Westinghouse WST1810 SweepEZE Vacuuming Dustbin with Automatic Infrared Technology

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Unique dust bin sits on the floor, close to the wall, and "Seeing Eye" infrared technology automatic turns on dust bin vacuum to "sweep" up dirt and debris into internal canister as broom nears it. Unit then automatically turns back off, ready for next use. Ideal for wood, vinyl, concrete or non-carpeted surfaces. Gets the dirt so you don't have to. A great time saver. Manual, automatic and off settings.

  • 600-watt vacuuming dustbin for hard-floor surfaces
  • Automatic infrared beam triggers a timed vacuuming cycle
  • Manual activation; quiet operation; pleated pre-motor micron filter
  • 2-liter dustbin; canister fill-level indicator; sleek, lightweight design
  • Measures approximately 10-1/2 by 7-1/2 by 16-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Item!
    I would purchase more (for gifts) if available! I have been very pleased with my automatic dustbin. The noise isn't so bad (it's over before you can complain). Was a godsend during recent kitchen remodeling. ...more info
  • Buy a good dust pan instead
    At first this was fun to use, but after the novelty wore off, it's just in the way. The hole that sucks up the dirt is less than an inch in diameter, so you have to move the dirt around to get it directly under the suck hole in order for the dirt to go into the machine. I never can get all of the dirt to be sucked up.

    I purchased a really good dust pan (it's the kind janitors use with a broom stick attached - about $10ish from Sams)- it does much better, and i still don't have to bend down. ...more info
  • Great automatic dirt sucker upper
    My husband is retired and I still work so my husband does all of the housecleaning. Even when I'm doing it I hate to bend over with a dustpan to pick up the sweepings. So I bought this machine for my husband - Happy Birthday dear. Anyway - he loves it. It has a push button on the bottom front so you sweep the dirt under the lip and the broom hits the button and whoop there it goes. The dirt gets sucked up and no more bending over. We have a parrot so my husband put the machine next to the parrot cage for easy clean up. (parrots are messy). Great product and we've been using it for at least six months now....more info
  • No More Bending Over
    I love my sweepEZE. It makes everything so much easier and with the SweepEZE all the dirt gets sucked up. And yes there's an area about 3 inches wide where you have to sweep the dirt up to but it's easy. I haven't regreted my decision to purchase it yet. ...more info
  • not worth the $$
    i purchased this on sale and not sure if its worth the $$...my kids enjoy sweeping the debris to it but my little one gets scared when it turns on ...it is very loud! it picks up most of the dirt but when i picked it up to sweep behind it i noticed it also leaves a lot of little debris such as sand and small hairs behind....i guess its good to teach your kids to do some extra chores but i prefer to vaccum up my dust after i sweep up my tile floor with my dyson.......more info
  • Very LOUD
    Bought this as a gift for my parents. It is way too loud. They don't use it. ...more info
  • Handy!
    I think this works pretty good. I would rather use this than a dust pan.
    I bought 2 of these.
    ...more info
    I use this in my shop for the small stuff I sweep up. Works well. Pleased with the purchase....more info
  • SweepEze dustbin, better than a dog!!!!!
    I have purchased 3 of these little gems because I was afraid they would quit making them. Didn't want to be with out one. I'm alittle older and getting around with a dust pan is a major inconvience. I got one for my sister in N.C. and one for my daughter and of course one for me. I will never be with out one . I just wish you'd get on the stick with the filters so I can have a spare one. I think you should send them with spare filters so they won't be abused. If you wash the one in it , it can't be used until it's dry. Other than that It is the best thing since sliced bread!! Better than a dog!! I love mine! EEgrygo...more info
  • Floor vacuum GREAT
    Does all it is supposed to do. Discovered it can also catch a mouse! ...more info
  • great product
    This is a super product, especially for older people who have trouble stooping and using a dust pan. It is like a stationary vaccuum cleaner and you just sweep the dust right in the frount of it, and it turns on automatically to pick up the dust. Kids will like using it, also....more info
  • works good
    Sure makes it easier to sweep. No more bending over! I can complete the job with no sore back. Also does a better job by vacuuming the broom clean each time ( no more hair balls stuck on the broom head)....more info
  • Not that great
    I bought this based on the reviews I read in Amazon. Seemed like a good concept, you sweep the stuff at the vacuum and it is supposed to suck it up. Well, you have to get it within a half inch of the opening which is only about 2 inches wide. So you end up trying to push the stuff with a broom into this little hole. The vacuum finally turns on and the birds in the trees outside fly away, the cats run for safety under the beds, and the babies next door start crying... it is that loud. Turns out it is easier to do it the old fashioned way...just get a dust pan with a long handle and pick the dust up and deposit it in the trash can....more info
  • review the sweepEZE
    I initially bought this as a joke for my husband. After using it my family loves having it around. We have hardwood throughout our home and just takes a sweep around each room then over to the sweepeze for pick up. My son said we need one for each room. This is easy to empty and has great suction for even the finest of dirt like flour spilled on the floor....more info
  • What a life saver!!
    I purchased this for my elderly grandmother, who has already fallen 1x breaking a hip. She was reluctant to use it, she was not sure of the technology. She finally it hooked up. Now all does is brag about how great it is and how safe she feels sweeping he kitchen floor now. Even other relatives were impressed with its power and ease of use. So I am going to order one for myself!...more info
  • Works as advertised
    I bought 3 of these kittens along with a 4th one that I gifted.

