Max Fitness 65cm Exercise Ball with Foot Pump (Pearl White)

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Product Description

65 cm Max Fitness Exercise Ball with free pump included. Incorporate the versatility and effectiveness of the Max-Fitness exercise balls into your workout. Core strength training is the only way to exercise. You can take your exercise balls with you wherever you go or exercise at the conveinence of your home. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, this ball will enhance your workout giving you results. Ideal for stretching, strengthening and toning exercises. First used by physical therapists over 30 years ago, Exercise Balls are now used in leading health clubs around the nation and are quickly becoming a standard item for any home gym. The Max Fitness Exercise Ball is safe, durable, and easy-to-use. The ball is made of burst resistant heavy gauge PVC vinyl and is rated to withstand up to 500lbs pressure. The 65 cm exercise ball is ideal for a person 5'6" to 5'11". Includes: 1 pearl white ball , 1 foot pump.

  • Increase stability and flexibility
  • Ideal for Core strength training
  • Comes with easy to use foot pump
  • Helps make your back stronger
  • Ergonomic

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Customer Service
    The first ball that we received leaked. After writing the company about the problems we've had with the ball they are sending us a new one....more info
  • No complaints
    Works as it should. The pump that comes with it is a little chintzy, but it gets the job done. ...more info
  • Exactly As Described
    I wanted a black exercise ball to sit on because it would match my company's decor better than light blue or pink. The Max Fitness Anti-burst Exercise Ball fits the bill. It arrived promptly and works well. ...more info
  • Great Exercise Ball
    An overall great ball. Might be a smidgen too big for me though as I'm only 5'2....more info
  • Hard to pump!
    This particular product is rather hard to pump up. I gave up half way and broke off the little white cylinder piece from the pump. I used my own breath to pump up the rest.

    It works rather well with my height, 5'6' but it is quite large and it gets in the way lol.

    I like this product over all though, it has yet to pop :)...more info
  • Great exercise ball
    I love this ball. The pump is a bit flimsy, but it did the job. I only had to add a little air in it once after about 6 weeks use. I am 5'7" and the ball fits me perfect. It is very easy once you get used to it and just flows along nicely with your body. I love the pearl white color.
    I would recommend this product....more info
  • Good product for the price and great customer service
    The ball itself is great...the pump is a little plastic thing that does the job (barely), but I would buy a real pump. I had an issue with the first ball I purchased (company sent the wrong color) but it was quickly resolved. Their customer service dept. shipped a new one immediately and I simply returned the wrong one. ...more info
  • I like this product very much...
    I actually bought this ball to use in place of my computer chair! lol I figured it would be a good way to incorperate exercise in to a every day thing. I also bought the dvd with it so I can do the workout. :)...more info
  • sturdy ball
    The ball is very sturdy and is all that is advertised. The pump takes a while to get the ball big enough, but I wouldn't expect a better pump for the price....more info
  • Sturdy, Indestructible
    So many children and even adults bounce on my ball whenever they come over and happen to see it! That's not what it's supposed to be used for but it just shows how sturdy it is. My friend who is probably about 250 lbs didn't even pop it....more info
  • Great customer service!
    I recently purchased the Max Fitness anti-burst Excercise ball. It arrived and I loved it! I had a small problem (user error), contacted customer service via e-mail to see if they could help. Not only were they prompt in their response, they went above and beyond to make me a satisfied customer. I recommend the excercise ball for your work out, and shopping with Max Fitness.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    Great product. I just received my ball today. I couldn't wait to work out. If I learn how to stay on it that would be saying something! I will always recommend Max-Fitness....more info
  • just like the ones you use at the gym..
    I first started using excercising balls at the gym, and loved it. I went and bought one.. and for some reason, it just wasn't the same. A girlfriend of mine also got me one, and again.. just not what I was used to.. then I ordered this one, and it was exactly like the one I used at the gym.. and cheaper than the other ones I had. SO, I highly recommend this. Read the directions and do do another round of air the next day.. its perfect....more info
  • Pump Flimsy
    I just got this ball and, when inflated it looks good, although maybe not perfectly round at first. The pump which came with it worked, but was kind of insubstantial as far as pumps go. The hose to the pump kept falling off and I had to put it back on several times. However, the ball did inflate within 5 or 10 minutes. ...more info
  • A nice training item.
    This is a quality anti-burst training ball that will meet the demands of the most intense workouts. It is shipped quickly and with care....more info
  • Wouldn't know...
    Max-Rx,LLC is a worthless company! I left feedback under seller feedback, but of course they get the last word. Hence my feedback here! I left feedback stating how I never received my order and how they never returned my phone calls or emails, and they responded by saying I emailed them, confirming that I received the order which is why they will not issue a refund. Yeah...sure! I'm going to ask for a refund on something I supposedly and previously confirmed that I received?! C'mon people!! This company is led by a bunch of retards. Thank God Amazon has excellent customer service...seeing as in how they took care of me when Max-Rx,LLC wouldn't! They still have not responded to any of my emails or calls, but sure can take time to respond to my feedback on their profile to try and save face?!? What a bunch of cowards! I even asked to see the supposed email that was sent by me confirming I received the order. Nope...nothing!

