing was a way for them to make more money by using more of the product than needed, but it does make for better results when the suggested amount is used. The success of the product is in how it is applied, one can't just use it like shampoo- apply and rinse.

    The other thing about Wen is that is can be used as body moisturizer after showering, and also for shaving. How cool is that? So actually you don't have to buy shaving lotion or skin lotion either with this one product.

    I have noticed that websites such as Amazon are offering the product for a little less than the informercial and the auto delivery ,however you won't receive the deep conditioner or hair gel, but this isn't a loss actually. The deep conditioner need only be used once or twice a month and would last at least 3 months, the gel isn't so great unless you have very fine hair as with thicker hair the gel/cream makes it too thick and dull. So if you can save a few bucks, buy on Amazon....more info
  • Soft and managable
    LOVE it! I've been looking for this type of product forever. YOu won't regret this purchase....more info
  • WELL worth the $ if you have curly hair
    Best product EVAH for my hair - amazingly soft, and that's hard to do with my coarse curly hair. ...more info
  • Cleanign Shampoo/conditioner
    We enjoy this product. Our hair feels softer and healthier. On the off days when I don't do the Hair "Wash", I use a couple of squirts of the WEN and work it through my hair. That makes it healthy and I can still it nicely just with the conditioner....more info
  • Something that really works on black hair!
    I am African American and my hair is Natural. It is very thick, full, very curly, and dry hair. It takes a lot of patience and devotion of time and energy to maintain my hair so I need something that will not dry my hair and scalp; will moisturize and maintain the necessary moisture balance; help detangle my very unruly hair; contain natural ingredients; minimize styling time; rejuvenate, restore, and revive my hair's condition; and lastly make my hair look as healthy as it is.

    I first had my doubts and skepticism about this product due to the fact that over 75 percent of hair care products are not formulated for and created with African Americans in mind. I was just tired of buying all the breakthrough products that claim to moisturize, soften, and protect my hair; when in actuality they only damaged it. The most important fact that initiated my research of Chaz Dean's Wen is the absence of a detergent called Sodium Laurel Sulfate. I came to find all of the high-end shampoos that claimed to moisturize and restore health contained this ingredient. I then made a decision to try the Fig Cleansing Conditioner because I felt that I had nothing to loose considering all the money I had wasted on various other products.

