Yoga: Just My Size With Megan Garcia

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Studio: Genius Products Inc Release Date: 12/31/2007 Run time: 28 minutes Rating: Nr

Yoga for plus-sized women? Why not, especially when it's presented clearly, simply, and utterly without condescension, which is the case with Just My Size Yoga. Instructor Megan Garcia, a large woman herself, knows that self-consciousness and limitations due to shape and size keep many would-be yoga practitioners from attending actual classes; hence this 45-minute program designed to introduce new students to yoga's many benefits. Garcia promises that a regular yoga practice will promote not only physical well-being (including energy and flexibility) but also confidence, calm, and what she calls "an inner sense of self"--ambitious goals, to be sure, but also attainable ones. The practice consists of three parts. The warm-up focuses on the breath, along with arm lifts, spinal twists, and such; the "workout" section includes some reasonably demanding poses like Warrior 1 and 2 and downward-facing dog (after demonstrating each pose separately, Garcia repeats them as one continuous, flowing sequence), and "deep relaxation" consists of savasana, the so-called "corpse pose." Other elements of Just My Size Yoga include a "special tips" section (with suggestions about using a wall, chairs, or other props to modify the poses) and an interview with Garcia. All in all, this is a gentle, easy, yet effective introduction to yoga. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for the out of shape beginner
    I loved this because it wasnt too hard for a round, out of shape gal like me! Dont get me wrong..its an effect workout for sure!...more info
  • Inspiring Plus Size Yoga DVD
    Yoga really is for everyone, not just the young, fit, skinny, and flexible, as Megan Garcia demonstrates in the video, Yoga Just My Size, produced in association with Just My Size (JMS), the plus size clothing company.

    Garcia, a successful plus size model and certified yoga teacher, is an inspiration to women everywhere. She glows with healthy confidence and exudes a positive body image lacking in so many of us.

    Megan explains the purpose of the video in an interview included on the DVD: to help full figured women discover the benefits of yoga with poses that have been modified to accommodate a large body. With regular practice, this gentle DVD is designed to help increase self-confidence and body awareness, improve posture ad flexibility, and create a sense of calm.

    Yoga Just My Size is one of the few yoga for plus size programs performed by somebody who is actually plus sized.

    The 28-minute Yoga Just My Size program is divided into 3 sections: Warm up (10 minutes), Workout (15 minutes), and Deep Relaxation (3 minutes). Throughout the program, Megan provides clear voiced over instructions that are positive, nurturing, and uplifting.

    The warm up begins with seated focused breathing to quiet the mind and focus attention. She chants OM, to further quiet the mind and then moves through several more gentle postures to awaken and warm up the body. Each posture is held for five deep breaths.

    The workout portion of Yoga Just My Size includes several standing poses that are performed slowly and purposefully with Megan providing good alignment instructions for performing the poses safely. She also mentions the benefits of each pose, which I like.

    The yoga workout then transitions back to the floor for four more poses that include table pose, child's pose, and downward facing dog pose. The deep relaxation section includes a guided relaxation as you recline on the floor and focus on your breathing.

    The DVD also includes a Special Tips section where Megan demonstrates a few additional poses to help open up tight areas and explains how to modify various poses with the use of props such as a warrior pose with a chair, downward facing dog pose at the wall, and child's pose supported with pillows.

    One nice feature of the DVD is that you can do the whole program or just one section, such as the warm up to begin your day or the deep relaxation just before crawling into bed.

    Overall, this is an excellent DVD for the plus size yoga beginner. But may be too basic for more experienced yoga students....more info
  • For beginners
    As a woman "of size" and a beginning-intermediate yoga practitioner, I was very interested to see this video. It seems that all too often my yoga teachers don't appreciate that my boobs and belly just don't fit into certain poses. So what I've been doing is figuring out what exactly is the point of each asana- to lengthen the spine, to stretch the groin, to open the chest- and focusing on that, rather than worrying about doing it just like the teacher. That has worked pretty well for me, really, but sometimes I'm just not sure how to get there, and sometimes my teachers really don't get it! So what I really wanted from this vid was a discussion of modifications for those of us with fleshy bits that get in the way. Unfortunately, the modifications she gives are really for people who are INFLEXIBLE, rather than FAT. Only one mod was what I was looking for(the one for Child's Pose), and that one I already knew. Plus, I wish she would offer the mods in the video or announce at the beginning of the workout to look at the "Special Tips" section first, and I also wish she would discuss yogic philosophy during the workout.

