2 Pack of 1041 HUMIDIFIER WICK

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mfr: BEMIS HOME COMFORT SUPERWICK HUMIDIFIER WICK Filters out mineral deposits Wicks moisture continuously Fits 400/600 series console humidifiers 1041 HUMIDIFIER WICK

Customer Reviews:
  • Just what the humidifier needed!
    With the chill in the air it was time to fire up the heater to keep the house warm. We normally use the humidifier along with the heater, but when I went to find a new filter/wick I realized we were out. Sad, without the humidifier running the kitties were staticky (don't think that's a real word) all week. I tried searching for the Bemis online site, but I was having no luck and what I did find was WAY too pricey. I continued my searched online for a replacement wick and found that Amazon had a great price. We ordered it from Buy-It-Now through Amazon on Thursday and it arrived early Saturday morning. The filters were Best Air Humidiwick and are compatible with our Bemis 600 series console humidifier. I immediately replaced the filter and fired it up. Now the kitties and I are happy and static free! ...more info
    I ordered the Bemis super wick (#1041) and they sent me a Best Air wick that is not interchangeable. It will not work in my Bemis humidifier. I have attempted to contact the Buy it now store THREE TIMES to no avail. They were happy to take my money and in no hurry to correct their mistake....more info
  • nice product but
    the wick will get clogged with minerals and quit working, plus you can order this direct from the company much cheaper than through this store and with much less shipping....more info
  • Humidifier wick refills
    It was received within a few days, the package was in excellent condition, and the product is excellent. We've had the humidifier for at least 10 years and the wicks aren't available in our area now,(it was just like vacuum cleaner bags, if the vacuum is over 2 yrs old, you can't find them), so I'm so glad we didn't have to buy another humidifier simply because we couldn't find refill wicks for a humidifier that is still perfectly good. The price was the same as we paid for the originals....more info