Black & Decker CHV1500 15.6-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster

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This vacuum cleaner is indeed a DustBuster - truly portable and convenient. A key difference is that the power seems to match some canister and upright models. This means that quick clean-ups are even quicker and easier than ever. A cordless rechargeable, the CHV1500 offers total freedom to use this in many areas as you need. This is clearly the DustBuster you've been waiting for! 3 stage filtration provides clean air exhaust Wheel Clean System instantly improves performance Black & Decker Full 2 Year Warranty

  • 15-3/5-volt cordless handheld vacuum with HEPA filter and cyclonic-action filter system
  • Quick-slide charging system; filter-cleaning wheel for 80 percent more suction power
  • Translucent dust bin; 23-ounce capacity; 3-stage filtration provides clean air exhaust
  • On-board attachments include upholstery brush and crevice tool
  • Measures approximately 17-1/2 by 5-1/2 by 7-1/2 inches; full 2-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good Price & Product
    This is the best hand vac I have ever used. The extra filtration is great for people, like me, who are sensitive to dust. Seems to have a good battery but works best when the apapter is used....more info
  • Cyclonic DustBuster
    I purchased this model of DustBuster for my office. It did such a good job, that I bought one for my sister as a thank-you gift. Since it needed to be shipped to her address in another state, I bought it on-line from one of Amazon's business partners. The order was fulfilled very promptly and my sister is finding the DustBuster very useful around her house and garage....more info
  • Awesome
    This is far and above the greatest Dustbuster around. Impossible to find at any retail location but worth the search and shipping!! Be sure to lock up all small pets when using - it is powerful!!!!!...more info
  • Performance & Versatility!
    This dustbuster has great suction for its size and lasts several minutes on a charge. It even has enough suction to pick up dry mess off of carpets & upholstery, or to do a quick cleaning of the floor mats in the car during the messy winter months! Very versatile.... from cobwebs in corners... to cracker crumbs in carseats... and beyond! Highly recommend!...more info
  • The only dustbuster worth buying
    This is a review of the Balck & Decker CHV 1500 Dustbuster.

    1. I have a golden retriever.

    2. This dustbuster works very well. It is POWERFUL and stays POWERFUL.

    You will be pleased!.


    Dr.George Zilbergeld...more info
  • An essential tool in my house
    The Black & Decker DustBuster is my favorite small appliance. I have had mine for three years and it is still going strong. It can be conveniently wall mounted in its own charging cradle. It is easy to grab and go, and stable when you hang it back on the hook.

    I use this product for all kinds of cleanup jobs. My favorite use is to clean the edges of the carpet that our vacuum or roomba cannot reach. It picks up loads of dust that collects in areas that are hard to see. It is also perfect for cleaning debris from inside the sofa, it picks up fine pet fur from furniture easily, and is totally convenient for picking up crumbs in the kitchen and just about anywhere else. I also find that the wand attachment is great for cleaning dust bunnies from around my computer.

    The charge lasts for probably 15 solid minutes of use, if not much more. The dust filter is effective and is easily shaken out between uses. Replacement filters are also affordable and last a long time. I will always have Dust Buster in my house. Its the best. ...more info
  • BUYER BEWARE !: CHV1500 w HEPA was Discontinued I Was Semt the 1560 w No HEPA
    I'm sure this product is great in theory, too bad it's long since been discontinued and both companies I ordered it from at Amazon sent me the the CHV1560 with no HEPA filter, and Black and Decker has yet to remove it from their site or this one. The first company I ordered this from (AllergyBeGone) took a month to order it on back order and their customer service was terrible. When my package finally arrived it was the CHV1560 without a HEPA, I had to RMA it, and the customer service offered no explanation. I decided to go through another company as I really needed the vacuum.

    The second company (Allspareparts) was much quicker and I actually received my order inside of the promised 3-5 days. Although it was again, a 1560 with no HEPA filter. So twice I ordered something I didn't actually get. However, Allspareparts had a much better customer service and the woman explained that Black and Decker had discontinued the CHV1500 with HEPA, but that they sold the HEPA filter separately now, and the vacuum was still the same. She offered to send me the HEPA filter free of charge and refund the difference. Much more informed, courteous, and professional than AllergyBeGone. All in all I'm still disappointed with my experience with this vacuum, but only because no companies are giving you what you order, and Black and Decker has yet to remove the vacuum from it's site.

    If you do order this, save yourself the trouble and just buy the 1560 with the HEPA filter separately and go through Allspareparts.

    ...more info
  • A Mom's Best Friend
    This should be on a baby registry. I've used it everyday since it arrived. It's powerful enough to pick a few screws as well as cheerios. Easy to empty. It hangs right on the wall in the kitchen within easy reach. No complaints....more info
  • Motor Problems on a Black and Decker Cyclonic DustBuster
    Purchased a Black and Decker Cyclonic DustBuster, worked for a few weeks then it would not run except when held upside down. Looked like the brushes on the electric motor were messed up. Threw it in the trash. With all the good reviews written about this item, it appears to be one of the best small vacs, I might just try another unless I can find a better quality one. The wife likes hand vacs. ...more info
  • fast and easy
    this is great for quick clean up of small messes. we have 2 young grandchildren and 2 large dogs, so we have plenty of unexpected messes. i keep this plugged into the charger and always ready to go, it doesn't hold much, but is easy to empty out and use again. every time i don't have to drag out my big vacuum cleaner i'm happy i bought this all over again....more info
  • Worked GREAT
    My husband purchased this DustBuster for quick clean-ups in the van. How is it that mini-vans can get so messy so quickly? It worked beautifully from the carpet to our son's booster seat.

    In fact, our son LOVED to use it when there were crumbs on the floor from eating snacks in the living room (sometimes I think that he dropped crumbs just so he could use it!).

    The suction on this DustBuster was impressive. I have had several before this one and their suction level was far less than that of this Dust Buster.

    The battery life is also worth mentioning. The battery remained strong for the cleaning of the mini-van. The DustBuster's charging unit can be mounted on the wall or placed on a flat surface.

    This DustBuster really does deserve a 5-star rating but ours stopped working after about 4 months. I think that we just got a defective unit. Those things happen sometimes and I'll follow-up with Black & Decker soon. ...more info
  • Very pleased
    Although the instructions don't say it, in order for this vac to keep a good charge, all you have to do is let the batteries run all the way down then fully recharge once in a while and you are good to go. I've had mine now for about a year and I've had to drain the batteries about 3 times and it's still going strong. I use it about 3-4 times a week for regular hardwood floor cat hair and dust removal around the house. I'd buy another in a heartbeat....more info
  • Buy this if you want to throw away lots of plastic after 2 1/2 yrs
    I bought this product from Amazon ($49.99 plus S+H) in October 2005, so the product held up well for two and a half years. Recently the battery failed to charge properly and the dustbuster was unable to charge at all.

    I spoke to the Black and Decker customer service and they informed me that the warrantee was good for only two years and the battery was not expected to last further than that. I asked what an environmentally conscious customer could do to recycle the dustbuster and battery and they said to just throw it away. I asked if there was a way to change the battery only and they said the cost of the battery (including shipping) was around $40 so I'm better off getting a new dustbuster altogether.