    The first time I used the product I was amazed. The scent was very natural and home-made-like. I wet my hair with hot water to rinse away any loose debris, dirt, and left-over product. I then squeezed most of the water out of my hair using my hands. Not a towel which can damage your hair if used harsly. I used about ten pumps for every section of my hair. Since my hair is thick and full I sectioned about five parts, making sure to apply it from roots to ends, completely covering it. I then put on a plastic cap/conditoning cap. While setting up my hood-style dryer to deep cleanse and condition it I could feel my scalp tingle, which felt very good. I sat under the dryer for approximately twenty minutes. I then went to rinse out the product. I used luke warm water and began using my fingertips to help rinse out the Wen. It took about three minutes to ensure my hair and scalp was clean. I wrapped a towel around my head and took it off after a few minutes. I immediately looked at my hair and it looked much healthier and my scalp was clean. Not to mention it smelled very good. My hair was very soft and moved very well. I put about ten pumps of the Wen in my hair as a leave-in-conditioner and heat protector. I then blow dryed my hair, which only took about fifteen minutes versus about thirty with other products. My hair was soft and healthy-looking without looking overdryed. My hair moved and bounced with only the Wen. It did not weight it down or make it to oily. My hair looks great and the styles last long. I can actually say that it brought out the best in my hair. The biggest aspect is that my hair looks faboulous without any chemicals i.e. perms or relaxers. The biggest difference is that Wen is inexpensive and works. Finally a product that can actually help African American hair. I will now throw away all of those products because they are no good for me and my now healthy and beautiful hair. The only recommedation I would give is to use a natural oil in conjuction with the cleansing conditioner; i.e Carol's Daughter line of Khoret Amen hair oil or Hair Elixir. You will love the results!...more info
    This is the first time I've used this product, I purchased it for my daughter, (17) who has long, curly, kind of unruly hair. It really does help to keep the fly aways at a minimum. Her hair is much softer and easier to manage....more info
  • You must try this.
    I have been using WEN for several years, I was just thrilled to see that I can now get this line on Amazon. This is the best hair care product period. Yes it is a bit pricey but it goes a fairly long way and you will love how your hair feels. I have curly hair and it makes it soft and the curls look great. And if you have course or ethnic hair give this a try I know you will love what it does for your hair. ...more info
  • Great for Type 4a hair!
    I purchased this product after months of consideration. The only thing that was holding me back was the price and the amount of pumps that I knew I would have to use. I bought the one bottle and have to say that I am very impressed. I have since gotten rid of my expensive shampoos and will not use anything else. My type 4a natural hair is extremely dry in the winter and using the WEN really helps. Amazon provided fast shipping as always at a reasonable price and with the promotions for fee shipping oftentimes, it pays off....more info
  • This changed my hair!
    I started using this product 6 weeks ago, and I must say it made me feel beautiful again. Ive had beautiful curly hair most of my life, at 27 I got breast cancer, and while I survived it my hair was wrecked. After 2 years of trying everything to help my dry frizzy weak hair I FOUND WEN. After i used it 1 time noticed a difference, but now it is amazing, my hair has life, its bouncy and mosterized. Thank you Chaz Dean! It is worth the $28....more info
  • Wen didn't impress me
    I purchased Wen after seeing it advertised on an infomercial. Amazon offered a good price, and it shipped super fast! But the product didn't work for me. I followed the directions for a week, and it made my hair greasey and lifeless. I have thick, curly hair so I chose the fig version as it was recommended for my hair type. The first time I used it my head tingled, but by the second use the sensation was not so intense. I did't really like the scent either. I was hoping it would smell like a fig newton cookie, but honestly the smell was just not very enjoyable. Since the product is expensive, I am now trying to use it up as a follow up conditioner after my regular shampoo, which it work fine as, but defeats the purpose of having to use only one product. For the price, I will switch back to my regular regimen when I empty the bottle. For me, it did not work, and was not worth the price....more info
  • Great Alternative to Shampoo
    It's steamy outside and my normally frizzy hair is holding its style and shiny. It also seems to be holding the color better than usual. Between workouts and swimming I've probably washed (cleansed with Wen) my hair 20 times in the past 14 days and my hair feels stronger and healthier than ever. Yes, you'll miss the foamy lather of regular shampoos but the results are worth it. The wetter your hair is to start the better results you'll get. I wet my hair and put in about 20 pumps and then quickly wet it again and add a little more Wen and my hair feels very clean and not weighed down at all. I get best results when I don't use any other product and just add a little hairspray. I've tried all but the lavender and they're all great but the fig is my favorite. ...more info
  • good but expensive
    I like the product. I just had a baby and was loosing a lot of hair. My hair was dry and damaged. Wen has helped with both of these issues. However, it seems pretty costly to me. I am not sure if it is worth the cost. ...more info
  • Works Well - No SLS
    I was in doubt that this would get my hair clean. I have long, naturally frizzy and wavy hair and I have a lot of it. I tend to wash it every 2-3 days so I need something that will really get it clean. I followed the instructions and it seems to have worked really well. I was worried that my hair would be greasy or lifeless without a cleansing agent, but the ingredients seemed to have cleaned my hair naturally.

    My hair was a lot easier to style and felt lighter (not heavy or weighed down) and softer, but without the usual frizz.

    One thing I don't like, however, is the scent. It smells more like a wild cherry cough drop than "fig". Like a cough drop, it does contain menthol, and I think that explains the "tingly" feeling it gives your scalp. Fortunately, the smell doesn't seem to linger on the hair after it's dry, or if it does, it's a lot lighter because it's not bothering me.

