Warrior Workout: Kundalini Yoga

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***NOW WITH THE NEW DESIGN YOUR OWN WORKOUT MATRIX MENU OPTION***This comprehensive DVD has helped to establish Ana Brett & Ravi Singh and their signature yoga style as the most exciting new trend in yoga and fitness.

This DVD contains exercises for flexiblity, strength building, aerobic efficiency, detoxing, ab work, and much more: all with a through the roof fun factor! This amazingly effective workout features warm-ups, and a 45 min. yoga set with two segmets which can be done individually or together. Set one, Warrior Cardio, will help you aise your energy high! Set two features Warrior Cleanse, to take your health to a new level and keep you supple, youthful and vital for life! Also included: breath primer, meditation, deep relaxation, and a great soundtrack.

Discover why Ravi & Ana's client lists includes Madonna, Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Red Hot Chile Peppers. This conveniently chaptered DVD, with the recently added Matrix gives you the option of designing your workout based on the time you have: pick and choose whichever segments you want to include in your workout and let them play in whatever order you'd like! This DVD has everything you need for high caliber fitness, peace of mind, and to give your life a total boost!

Customer Reviews:

  • Yoga with Cardio!!
    I LOVE this one!! It is so great first thing in the morning. It will get your engines started, and running ALL DAY!!!

    It's so full of energy and FUN yoga. Many movements will really get your heartrate up, and your body sweating. But, all in a fun way.

    Practice this regularly, and you will see results. Not only in your body, but also your mind, and spirit.

