Pleated A/C & Furnace Air Filter 20x25x4 (6 Filters) MERV 12

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Product Description

Nordic Pure offers manufacture direct pricing. We manufacture Merv 12 high efficiency pleated furnace filters for your heating and air condition systems. We can make most odd sized custom HVAC filters for low cost and fast, Free delivery. We have Honeywell replacement filters for FC100A1037 20x25x5 air filters and FC200A1029 16x25x5 air filters. MERV 12 effeciency instead of MERV 7, 10 or 11. Our non-woven synthetic filter media will not support the growth of mold or bacteria, keeping your home healthier. Our filters use permanently charged electrostatic material that helps dust cling to the filter. Standard filters generally ship within 3-10 business days from Tulsa, OK. Actual shipping time will depend on delivery address. Custom filters available.

  • Exceed MERV 12 effectiveness, so they remove up to 99% of pollen, pet dander, dust, mold and more
  • Free convenient home delivery at low manufacturer-direct prices
  • 6 filters per box
  • 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Actual size 19-1/2" x 24-1/2" x 3-3/4"
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Value and Quality
    This product is an excellent value and the quality is fantastic. I have a large heat pump system and this filter is almost exactly the same as the original that came with the system and at about 1/3 of the cost. Fantastic! I highly recommend these filters and I will absolutely buy them again....more info
  • Shipping was great and so was the price
    Furnace filters are outrageously priced. I was happy to find a place where I could get 4 inch or better filters for a more reasonable price (Its still about $1.50 to make I bet.). Shipping was good from these guys and I got a good supply to last me a while. Having used 4 inch filters for a while I think the quality on these is as good as anything else I've seen. Not sure if the MERV 12 rating really makes a difference (I had MERV 8 before and I haven't notice a difference in the allergen level.)....more info