Roomba Virtual Wall

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Product Description

The Virtual Wall emits a harmless, invisible, infrared beam up to 13 feet long that Roomba regards as a barrier and will not cross. The beam is keyhole shaped and can be as many as 3 feet wide (at the farthest point from the Virtual Wall Unit). You can place it in a doorway to confine Roomba to one room, or it can be used to close off a large open area so Roomba only cleans the area that is soiled.

  • Confine Roomba to one room
  • Emits a harmless, invisible, infrared beam
Customer Reviews:
  • Wonderful!
    I received my Roomba for Christmas last year. I absolutly love it. We have hardwood floors throughout our house so you see every speck of dust tand dirt on the floors. I have it scheduled to run every night when we are in bed. Since our house is all one level I use the virtual wall to keep the Roomba from going down the hall to our bedrooms. Once a week I move the "wall" so that the bedrooms can be vacuumed....more info
  • Works fine
    This area is not for ordering problems. It is for how the products work. I robot is top of the line quality. I love all their products....more info
    The picture does not match what I received. The picture shows a virtual wall for the new Roomba models. Instead, I received a wall for the original Roomba model....more info