    After I styled, I put a tiny bit more in my hair to act as a smoother. It works great.

    I feel like the other products in the line might be overkill, it seems to me that all you need is the Cleansing Conditioner. Maybe some hairspray if you wanted some hold.

    The ingredients are really straight forward and it seems to make sense. I know that SLS strips your hair and some say it causes cancer. I have been avoiding the chemical-based SLS in the past, trying to use an organic version made from tea or coconut (found in Aveda products), but this doesn't have any form of SLS in it.

    I'd say if you are having doubts, just try it. Make sure you buy it off Amazon so you don't have to get all the other products (which I really see no need for) or sign up for automatic delivery (they make you do this off the Wen website).

    Overall, it seems to do what it promises....more info
  • Very unsatisfied
    I was very excited to try this product. I had seen the infomercials claiming you will have the best hair ever. The first time I used it I was very pleased, my hair seemed more manageable and softer. The second time I used it was another story. I used the exact same amount and rinsed the exact same amount as well. My hair was greasy and weighted down. I am keeping the product (I was given a prompt return RMA from Chaz Dean) in the hopes that maybe it will work for me again one day....more info
  • Really good stuff!
    I read all the reviews of this product -- both good and bad. I decided to take the chance and try it for myself. My hair is long, curly and color-treated. I've tried just about every shampoo and conditioner out there, and I'm always in the market for something new to get the extreme tangles out of my hair when I wash it. (I admit that I like to switch products to avoid build-up.)

    I am 100% satisfied with WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner. It cleans efficiently without making my hair feel stripped of natural oils. I rinsed it out very thoroughly and did not feel the need to apply more as a conditioner. That, in itself, is amazing because I can never go without conditioner. The end result -- when my hair was dry, I could run my fingers through it without pulling or snagging. My hair has a light, fresh scent -- not as strong as the product's smell direct from the bottle, which is strong and fruity with an added note of a "soapy" smell.

    This is a hair product that I'll definitely purchase again, and I highly recommend that you give it a try!...more info
  • Very fast delivery service, but not 'blown away' by product.
    I feel I need to share my experience with Wen for customers. I started using Minty Almond 2 months ago, for one month. My scalp had a pimply reaction to it, severe enough to require a steroid lotion from doctor. After healing, I then wrote to Wen and they recommended I use Fig, which I did for another month. I DID NOT have any kind of allergic reaction from that one. But I have to tell you...this product is doing absolutely nothing for my hair type. My hair texture is fine but I have A LOT of hair thickness-wise. It always appears dry, as if having too much body and frizzies. And I thought this product would be so wonderful for my type hair - as advertised. Not so unfortunately and I'm very disappointed. I get more results with a little inexpensive 'safflower oil' in the palm of my hand with my reg. shampoo. So sometimes you have to consider the old phrase...When it sounds too good to be true....then just maybe it is!!...more info
  • Does what it says!
    Was slightly apprehensive to purchase this product, thinking that using a conditioner to clean my hair would leave it feeling weighted down and greasy. I was wrong! This works great! It doesn't lather (just like it says!) But, having coarse thick hair, it leaves my hair feeling clean, soft, and manageable - even if I don't wash it daily. Very happy I took the leap and tried this....more info
  • Used it once, and I was hooked
    All I can say is wow! I have medium length, very thick, and very dry hair with split ends. With my hair you can forget styling with heat, because it's gonna look fried. I've tried everything, but I was always left disappointed and my hair was oily. I used this last night for the first time, and my hair is already looking 100% better. It's soft and shiny. My split ends don't look as dry, and the top of my head isn't oily. I think after a hair cut, my split ends will be gone. Like I said, I used it last night, then slept on my wet hair. I let it finish drying, then I flat ironed it. My hair is still shiny and soft, and doesn't look dry or oily at all. I work as a receptionist, and the first customer to come in this morning said she loved my hair, and I've never met her in my life! I looooooove this stuff! The only cons I can think of are: 1. no lather, you've been trained to lather and rinse, but not much to get over 2. my hair feels oily as I style it, but it definitly doesn't look it 3. the price, but I think it's worth it after I have bought all these other products to tame my hair that haven't given me the results I want. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • New Wen believer
    I was skeptical about this product, but I followed the directions and I love it. I have fine textured, colored hair, with no body at all. My hair is shiny and soft and I cannot tell the difference between this and my regular shampoo and conditoner routine. I did make sure to follow the directions, use 30 pumps on my chin length hair and rinsed very well! I also used about 1/2 a pump as leave-in conditioner and only put that on the ends om my hair. I used the lavender scent. I will buy this again...more info
  • Works Very Well
    I have thick, coarse African American hair and have tried numerous products, including Devacurl, Carol's Daughter, Mixed Chicks, Curlfriends, Philip B, Miss Jessie's, Curls, John Frieda, Ouidad, Lazartigue, Paul Mitchell, and Aveda. Some of them were good or very good.