    Another disadvantage to the product was that the filters need to be changed ($6-$10) every few months.
    ...more info
  • Very practical addition to our household
    We got this as a wedding gift 2 years ago, and it's proven to be a very practical and useful addition to our household. I've had rechargeable small vacuums before, but none of them have been as powerful as this one. We use it to clean up after home haircuts, after eating snacks while watching a DVD, and - of course - it's the perfect (cordless!) tool for a quick vacuum of the car. It also comes with a useful attachment for cleaning between and behind the cushions of our LR furniture. Because it's hand-held, it's also very useful vacuuming around the computer and peripherals. The charge is effective for up to 15 minutes. All in all, this is a practical, well-designed hand-held vacuum that makes cleaning those small daily messes that much easier....more info
  • CVH1500
    Battery last as long as any mess I have cleaned
    up! Product ahs great suction power!
    ...more info
  • It not only sucks, it sucks up almost everything in it's way!
    This is a great hand vac. We use it to clean up the crumbs after the 2 year old and to vacuum out cracker crumbs out of the car. My 5 year old has a great time sucking up cheerios and whatever else his sister tracks around. And yes, the air blowing out the bottom can blow things all over but a 5 year old was able to figure out how to overcome that the first time he used it. It holds a charge long enough to vacuum out a crumb encrusted 4 door sedan. We use it to vacuum the stairs too so we don't have to haul the full size vacuum along the stairs. The 5 year old hasn't even figured out that he is doing chores around the house. I would never be able to keep my house clean with out my Dust Buster and my Swiffer. ...more info
  • GREAT little vacuum!
    I was sooooooooooooooo sick of being on my hands and knees picking cheerios up off the floor after my son ate because I didn't feel like dragging the big vacuum out. Now this is plugged in right by his chair and very, very helpful. I have also been using it on my stairs, in my bathrooms, in my vehicle, etcetera. It's one powerful little machine! I bought a lesser one initially and it was TERRIBLE. This one is like a full sized vacuum in a little body! I highly recommend it. Battery life is fine for me because I don't use it for huge jobs. It's always charged and ready to go. I clean the cup/filter out when it's about half full and I have not had any issues with the vacuum clogging up or working less. The only thing is that there is nowhere to put the little brush attachment, and I have already misplaced it once or twice. Also, the replacement filters and such are too expensive after what I initially paid for this. For those two reasons, I lessened it a star. Overall, good vacuum....more info
  • Great product!
    I want you to know that I LOVE my new Black & Decker Dustbuster! It's great and I am very happy with it. Thank You Amazon!...more info
  • Awesome sucker!
    I love how much this dustbuster can pick up. It is a little noisy, but it sucks stuff up really well! Filters don't need to be changed too often. I have yet to change mine and I bought it month's ago. You can take both filters out and shake 'em out and keep using it for a while. Of course, this probably depends on what you are picking up. I mainly use mine on kitty litter, crumbs, etc. ...more info
  • Best DustBuster I've Ever Owned
    I've had several DustBusters and this one is, hands down, the best. Used mostly in the kitchen, around the wood stove, in the shop, and cars my DustBusters are put thru the paces. With a Golden Retriever there is lots of hair. Like most kitchens ours is a busy place with everything from mud and grass tracked in plus flour, crumbs, and other kitchen stuff on the floor. This DustBuster has more power than any previous model. Its filtration seems much improved and few ashes/dust come thru the exhaust. I also like the direction of the exhaust air better than the older model that would sometimes stir up nearby dust. One other plus is the easy way it hangs easily in the charger--the old one snapped in and didn't always seat right for recharging. So far battery life is more than adequate. Haven't had this one long enough to judge how many times the battery can be recharged and if battery life diminishes with use....more info
    This product is great. I did a lot of research on it; being a one-income family with a baby, we have alot of messes and not much money to go around. It was well worth the money and now we can't figure out how we lived without it....more info
  • It's the best!
    We've had many Dust Busters over the years and sooner or later, ujsually sooner, the performance went south, even with new batteries. The 15.6 volt version is terrific. It has power and the power lasts. We bought one, liked it so well that we bought two more. Well worth the money....more info
  • Love it!
    I have had a lot of portable vaccums and this is by far the best I have had. It keeps the charge longer, charges faster and it picks everything up easily. I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Cordless vacuum
    Very satisfied with product. Works very well for cleaning window wells, upholstery and other places difficult to reach with standard vac....more info
  • powerful and perfect
    the best dust buster made!!! I've bought 6 of them - Christmas gifts, housewarming, for "whatever". Highly, highly recommended!...more info
  • Must Have
    i love this product. i use it EVERY week. the other day my son dropped a glass fish bowl on his carpeted floor. it shattered. my dust buster didn't miss a beat. cleaned it up completely. i told my son that when he has his own place, he definitely needs to get one of these. he agreed! ...more info
  • Good little vacuum with a few quirks
    This thing is great to have and incredibly handy. It has good suction and I like the little crevice attachment it comes with. Just one complaint: the holding compartment has a little plastic flap that keeps debris inside the compartment. This works good, but the debris tends to get stuck in and around this flap and its little plastic holder. This is a minor problem but I have to use a knife to free stuck food and stuff in there.
    ...more info
  • GREAT especially for the price!
    I have always loved dustbusters (& had them for several years; this one I have had for about 4 1/2 months now) and USE them ALL the time, several times a day! This is great & works well even on the carpet and rugs (which requires more power than the bare floors) and I can consistently use it non-stop for around 15 mins without stopping on a full charge. I have bad allergies and the filter is WONDERFUL, but if you use it constantly, you will need to clean it often & replace it more than the recommended 6-9 mos time period, but it is truly worth every penny & has wonderful little attachments that snap in the underside of the unit (I personally LOVE the slender longer one and it does NOT lessen the suction power of the dust buster either!). You will not find a better product for the price. ...more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500
    After 3 month of usage I am still impressed with this Dust-Buster. It has plenty of power and is easy to use. I had 3 different units before but this one beats them all. Money well spent. The replacable battery is also a big plus...more info
  • It sucks, in a good way!
    This is larger and better put together than other handheld vacs I've used. Suction and battery life are really good, and it's easy (and not too messy) to empty out the dirt and clean the filter....more info
  • DustBuster that Annihilates Dust
    Black & Decker CHV1500 15.6-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster I have had Black & Decker DustBusters since B&D first started busting dust, and this incarnation, is by far, the most powerful B&D DustBuster yet. It charges up quickly, and that charge lasts a pretty long time. I love plants, and where there are houseplants, there is bound to be spilled soil. Well, my DustBuster just gobbles up anything between it and my wooden floors -- I have to be careful not to get in its way! I am an allergic person, so any vacuum cleaning device that I use, has to have a HEPA filter, and this DustBuster obviously does. A word of advice: when you clean the HEPA filter, wear a protective mask and glasses, so that all the allergens the HEPA filter caught, don't get inhaled or into your eyes. When you buy your DustBuster, I would also buy the extra HEPA filter, that Amazon offers as a combo purchase: you don't want to have to wait days for a replacement. The only flaw this DustBuster has, and it is not an operational one, is that while illustrated in the accompanying instruction manual as "K1," what appears to be an attachment that can connect this DustBuster to the extension tubes of a regular vacuum cleaner, no mention of this accessory is made in the literature. This phantom long handle attachment, would make DustBusting a less back challenging chore. I don't understand: why show an attachment, and not have it for sale it -- someone must have fallen asleep at the Black & Decker helm the day this part of the brochure was written. All in all, this is a great product. A practical gift for the "messy ones" we all know, and especially for the messy ones going off to college, or just -- it's about time -- finally leaving the nest....more info
  • Powerful little sucker
    I bought this handvac based on the high praise given it by the reviewers on Amazon. It is powerful as described. My only complaint it that I find it somewhat difficult to position in the holder. It always takes a few attempts to click it correctly into place. Otherwise, it's great. My mom turned me on to dustbusters, and I cannot live without one....more info
  • Great handy product!
    This is an extremely great thing to have around! I have a 2 year old son and a cat, who both make lots of messes, the dustbuster takes care of them no sweat. I was pleasantly surprised at the suction power it has. Since buying this unit, it has saved us a huge amount of hassle lugging out the big vacuum cleaner for little messes. I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially those with young children, it was well worth the money....more info
  • Does the job
    I am happy with it. It is powerfull and nothnig comes out that goes in. On the other side, you need to clean it almost every time you use it....more info
  • Dustbuster Kicks Dust
    Love this product... it is my second one! Works like a charm and picks up what I want it to pick up! Highly recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • Good dustbuster
    This is the latest from B&D and it has a HEPA filter which was a must for me. Usually the dustbusters only last about 2 years so don't expect it to work longer than that. The filters are available on amazon and its good to have at least one handy. The filter cleaning mechanism on it is very good and definitely an upgrade. The attachments though sometimes fall off the back where they usually sit comfortably until used. Other than that, its easy to clean and has good pickup....more info
  • great for portable clean-ups
    I got this primarily to be able to clean the car, as we live in an apartment and can't plug in the vacuum near the car. It has done nicely, it kept it's suction to get front seats, back seats and floors (4 door compact, about 10 minutes). The crevice tool isn't quite long enough to get into all the crevices of the car (between seat and center consol, etc). Otherwise, it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Its also been useful for getting the pile after I sweep and the random "I'm bored and there is stuff on the carpet" moments....more info
  • Fantastic Black and Decker Dusbuster
    This product is wonderful. I love it and had been looking for a dustbuster that is powerful. This one is and I love it for vacuuming small areas. It is powerful and picks up even the smallest piece of lint....more info
  • A little bulkier than the older models it replaces...
    A little bulkier than the older models it replaces, but suction is fine, battery life good. Extra step to clear out hepa filter is no big deal....more info
  • Disappointed, it really is a "DUST"buster
    This works ok if you are just using it for small pick ups, but I was hoping it would be strong enough to keep my car clean - very disappointed. Also, it is very difficult to open it up and clean it out....more info
  • Excellent Pickup
    Works great weather in the apartment or workroom or anywhere in the home for small clean ups and easy to clean....more info
  • Just very ok
    This DustBuster is just very ok. The power is ok, seems like it makes a lot of noise and it sucks up good when it's the right angle. Also, I wish the cover to keep the dirt wasn't see-through. It's a little gross to see all the dirt, etc in there. Bleh. Also, I saw the same exact thing at a retail store for half the price (no, it was not on sale!). That disappointed me because I always thought Amazon had the best prices. All in all, it's just ok....more info
  • Great Tool!
    This is a great hand vac. I absolutely love it. It has made tidying up a breeze.

