Bionaire BAP1250 Air Purifier

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Features and Benefits: HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne impurities; carbon filter reduces odors HEPA and carbon filter indicators alert you when its time for replacement Sensor measures air quality and remotely operates unit for thorough purifying 4 adjustable settings with built-in timer, clock and alarm functions bring versatility and convenience Recommended for rooms 19' x 22' to achieve optimal performance AHAM clean air delivery rate (CADR) is 270 for tobacco smoke Quiet operation lets you enjoy the benefits of clear air even when you are sleeping Slim design and dual positioning makes it easy to find a convenient placement Replacement filter: Replacement filter: A1230H Dimensions and Weight: Size: 26.6" x 21.5" x 11.1" Weight: 26 lbs Warranty: 5 year warranty

Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent when it works.

    I purchased this product a year ago as a replacement for a previous defective bionaire purifier of a different model(BAP2000). Upon arrival by shipping, I had a bit of trouble keeping the door on the purifier closed-if the filters are sticking out even by a bit, the door will not close and the machine will then not run. Also, the filter change light stayed on constantly. Desperate for the purifier, I foolishly held on to it. Now, not even a year later, the motor has stopped running and the door on the machine will not close at all. I have sent it back again in the end for another replacement. Having owned many bionaire purifiers in the past I find that they are powerful machines that work well. I also find Bionaire reliable in honouring their policy of replacement. Due to the fact that many stores in my city will not honour a Canadian replacement policy for bionaire products, I have continued to prefer ordering from Bionaire directly. My concern is that this Bionaire purifier has a short life span of less than a year and even arrived damaged from the start. This product was a second replacement to a previous Bionaire model of another type-which was returned twice. Also, after two seperate replacements, I was eventually required to send the damaged purifier back for replacement and to pay the shipping cost. (this was for a Canadian order) If it's any help, I have since then purchased a Holmes purifier exactly like the BAP 1250 model, and also available from Bionaire. I have had no problems with this one whatsoever. Go with Holmes 650 or expect to replace this machine more frequently....more info