    So far, Wen is the best. It leaves my hair extremely soft and -- most important -- without a greasy feel. My hair is well below my shoulders -- the longest it's ever been and I haven't used a chemical relaxer in over a year. (A stylist suggested I go without even the very light relaxer I used to get in order to encourage my natural curls.)

    The product smells good and is pleasant to apply. I'm not as impressed by the fig oil, although I use it occasionally.

    N.B., If you have a thick, long hair, the results will be better if you thoroughly coat the hair and leave it on for several minutes in the shower.

    I don't doubt that this cleansing conditioner isn't for everyone; nothing is. But for people with dry, kinky or curly hair, this system does seem to work.

    I only wish it weren't so expensive. I'm also no fan of the infomercials, which refer to "ethnic" hair. That's fairly broad and kind of insulting.
    ...more info
  • WEN Product
    I am in my forties and have color treated and permed hair. I was noticing a LOT of hair falling out in the shower and some dryness. I saw an info-mercial on the WEN product line and thought I'd give it a try. I was not disappointed. I ordered the Fig Cleansing Conditioner. It is pricey, but it is great for my hair. I would suggest, however, to not use it every day and possibly to also use a regular shampoo and conditioner every fourth or fifth shampoo; I found that it is possible to over condition hair. Although my hair was EXTREMELY soft and shiny when I used the product every other day, it was beginning to get a little flat. I also ordered the styling cream, but I found it to be more like a leave-in conditioner (still good) and the texturizing balm, which I would not recommend. The products were delivered in just a couple of days. I give the total experience with WEN products a 4 out of 5. One more great benefit, I have noticed less hair loss when I wash my hair.
    ...more info
  • Didnt like it
    I did not like this product. The smell is very nice and I had high hopes... but after my daughter and I both using it it gave us BOTH poofy, fluffy, frizzy hair and flakes. I tried it four times and it just got worse each time. I am returning it. ...more info
  • Absolutely Love it
    I find this product to work wonderful... I was up early and had seen the commercial for it and love the fact that I can just buy the cleanser on amazon.........more info
  • Not worth the money
    1.Seller delivered the product fast
    2.Product does clean your hair, contrary to what other reviewers have stated
    3. If you have a massive amount of hair, or your hair is extremely course, then this product will help you.
    1. Considering the effect it has on your hair, which is minimal, It's way over priced.
    2. If you have normal, fine, thin hair, you will look like you've got very THIN nearly balding head.
    3. it weighs your hair down.
    4. No shine what so ever, it makes your hair look dull worse than without using it.
    5. You have to use a large amount of the product, yet the pump produces a tiny amount. They should've made a bigger pump so u end up using 4-6 pumps instead of 30-45 pumps.
    6. It's like using some cheap hair mask that weighs your hair down, except it's over priced. ...more info
    I read review after review, and decided the positives outweighed the negatives. Boy was I wrong!! This product left my hair feeling very sticky and dirty. My scalp became clogged from this nasty product, which by the way does not smell as good as they say!! Definitely a big waste of $$$$. I'll stick to regular sulfate-free shampoos!!!...more info
  • I wanted to love this stuff
    I have color treated hair, and this stuff sounded perfect. Yes, the infomercial gave me pause. The Wen hair looked heavy and lifeless, but I imagined frizz free hair. What I got after a half a bottle was the same fright wig hair and no manageablility. I'll still use this stuff if I'm just staying home on weekends. It makes hair feel amazing. But color treated hair still looks frizzy and worse, there is no amount of hairspray and blowdrying or product that will give my hair any body. Hair just lies there, lifeless. Add after a styling gel my hair feels lifeless and greasy. I can't win. I hate this stuff. And I wanted to love it, I really did! ...more info
  • Not for every wash
    I am a man that is really picky and critical about shampoo. I have tried many kinds and many natural types that can be found at health food stores. The first wash my hair was very smooth and soft and I thought, Excellent !
    The second wash it was just ok but my hair got oily much faster then usual.
    Then the 3rd wash I rinsed over and over until I thought no trace of Wen.
    What I found was, my hair was now way too dry.
    So my conclusion is that to get the best result do not over rinse and if you under rinse you will get oily hair fast.
    You have to find a perfect balance.

    ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I purchased this after seeing the informercial and reading reviews online. I have a lot of hair that is ofter dry so I try not to shampoo my hair everyday. This product is good the very first day you use it, but I could not use it two days in a row. It left my hair looking dirty and greasy. I followed the instructions to the letter. I'm not sure who this product is for but my hair does not normally look greasy. This was very disappointing. It also does smell like a mixture of cough syrup and Vix vapor rub. ...more info



    YOUR HAIR WILL THANK YOU... ...more info
  • I'm sold!
    Before I used WEN I went to the website and printed Chaz Dean's tips. I carefully followed the directions from the tip page (which has pictures) and loved the fig fragrance. My African American/Jamaican hair is now really beautiful because of WEN. I'm currently wearing it natural and it gave me soft defined curls and enhanced my old dye job. I received compliments from my coworkers (they hadn't heard of WEN). I'll have to see how it works when I blowdry & flatiron, but as of now--I'm blown away!!!!...more info
  • I just ordered a gallon
    Thankfully, I didn't know there was an infomercial before I bought this product. I would have been biased against it had I known. I've tried all of the Wen cleansing conditioners now and this one, Fig, is my favorite. The Lavender scented version is second.

    I have long, brown hair of (perhaps slightly thicker than) medium thickness that is (and was) in good condition. I didn't have a problem getting it to be soft, and it generally behaves itself nicely in the dry winter months, but it is prone to frizz and unwanted extra volume in wet or humid weather.

    I started using the cleansing conditioner this summer, and it left my hair very soft and frizz-resistant. That second part is most important to me because I was looking for a product that would reduce the amount of tubes and bottles I have to store in my hall closet and bathroom. Plus, this product is not cheap, so I want it to multi-task, and eliminate my need to purchase other products. The very first day I used the Fig cleansing conditioner, I dried just my bangs and the very front of my hair, pulled it back into a ponytail, and left for work. When I looked at it in the mirror later, my ponytail was made up of shiny, soft, frizz-free curls, and I hadn't used any of my other expensive, coiffure-deflating, anti-frizz products.