    ...more info
  • Good buy
    Bought this to keep my car interior clean, and it does the job wonderfully. Plenty of power; plenty of charge time. This is a good buy....more info
  • Very Powerful, Small Size... a Little Heavy
    I love this vacuum. It is the perfect little vacuum, I looked it up on Consumer Reports and everyone at Amazon seems to give it good reviews and I agree. It is very powerful, it is cordless, it has a wall-mount for easy storage and which keeps it always charged and ready for use. The size is great, it is pretty small. The only down-size it is a little heavy, but I would rather have it be a little heavy then not be a good vacuum, the suction is great as well. Please feel confident to buy it today!...more info
    I had a Dust buster about 28 years ago, and believe me they have been improved over the years, this one is GREAT, cleans up kitty litter off the floor, just what I wanted it for THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mary...more info
  • Good Unit
    Does what it says. Strong suction for a handheld unit. But instruction says to clean filter after each use which is a pain. Not sure it is really needed....more info
  • Black and Decker Dustbuster
    Really powerful.Does most jobs on the lowet setting. Suggest getting spare filter as it takes a long time to dry after washing. I see that Black and Decker now manufactures its products in China. That may turn off many people....more info
  • Good at first....
    I purchased this in August 2005. I have been impressed for the last couple of years. It is powerful and worked for our purposes (mostly quick touch ups around the kitchen/dining room floor.) Used it on quick cat hair dust bunnies for a year or so too. It has a wall mount and the tool attaches to the bottom, so storage was terrifically convenient. However, the battery won't hold a charge anymore. It starts out powerful when we turn it on, and in 3 seconds kicks down, little by little, until it is barely sucking in about 2 minutes. It worked great while I used it, but I wish the battery pack would have lasted longer (maybe I'm asking too much?) and I wish I would have been able to replace the battery to keep using it (can't find a replacement anywhere) so now the whole thing will fill a wastesite since I have to buy completely new. That lowered it a star. ...more info
  • B&D CHV1500 DustBuster
    This puppy really works! I haven't used one of these for years because they were so wimpy, but with this house I really needed something like it. So with some research I decided this one was the best and decided to give it a try. Boy am I impressed. It does everything I wanted and there are few products that do that! Highly recommend this unit! ...more info
  • It's got horsepower
    I read all the reviews (good and bad) on this dustbuster. I had just broken my wife's previous one trying to "fix" it, so I was in a hurry to replace it and keep her happy. I ordered it without telling her and surprised her with it when it arrived. She LOVES it! It's got all the power it needs to pick up anything it was designed for and works well. It's a bit pricey, but it seems worth it so far....more info
  • Dustbuster
    Bought this as a replacement for one that had seen better days. Very Pleased with it....more info
  • so far so good
    Very good pick up power. Have only used a few times. The only thing "negative" I might say is the end of the dustbuster where the dirt goes through is on the small side whereas our old one was wider, so this new dustbuster takes longer to pick up an area of dirt. But otherwise it was a good choice to replace our old one....more info
    Pray that all the parts are in the package.

    First I e'd in asking for the missing parts and they didn't reply.

    Days later I called in. The operator didn't have the part number, so for
    a good deal of time I waited while she polled members of mis-management;
    no joy. End result, I was on my own, as you could well be.

    And for awhile, the phone person maintained that the missing part was Amazon's fault - their sealed package came within an Amazon box: No way
    it was Amazon's fault.

    Nice looking unit though, although heavy and 'way complex to work with.

    Unfortunately, I'd tossed the packaging and the return
    would've been sucha hassle I'll make do.

    Famous name, infamous customer service
    and quality control.

    Caveat Emptor, folks....more info
  • A Great Hand-Held Vac
    I think that this is the best hand-held vac I have ever owned, and it is great for cleaning out my car. I like the crevice tools and the upholstery brush that is included.

    My husband, who is hard to please when it comes to purchases such as this, even likes this vac. Perhaps the ones who don't give this product a favorable review haven't realized that it has two choices for power.

    It is powerful--for small jobs of course--and I highly recommend this vac....more info
  • Helpful Tool To Have
    I purchased this so I wouldn't have to drag out my big vacuum for little spills. This does the job just fine. I've had better though....more info
  • review
    very good product. cleans well. owned first generation this is our second one....more info
  • Great Product
    Durable, easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean, the only thing better would be, not needing to use it!!!...more info
  • Cleans Like a Dream
    Black & Decker CHV1500 15.6-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster
    We are very happy with our selection. It has two attachments that make it much easier to get into small spaces and a brush for cleaning upholstery. Two speeds makes it also a great cleaning device. Thank you Black and Decker....more info
  • excellent machine--although I have just one complaint...
    The Black & Decker Dust Buster does an excellent job of busting away dust and small particles of dirt anyplace where a conventional vacuum cleaner can't reach or go. My vacuum cleaner does a great job on carpets and floors in general; but the narrow spaces close to where the floor meets the wall always seem to need a little extra attention. Wow, does this do an excellent job!

    It's lightweight and very easy to carry. It comes with an electric charger and you should charge the machine for 16 hours before you use it for the first time. After that, you're set to go! You only need to recharge it from time to time, not every day.

    This Dust Buster will do its best in narrow cracks and crevices; and of course you can use it to clean your car interior and other surfaces, too. I would keep it away at all times from wet surfaces.

    The filter and the barrel in which the filter is housed are both very easy to clean. If you clean it every so often the job is never time consuming.

    I also like that this comes with an even smaller extension so that you get reach into the narrowest of crevices to clean them. The HEPA filter traps over 99% of dust particles so they can't come out the exhaust of the machine just seconds after you vacuumed them up--very good!

    I only have one complaint. If you choose to use this in the corners where the wall meets the floor, you will have to bend over or lean down somewhat to reach those harder to clean crevices. Hopefully that won't cause you a problem; but I will take off one star for that.

    Overall, I highly recommend this Dust Buster by Black & Decker. The current price of $39.97 is ten dollars cheaper than I paid at a local store--I should have bought this from Amazon!
    ...more info
  • Handy Helper
    I use this product every day and do not know how I got along without it! It does the job in a jiffy....more info
  • Has a lot of suction
    Really impressed with the amount of suction it has. We haven't had a Dustbuster in about 10 years, so we were impressed with the improvements. ...more info
  • i now have one for every floor . . . .
    Some days, i wish i had one in every room, but the exercise is good, eh :-) i gave these as holiday gifts this year, but just the people i really like. heh heh.
    This product has come a long way. The design is basically the same but increased Horsepower means quicker clean-up. Great on hardwood and tile, but also counters . . . any dry surface for that matter. Bear in mind, however: Older people who may have balance issues and people with back problems will need a cleaner with a handle so they don't have to lean over. On the other hand, kids love these :-)