    This will make you strong, and introduce you to the amazing effects of Kunalini Yoga....more info
  • Newbie to yoga
    I'm very, very new to yoga (I've only been practicing two or three times a week for about two weeks). On top of that, I'm not one of those people who's just blessed with good flexibility. In fact, I'm very inflexible. I've been doing the Ultimate Stretch DVD for about a week and could more or less do all the poses. I couldn't go as far into the stretch as Ana, but I could do it, so I figured I'd try a different DVD. The Warrior Workout is very good and definitely gets your heart going. I felt like I got an awesome workout with this DVD. The only reason I knocked a star off of the rating is because this DVD is NOT for beginners. On just about every pose, I had to make a modification or stop earlier than Ana. I still loved the workout and while I'm going to put this DVD on hold for now, I'm really looking forward to the day I can do the entire DVD. So I recommend this DVD to anyone looking for a challenge and who is more in the intermediate range of yoga but if your a beginner, try the DVDs Ultimate Stretch or Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond. Those two DVDs are more geared towards yogis of every skill level....more info
  • Warrier Work Out?
    I was expecting the typical warrier series in this DVD. I was very disappointed. Although I have been studying yoga for many years I found this DVD to be extremely advanced and too difficult....more info
  • Refreshing and energizing
    I don't want to sound like a broken record here, but like many other reviewers I also own many of ravi singh and ana brett's kundalini dvd's. Practicing yoga on a regular basis for me in and of itself is meditative and restorative, so I look for a challenging workout that connects me mind, body, and soul. Warrior Workout definitely provides me with that. Each time I use this dvd I feel refreshed, energized, and accomplished!...more info
  • I love this DVD!!
    I bought this DVD because I had taken a Kundalini class and had liked the results. When I got this DVD I thought I would use it a couple of times a week to vary my Yoga routine (I normally do Hatha yoga). However, I am now addicted to this video! I love Ana and Ravi's instruction and cannot do this video too many times. It is very invigorating. You will begin to notice results in your additude and your body immediately. I recommend this video to anyone who is looking for something other than holding poses. Who knows, you may fall in love with this DVD as I did!...more info
  • Looks cheesy but it's not!
    The production of the Ravi & Ana DVDs have kind of a superficial feeling to them... sort of like a "yoga in the mall" vibe. But don't let this fool you, their warrior workout is not that easy, they do lots of Breath of Fire, and by the time I was through the entire program i was like, wow, that packed quite a punch! So, i really like this DVD and the kundalini yoga sequence is fun, it's pretty hardcore actually and the light/airy/fluff vibe started growing on me after repeat viewings:) I'm a real fan now of Ravi & Ana!...more info
  • Beginners are Warriors too!!!!
    I was worried this would be too difficult but instead found that the Warrior Workout really is for any level. I consider myself a beginner since I have only dabbled in yoga until finding Ana & Ravi's DVDs. I can't tell you how much I love every single one that I have tried! I do Pilates and have wanted to add some yoga to my routine for quite some time but none of the workouts I had tried had me looking forward to doing them like these workouts do and certainly none of them leave me feeling as blissed!
    This workout has a Breath Primer which is optional but teaches the Breath of Fire if you don't have their other DVD's. It is a simple breath to learn so don't worry if you have never done it. It is so energizing, I do it even when I am not doing yoga to give me a lift.
    There is a modification given for every exercise,so you can adapt to your own level and no pose is held too long, just long enough to really embody it and feel the energy surging through your body making you feel like a Warrior! Simply excellent!...more info
  • Helps your body burn Fat fast!
    If you want to get in shape fast, tone up top to bottom, and lose body fat and overall feel energized throughout your day, I suggest adding this workout to your rotation. It seems unlikely that you can break a sweat doing yoga but you will! Its not that anything is too difficult, but it is sequenced so that you will feel the burn!
    I currently am rotating Warrior Workout with their Ultimate Stretch Workout and Fat Free Yoga. I am feeling in the best shape I have ever been in since high school. I am even seeing the beginnings of a six pack and shoulder definition.
    I have been able to perfect my digestion and get off coffee with Ana & Ravis programs. My energy is constant. I recommend, if you are thinking of buying this - go for it and you will probably wind up getting them all! ...more info
  • Warrior workout
    Great, like all others by Ana & Brett. Even though I always had very strong abs, now they are becoming simply abs of steel. The breathing techniques are amazing! I always feel refreshed and in much better mood after the workout. ...more info
  • Fun, Challenging, Empowering Work-out!
    This is a great & fun workout. When I do this whole dvd I feel like I have worked every possible muscle. I love the matrix option which allows you to break up the workout if you don't have time to do the entire DVD.