    I bought the set of 5 to find my favorite, and I've settled on the one I bought initially which is Fig. I worked out the cost per ounce if you include shipping and handling and I just purchased a gallon. I figure I'll fill my small bottle for the shower, and the gallon will still take up less room in the closet than my collection of anti-frizz serums, styling cremes, conditioners, shampoos and gels....more info
  • Ugghh!
    I was very excited after seeing the infomecial over and over. I really don't see how this product can be good for ethnic hair, it made mine like straw with this funky build-up. The smell is not all that great either-kinda like Vick's menthol in your hair. Interesting, but not for me....more info
  • Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner
    It takes a little to get used to but once you do you will love this stuff! It makes your hair very healthy....more info
  • Great product, but it stinks!
    I love Wen hair products but I think people should know that the Fig Cleansing Conditioner does not smell good at all. I'm going to stick with Lavender and Almond Mint....more info
  • WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner
    Though a bit expensive, a little goes a long way and your hair feels and looks clean. I now use this more often than shampoo because it saves on hair color. My hair feels silky and even seems thicker. Give this a try and you will be pleasantly surprised....more info
  • Terrible Smell
    I bought the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner after watching the infomercial for it. I loved it! The only problem is the small bottle they give you is supposed to be a 30 day supply. There is no way, if using the recommended amount, it will last a month, and so I bought this as a supplement. It smells terrible. Right out of the bottle it is strong, sickly-sweet smell. When you start using it, the menthol smell comes out and the two do not mix well. I am throwing the full bottle out. I can't stand using it....more info
  • not consistent
    I bought this after reading reviews and seeing the infomercial. When I first used it it seemed to do wonders on my hair! I had beautiful, silky hair with volume for the first time in my life! I just had to make sure my hair was thoroughly rinsed or else I'd have build up. I wasn't crazy about the smell (like wet dog) but when it dried it didn't smell so bad. However, the next day my hair would be oddly stringy and matted so I'd have to "wash" my hair again.

    My hair is naturally straight, thick, and, well, Asian. I've never really had problems with it but I wanted something weightless to impart more volume while not sacrificing moisture. This seemed to do the trick...for awhile. After a few weeks I noticed it didn't do anything for my hair anymore, and my hair would feel greasy and gross the next day, so I decided to switch back to shampoo. I had some left so I used it again a few months later with horrible results! The smell is bad...really bad. And it doesn't give me shiny, voluminous, manageable hair. It looks dried out and almost frizzy - which usually never happens with my hair.

    I've given up on this product. My sis came to visit me and tried it out (also an infomercial-lover like myself) and HATED it. I don't think I'll buy this again....more info
  • Awesome Product!
    Wonderful product! Makes your hair feel like silk when you rinse it through. It does add time to showering b/c you must apply and massage 1-3 min, comb through, wait 3-5 min. then comb/rinse, but is 100% worth it. My hair has felt MUCH healthier overall and I noticed a smoother look after only 1 use. I tried regular shampoo after using this for a while and after blow drying my hair had tons more flyaways and was less moisturized. Try this product- it is truly good for your hair and you won't regret it. It doesn't foam, but for me that was easy to get used to. The smell is very natural and pleasant. ...more info
    This is a horrible product I purchased to use on both my daughter and myself. It did no mirracle, and it just made my daughter's beautiful hair look frizzy, lifeless, and flat. Before WEN, her hair was bouncy, curly, shiny, and soft. It's a terrible product that just costs a lot of money. If you want a real product that's worth the price try AVEDA and PUREOLOGY. I went back to my AVEDA, and that saved my hair. I use a children's brand (circle of friends) for my daughter that is sulfate free/tearfree and it works a lot better. So don't give into the hype, these 5star rating people obviously haven't tried anything out there other than drugstore shampoo which will give the same(maybe even better) results as WEN....more info
  • i remember WEN...
    my hair wasn't as nicely soft, silky and fresh smelling. I had just highlighted my hair and was not unhappy with my current haircare program. However, this intrigued me how it didn't strip the hair of it's natural oils, and I liked the fact that I would be able to use less product on my hair. I have fine wavy hair that curls up like a good perm, but also blow dries out smooth and silky. I originally bought the stuff on QVC and couldn't wait for it to get here, so I got the several "flavor" trial kit through Amazon as well. I ended up getting both within a few days of each other. The sweet almond mint is more like menthol instead of mint, but worked decently on my hair. The first go round I wasn't extremely impressed, but I hadn't factored in that I had just highlighted my hair and changed its structure. After using the stronger moisturizer that you use once in a while, wow!, and after continued use, this product sure is a pleaser. Can't say enough good things about it. Only thing is, is that it is a little pricey....
    My favorite "flavor" is the fig. It actually smells good, and works well, as does the lavendar and the tea tree. The only one that I had particularly poor results with was the cucumber melon--it left my hair quite greasy--go figure. It was supposed to be the one best suited for my hair type. I say go for the fig! Enjoy!...more info
  • finally a good hair day!
    i almost didn't buy this product beacuse some of the bad reviews. i am so happy i did! my hair is curly, damaged, and dry. i'v tryed every moister shambo and deap condishoner out ther, with ok results. i am so happy i found the right product for my crazy hair. my scalp and hair feal and look great. it took me a while to get use to not stripping your air with shampoo and replenishing with conditioner, but now that im use to it im never going back! anyone with unmanageble hair try this product, i am so happy i did!!...more info
  • Foul smelling but good product
    I have only tried the Fig Cleansing Condition (bought the 16 oz bottle). I feel that only a few pumps of the product are needed (although I have shorter hair). There is absolutely no foam so it is a little strange using the product at first. My biggest complaint -- really my only complaint -- is how absolutely disgusting the fig cleanser smells. I might as well be using meat juices to wash my hair because that's what it calls to mind. It is not a sweet or clean smell but a very heavy, savory smell. I almost get sick to my stomach every time I wash my hair now. I hate the smell and I even like figs very much. I can't wait to use up this bottle and move on to a different fragrance that will hopefully smell better....more info
  • Best product I've ever tried for my hair!
    My hair is not like most. In the back it's very cruly, very frizzy and really dry, on the sides its very curly (like candy curls) but not dry or damaged and underneath I have large curls. So if I used moisturizing shampoo It would leave the back looking good but the bottom and sides would be weighed down. If I used a normal shampoo it would be just the opposite.