    Delivery was quick from Amazon, and the price was right. Online shopping saves money, gas, time. ...more info
  • Powerful, convenient, looks good!
    This is much better than the other hand helds I have owned. Do a good job with powerful suctuion, especially in the bathroom for picking up loose hair. Looks good, does not take up much space. Very happy with product....more info
  • This DustBuster sucks!!
    It is very powerful and definetely "sucks" well. The HEPA filter alone is worth the purchase. No dust gets by it!...more info
  • Loud, Sucks and Not The Right Kind
    We have been using this B&D Dustbuster for about a month. On low speed it's loud and on high deafening, it will wake a sleeping child. The reason it will wake a sleeping child is because it takes so long to lift the smallest speck of cracker. With all that noise one would expect more suction. Oh and don't start at the far end of the debris pile cause the exhaust will blow everything on the floor. The location of the exhaust was poorly thought out. The plusses are that it is more convenient then pulling out the big canister vacuum, relatively light weight and maneuverable and the see through bag less container for what it eventually sucks up makes it easy to know when its full....more info
  • Love it!
    We use this to suck up messes and bugs around the house. Portable and strong suction. A bit heavy though....more info
  • Very pleased with product
    Well designed, easy to clean, good power, and the HEPA filter is a real plus as it prevents escape of very fine dust that happens with some units. Some folks may find it a little heavy for one hand operation, but that's easily offset by its many advantages. I would not hesitate to recommend this product; it's one of the best I've used....more info
  • Works well for me
    I bought this several months ago, for small jobs around the house or vacuuming out the car and have been very pleased with it. Seems to be a lot stronger suction than other models I used in the past. I don't really use it enough to comment on how long it goes between charges, but I can say out of all the ones I researched this was the most affordable and seems to be of high quality....more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 15.6-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster
    An excellent product! I've had it for several months and haven't been disappointed. Suction is strong and the battery lasts. I give the HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster Five stars...more info
  • Excellent--Much better than the Shark
    I have owned several Shark hand vacs as well as had several at my place of work. Every single one of them only lasted a few months, so I finally decided to go with the Black and Decker dust buster. I have had it for over a year and it still works as well as it did the first day of use. GREAT PRODUCT!!!...more info
  • Great Power in a Hand Held Vacuum!
    I purchased this item after having 2 others in the past that did not do the job. This Dustbuster is powerful and won't let you down!
    I keep mine charged and ready to handle the litter that my cats track near their litterbox. I also use it for "spot" vacuuming when I don't want to lug out the old full sized vacuum! Easy to empty, the attachments are handy, and the powerful suction is constant to get the job done!
    Even if you tried the other dustbuster with less power and were disappointed, try Black and Decker again!
    Well worth the money!...more info
  • Quick and easy to use
    Product has a powerful suction that whisks up pretty much anything. Its always ready and works effortlessly. I empty the container after each use, as recommended, and have never had a problem....more info
  • This DustBuster Really Sucks!
    It does everything really well just as they said it would. I definitely would recommend this DustBuster....more info
  • Definitely Sucks
    Much more suction power than previous models. B&D finally resolved making the body easier to detach from the charging system. Just one tiny oversight on their part. While the accessory tools are nicely tucked in, when you use them, there's no place to mount the original tool. Overall, great product....more info
  • Works just fine.
    I have owned this product for over a year. It works fine for odd jobs around the house. After a year I have used 2 air filters which seems reasonable....more info
  • Battery pack costs more than new vac
    I purchased the Dustbuster CHV1560 (15.6 volt). Worked very well for about 7 months. Ran at least 15 min on full charge. Then I noticed the motor would begin slowing down after only 3 or 4 min. Called Customer Service; they said battery expected to last only about a year (from manufacture, not from initial use); sent me a brand new unit. Replacement was model 1500 (has HEPA filter). So far, so good, but when I called Cust Serv again to ask about replacing the battery in the first dustbuster, I was told it was not cost-effective. The battery pack costs more than a new vacuum. Furthermore, in spite of what the user manual indicates, the battery pack does not appear to be removable, and Cust Serv was unable to help -- recommended I take it to a service center. Cust Serv rep said these vacs are warranted 2 years, hinting that if they go bad or their performance deteriorates within that time, they will provide a replacement. I think small appliances should be serviceable by the consumer; I think replacement batteries should be readily available and cost much less than a new appliance; I think consumers have a right to expect more than two years of use.

    One other small complaint: the plastic nose of these Dustbusters will scratch flooring of almost all types. Even the little brush attachment will scratch relatively soft flooring (vinyl/linoleum/marble). They should provide some sort of soft tip cover/bumper or add a strip of felt or soft plastic to the lower edge....more info
  • Fantastic device that lives up to expectations.
    I bought this mostly to clean up stray litter in the bathroom, so it doesn't track through the house. I was tired of whipping out the broom and dustpan every day or hauling the Dyson around. I wasn't sure if this DustBuster would do the job, but it was worth a shot.

    I have not used a DustBuster in many years. My grandfather was a carpenter and general contractor who always had one on-hand for cleaning up sawdust and spilled lose screws. This was back in the late 80s or early 90s and the thing was not very big or powerful. And it had a cloth catcher inside, that had to be emptied.

    The Black & Decker CHV1500 DustBuster is a new beast, though. At about the size of a loaf of bread, the thing seems to suck up anything I want it to, as long as it will fit through the opening. Cat litter, dust - even used it as a quick way to gather together a bunch of spilled screws and washers at my workbench.

    Best of all, this thing is quiet. It might wake your baby or scare your cat or dog, but it won't blow out your ears. No louder than a kitchen blender. No louder than any decent vacuum. It's definitely quieter than my fairly quiet Dyson. It emits no unpleasant squeals or shrieks of any kind.

    The only thing I dislike about it is the HEPA filter, which seems a little pointless for a small hand vacuum. Just another thing to get cluttered and spend money replacing. The same machine with as much power and all the features _without_ the filter would get a perfect rating, from me.

    I'm happy with this product, the price paid for it and the performance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone and if I ever need a second hand vac, it'll probably be this one (or a newer version of it)....more info
  • Powerful tool
    I bought this Black&Decker after reading online reviews that rated it high for power and convenience. It is powerful and convenient. I like having a non-cordless cleaning product although the battery runs out after 15 minutes or so. The dust container is quite easy to clean. That was an important feature as I was looking to replace a hand-held Dirt Buster which is the worst vac I've ever owned. That ones fills up immediately and the dirt has to be dug out with a coat hangar! The only complaint I have about the B&D is that the filter is supposed to be cleaned after each use by rotating wheels on the side. I find it very difficult to move those. Since dust comes off the filter, it needs to be done over a garbage bag so trying to rotate those wheels while holding with one hand is almost impossible. My husband also has a difficult time doing that. ...more info
  • Good product
    I have to say, that with all of the rave reviews on this product, I expected more. Yes, it works well, and I like the attachments. I use it mostly for cat litter. I suppose I was expecting it to suck the magma straight from the core! Afterall, it's a hand vac, not a full size vacuum. Which is the point, it does the job and is quite handy. ...more info
  • Fantastic product!
    This is a fantastic product - lots of suction, high and low speed, with a washable filter cup and washable hepa filter - I LOVE THAT!!! The older models required you to buy new filters regularly as the filters clogged up quickly. I have an 18-month old, a dog, two cats, and hardwood floors, so this gets used many times a day. It is so much easier than dragging out the vacuum - I can pick up all kinds of messes, or sweep and use this instead of the dustpan. I will never be without one of these again! Great product for a great price. ...more info
  • Good for small jobs only
    This is a good product for picking up the occasional small mess that would be too much of a chore to drag out the full-size vacuum. Cleaning it after using it is more of a chore than I expected. The filter has to be cleaned well and then even washed; letting the filter go uncleaned will reduce the power of the vacuum's suction. It is powerful and I had no trouble picking up almost anything that you would pick up with a normal vacuum. The battery power lasted long enough for doing small jobs well. In the end, I sold it at a tag sale as it was just too much trouble to bother with....more info
  • good for heavy-duty cleaning
    I use this vacuum all the time to clean the stairs. It's lightweight, cordless, and powerful which makes this chore a cinch to do in 5 minutes or less! I did have a problem with the charger unit but Black and Decker sent a replacement right away - great support service....more info
  • Black and Decker
    Bought this as a house warming gift, she just loves it, says it does it thing she ever got! ...more info
  • Dustbuster review
    Product was as advertised, arrived promptly and fits the use we are making for it (cleaning filters on multimedia projectors.)...more info
  • The Name Fits
    It works great, even on the low speed. Being able to clean the filter by just turning a dial is very handy. I'm very satisfied with it. ...more info
  • Extremely strong Black & Decker Dustbuster
    I love this dustbuster! It is very strong and picks up everything, even large pieces of food that my toddler leaves on the floor. It's even stronger than my stand up vacuum. Highly recommend....more info
  • Better and Better
    Our old DustBuster is about four years old and still works okay, but only holds a five minute charge. This replacement is faster, stronger, tougher and quieter. We mostly use it to pick up the stray kitty litter around the bathroom cat box, the odd bits of hair and lint, and the errant spider or bug that sneaks in the house (my wife loves that feature). Why spend $50 bucks to upgrade the original? Well, the HEPA filter greatly reduces the fine dust pumped back into the air by the older model. The motor emits a soft, powerful purr compared to the whine of the old model. The dirt chamber is a bit easier to clean out when hair or damp kitty litter accumulate. The look and feel and sound just shout quality when you use it. Oh yes, and it's still running strong after two weeks of kitty litter cleanups without asking for a recharge. A great household tool made even better. ...more info
  • Good for pet owners
    This vacuum scares the daylights out of the cat, but it does a great job getting her hair off the couch and cleaning up stray kitty litter. A great little vac for pet owners. ...more info
  • Super Dust Buster
    Best dust buster I've ever used. Powerful and nice effective adapters. I don't believe this product has any thing equal to it....more info
  • Better than most...
    I like this dustbuster because it's so much faster than getting the big vacuum out just to sweep the hall as it is the most traffic area in my home. We have 3 cats in the house and they jump out of the litter box and release litter onto my hardwood floors. In one zap I can get all of the litter up and it's much powerful than previous brands I've owned....more info
  • Works Well
    Replaced my old battery powered Vacuum with this one. Like the longer battery life and easy clean feature. Owned 1 month and no complaints...more info
  • Great handheld vac
    My, this dustbuster is a lot stronger than the old one it replaced. It easily deals with the messes that my kid, my birds, and I make.