    That being said, I do have a big crush on Megan Garcia now for being so beautiful and happy in her body and accepting of big girls. This video is really great for beginners, especially those who don't know anything about yoga to start with or are extremely inflexible. And I did learn a couple new poses, so that's all to the good. At some point, I hope to take a class with her in New York, because I believe I could learn a lot from her... but it's just not in this video.

    P.S. This really is not terribly related to this video, but it's a pet peeve: where is all the yoga instruction for fat men?? ...more info
  • simple yet effective
    This is a good intro to yoga for a beginner like me. I'd never done any yoga before because I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do many of the positions because of my size. Just My Size gives me some good beginner positions that helped me realize that I'm more flexible than I thought. The positions given are simple ones, yet they still have an effect, I can feel the burn the next day in my sore muscles. I would definitely recommend this for any beginner and I would definitely buy more of her dvds....more info
  • Very relaxing but not much work out.
    I really enjoyed this from a relaxation stand point but it was WAY too easy for me personally. I have not done a whole lot of yoga and I'm not in very good shape and this presented no challenge what so ever. This would be a very good starting point for someone who is very out of shape and has no experience at all with yoga (or for people who just need to relax) ...more info
  • Great for people just starting.....
    I have never practiced yoga before and was somewhat skeptical, but this dvd makes it real easy. Terrific for those of us that are a little older (50)and out of shape. The benefits are felt almost immediatly. The concentration on breathing techniques really helps to calm the body. I am purchasing a second one to give to my sister!...more info
  • Great Excercise
    I enjoy using this CD. I find Megan warm and encouraging. Directions are easy to follow which makes it more likely that I will actually use the CD and that is the whole key I believe....more info
  • Disappointing
    The idea of a plus-size yoga workout is great, but this doesn't fulfill that need. Megan is likeable and a good instructor. But, and this is a big but. . . You have to watch a separate dvd extra to get the modifications--they aren't incorporated into the routine itself, which pretty much defeats the purpose. You have to memorize the modifications and then remember them during the routine, which makes it harder to focus on the poses. A second person doing the modifications during the routine itself would've made it much better, as the modifications are actually helpful and make uncomfortable poses more comfortable. The routine itself is really basic and short--just 6 poses and it felt a little rushed (she says to hold poses for 5 deep breathes, and I barely got 2-3 deep breathes before she moved on).