    Well I tried Wen Fig and all of my hair looked great!! The sides and bottom were bouncy and shiny! But most surprising of all the back was shiny!!! That had never happened until I tried this product! I will never go back to other shampoos!

    I also throw 2 pumps in as a styling cream and walk out the door. NO OTHER PRODUCTS USED and get compliments left and right!

    ...more info
  • Works for my multi-type hair!
    For the last couple of years, I have been very happy with my hair due to finding the right cut and no chemicals or permanent hair dyes. It looks healthy and shiny and I get compliments on it regularly. And for that reason I was hesitant to rock the boat by trying a radically different hair routine. But I thought that it might be nice to have a combo cleansing conditioner for when I travel and for that reason I decided to try WEN Fig, which looked from the description to be for ethnic hair.

    This stuff is worth it. My hair is what you could call multi-ethnic. On my head there is a small patch of relatively kinky hair (compared to the rest of my hair which is mostly wavy or straight). This patch had been problematic in years past because depending on what I did with my hair it would not always 'blend' in appearance-wise or what worked well for the straight and wavy majority of my hair might not work with the kinky part. That's how I know first-hand WEN fig works for most ethnic hair types. It cleans and moisturizes and balances everything. The straight and wavy part is shiny and not greasy and the kinky part has natural moisture. I would recommend to not do the high end number of pumps if your hair is straight and/or fine. So far my hair has not been weighed down and has body and bounce. (I think I saw on the insert that you can combine the different WEN formulas and that might be something for some people to consider. I'm not ready to do that yet because I will continue to use my regular shampoo on occasion, plus it's not as expensive as WEN.)

    My routine has been even before WEN to let my hair dry naturally and smooth/flip it in a style in one stroke with an ionic flat iron. I don't use grease or hair aids. I had been doing that before WEN but always dreaded getting to that kinky portion as I'd sometimes go over that portion a few extra times. With WEN it is one stroke like the rest of my hair and it is healthy and shiny and it stays that way all day no matter what the weather.