    They are great and work as advertised. My only complaint, and it is more of a suggestion, is that they increase the horspower suction so that it picks up larger items at the first pass.

    Happy Sweeping!

    Jacques in Santa Barbara, CA...more info
  • For those who don't like to pull out a vacuum or bend over...
    It's sweepeze to the rescue!! I love my sweepeze. I have some messy kids and pets. Now I don't have to run to the garage every few minutes to grab the vacuum or bend over to sweep into a dustpan(not to mention the never ending line of dust). Just sweep into my sweepeze. It is pretty noisy but it's just so easy to use who cares. It's only on for a few seconds at a time. It has a manual, automatic, and off mode so my kids can't trigger it whenever they want. My pets pine bedding and seeds get sucked in no problem. The canister is easy to access for cleaning out and easy to figure out, I didn't have to whip out the owners manual. The sweepeze was all put together upon arrival, no need to install any parts, just plug and play....more info
  • Like all other reviews, this thing SUCKS...
    ...in a good way of course. I always feel these kind of automated gadgets are a waste of money because they never work as advertised. But after seeing all these positive reviews in Amazon, I decided to order mine.

    I am very happy with this purchase. I have a back pain problem due to a car accident and I always feel uncomfortable having to bend my back to get the dustbin and collect the dirts. Now with this tiny monster, I can just sweep the dirts to its opening and it'll automatically sucks in the dirts, from hair to dusts to coffee beans, etc. And it is powerful enough to even sucks in a standard sized facial tissue. I love this machine. Buy now before it's too late....more info
  • A Must Have Item If You Have Pets and Tile/Wood Floors!
    The SweepEZE has made sweeping up after my dogs so much easier, I just sweep the dog hair to the SweepEZE and it does the rest. I highly recommend it to anyone who has pets and tile or wood floors. It's light and compact so it's easy to handle and emptying it is a breeze....more info
    This little machine is GREAT! Between my kids going in and out all day and then the dog doing the same, I don't have as much work cleaning up after them as I used to. I keep it by the back door, make a daily sweep and my floors are always clean! Even the kids AND my husband have noticed how EASY it is to keep a clean floor and have begun to help out. I LOVE this little machine and am thrilled with the purchase....more info
  • swepeze
    Works very good! It is loud like other reviewers say but it only last a few seconds !Nice !...more info
  • Wallflower sucks in such a good way
    This is one of the greatest ideas I've seen come out of the manufacturing world in a long time. I bought ten of them and gave them to friends and my sisters for Christmas, and they all love them. Three of them went to hairdressers, two to my retired sisters (who are neat freaks), one to my pastor's wife (they have a wood stove, and the mess that goes with it), one to my mother-in-law, I use one myself, and the others are safely stored in my garage for emergency gifts for special people.
    This product saves a LOT of time (and my back) by sucking dirt up after you've swept it to a corner. I use a nylon dust mop type of sweeping device, sweep the debris to the machine, and the job's done.
    I'm a farmer, and taking your shoes off at the door does not get rid of all the dirt on your clothing, so having this device near the rear entrance foyer is a true blessing.
    It has worked like a charm every time. I don't mind the noise. I raise peafowl, geese, and ducks which are MUCH noiser, and they don't help keep the floor clean.
    I love mine, and I've got rave reviews from everyone else. ...more info
  • Awesome product
    Bought one of these for a gift-saw what it did and bought 4 more for gifts. Have friends with bad backs-no more bending over to sweep. ...more info
  • Pretty Good Product
    Unit shipped quickly and arrived in new condition. Setup was a no-brainer and unit worked as advertised. Motor is a tad bit loud, but it works ! ...more info
  • better living through science......
    This scientific marvel will marvel you and your friends... A great device to make your life a little easier... Technology at its finest...Think of the Jetsons.... the future in your own home..Love it. ...more info
  • Live without it? No way!
    This may look like a useless gadget at first but I am here to tell you that it is so far from useless that I immediately purchased a second one for the master bath. Keep a cheap broom in the closet and you are ready to go at all times. My kitchen tile floor has never been cleaner, the bathroom is finally free of dust and hair, and all the work is actually fun! I now plan on one for the kitty box area - can't wait!