    If you're a complete couch potato, this DVD would a good place to start. It's nice to see someone who's not anorexic enjoying movement. I hope Megan does another DVD soon, one that's more challenging and incorporates the plus-size modifications into the routine itself....more info
  • Great for Beginners
    I purchased this DVD along with several others to help get myself back into shape. While I occasionally work through the other DVDs, this one is the one I return to time after time. The workout is definitely for beginners, and anyone with yoga experience will probably find it much too easy, but for those of us who have let our middles get a little too soft and haven't stepped foot in a gym in a few years, it's a great DVD. The exercises are soothing and invigorating, and Megan is a wonderful instructor. I recommend this DVD to any plus size women who want to take control of their bodies and do something good for themselves....more info
  • Awesome!
    I love this DVD. It really reaches the core of yoga in that you finish feeling refreshed, strengthened, and stretched out. I recommend this for any plus size people. I am a 2X gal so yoga is usually not this doable for me....more info
  • Very Helpful Video
    I love this exercise video! It helps me do all the exercises without guilt about not being flexible or "skinny" enough. It's great!...more info
    This is an Excellent DVD or VHS for every Real Woman to have. It has excellent instructions and modifications for those of us that are not sizes 2-10. Megan, thanks so much for recognizing a niche in the market and filling it. We love you....more info
  • Good beginer yoga tape
    I have never done Yoga before and found this program to be quite doable. There are a few poses not done like plank, but it is great for beginners. She does show you some modifications you can do if you are overweight or have trouble standing or sitting. Over all I would suggest this tape, especially if you are overweight. It is refreshing to see a larger size person taking care of their body and being so graceful. ...more info
  • Yoga...not for the rest of us
    While Garcia looks like the rest of us, she's a lot more flexible. If you have knee or wrist problems, you probably should stay away from this video. When I finished the video I felt more frustrated than anything. I've resorted to doing yoga moves without a video because there aren't a whole lot of videos catering to those of us who are somewhat familiar with yoga, out of shape, and in need of modifications so we don't hurt ourselves. ...more info
  • Great entry-level yoga for plus-size gals
    I LOVE this workout. I've always loved practicing yoga, but it can sometimes be very intimidating when you're obese. I'm almost 300 pounds and found this workout to be easy to follow, enjoy able to do, and very calming. The instructor guides you though the poses, giving modifications to help accomodate special needs, like larger tummies or breasts, etc. I highly recommend this DVD for plus-sized people interested in starting yoga....more info
  • Week
    Very week, not good at all. It is almost static, no movement at all.
    I do not recommend it.
    Sandra...more info
  • Megan Garcia Rocks!
    I really enjoyed this dvd. Megan Garcia has a nice pleasing personality and is just right for this dvd. It has nice easy moves for over weight women. Nice background and music. My 7 year old son enjoys this dvd also, and has become my coach for this dvd! I recommend this dvd for beginners like myself. It is a nice experience....more info
  • Just Right for Plus Size Newbies to Yoga
    I just received this DVD today. I had completely reviewd the DVD before practicing it. My immeadiate reponse is "This is perfect for me". I am 5'2 and weigh 186. I am TOTALLY a newbie to yoga. I thought I would share my first impressions with you. This is not for those already familiar with yoga. It would probably bore you and leave you feeling unchallenged. First, the music is complementary without being a distraction. Megan's voice was clear and audible. Second, Movements were purposeful and provided complete demonstration of the move while explaining its purpose and there are easy transitions for poses. Third, DVD provides special tips for those who may find it difficult to do demonstrated poses.Tips before using: Watch before trying DVD. I reccomend you review the introduction first and then the interview. Watch the tips which show alternate positions for those who have challenges due to body structure or mobility issues.( Remember,we all have different levels of fitness and mobility. Even though some of us may feel it is a great start for newbies and plus size, others may still have difficulty.) Finally, get comfortable and workout. AVOID or MUTE JUST MY SIZE commercial before watching. It is loud and unsettling after reviewing the tranquill yoga DVD.Improvements Needed: I would reccomend that Megan do a side by side video of regular poses with alternate poses. It would keep people from going b ack to reveiw exactly what to do in alternate positions. ...more info
  • Seriously Impressed!
    I have to say that I am impressed with this video. I mistakenly assumed that this DVD would be mediocre, but it's not and after reading the other reviews I decided to buy it. The workout feels great without pushing you too hard, and Megan's instructions are easy to follow; for most of the video I didn't have to really watch, I was guided by her simple yet clear instructions. This DVD is a wonderful value! I'm feeling fit and stronger already, and the workout can easily be done in a small living room....more info
  • Just right!
    This is my second yoga DVD and I am a beginning yogini (again). I travel frequently and take it with me to use in the hotel room when I don't feel confident enough to head to the fitness room. I really like this video--I feel successful with it--I can at least do the poses (although not necessarily hold them). It about 30 minutes long so I can do it in the morning and not have to sacrifice sleep. It is very much a beginning video but its a great place to start and I am already starting to see my endurance build. I hope Megan will do other videos that are a little more challenging or and/or longer. Being able to adjust the poses to so that I can do them without struggling for breath (like child's pose) was an idea that I had not see before. ...more info
  • First Time Yoga-Impressed
    As my first attempt with Yoga, I was impressed by the clear instructions and work out. I use this video three times a week and really enjoy the stretch it provides. ...more info
  • Not the best!
    I am a beginner, and started with "Yoga for the Rest of Us", the back care DVD. I thought I would be adding more good poses with this DVD, but was sorely dissapointed with the poor instructional quality. In my opinion, beginners are better served by the first series! ...more info
  • I like it, but......
    This is a nice dvd for people who are overweight and/or older and not comfortable with yoga. It's easy to follow. I felt good after doing it. What I didn't like was the speed of the inhale and exhale cues. I don't know, maybe I have large lungs, but I was not able to get a deep breath on many of the poses. Breathing in yoga is "it" and if I followed the breathing cues on this dvd, I'd miss out on the benefits. ...more info
  • Love it!
    GREAT DVD! It was nice to take some time for myself, it helped me to relax & focus on myself for once!...more info
  • Just for me
    I have many different exercise dvd's but this is one that after the first time I can't wait to do it tomorrow. I got the dvd today.(fast shipping) My 19 year old daughter who has been doing yoga since she went off to college and I did it together. Eventhough I know it was easy for her she enjoyed the gentle flowing workout. I enjoyed that for a true beginner I was not intimidated by the poses and I felt a great sense of accomplishment for being able to do it. I felt relaxed when it was over. I think I will get a copy for my daughter and her room mate who is a larger person like me. Great dvd...more info
  • Almost perfect.
    I purchased this DVD with Meera Patricia Kerr's "Big Yoga," both of which are marketed for plus-size people. This yoga DVD wins, hands down.