    If your hair is naturally kinky all over using WEN may make you re-think the wisdom of using chemicals or weaves to cover up the natural beauty of your hair. Try it!...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    If I am spending $28 on a bottle of shampoo, I shouldn't have to wash my hair every day. The day after shampooing, my hair would get dull and greasy and I would have to pull it back. On the day I shampooed, there wasn't a real significant difference between Wen and the Dove shampoo & conditioner that cost $4. Sure, my hair looked good, but not better, and it still required the same amount of styling and straightening. I was looking for something that would make a significant improvement to my thick, frizzy hair without a lot of work, but I definitely didn't find it in Wen. Severely disappointed....more info
  • Excellent, but pricey
    I didn't give this product 5 stars for two reasons: The first is that it could use a $10 price reduction. The second reason is that I'm not sure it works on all types of hair. I am an African-American with natural hair and Wen gently cleans my hair, makes it very manageable and has improved the condition of my hair. I love it, but one other African-American women I know don't find that it makes their hair particularly manageable. Like every other hair product, you just have to try it and see if it works for you....more info
  • my favorite shampooo
    I've always loved the idea of all-in-one shampoo/conditioner to save time and water, but never found one that cleaned and conditioned, usually too drying for my long hair. This is a great one step that leaves my hair silky soft and so shiny, and the fig smells luscious!, and its all natural. What more could you ask for? I like to add this WEN Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme to detangle afer washing, but it's not necessary. ...more info
  • No more hair care "system"...
    I have been using Wen for about three weeks. I have had thick hair at a below the shoulder length for most of my life. It is wavy in some places, curly in a few, and straight in a few. It gets puffy if left to air dry, so (before Wen) I either used a lot of product to bring out the curl, or blew dry and used a lot of product to tame the frizz and puffyness that came from blow drying.

    Before Wen, I used a hair care system: one shampoo, another conditioner, a deep conditioner and a leave in smoother. If I did my hair curly, I had a texturizer, mouse, hairspray and a smoother. If I did my hair straight, I added a smoother and hairspray. My regular products were from Redkin (all soft and extreme product lines), Aveda (brilliance line), Giovanni smoother, tre`seme hairspray, cirti shine smoother, frizz ease serums, Dove, Freeman, and Body Shop (honey and olive products). What a mess my shower and medicine cabinet had become!

    With Wen, I use only Wen. No joke! I read that this is all you have to use, and was in disbelief. I gave it a try, thinking there was no way this was going to work, but it was worth a shot with the trial kit. I was totally wrong to think it was a hoax. It was fantastic.

    After one use, I blow dried my hair with a wide tooth comb and no product. It looked ready to wear. Usually I have to spend about a half an hour and four products to tame the mane after blow-drying, including finishing with either a flat iron or curling iron. But... no. Wen smoothed my hair, it was easy to comb through, it was clean, shiny and soft and it smelled fantastic.

    Three weeks later I am still in shock. This product is awesome, and I just ordered more. I have adjusted the amount of leave in product I put in because my hair seems to need just a dime size as a leave in.

    For those who think Wen is expensive, think about the other products you buy to clean and style your hair, and realize you will not need them. One product! I also use a touch of hairspray if I curl my hair....

    My new problem: Not sure what to do with the multitude of other products still in my medicine cabinet! It's a nice problem to have.
    ...more info
  • I'm hooked on WEN product!
    I watched the paid program on WEN Cleansing Conditioner. I wanted to try it out but didn't want to order it through their paid program. I was surprised to see that Amazon.com has it. I thought why not it wouldn't hurt to try it out if I order through Amazon.com. I was a bit surprised on the size of the product I received for the amount I paid for. I started using it 4 weeks ago and I still have more than 1/2 full of the bottle. I was really surprised of what I am getting for my money. This product is absolutely wonderful and the wonder it does for my hair and scalp. It feels so cool, tingling and refreshing to use it. My hair felt soft and manageable. Show no sign of frizz or puffy hair. I am gladly to use this product to replace all the shampoo and conditioner that I have been using for 14 years....more info


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