    I love to hear what they say. Their voices are soothing and encouraging and get me to do exercises better then I ever could on my own. When I finish I feel like I have really accomplished something great and feel light and happy. To sum up - this is is a total body workout in 55 minutes, for that I really love the DVD. I also have their other DVDs and I think they are great also....more info
  • strong workout
    I loved every minute of it. This is intense but doable for most people who are already exercising.There are some poses in which you do breath of fire standing on your toes with arms raised up. Another is downdog on fingertips and toes. Quite challenging but realy creates greater endurance. I don't recommend it for begginers. All the body is addressed and you can feel it. This one will up your physical condition and willpower. As always you are told how the pose is benefitting the body. Very inspiring....more info
  • My favorite yoga workouts
    I have recently begun to do all yoga as fitness. I had been doing a pretty high-impact workout routine 6 days a week. Now I do yoga instead for 6 days. I do mostly Ana Brett & Ravi Singh yoga workouts. I really like their type of yoga because it feels very aerobic. It is a mild form of cardio that feels much healthier to my body then all that hard stepping up and down and running that I had been doing I have been amazed to see I have finally started losing weight and actually seeing some muscles in my arms legs, back and stomach - all former problem areas.
    The only other thing I do, which is something I have always done, is walking at a fairly good pace. I live in the city and take about 2 twenty minute brisk walks to the subway and back and then walking to do shopping. I am beginning to think yoga is all I need....more info
  • A really different yoga DVD
    This is a perfect yoga video. I, like most reviewers, cannot rave enough about Ravi & Ana's DVD's. This one is more non-stop then the other ones. Less rest in between exercises but it never feels frantic like some other Kundalini Warrior Workouts I have tried.? I watched it through first just because it is so beautiful to look at. There? is lots of emphasis on the breath. Its the most dynamic, inviigorating yoga I have ever done. Ana Brett is obviously a very experienced practitioner. I have seen her in quite a few DVD's now and she is truly awe inspiring. This is probably the most advanced of the RaviAna DVD's and it is challenging. I really felt like I had had a satisfying metabolism boosting workout! I think an intermediate student could benefit from this one. For beginners, I would start with Total Tune Up (still one of my favorites!) or the Ultimate Stretch Workout. Remember that working with where you are is important in yoga. The 1 thing I miss: In his older videos Ravi semed to be saying more spiritual things as you were in the poses. I know some people do not enjoy the mystical side of yoga but I do! Please don't stop all the spiritual support Ravi!...more info
  • Transforming!
    I think your body gradually adapts to the demands you place on it. Yoga has reshaped my body until I am finally liking what I see and feel.
    I started doing Ana & Ravis DVDs in 2001. When I started I could not sit cross legged on the floor without pain, nor could I touch my toes without bending my knees.? Now I am very flexible and have obtained a deep strength that feels more integrated then what I used to achieve through weights and running.
    This workout like all of the Ravi/Ana workouts is exhilarating! It is probably their most advanced so I recommend starting with their Beginners and Beyond although,if you, like I was, are attracted to the Warrior title I say give it a go. Instructions are easy to follow and Ana makes it pretty easy to know how a pose ought to look....more info
  • My boyfriend picked a winner!!
    I have practiced kundalini yoga for years, but moved away from my teacher and started practicing other diciplines including Qi Gong, power Yoga and Anusara My boyfriend bought the Warrior Workout DVD along with several others from various sources to help him with his back. I put this one in to check it out and WOW!! I love it!! Definitely the best yoga video
    I've experienced. Truly an enlightened work! Now I'm hooked, this workout is helping develop my body and energy system in amazing ways! THANK YOU!! ...more info
  • Fountain-of Youth Yoga
    I am a walking testament to this type of yoga. I began years ago with an old tape of Ravi Singh's (which I dont even think is available anymore) called Long Live You. I have long since worn it out. I now own all nine of Ana Brett & Ravi Singhs DVDs and continue this practice everday.
    You would not believe how old I really am but my skin retains its youthful glow and elasticity and my posture and energy level is that of a much younger person. I feel at least half my age if not less. I would not even dare tell people my real age since they would laugh, thinking I am joking. Not that there is anything wrong with growing older - but if you can stay young gracefully, why not?...more info
  • not for beginners
    This work is indeed good, but well, I had been out of kundalini practice for a while, and on the first try, I could not finish the routine; It supposes that you have already some base training and quite good stamina. To start a bit more gently, try Rodney Yee....more info
  • Challenging but so much fun
    Again, I just can't stop raving about Ana & Ravi's workouts. I was a little nervous after previewing Warrior Workout before trying it. Yes, it is definetly challenging but so worth it in the end. I get a great full body workout as well as a mental workout. I absolutely love how they show you modifications as well as tell you not to overdue it. The meditation at the end is fantastic. After completing the workout I keep the meditation in my head all day and I find it keeps me calm.