    First, Megan presents a lovely workout that is both challenging and relaxing for even a beginner. She is calming and graceful throughout. What I noticed is that every posture presented is attainable by most plus-sized people. She does not tell you to stand with your feet together in mountain pose, because most plus-sized individuals cannot do that comfortably. Instead, she has you stand comfortably. The entire workout is like this. Every movement is doable for most overweight folks.

    The DVD consists of a warm-up, workout, and deep relaxation. The warmup does get your pretty warmed up with twists, cat and dog, kidney squeeze, and leg pumps. The workout mostly works on leg strength and focus. The poses covered are mountain pose, warrior I & II, star & goddess, downward dog, and child's pose. The deep relaxation is corpse pose.

    As I said, all the poses are achievable for almost every body type. I have lost a lot of weight (60 pounds), but believe I could have probably done this DVD at my highest weight. This leads me to the only shortcomings: the length (it could be longer) and the fact that it becomes too easy too quickly. I still do it and still love it. I am just not sure how to make the postures more difficult so to get a great workout. At this point, it is a great relaxing video on my days off from more intense exercise (Turbo Jam, Jari Love, the gym). I am really hoping that Megan does another DVD that is more intermediate....more info
  • Yoga for everyone else
    I like the fact that the yoga is for anyone. She does a good job of modifying the yoga for people who can't get into some of the poses and does a good job of taking her time and doing the poses so that you can learn how to do them well. She is fit and flexible but she is not a skinny rail and that makes it much more comfortable following her. A good mix of strength and streching poses. This is a good fit for me....more info
  • Great for yoga newbies
    If you have always wanted to try yoga but have felt too intimidated, this is a great DVD to start with. Megan is an excellent instructor, and anyone can do the workout. My only complaint is that she didn't spend any time explaining how to get into the various positions. That is the only reason I am giving this four stars instead of five....more info
  • exercise
    When I previewed the DVD I thought it would be a piece of cake. Could not believe how sore I got doing the workout....more info
  • Great for beginners!
    New to yoga and this dvd is wonderful. Slow enough to not lose pace and flows nicely through simple poses.
    I recommend this for anyone starting in yoga, plus size or not. It's relaxing and eases you into the world of yoga without pressure....more info
  • Yoga: Just my size with Megan Garcia
    I would highly recommend this to any woman or man that is larger. It is fantastic. I am very out of shape. The more I do this the better I feel. And my body does not hurt afterwards. So it makes you want to stick with it. My husband is also enjoying the workout. Good Luck to all!...more info
  • Finally, a workout for plus-sized women!
    What a wonderful idea! Use a plus-size instructor for a plus-size workout video! Megan Garcia is a great instructor.
    The moves are fully explained and the movements are done slowly enough that you're not struggling to keep up.
    HOWEVER, if you're already in good shape physically, this is probably not the best video for you. The moves are a bit easy for people who are more advanced in their fitness levels.
    It is relaxing, but not incredibly challenging. I give 4 stars for the idea, not the actual exercise....more info
  • Nice and relaxing
    I really enjoy this DVD, however I do have two issues. 1. I think it could be longer and 2. It's a bit more geared to relaxing then a exercise routine.

    I realize this is geared to full figured Yoga practitioners, so I understand why this is not a "hard" workout. I did not feel as though I burned calories, but I felt very relaxed and stress free! So not bad at all!

    Oh and at the end it puts you into a deep relaxation and then the DVD just loops music, no audio cue to get up or because I was so relaxed I laid there for a lot longer then I think I should have (eyes closed so didn't notice the screen changed, just kept listening to the music waiting for her to cue me awake!! LOL). Overall a nice introduction to Yoga and great for ladies of larger sizes with mobility issues (back issues, etc). Worth a try!

    And Megan is very sweet! I would buy another workout with her if it was more advanced!...more info
  • Oversized Women!
    I am a bigger sized woman and this was a great workout for me. I could actually do what the instructor was doing. I'll never be able to become a pretzel, but I can do this DVD workout....more info
  • Big Girls Dream!
    For those of us, rounder, plumper women, this is a good start to Yoga. My husband is much taller and thinner then me and can do several Yoga moves because he doesn't have a belly like mine. I can't participate in a large portion of what he does and I am not sure how to modify the moves and get the same benifits from it. This DVD is great, we can now do it together, it's very relaxing music, and the moves are not to stressfull on my heavy frame! It's nice for once to not feel "to fat" to participate in Yoga! If you are looking to try yoga, to embarresed to go to a class or think you are to big to do yoga, check out this DVD! Thank you for making something that caters to larger people, it's a great start to a healthier life!
    ...more info