    So the ball may be great but I'll never know! As for the company, Max-Rx,LLC, I suggest you work on your customer service skills and perhaps learn how to tell the truth!...more info
    I am a certified personal trainer with 18 yrs exp.
    That said, I found this ball equal or better than the physio balls at the best gyms in New York!
    The pump worked seamlessly in delivery and a nice tight ball to greater effect the core musicle group exciting the nervous system...but I run on.
    Healthy and Fit 2007 I plan to purchase this product again!!

    Alex R....more info
  • i liked it
    I like the balance ball though i don't use it as often as i thought i would. it takes patients to inflate using the manuel pump and my ball seems to loose firmness often. possibly due to tempurature changes....more info
  • Good product, reasonable prize
    When I first inflated the ball it seemed too small. But based on the company's advice I continued to inflate it a day or two later and it reached almost the promised size (65 cm). It works well for me and I have no complaints....more info
  • I love my exercise ball!
    I ordered this ball because I didn't like the bright colors at my local stores. I wanted something neutral that wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb in my home. The shipping from Max Ltd. was super fast and the ball was pretty quick and easy to inflate.

    I actually bought this as a "birth ball". I'm 8 months pregnant and sitting on the ball helps relieve back pain/pressure, hip rocks feel great on it. Gently bouncing on it has gotten my baby down into position! I'll be using the ball during labor and after I have my baby. Babies love to be bounced on it and it's a comfortable seat to nurse on. I'll also be using it a few months after the birth to work out on and drop my pregnancy weight. ...more info
  • Great Ball at Gret Price
    I was surprised at the fast service considering I am overseas! The ball is great, and it was easy to inflate with the included pump. This is a great ball for the price, I highly recommend....more info
  • Seating ball
    Have been using it as a chair. Pumped the ball in two steps as described on the instructions to get it to its full size. Had it for the last 6 months and never had to pump it again. Very good!...more info
  • Good product at a fair price.
    The ball arrived on time and was not too difficult to inflate. It seems tough enough for my 230 pounds.

    ...more info
  • Good ball not so good pump.
    The ball itself is very firm and holds in the air well I haven't had to pump it back up nearly as much as the last ball I had. I like to use it as a chair as well as for exercises. It really helped with my weak core muscles.
    The pump that comes with the ball however is not so great. It does the job but it's a pain and there are better ones out there. I ended up using a hand pump I got with an earlier ball.