    I own all but 2 of their workouts, but will be ordering them within the next week.

    I recommend giving this 1 a try and do as much as you can and work up to the level you are comfortable with. Each time I do it I am able to do more....more info
  • even challenges a teacher
    Having experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher's Training, I am familiar with this set. The venerable and amazing Krishna Kaur had us do this set one fine afternoon, only she had us do it the way Yogi Bhajan taught it to them back in the day which means that most of the moves were done for 108 repetitions, not by time. (Imagine, 108 frogs, 108 pistons, 108 times of raising the hips off the floor and dropping them...yikes) At the end, I was seriously holding onto the railing to walk down the stairs to my car, my legs were shaking so much.

    This is the same amazing set, but done at a much more approachable pace. It's challenging and got me sweating and moving great energy but without the wobbly leg scenario afterwards.

    Since I am currently doing a candida cleanse/detox I plan on adding this set in at least twice each week throughout, to help support the cleanse. I don't have the new Matrixed version for all levels, and I imagine that's even better, but the original set itself is just wonderful. I had low energy when I started but felt quite alive by the end!

    This is truly for all the spiritual warriors out there.

    Sat Nam
    Blessed Be...more info
  • Really Rocked My World!!!
    I have Ana & Ravi's Fat Free Yoga and other of their titles so I knew this was going to be a high quality workout and my hunch was correct. I love the pacing and the music and Ana & Ravi's instruction is spot on as always. Each time I do this one I have so much energy I can hardly contain myself (but in a good way)! This is definitely a best of all worlds (workout + stretching + peace of mind)workout. I do feel like a peaceful warrior! Ana & Ravi are really onto something with their presentations and I can't wait for their new titles this January. Meanwhile, I'll continue enjoying myself with this and their other titles....more info
  • A real workout!
    Ok..Just when I thought I was moving to an advanced level in my practice a dvd comes along that kicks my butt! This one certainly did. I loved the variations of the poses and was glad to see that there were asanas that were not on my other dvd's. I am so tired of the Sun Salutation that is on other work outs. I have always had trouble with the lunge part of that set and this dvd cuts that part completely out. THANK YOU! It was a refreshing and tough workout and I am glad I bought it! Will be a nice complement for my other dvd's when I need to really get moving....more info
  • Fantastic DVD!!!
    I have been a huge fitness buff since I was 14 and picked up yoga about 4 years ago. So needless to say, I own (and have watched) many, many, many fitness videos (including many yoga ones.) I've stuck primarily with hatha and asthanga yoga in the past, so Kundalini is new to me. This is the first Kundalini video I've seen and I must say I loved it. To start, the quality of the video is great-the voiceover by Ravi is good, the set is simple and calming-not distracting, and I loved the music. The instruction is great. I wasn't left questioning how to do anything and I wasn't confused. I was able to follow along even though I'm new to Kundalini. I also loved how invigorating it is. I've recently given up all my other forms of fitness such as running and biking to stick with yoga (due to aches and pains). I find myself craving something more vigorous even after my power yoga sessions. This definately was not as hard core as running, but I felt unbelievable afterwards. I wasn't huffing and puffing or all red and sweaty, yet I felt as if I satisified my need for a more cardiovasular workout. It's perfect also, because I didn't have to worry about risk of injury or the aches and pains as I did with running.

    My favorite part was the meditation song at the end. I was humming it all day which kept me smiling and relaxed. I felt so great after this video (and all day long) that I'm eager to get to bed at night because I can't wait for morning when I can do it again!! I've also bought all the other Ana Brett and Ravi Singh DVD's that they've made!! Compared to all my other yoga and dance videos, this is by far my favorite!!...more info
  • Tough, but worth the effort!
    I've been doing yoga for 13 years, so I didn't expect to be as phased by this one as I was! It's a toughie, but in the best possible way. I'm assuming it was tough for me because it targeted areas I've been neglecting in other yoga routines (upper body), and because I needed the detox. After finishing I feel lighter and slightly sore, but invigorated.

    This disc has a great balance of the kundalini yoga warmups that I have come to adore, some more traditional hatha yoga poses (down dog into up dog, repeated a few times- OW, my arms!), detox, and meditation. My only gripe is that I couldn't remember the words to the meditation song by the time they were removed from the screen (pausing the disc and jotting them down is my solution, although I had to make sure to print them big enough so as not to distract myself by having to squint).

