Sanyo SC-180 3-in-1 Stick Vac, Canister, and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Silver

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Product Description


  • Stick vac, portable canister, and handheld in one vacuum cleaner
  • 10-inch-wide turbo floor brush with "rug/floor" switch; electrostatic filtration system
  • 20-foot power cord; easy free-standing or wall-mountable storage options
  • On-board tools include crevice tool and combination upholstery/dusting brush
  • Measures approximately 14 by 13 by 42 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Great little vac
    I love this vac! It is the second one that i have owned. The first one died after 12 years. And the best price was at Amazon. Downsides would be the bags are small so they have to be changed often.
    But this vac picks up cat hair, dog hair and stray litter pebbles. the attachments work great for the furniture and the fact that it becomes a handheld makes it easy to do the stairs. (so my husband tells me!)...more info
  • Sanyo Vaccuum
    This is an amazing small vaccuum. This is my 3rd one, and now its turbo charged. It works on carpets as well as floors. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    I can not tell you how much time and effort I have spent in looking for a small and lightweight vacuum. I just wanted something to touch up in between more through cleanings with my central vacuum. I have a Shark cordless sweeper that I really like. Tho it doesnt hold a charge. So it couldnt be counted on. So this is why I started my quest for a corded vac. I originally bought a Bissell 3108 stick vac. I purchased it from the dealer where I got my central vac. It seemed to be what I wanted. But after using a couple of times I was not happy. It was too hard to clean the bagless filter. It also tipped over very easy and I was afraid I would break the cheap plastic handle. So I returned the Bissell. I will say it was great except for these 2 issues. I then bought this Sanyo from the same dealer. Twice as much money...but twice the vacuum. It has more suction than the Bissell. More than I really need for a qucik touch up. Its quieter and has a bad. Plus it has a HEPA like filter. The Bissell left a smell in the air after usage. So far this Sanyo has not done that. The Sanyo is easy to use. The roller brush is air driven and tends to bog done on my heavy carpet. But it has so much suction it picks things up anyway. This can be a problem as there is not a suction regulator and I find that I have a difficult time cleaning throw rugs as it tries to suck them off the floor. My only other complaint would be the brush roller. And I should mention the cord is 20 foot and I wish it was longer. I have come to realize that no lightweight vac has all the features I want. The Sanyo comes the closest. I am very happy with it at....more info
  • Does a good job
    I have a few cats and a dog. So far I have been fairly happy with this vacuum. I will say that it doesn't do as great of a job on small area rugs as it did when it was new. It seems to get clogged up fairly quickly and when I go to do the area rugs the hair/dust ball up and deposit on the rug. In fact it hardly picks up anything on the rugs no matter what setting I use. It does do a good job on the hard floors, it does blow things around quite a bit, but I think most all vaccumms will do this. The definate downfall is the bag. It is a pretty small collection bag that, for my use, needs to be changed often. But overall I am happy with the vacuum and it does a good job. My complaits as I said are the lack of picking up on rugs, the blowing around and the bag. ...more info