    So 5 out of 5 four the ball 2 out of 5 for the pump....more info
  • Best Workout ball
    Love this new exercise ball. Fast service and very pleased with it. Will definitely by from you again. ...more info
  • Family time..
    I bought this for my grandson to play. This ball is a medium size. I have a full size and he loves playing with the ball, however this one is some kind of small....more info
  • Not what I wanted - but great service!
    Although I made an error and ordered the wrong item, it arrived promptly and in brand new conditon (as promised). When I returned it to the seller for a full refund, it was honored, again promptly. I will definitely purchase from this seller again - very customer oriented!...more info
  • Could be better....
    The ball seems durable-- however the pump doesn't work well inflating the ball enough to be sturdy enough for exercising. We have tried many times to get the ball inflated more, it just doesn't hold the air and the pump is not very efficient. ...more info
  • Exercise Ball
    This ball is huge and feels soooo good when you lay back to get a good stretch. I bought this (the largest one) to help ease back pain and recovery from a c-section. It's doing wonders in helping to get that stretch I need and makes sit ups a little easier too. Also an added bonus is that it's become a great thing for baby and me... when he's fussy we just bounce! ...more info
  • Great cheap ball!
    This ball is great and the pump that came with it is also a winner! I highly recommend for people who want it for exercise, for sitting, or even baby bouncing!...more info
  • Nice ball
    The ball is really great. Good for core exercises, I just got it a few days ago and man I feel the work....more info
  • Stability Ball
    Received it in a timely manner considering I ordered it around Christmas time. Came exactly how it was described and works great....more info
  • nice balls
    very pleased with this excercise ball. clearly labeled, easy to understand instructions for operation/inflation/usage. very heavy duty. color was as described. ...more info
  • Great Product for a Great Price!!!
    I train people for a living and have sent all of my clients to this seller for their exercise balls. Being one that works with different sized people on a daily basis on the Max Fitness balls, I can tell you that they provide a great product and they are very fast to get it to my clients. I own one myself. Thanks for the great product and service.

    Jason P...more info
  • Great ball for the price
    I use this ball in place of my office chair about 10 minutes as day. I have had lower back, mid back and neck injurries, This has really made a great differance for me in the entire back strength and alignment. I feel it from the lower back all the way through my neck. I also use the tens unit for localized pain.
    This is a good product at a good price....more info
  • Nice exercise ball, weak pump
    I really like the ball, as it is a great size and strength, but I could not get it properly inflated with the pump that it came with. I ended up using a small tire air compressor to get the proper inflation. I also thought the directions and exericise diagrams that came with the ball were pretty vague....more info
  • Max fitness ball
    The fitness ball I ordered back in February arrived about the third week of March; however, it appears to be as advertised and the shipper did sent it priority mail at no extra expense to me. I would recommend it....more info
  • Good ball
    This ball is just the right size, it's sturdy, was easy to inflate and it's my favorite color-red! I'm very happy with my purchase of this ball. It was shipped in a reasonable amount of time from the store....more info
  • Good, but not as firm as I would like
    A good ball, but not quite as firm as the ones at the gym. I do use it though, and the kids love it....more info
  • Great Exercise Ball!
    Max Fitness provides excellent service and a terrific product. The exercise ball works well, as does the pump provided. ...more info
  • if you have a newborn baby - buy this!
    This is the must have item for new parents. The parent can sit and bounce a fussy baby to sleep on this as well as use it for exercise. It is a lifesaver for us. I highly reccommend it and you should also sell it in the baby registry section!...more info
  • Great
    I bought this ball for exercise purpose. I must say that it works great. It was very easy to inflate and it is very sturdy. The customer service from Max Factor was second to none. Their response was very timely and the delivery was on time. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great price and does the job
    The price was wonderful. The ball itself appears to be sturdy. Although, it needs the air topped off weekly and I don't think that the included pump will be up to the job for very long. But, for the price the ball is great....more info
  • exercise ball
    This is a great exercise ball. It is great in helping your body tone up by balancing yourself using the ball with various floor routines. Let me tell you!!! It is very hard to balance yourself on this ball and I can really feel my muscles working out . It helps strengthen your muscles and gives you better balance and flexibility. this is a great product!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is a great fitness ball. It arrived quickly, the foot pump was easy to use, and the ball itself seems high quality for the price. I really like the pearlized white color as well, not as garishly bright as many of them. An all around great product. :)...more info


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