    I'm totally satisfied, but I give it only 4 stars because i don't get that excited about vacuum cleaners....more info
  • Fantastic Little Vac
    This product is awesome. I've had it for three weeks and I'm already convinced (after the first cleaning) that it's sustainability will surpass other hand vacs I've purchased. It's easy to use all around, all of the parts are tightly fit together. There is no gross exhaust when the product is in use, and the suction is incredible.

    I'm happy all around....more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 15.6-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster
    Absolutely the best DustBuster I've used. I highly recommend this item. I use it daily, for hard to reach areas, and messes that don't require a full size vacume. Great for cleaning up after kids and pets.
    ...more info
  • Love it, Very Powerful, I Use It All The Time For Little Pickups!
    I LOVE this product. I use it constantly to keep things tidy, pickup dirt tracked in, spills, etc. It is amazingly powerful, nothing like the cheap one I had in my car all those years. (I'd love to have one in every room - but that would be a bit much.)

    I only have 1 minor complaint. The on board attachments don't stay on board. Surely, Black and Decker could design a better method for storing them so that they don't fall off every few minutes. This is more than just an annoyance. Eventually, you get tired of picking them up off the floor so you stick them a result mine are now lost, and I really need the brush for use on the carpet.

    The only thing that would make this better would be interchangeable battery packs, the kind you get with drills and such. This thing has more than enough juice for the kind of occasional pickups for which it is designed, but I use mine a LOT....more info
  • Highly recommended
    Clearly, this is a step above the "regular" Dustbuster I have used in the past. Much stronger suction that does everything I expected from a battery-powered vacuum. Highly recommended....more info
  • I use this for everything
    I wasn't too sure how powerful this was going to be but I am glad I bought it. I use it on my daughter's high chair - there hasn't been anything it has not sucked up yet. I also used it to clean the cars and it was so much easier than bringing out the shop vac and it worked great. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • So far, so good
    I've had this unit about 6 months now and it seems to work great. It has good suction and good battery life. No problem with not holding a charge yet. And I use it quite often. I would recommend this product....more info
  • So far..So good!!
    I was really nervous about buying one of these things, but I felt it would be helpful for those small messes my children leave, and I bought this thing and so far I love it.But you have to constantly charge it, but other than that, it's great!...more info
  • Light-weight Whiz
    This is a great little vaccum . It is very strong and for my small hands it's a godsend, because it isn't heavy.

    The "icing on the cake" is that it isn't noisy.

    Get one. You'll love it....more info
  • Great with hardwood and linoleum floors.
    This turned out to be a much better product than I was hoping for. I purchased a cordless vacuum several years ago, and it could hardly pick up anything at all. I gave it away shortly after receiving it. Didn't think that I would ever buy another one.
    But after reading the reviews on this DustBuster, I thought I would give these cordless vacuums another chance. I really needed something that I could easily use on a day to day basis without pulling out my large vacuum. I have hardwood floors, rugs, and lineoleum in my house... no carpeting. And my dog (Beagle) sheds so much that I need something every day to pick up his fur. (Yes, I do brush him, but he still sheds a lot)
    This little thing works very well for me. It has a lot of power and is very convenient. Don't know how well it works on carpeting, but it's great on my hardwoods....more info
  • love it , love it
    never thought it was possible to get this much suction from such a little it ...more info
  • Black & Decker DustBuster
    This product is the bomb!!! It's the best DustBuster I've ever had. This one was for the office. I loved the one I purchased for my home so much, that I told my bosses they had to get one!...more info
  • Best Ever!
    I have had many B & D DustBusters and this one is the best and most powerful by far. Holds it's charge and picks up just about everything!...more info
  • small but powerful
    excellent choice for small jobs but as powerful as a large machine in picking up, a perfect compromise...more info
  • Black & Decker Dust Buster15.6
    Over all it is a good product, since this is bagless vacuum cleaner I find it little harder to empty dust but as far as its functionality is concerned works fine....more info
  • Best ever Dustbuster
    I have experimented with other brands of 'dustbusters' and have found that the best known brand by Black&Decker is by far the best and well worth the few dollars more it costs . It is very efficient in picking up the smallest particles and even hair. I wouldn't want any other than the HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster. ...more info
  • This little unit Really SUCKS Bigtime! (That's a GOOD Thing)
    We have owned several different types and brands of battery powered vacuum devices over the years. They all proved to be quite ineffective and actually were more work to use and maintain than they were worth. All of them suffered from poor battery performance and life. Not so with this little mighty-mite. The operation is straight forward and the cleaning power has surprised us. It is easy to empty without rescattering the dirt that you just picked up. We have a pet cat and this vacuum will clean every bit of cat hair out of his favorite sleeping area. The unit has yet to run out of battery power between charges. We read the previous reviews about this product on the Amazon site before making our purchase. In our opinion, this little vacuum is well worth the price....more info
  • Good for quick cleanups
    This is good for quick cleanups and cleaning tight crevices. I bought it hoping that it would be better at picking up pet hair, which it does not do. It is still great for around the house though....more info
  • strong suction and long-lasting battery
    Fairly strong suction for a hand-held. I have tried vacuum for 15 minutes on the high suction mode, and it was still going.

    The filter system is very well designed. Hat's off to the Black and Decker engineers.

    Two cons: I wish it has a brush head, so it can be used for dusting. And it is a bit noisy....more info
  • Not Just a Gadget -- A Useful Appliance
    I use my dustbuster so often that I think of it as my regular vacuum cleaner. If someone is coming over, I grab my dustbuster and touch up the downstairs, upstairs, and the stairs themselves easily and in 5-10 minutes. And there's no cord to tangle with! My larger floor vacuum cleaner is only for major cleanings, followed by detailing with the dustbuster.

    This is the first cordless vacuum I have owned. I am quite satisfied with its power. It has two power settings right under your thumb; you can switch between them while vacuuming, with simple thumb pressure. The more powerful setting gets those little lint balls that try to stick to the rug. Or, for even more suction, a narrow nozzle is tucked into the base. Snap it out of the base, pop it into the front, and go after those corners and crevices.

    To empty the dust, just pop off the front end and shake it into a waste basket. Occasionally you are supposed to rinse off the filters and air-dry them -- I haven't done this yet.