    No touching the unknown is a major perk - especially if you are arachniphobic and have had to scoop up a dead spider by flipping it in a dustpan right at yourself! ugh. The $30 for this jewell is worth it over an over.

    If you are a crafter how handy to have it next to you for those bits you have to gather up when you are finished - hmmm....might need another one myself! ...more info
  • Christmas gifts
    We purchased 6 for Christmas gifts. All recipients seem to be very pleased....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I thought that this product may be helpful and it is! It is a little loud but that fault is easily forgiven because of its usfulness and time saving. I have already recommended this appliance to friends....more info
  • Clean Sweep!
    Really works well, esp. for my aging cat's litter box scatter mess. No more on my hands and knees with a hand broom and dust pan to clean it up!...more info
  • A great addition
    Easy to use. Easy to empty.
    I have a long-haired dog and this helps immensely with sweeping stray hairs that are left behind. It is a little sensitive, but that's something I can live with....more info
  • SweepEZE - Great for the laziest of sweepers!
    This thing works wonderfully. One of my concerns, when I purchased the unit, was that it wasn't going to be powerful enough to suck the tiny particles (dust, dirt, hair, food etc...) that frequent my kitchen floor. No problem with anything I threw at it! Works wonderfully....more info
  • Handy for reluctant cleaning people
    It's so easy to pick up small piles of debris prior to their becoming large piles of debris. I enjoy baking, so it works well on flour and sugar spills in the kitchen. My son in law praises his so much that a friend of his wants to know where to find one....more info
  • Makes sweeping fun
    I was hesitant to order the auto dustpan, but 2 shedding dogs and a large tiled area made me decide to give it a try. I've had the dustpan about 2 months and it has worked well. Even the fly-away dog hair is sucked up efficiently. The only problem I've found is that sometimes the dustpan doesn't automatically turn on when I bring the broom close to the sensors. Not really a problem since all I have to do is give the large button a light tap with my foot and the dustpan begins inhaling the debris immediately. It then automatically turns off 5 seconds later without any other actions required....more info
  • Nice Picker
    This gadget picks up dirt and small pieces of trash swept under it. It does what it says, however I wish is was little less noisy and had a more powerful vacuum and the timer can be controlled. But for a first try, this is great. We have a Roomba and we like it. So I guess, Westinghouse is trying to get into the market on the edge. ...more info
  • Work but too loud
    This is a good idea problem is the vacum has no sound insulation to it's as loud as my craftman 5hp shop vac...suggest ear protection....more info
  • Sweepeze
    I love this item. I first saw it on "I want that" on HGTV and had to have it. I ordered it and fell in love with it 1 year ago. It is so wonderful that i just ordered 4 more for my sisters, daughter and even my mother in law. Get ONE!!! You will love IT !!!...more info
  • noisy
    This is working ok - but is noisy and the filter needs cleaning often - dust clogs the filter quickly

    But it does what I wanted - and is easy to clean - it is little bulky -

    A 3 may be unfair because I don't have anything to compare it to.

