OxySpecial 4 Bottle Package OxyLift?/ OxyFlush?/ OxyEarth?/ ThreeLac

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Product Description

Mr. Oxygen R., Ed McCabe C. teaches us our bodies all need the Seven Crown Jewels of HealthTM daily, and the lack of any one of them means the body does not have what it needs, because these things are the most basic necessities to life. Most people go through life short on most of these necessities. They endlessly go from product to product seeking everything except the basic missing ingredients to correct their deficiencies. This Oxy Special Combo package is designed to supply all six of the supplementable Seven Crown Jewels of HealthTM. (The seventh, the Spiritual Balance Crown Jewel, is always your own personal responsibility.)

  • Catalytic Oxygen generation helps body to supplement body oxygen reserves through proprietary technology.
  • Ionic minerals are quickly absorbed by body and taken everywhere needed.
  • Enzyme blend supplies key enzymes missing from our foods
  • Amino Acid blend supplies building blocks of proteins.
  • Subtle Energy proprietary beneficial charge imparted to minerals.
Customer Reviews:
  • Good all round pack and value. AAA+
    I've taken the OxyLift and OxyFlush as well as the Threelac at independent times. Then I sorta teamed them all up to see if it would help me more. It did. This is a good combo pack and set of products. For more on the OxyFlush go to the 3 pack OxyFlush offer on Amazon and see the in-depth review.

    Still taking OxyLift and loving it. It really gives me a boost of energy to get through my day. I feel more relaxed with it....more info