    One oddity is the "filter cleaning wheel". In the pictures, it is the vertical stripe in the middle of the dustbuster. You are supposed to turn it occasionally to knock the dust out of the filter. It is hard to turn; I don't think that a small hand could do it....more info
  • muscle dustbuster
    i have a hoover, dirt devil and a dyson cordless vacuum. but the more power the lesser battery it has. this is the best i ever bought. it has lasting battery and easy handling. it's power is enought to get rid of those dust in your house. best choice ever!...more info
  • an improvement over the 14.4V model
    I had the 14.4V model for a couple of years (it has green buttons, but looks physically the same), and it served me pretty well except for the battery never being able to recharge consistently and properly. So, even after a full charge the power would dwindle within half a minute or so. I picked up this 15.6V version and am very impressed so far. It seems to hold its charge a lot longer, so maybe Black & Decker fixed the battery issues with the previous one. Also, its lower setting is super powerful enough, I very rarely even have to switch to the higher one. The test of time will be whether it continues to hold its charge consistently, or start to fail like the previous version. Like many other reviews, I seriously recommend emptying the tray and dusting off the filter every time you use it....more info
  • The best , powerful handheld vacuum-wireless!
    The best!!! The secret is to clean it after each use! very powerful...more info
  • Dustbuster
    So far its a good vacuum and does what I expected it to do. tried other hand vacs but
    went back to black and decker....more info
  • This one works
    This is the second one for us. We tried all kinds before we found the 1400 a few years ago. These hand vacs really do work plenty of power and battery life. My wife uses this on a daily basis and I use it weekly. Love this Vac....more info
  • Exceeded my expectations
    This product was purchased to pick up minor spills of dry cereal and dry cat food from hard floors, and food crumbs from upholstered furniture and carpet. It did all of these things very well. The included crevis tool attachment made it possible to clean food crumbs, etc. from the deep crevices in my sofa and chairs. It seems to be well made and therefore durable. ...more info
  • Portable vacuum
    Easy to use, easy to clean, this protable vacuum cleaner does a great job for quick pick-ups. I like to use it especially for cleaning up the bird seed and feathers that always accumulate around my parakeet's cage....more info
  • Wow-ed in Wyoming...
    ...Can't recall how many Black and Decker Dustbusters we've owned over the years; always reasonably useful, if a bit underpowered; and the batteries seemed to give out after only a few months of use. Well, the "underpowered" comment f'sure doesn't apply to the CHV1500! This baby packs some serious vacuum power. As to the longevity of the battery, we'll have to wait and see. The filter refreshing disk function works as advertised, and the cyclonic feature likewise is a very big improvement over any other similar device I've every used. If battery life proves to be acceptable then I can't imagine a better hand vac coming down the pike anytime soon. ...more info
  • Absolutely love this product!
    I am so glad I purchased the Black & Decker CHV1500 15-3/5-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster, it has proved to be one of the best buys that I have made. It is great cleaning small areas which a large vacuum doesn't get to. It is quick and convenient, easy to clean. I am not disappointed and recommend it highly....more info
  • Good vac
    Works really well; just as advertised. But as another reviewer commented, they've GOT to do something about the venting. It's takes some time to learn how to clean where you want to without blowing dust all over the place....more info
  • A great lttile picker-upper
    I've always wanted a dustbuster but doubted it would have enough power to do more than to literally pick up dust. This one is great and the price was very reasonable. Easy to use and charge and gets into tough spots. Great for doing cushions and under the seats on the sofa (a nasty spot) and for cleaning the car....more info
  • Makes life easy in the kitchen and car too
    I initially bought this vac for inside car cleaning even though it is
    not recommended for such use, let me tell you it gets the job done.
    It's recommended use is for hard floor holds true, it does a good job....more info
  • Best ever
    The best handheld vac I've ever owned. Liked it so much I got one for my boyfriend....more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 15-3/5-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster
    I am very pleased with my new DustBuster. It's a necessary item in a home with 3 cats for quick cat hair pickup and kitty litter, too. ...more info
  • Love this
    Hey, I had never bought a "dust buster" before and had always thought weren't worth the money or didn't have enough power. Decided to buy this one since it boasted of having the most power and had read the reviews and felt that maybe I should try it. Since I've had it and used it about 5 times....I love it!! Its better than even the reviews. Its picks up cat litter of the bathroom floor and also picks up my ferret's litter from the carpet, even vacuums up really well from her cage. Its more than worth the money I spent and don't regret it! ...more info
  • Better than I expected!
    This little vacuum really does the job...I bought it for keeping our hearth clean around the wood does it do up all the ashes, small pieces of wood, charcoal, etc...I now want to buy at least 2 more for the rest of the house...we find ourselves going to the living room and grabbing this great little vacuum to use all over the wood be ideal to have one in every teenager even uses it to clean up her mess on the counter after making's fabulous!!!!!!! Can't say enough!!!!...more info
  • Finally a dust buster that works
    After owning (and discarding) other so-called powerful hand held vacuums, I am very happy with this one. It delivers on the promise of powerful suction and is easy to clean out. ...more info
  • It really does clean!
    I was pleasantly surprised how good this hand vacuum does it job. With out a doubt I would purchase it again....more info
  • The Best DustBuster
    This DustBuster has great power, it really works. I have tried 2 other models and this is the best one yet. Highly recommended....more info
  • Pretty good buy, if you only need it to pick up dust.
    This is a good piece of equipment to keep around the house if you need to pick up dust or small debris. It is reasonable priced and solidly constructed. But it doesn't have the necessary power to pick up anything heavier than pet's hair. ...more info
  • DustBuster Sucks
    But it sucks in a good way. The 15.6V is powerful, has heft(strong motor)and with two speeds you have choice of power curve to fit job. While well built I would not recommend dropping it and expecting it to go undamaged. It is plastic. The suction end of things has removable brush(I took it out because it works better on hard surfaces without the brush. Besides, the brush clogs up with carpet fibers pretty quickly rendering it pretty worthless. Comes with a nozzle for narrow spaces and this is a useful tool for crevices and for your car. The filter cleaning feature may be useful to some but I usually just pulled the filter out when it looked dirty. That is easy to tell because the filter is visable thru the clear plastic case. The only worry is the recharge (wallhang or desktop)holder seems less engineered than the vac. I wall mounted the unit and I am careful when placing the vac back in the charger so I dont damage either unit. Just my thought. It hasnt failed yet. I have only had the unit for a couple months so consider that when reading this review. This is the only reason I go 4stars and not 5. I would buy the unit again and do recommend it. ...more info
  • It's good
    If you've used this products in the past you're probably convinced they don't have enough suction to make them really useful.

    This one is different. It is excellent. It picks up things ranging from spilled sugar to those piles of dead ladybugs that show up in the winter. It has a HEPA filter that (much to my surprise) is washable. As a bonus, it holds a charge for a long time, although to be fair, I keep mine charging all the time.

    It will lose it's suction as you use it over a period of weeks. This is a result of the HEPA filter getting clogged. But it can be washed very quickly it's not a big deal, and it's nice to know that it's strong enough to pick up dust.

    No, it won't replace your normal vacuum. It lacks a brush/beater to clean rugs. But for most things around the kitchen/bathroom/kids room it's really very handy.

