Black and Decker VF100H Replacement Filter for HEPA 15.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster

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  • HEPA filtration eliminates 99.97% of all airborne allergens, dust mites, etc.
  • Regularly replaced filters improve vacuum performance
Customer Reviews:
  • Works great
    This is the Cadillac of Dustbusters ;)
    Both tools do fit on the bottom.
    Everyone enjoys using it.
    No issues with run time.
    ...more info
  • You can do better!
    I do not see this filter as being any more effective than the vf100. After using, i still find minute particals inside the filter; thus, the added espense is not warranted. Now to the important review: Amazon itself. When i learned the vacuum, and the filter came from two different places, and shipping would be charged for each, i found it impossible to cancel the order---for the filter. I am not pleased paying nearly as much for shipping as for the item purchased. Moreover, i am, highly, upset that the order could not be cancelled. I will think long & hard before placing another order with Amazon!!! When i kliked 'edit'---to down-grade this filter to 3-stars---that was not an option. Amazon, your underwear is showing!...more info
  • Perfect
    This filter worked perfect for our dustbuster. I had a difficult time finding the correct filter for our dustbuster 15.6V. The Big Box Stores no longer carried this item. I was happy to see that this was listed on Amazon. The filter fits snuggly in the dustbuster and is easy to remove and clean when necessary....more info
  • Dustbuster Cyclonic Filter
    I received the items as ordered well within the promised delivery date. They fit and do the filtering job as advertised. ...more info
  • Black & Decker Filter
    I was so glad to find the Black & Decker Hand Vac VF100H Replacement Filter for HEPA 15.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster filter at Amazon. My local Lowes no longer carried it. I actually have a 14.5 Volt Dust Buster but it fits fine and is the same as the original that came with the machine. It has been improved from the original in the hand vac and is just what I needed. It is easy to brush clean after use and easy to install....more info
  • the pleat
    i have the orginal filter for the black and decker. i remove the filter and soak it in mild dish detergent, i then rinse it thoroughly under warm water under the kitchen sink faucet. i then let it air dry. while i dry the filter, i then use a large coffee filter inplace of the pleated filter until the filter is dry. the coffee filter works like a charm. i like to invent my on concoctions....more info
  • B & D Rocks
    Had an old B $ D rechargeable vac for about 10 years - still runs pretty well - was in the market for a second unit so I immediately sourced and purchased the B & D VF100H - like it's predecessor it has plenty of power plus the added advantage of the HEPA filter. Drops neatly into its cradle for recharge - unlike the old model this one displays a lit LED when good contact is made. Wall mount bracket is the finishing touch. I'm thinking of taping it to a broom handle and using it as floor vacuum so I don't have to bend over!...more info
  • good filter
    Big fan of the B&D DustBusters and this filter for the 15.6v Cyclonic really prevents the dust captured in the machine from reentering my airspace....more info
  • Lasted over a year
    Love the vac that this is for. The original filter lasted over a year....more info
  • HEPA Filter for Dustbuster
    Works exactly like new equipment. This should stretch our hand vac's performance for a couple more years. It's a little pricy; I'd rather it wasn't such a high percentage of the cost of the whole vacuum when brand new....more info
  • Great price for this Item!!!
    Good Vender and always reliable!!!
    Best prices on the web....more info
  • Filter for hand vac
    This is a higly effective filter, and even holds up for light rinsing....more info
  • Tip for buying these filters
    Thought I'd pass this tip on to other users of the Dustbuster cyclonic models ...

    I have the 15.6 volt Hepa model, CHV1500. Needed to get a filter so I called Black and Decker to see if the VF100 (instead of the VF100H) would fit my model. They said yes, but told me I could also buy part 244631-00 instead. (BTW, this is the pleated paper filter.) I asked what the difference was, and they said the only difference was that VF100/VF100H comes in a fancy retail box. But part #244631-00 just comes in a plastic bag. Another difference ... and this is the best part ... the 244631-00 costs about $3 each versus more than 3 times as much for the retail boxed version. So I ordered two of the 244631-00 secondary filters, plus a plastic washable pre-filter as I wanted an extra one of those too. The part number for the pre-filter is 598083-00 and costs about $1.25 or so. With shipping, the entire order came to just $11.41! Shipping was only about $3 or so. If you order the more expensive boxed filters, shipping will be $7.99 instead since the total dollar amount of your order will be more. So if you want filters, don't get the boxed ones. Call Black & Decker at 888-678-7278 and order the unboxed parts. I can assure you these parts are identical and work fine. My order just arrived today (took about 1 week to get here) and I just switched out the entire filter assembly that came with my dustbuster with the new pre-filter and secondary filter. Works fine, and now I can still use my dustbuster while I wash the original filter assembly and let it dry for 24 hours.

    I'm not exactly sure what each part costs as I ordered over the phone and the shipping slip didn't have prices, but I checked my credit card account and the total charge was as they told me it would be -- just $11.41 for two secondary filters and one pre-filter plus shipping! So the prices I listed above are close. Order through that phone number and you'll save money too! ...more info
  • good product
    It did take a long time to get the item.It seems manufacturers are quick to promote and sell a product but always make replacement "filters" a challenge to find and receive....more info