    ...more info
  • Great Gadget
    I didn't know if this would really work as well as it said...But I read alot of positive reviews...LOVE IT....Works as well as it states..very easy to clean out and I like how small it is. This is a great product for the money....more info
  • You won't believe this product!! IT REALLY SUCKS (in a good way!)
    Ok...I have to admit.. This product was made for someone as lazy as myself. Maybe not lazy, but overworked and over tired! After working all day and rushing to football, basketball, grocery, vet, walmart, etc the last thing I look forward to is cleaning up. I have 1,000 sq ft of hard wood and that includes my dining room and kitchen. You can imagine how often that needs to be swept. I am the worlds worst at sweeping it in the corner against a wall and proping the broom over it like I am hiding something, either because I am too tired (or lazy) to bend over and pick it up with the dust pan or because I cant find the dust pan. This little contraption just sits waiting for you. I love it!!!! You sweep it up then sweep it under it and swoosh its gone!! This thing sucks (in a good way!) I mean leaves, sand, dust, macaroni noodles... that is just today :) I find myself sweeping under the edge of the cabinets just to see what I can find to watch it work! My only regret?? I didnt buy 2...one for the other side of the house... My husband laughed his butt off at me and said "you have GOT to be kidding me"... but he uses it as much as I do and everytime I hear it kick on I say the same to him... it's now a running joke... I show it to everyone that comes over... I get a mixed reaction... the ones as tired (lazy) as I am really get it and want it...the ones who are stay at home wives or are not moms dont get it and look at me like I have lost my mind, but they will understand one day...they really will and then they will get it!! SO, bottom line...either you will understand the need for this, or you wont...if you do, get it! You wont be sorry... If you have a bad back or other physical problem...this is gold mine...if your just lazy (tired) then you still have a gold mine!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!...more info
  • Electric dustpan
    I like it ,Usefull i don't have to bending and easy to take clearn on my floor around my house...more info
  • Gotta Love It
    Not only does the product work great, but because it's such a neat little gadget, my children actually fight as to who gets the broom and sweep the stuff over to it. So for me, it actually works as an vacuuming dustpan AND a broom! :-)
    ...more info
  • Bye Bye Dust Pan
    I had been eyeing this product for awhile. The idea of it was highly appealing to me, yet I thought, "Wait, I have a regular dust pan, a dustpan with a long handle (so I don't even have to bend down), a small cordless handvac, and a cordless handvac with a long handle. Why do I need this???"

    Handvacs often have openings which aren't very wide. Try vacuuming oddly shaped corn pops, microwave popcorn and other such things. A handvac gets clogged quickly. Also, it's more efficient to broom-sweep a wide area before using the quick-pick-up of a handvac. That's too many steps for me. Sweeping the crumbs incrementally into a dust pan (either with or without a tall handle) only to inevitably have the finest particles creating a line on the floor that STILL needs to be vacuumed by the hand vac is frustrating to me.

    I had a promotional certificate to burn so I took the plunge. I excitedly opened the box when it arrived. No assembly. Just unpack it and plug it in. It's sturdy and solid, but not cumbersome. Sits nicely in a corner and takes up little room.

    I grabbed my trusty broom and swept my tiled foyer, kitchen & dinette-areas directing the crumbs over to the centrally-located SweepEZE. VOILA! The SweepEZE came to life and with a few quick sweeps of the broom, ALL the residue was gone. I was delighted. SO EASY...truly lives up to its name.

    Like prior reviews have stated, it is as loud as a vacuum cleaner, but the noise doesn't last long at all. Truthfully, I would be leaving my handvac on longer to do the same job because of the hand-movements that'd be necessary to pick up the whole pile. Oftentimes the handvac would clog with pieces that wouldn't fit through the narrow opening. This contraption has sucked up paper clips and latex balloon scraps, pieces of toast that my daughter threw on the floor from her high chair...the list goes on.

    Also unlike a handvac, it doesn't run out of steam after a few minutes of use (it plugs in); it has a large capacity, so no need to constantly empty the dirt cup like a hand vac.

    I own an Oreck XL which works easily on hard floors and carpets and I tended to use that for larger messes rather than using a broom & hand vac. With the SweepEZE, it's so much easier to use large sweeping motions with a regular broom over to the SweepEZE and it makes quick work of it. Saves on bag use for the Oreck, too!

    Anyone out there on the fence or wonder whether they should get it. If you took the time to read all the reviews, then you're probably interested in it and aren't one of the naysayers who might say this is a gadget that is unnecessary.