    I would buy this again....more info
  • Awesome!
    This vacuum is awesome!! I have 3 cats and a teenage boy, so there's always a lot of cat fur and food bits on the floor. This vacuum sucks up the fur, crumbs, chunks, and could probably suck up one of the cats! It's great! I loved it so much I bought 1 for the upstairs, and 1 for the basement as well!...more info
  • Lots of power
    I have had dustbusters before but this is the most powerful of the group. I use it every day and it is a real jewel....more info
  • I liked it so much I bought two.
    I read the reviews here on amazon and few other places and ordered this vac. After using it two days I ordered a second. We have owned a few different types of cordless hand vacs and this is the best one of the lot. It is really powerful and using the vac with the wall mount is easy....more info
  • Great improvement from older models. . .
    I haven't owned a DustBuster in years, but after being disappointed in other brands of handheld vacs I decided to give Black & Decker another try. Well, this DB is AWESOME. I mostly bought it b/c I hate using a dustpan after I sweep, but I also used it to suck up cat hair and food, dead bugs, cereal, small leaves and grass clippings tracked in from outdoors, and it didn't leave anything behind (yay me for getting the higher voltage!). I was also excited to see that after I turned the switch off, it didn't drop crud all over the floor again. Also, I read a couple of reviews in which people stated the upholstery brush can't be stored in the unit - WRONG. There is a special slot for it just behind the crevice tool. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great buy
    This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I run around sucking up dog hair and kitty litter from corners everywhere! I only wish I had a holster for it! :) Buying one for my dad for Christmas. Only 4 stars because it doesn't pick up much heavier items than hair, fine dirt, & kitty litter. But that's what I needed it for, so works for me!...more info
  • I can't live without everyroom!
    We can't make it an hour in our house (with a 6,5,3,1 year olds) without needing a dustbuster. This one doesn't just have great holds so much charge, i find myself being able to 'vacuum' almost the entire downstairs of our 5 bedroom house! It charges quickly and is pretty easy to clean.
    I have found that some lint and hair/fuzz gets stuck around the rubber 'door' that pulls the crumbs in and its hard to clean out. Maybe i'm not doing something right. That is NOTHING though, compared to how fabulous this works. I highly recommned it to everyone....more info
  • One of my favorite purchases of the last year
    I concure with many of the previous reviews that this unit performs very well. With a long battery life and incredible suction, I have found this Dustbuster far more useful than my old one. It's ideally suited for typical home and garage cleanup. Although the noise doesn't bother me (you definitely won't sneak up on anybody while running it), the ventral exhaust tends to scatter the whatever you're trying to vacuum. I needed a little practice before I could avoid this issue....more info
  • My limited experience with the B & D CHV1500 DustBuster
    The few times I've used the machine, I've enjoyed good suction for a battery-powered machine. However, I guess there is a cost of that good suction, and that would be noise. It is noisier that the less powerful cordless vacuums I've had in the past. But it does clean better and seems to be made well with good fit & finish. If you don't mind the noise, it performs very well....more info
  • Excellent product
    Vacuuming is not exactly an exciting avtivity so when you neeed to do it you want to do it quick and good and the then forget about it. Cyclonic DustBuster comes very close to the above requirement. You do need to clean it up from time to time but it is far easier and less messy than the others I had. Also, this one doesn't blow hot dusty air into my face like others did when I was forgetting to orient them in a particular direction and away from my face. It's a bit noisy but I can live with this as long as it lets me do the job fast....more info
  • Excellent little sucker
    This is a small, yet sturdy and powerful hand vacuum. By far the best I have tried from B&D. It has successfully helped us to get rid of fiber carpet and dirt in our place. Great alternative to a full upright vacuum cleaner. I had doubts between this cleaner and the small, corded, yellow Eureka hand vacuum, but I am glad we went for this choice instead. It is not heavy, and it is certainly powerful enough to get dust, dirt and fiber out of very stepped-on carpets and rugs, not to say vinyl floors, where it can pick-up almost anything on them. This is not to be used to pick-up wet stuff. It did require a full 16 hour charge before it had enough power to be useful, and at full speed, it will hold for a full 13-17 minutes....more info
  • Awesome
    This thing is like holding a full sized vacuum cleaner in your hand. It is that powerful. I am going to by one of these for my vacation property as well....more info
  • My best DustBuster yet.
    This is the most powerful and easiest to clean DustBuster I've owned yet. The first few lasted a few years each, but one I bought last year only lasted 9 months. This one is so quiet and does such a good job I hope it last much longer. My one gripe is that this is the fourth style of wall mounting plate and accessories. You'd think the could have standardized by now. The screw-holes for the wall mount aren't even in the same place....more info
  • Good for bare surfaces... not great on carpeting
    I was disappointed on how poorly this dustbuster works on carpeting. When I used it to vacuum up cat litter on my carpet, I ended up getting out my big vacuum to finish the job. I was hoping that by now, Black and Decker would have figured out how to make a Dustbuster that works well on carpet. However, it does work well on bare floors...I'm glad I bought it for simple, fast clean-ups on bare surfaces. I like the design. It's easy to handle. Easy to clean. Again, would recommend for bare surfaces....more info
  • Quick & Efficient
    This dustbuster provides strong suction and has a very clever filter that can be easily cleaned. It doesn't make a mess when being emptied. Has a little trouble picking up stuff on textured surfaces, other than that I would highly recommend it!...more info
  • Terrific product for the dollar
    This cordless hand vacuum is so handy and so easy to empty. No need for replacing bags as with my regular vacuum. The cordless is a must! I wouldn't have known to get the more powerful hand vac except that my daughter had purchased this one and really liked it. In looking at what is available, there are a number of models with less volts, but I think it's well worth it to spend a little more and get the 15.6 volt Dustbuster. I paid $49.00 with free shipping after looking around at various sites. My daughter indicated she remembered getting hers for $39.00, but I'm sure she probably paid for shipping. I didn't see any new ones lower than the $49.00. In any case, I'd highly recommend this product!...more info
  • qustion for filter
    I have a question for the filter. I read that the chv1400 dustbuster's filter VF100 can fit in this dustbuster CHV1500. Can I assume vice versa the HEPA filter for this CHV1500 dustbuster can also fit in CHV1400? The question is because I already have a chv1400 and if this works, I can just replace the filter and it becomes HEPA vacuum. I sent the question to black & decker support but got no reply....more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 DustBuster
    A competent hand-held vacuum. The delivered item is exactly as advertised. With limited use so far, it seems to do a fine job. Noisy, but not excessively. Delivery was prompt, as usual. No complaints so far......more info
  • dustbuster cyclone
    I have more of a complaint. The box was missing the instructions and the day that I ordered the product it was advertised at Target for $22.00...more info
  • Best cordless vacuum i've owned
    The cyclonic system really works great as it'll keep sucking even if the canister is almost full. The 15.6 volts really make a difference, it's almost as powerful as my old corded handvac....more info
  • Very powerful dustbuster
    I really like this dustbuster. Truly strong and powerful. Easy to clean and even looks nicer than other ones. It's so powerful, it doesn't last long and have to charge after 15 min of full use, but I still like this very much. Make sure you purchase replacement filters, as you will need it. The filter gets dirty which proves this cleaner actually works and sucks all the dirts. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 DustBuster
    This is a powerful hand-held vacuum. A bit heavy but does a fine job....more info
  • Finally -- we cross the line!
    I've been a big fan of the whole Dustbuster portable concept since the beginning, but frankly, the results never quite lived up to the hype. We've owned 7.2V, 9.6V, and 12.6V Dustbusters, and while they were fine for pickup up dust in the corner or spilled coffee grounds, the "big" jobs always required pulling out the full-sized vacuum.

    I've generally bought the second-tier Dustbuster -- one step down from the pricey flagship model, to where the bang-for-the-buck was greatest. Boy, am I glad I broke the habit this time!

    The CHV1500 is in a different league. The combination of a 15.6V motor and the Cyclonic design finally reaches a point where the Dustbuster can tackle:

    - dog hair in an area rug or stair runner
    - sawdust
    - staples and pins

    We have two long-haired dogs, and keeping up with dog hair has always been a hassle. Our house is low on closet space, so the big vacuum is in the back room, and dragging it out is a pain. Now, we don't have to!

    The battery life is improved, too. I've used this Dustbuster to thoroughly clean the 4' x 6' rug at the front door: loaded with winter road sand and the afforementioned dog hair. Normally, this is a 10-15 minute job, and previous Dustbusters seemed to run out of pep at about 5-6 minutes. The CHV1500 is still running strong at the end.

    What don't I like about the CHV1500? One minor quibble: There is only a place for the long-nosed attachment; the short brush attachment has to stay in place on the nose of the vacuum -- or get stuck in a drawer somewhere, lost forever. Other than that, this is the best portable vacuum I've ever owned.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    I rarely need my full size canister vacuum with this unit. It doesn't let stuff fall out the end like the old ones due to a one way valve. It is very powerful. I don't yet know about durability, I have had it for only a month....more info
  • Happy bird owner
    I have been very pleased with the Black and Decker Cylonic DustBuster. I got it because I have a large bird that knows how to make messes. It has done a very good job cleaning up feathers,toy pieces and other things she can throw around.
    Years ago I tried another "dust buster". I was only marginally happy with it so was not sure I wanted to waste the money again.
    As I say, I am glad I spent the money. Thank You for a great product....more info
  • Black & Decker DustBuster
    Works very well, comes with attachments - easily slips into recharger...more info
  • About as good as you can expect from hand vac
    I've had this B&D DustBuster for just over 2 months now and I love it. It is far more powerful than I expected, able to handle everything from broken glass (from a bottle accident in my garage) to the pine needles from our christmas tree. Not only is it powerful, but the battery charge is superb. I used it for 10-15 minutes in cleaning up after our tree and it held up the whole time- no discernable loss in power. I'm definitely happy with this purchase....more info
  • Believe the Reviews
    I purchased this item based on the reviewers' opinions. They were all absolutely right! Thank you all very much!...more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 15-3/5-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster
    This vacuum is awesome. Best cordless vacuum that I have used.
    Powerful and holds its charge quite long....more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 15-3/5-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster
    This hand vac works great and has terrific suction! But, be aware that it's a bit noisy and somewhat heavy for its size. Nevertheless, I feel it's a good buy....more info
  • best dustbuster ever
    This is the neatest dustbuster I have ever had..cordless..powerful...I empty it after every use and get a brand new hepa filter about every 3 like a it!!!...more info
  • Excellent for small jobs.
    Powerful cyclone action. Easy to unload dust bin. Archaic Ni-Cad batteries....more info
  • Simple to Use and Easy to Empty.....
    I replaced an old hand-vac with this Black & Decker Cyclonic Dust Buster. I am very happy. This vaccuum is powerful and very easy to empty; you just take the nozzle off, dump the contents into the trash and put the nozzle back on. That's it. My old hand vac required you to practically take the machine apart and remove the filter before you could empty it. This machine was more expensive than my old one, but it was worth it!...more info
  • Very Happy with my portable vac
    I am very pleased with this portable vac. I can confidently reommend it to anyone....more info
  • The BEST dusterbuster I have ever owned!!!
    I recently purchased a new b&d Chv1500-15-3/5-volt cyclonic dustbuster to replace my old unit that died. I have owned several types of dustbusters and other hand held vacs and this is by far the most powerful model I've ever owned. The weight is a little more than previous models but the performance levels are above what the manufacturer specs state in owners manual. I would rate this unit with 10 stars if it were possible, buy one and you won't be sorry!...more info
  • GREAT!!
    Just got this and tried it out today. Very powerful!! Gets everything up! It is a little noisy, but nothing too terrible. I got this mostly as a convenient way to clean my car without having to lug the vacuum out there. Works great in the car, got everything up! The crevice tool concentrates power too, which helps if it has trouble picking something up, which really only happened with some longer dog hairs (i have a shih tzu). My car looks great, just as if I had used a regular vacuum (but it was a lot easier). Also used this for clean up around my rabbit cage and it got everything, sucked the rabbit hair right up too, so it does work great on loose pet hair. Crevice tool fits right on the body of the unit, the brush doesn't. Very happy with this!...more info
  • Almost a 5 star except...
    it's works good...does what it is supposed to do, but wow is it heavy....more info
  • Does a great job for small pickups
    I've had 2 dustbusters in the past, but they were not very powerful, the charge wouldn't last long,and the batteries would always go bad within a year or two. I thought to myself that I would never buy another one again. But when I saw these cyclonic models, and the great reviews, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did. The CHV1500 is extremely powerful and the charge seems to last forever. My hair sheds a lot in the bathroom and this is perfect for getting rid of it all. I don't know about the longevity of the battery since I've had this model for just a month or two, but the manual does say you can have it swapped out. There are 2 speeds. The crevice tool fits on board but not the little brush attachment. It is heavier and bulkier than the other models I used to own, but that's the tradeoff you have to make to get the more powerful battery. It's worth it. All in all I'm very happy with Black & Decker's latest version. If you want the super convenience of a cordless, this is a great choice.

    Update 3/25/2006:if you want a tip for saving money when you buy extra or replacement filters, see my review here for the VF100H filter. ...more info
  • Powerful!!
    I have had Dust Busters for 25 yrs+. This is the most powerful I have ever seen!!! Go for this one and don't go for the one with less volts. I really do reccomend this product!! (And usually, I don't bother with reviews)...more info
  • Performs As Advertised
    This is the very best Dustbuster type vacuum we have owned (#1 out of four owned). Powerful enough and hold charge well....more info
  • Black & Decker CHV1500 15-3/5-Volt Hepa Cyclonic Dustbuster
    This is the best Dustbuster ever! The cleaning ability is as good or better than any corded vacuum; The powerful batteries last easily 15 minutes on full power and 25 minutes on medium power.

    I recommend this hand-held vacuum with 5 stars - *****...more info
  • Everything It's Cracked Up To Be
    The main reason I considered this product was because I was disappointed in the power in other handi-vacs I have owned. That is certainly not a problem with this product. The only (slight) drawback -- is that it is as noisy as a canister unit....more info
  • They've done a much better job this time!
    I got this several months ago---I've been burned before with handhelds, so I was pretty skeptical about the mfg. claims. I have cageful of parakeets, and I hate having to drag out the corded big vacuum to clean up seeds and feathers all the time. This really does a good job, altho' like another reviewer said, I have to be careful what direction I face the exhaust. The crevice tool is stored onboard so it doesn't get lost, and just the right size for cleaning out sliding door tracks (every other vacuum attachment I've tried is JUST a little too big to actually fit into the groove). They need to figure out a way to store the little upholstery brush onboard, too.

    The HEPA filter really does seem to keep dust from flying around. I ordered a replacement from Amazon to have it on hand, but I haven't needed to use it yet. This vacuum's easy to empty, and designed so when you put it nose-down in its charger, stuff doesn't fall out like it did with older models. It is a pain, however, to get the filter cover locked back into place if you take it out.

    My friend (who also has birds) got a cordless Shark, and it's utterly useless. I'm going to order one of these for her---I think she'll like it a lot better.

    PS: SHE DOES like it a lot better!~

    02/23/08 Update:
    I'm online to order my sixth one of these----and not because they haven't held up. I now have the original one in my pottery studio, the second near the catbox & bird cage, and the third in the kitchen. Today I'm ordering one to have near the paper shredders. I've ordered two more as gifts, and the recipients are just as happy with them as I am. Gave one to the bachelor son with three shedding dogs, and he loves it.

    I've replaced the filter on the original one once in the past 2+ years. I shake the filter out over the trash bin about once a month. It still sucks up bits of dry clay like a champ, and doesn't spew the dust back into the air. With the crevice tool on it, it gets into nooks and crannies and along edges that are hard to clean well any other way.

    This is just a great, hard-working tool!...more info
  • A big improvement over previous models
    Love it!!!!!As I titled my review it is great for quick pickups.More power than previous models and w/a 2 1/2 yo(boy @ that!!!!) makes life much easier.Have owned many previous models of dust buster,but best yet by far!!!!!...more info
  • Worth its weight
    Super powerful, easy to use, but a bit heavy. I've yet to use up the charge while cleaning. No blow back of dust when you start it. Worth its weight and cost....more info
  • This Sucks......Buy it!
    This hand held has about the same suction power as a full size vacuum. We own a dog and I'm able to use this vacuum to clean up dog hairs from virtually any surface, even embedded hairs on carpet and fabric sofas. I even bring this vacuum in the car when me and the dog go on rides for clean up. The crevice on board attachment is great for doing stairs and along the walls. It's definitely the most powerful hand held on the market today. I hesitate to give it a full 5 stars due to poor battery life. Otherwise, it sucks!...more info
  • I made a good choice.
    This is my first experience with compact hand held vacuums and I am very pleased with it's performance. It has good suction, holds the charge for a good while, is easy to clean and is just the right size. My granddaughter even enjoys helping with cleanups and she is only 2. The only downside is that it is a little heavy for me but I do have arthritis in my thumb joints so I would likely have a problem with lighter vacuums because of how they have to be held. Couldn't be happier with my choice....more info
  • Much better than earlier Dustbuster
    We had previously been using an older two-battery DustBuster which had lost its charge over the years. This new unit has significantly more power than the other one ever did -- it has great capacity and "sucking strength". The only downside is that every manufacturer always tells you to empty out the canister after each use. Unfortunately there always seems to be some residual dirt or items that get stuck between the exterior of the canister and the interior. The choices are to rinse it out or use something sharp and long to dislodge the offending material. Neither is ideal but a fact of life with these items.

    Overall, I love this product and highly recommend it....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I use this primarily to pick up dog hair after daily grooming of my two dogs. This is a fantastic machine! Picks up all the hair quickly and with little effort or time needed. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I picked it up at Target. Does an excellent job on cat hair and litter on the wood steps that go to the basement. I bought it for cat hair and litter for in and around the basement. Works pretty good on berber carpet also. I really like it. ...more info
  • Works great
    I don't really know how to compare to other ones, but seems to have good power....more info
  • Dustbuster
    Plenty of power for a hand held. Easy to clean and many innovative features....more info
  • Good stuff
    It's great for stuff like dog kibble or cookie crumbs or chinchilla litter. great for mess cleanup, but no effect on dog hair. ...more info
  • The best mini-vacuum ever...
    I am going to try and keep this short and sweet because this 15.6V DustBuster does exactly what it is supposed to do: it has tremendous suction. Suffice it to say, I was a little leery of buying it because it's a little pricey and I have had really bad experiences with these types of products in the past (check out my review of the Shark EP750ST Deluxe Cordless Handheld Vacuum).

    Well, color me impressed. The suction is FANTASTIC. The battery seems to last forever. I have yet to run low on a charge in usage up to 15 mins continuously. Also, if the battery should ever begin to lose its power charge duration over time, the CHV1500 has the ability to swap it out for a new. This is a big coup! It also has a HEPA filter and a great canister for storing dirt that makes it easy to empty. All in all, someone finally did their research here. Kudos Black and Decker.

    So, if you are thinking of buying a dustbuster, I can wholeheartedly recommend this one....more info
  • This thing sucks
    I'm sorry, as terrible a pun as it is, I couldn't help myself.

    This replaces a 3 year-old DustBuster that finally couldn't keep a charge. We use it to clean up random small messes around the house which, with two small kids and a cat, means it gets lots of use. Lots of power, great pickup, reasonable single-charge performance (8-10 minutes), with a very effective and easy to clean filter make it a HUGE improvement over our old unit. In fact, it's enough of an improvement that I'm sorry we didn't replace the old one earlier. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that $10 for the replacement HEPA filter is highway robbery; I also suspect that the replaceable battery is too expensive to really make it a useful option.

    Oh, and don't expect it to pickup cat hair, etc., it won't; This unit is designed for things like lose dirt and cereal.

    Update: It does have one brain-dead design flaw. On prior models the vac exhaust is on the unit's side, on this unit it's on the bottom opposite the handle. On several occasions now I've managed to blow dust, hair, etc. all over the room after overrunning what ever it is I was trying to pick up. The rating stands though.

    ...more info