    I'm contemplating buying another couple units to keep out in the garage and one in the basement. I can't vouch for its longevity since I've only owned it a few days. Will update my review after I've owned it awhile. After that I'll also make my decision on the additional units....more info
  • Handy little guy!
    I bought this for the in-laws. They love it, or at least they tell me they do!

    It's a little loud (the sound of a regular sized vaccuum cleaner) but it does the job and quick too!

    Really small and cute....more info
  • This thing sucks!
    We got this for the girls in the beauty shop.

    It works perfectly!

    They just sweep the hair clippings (wet or dry) under the unit and whoosh, it's gone.

    The unit is smaller than I thought it would be, that turned out to be a good thing. It holds an entire day's clippings of a busy shop. They empty it out at night and it's ready for the next day.

    It is a little loud, but it only runs for 5 seconds at a time, so it's not a nuisance.

    They would buy another one in a minute!
    ...more info
  • Very useful item
    I'm not sure how i stumbled across this item, but i was very excited to order it and see how it worked. My home is hardwood and tile and with two dogs and a 10 year old in the house, we're constantly sweeping up dog hair, food and other stuff dropped. Our kitchen is white tile, so everything shows and minutes after cleaning it, it's dirty again. We must sweep the floor almost daily and using a dustpan is breaking my back, so this seemed like the perfect product. And it's proven to be a great buy.

    It had very good suction and pulls up most items. It has difficulty with heavier items though. My wife spilled a jar of sugar last week and we thought we'd give it a try. It struggled a bit and we had to maneuver the vac around on the pile of sugar a bit to get it all up. In the end, there was still a thin coating of sugar that it wouldn't pick up. I also have not figured out how to get the sensor to 'recognize' dirt and dust on the floor. the button on the front works just fine if you tap it with your toe, but it doesn't seem to sense that anything is there, even if the item is of good size.

    Overall, this is a great little vacuum for the price and has come in handy. It has its limitations, but is worthwhile for those who have to sweep constantly and want to save from having to bend over to sweep up dirt....more info
  • This vacuum rocks!
    I agree with M. Clark in everything said.

    This little vacuum is the best! It sits quietly in my kitchen, and roars to life for five seconds to vacuum up what I've swept-- cat sand, cat hair, kibbles, dust, dirt. My kitchen opens directly to the outside, so this little thing gets a LOT of use. No bending, either, for those of us with bad backs.

    It works so well I'd buy it again for twice the price!...more info
  • Couldn't Live Without It
    You either "get" this product or you don't. It's probably my favorite
    appliance in my whole house, and I show it off proudly to everyone who
    comes over. When I do, some folks look at me like I'm nuts while others
    instantly begin grinning and nodding their heads. (Kindred spirits!)

    Here's the deal. I hate bending over. I hate getting my hands dirty with
    a dustpan. I don't mind sweeping a room, but for some reason that extra step
    of scooping up the pile of dirt and dumping it into the trash can
    drives me crazy. (More often than not, I'll just sweep the pile into a
    corner, prop the broom against the wall over it, and tell myself I'll take
    care of it later. Disgusting, I know, but I'm not exactly known for my
    housekeeping skills!)

    Anway, with the Sweep-Eze, all I have to do is sweep the pile under the
    electric eye. Magically, the machine kicks on and sucks it up--without me
    having to bend over or get my hands dirty or anything. I love it!

    I don't have to empty the canister very often, maybe once a month at most.
    The only drawback is that it's pretty loud and my family gets mad at me if
    I don't warn them that I'm about to kick it on. But as long as I say
    "Sweep-Eze alert!", they're happy. And it only stays on for a few
    seconds anyway.

    Some folks don't get it, but for those who do, this product is invaluable.
    I'm not sure how I ever got along without it!...more info
  • SeepEX Dust Bin
    This dust bin is a helping hand to the disabled that have difficulties bending and to workshop craftsman....more info
  • Wonderful innovation
    Instead of subjecting oneself to the continuous roaring of vaccuums, now I gather the dust and debris quietly and peacefully with a broom and this devise eats it all up. As it sits already plugged in at all times there is no need to pull anything out of the closet. Makes my life easy for sure....more info
    I ordered this for my salon for vacuuming hair up during the day.
    It works great!
    I just have to empty it each night into the trash can.
    The girls love it too!
    Great for a small salon or a home with lots of messy kids! LOL...more info