    Ana and Ravi singlehandedly turned me on to kundalini yoga, and my health and mental well-being have really benefited. I lost weight and have toned up! My skin has much more of a glow to it too. I never really gave this style of yoga much of a chance before their discs, and I've gone back and tried others since then. ...more info
  • Great Results!
    This is my 4th Ana Brett & Ravi Singh DVD. Each program I've done is excellent. I really like the matrix menu option which lets you cutomize your workout. I like the way this is filmed with Ana against the soothing sky background. I also like their use of music. It is always a lot more hip and inspiring then in most other yoga programs.
    in this one as in their other titles I've tried. I appreciate their alignment cues which help me to achieve the postures and their other commentary. Inspiring and insightful. I was told I needed to lose some weight and this workout as well as their Fat Free Yoga, have made a difference for me. I was a little apprehensive, re: the title, but the ALL LEVELS was the deciding factor in my purchase. It's true. They give modifications for the challenging exercises so there wasn't anything I couldn't do. If you want to get your circulation surging in a good way, and feel on top of the world, I highly recommend this DVD....more info
  • Fast Paced Workout
    This video is great. It is long and works every part of your body. This video really makes me feel empowered and energetic ; it burns alot of calories too. I love the meditation at the end. Ravi and Ana are great and all their videos Rock!
    ...more info
  • Yoga for Weight Loss & Spring Cleaning!
    I got this along with Ana & Ravi's Fat Free Yoga and their Kundalini Yoga Cardio Stretch & Strengthen for my new Spring Fitness Plan. I am so super motivated because I've already gotten results and the workouts are so enjoyable to do. I do this one at least twice per week. I've gotten great tone in my arms and shoulders and I can feel that my circulation has improved. I also can see some definition in my abs which is a miracle! I sweat while doing this and I swear that I can smell toxins coming out of me. Even if you haven't had live instruction you will find this one doable, challenging most definitely, but very user-friendly. Kundalini Yoga is probably unlike any other fitness system you've tried, but you will probably find, like me, that is your new favorite thing!...more info
  • Sweat & Love It!
    Having bought their 2 latest DVD's, and still wanting more, I backtracked and purchased Warrior Workout.

    This is a kickin' Yoga DVD! From this laymans point of view, it seems to include everything - muscle strengthening, cardio, stretching and more. This is Power Yoga - Kundalini style, in other words, the best of Hatha plus (I've since been learning a lot about Kundalini Yoga). Additionally, I like to use the matrix option because, sadly, I often don't have the time to do a whole hour of Yoga.

    I've been thinking of doing a sort of 'Spring Cleaning' on myself and this would be a great DVD to help with that. As Ravi and Ana say: Tear Out the Toxins! ...more info
  • Kundalindi Yoga and weight loss
    Hi, I just would like to pass on some information. I have been actively participating in the Kundalindi Yoga tapes by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh for 5 months. I Have the Warrior, Fat Free Yoga and Dance the Chakras. They are all wonderful and give you a great work out. I have lost 25 pounds. In addition, I add aerobics every other day and swimming. NOt only have I lost weight, but I have benefit of feeling great, greater flexibility , a sense of well being and peace. It has increased my focus and feelings that are very positive. I would reccomend the series to anyone.
    Pat...more info
  • Excellent Warrior workout for body and soul!
    The rejuvenation of the body and the mood change from anything to totally blissed out is what has got me hooked on Kundalini by Ana and Ravi. I had never done so much as a Kundalini move before until I read the reviews on one of their many DVDs and purchased it. I have now a total of 3, this one is almost my favorite, and I have built up my stamina to where I can do an entire hour of this exercise, compared to only 10min as I was getting used to breath of fire. My only wish is that there were more of an instruction on exactly how to do breath of fire at the beginning of this DVD or any other one. I found out from talking to a yoga teacher friend that I was indeed focusing on the wrong part of the breath - it is a short in-breath and very intense out-breath and I was doing the opposite. Watching Ana can only show you so much and the mechanics of the breathing could be better explained, just food for thought for Ana and Ravi who are otherwise magnificent. Thank you for the much bliss that I am now able to create by the Warrior Workout....more info
  • The Warrior Workout has changed my life
    I have many yoga DVD's and this is absolutely the best. It is a fully comprehensive workout for mind, body and soul and leaves you feeling full of energy and cleansed.
    By doing the exercise 3 times a week for 6 months I have lost about 30 pounds (without changing my diet), near cured my insomnia, cured my carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist (I can even do push ups now), increased my flexibility and upper body strength no end, increased my cardio and improved my sex life!
    Ravi's instructions are unobtrusive, yet extremely informative, allowing you to fully understand why you are doing what you are doing and how it will improve you. Ana is a pure inspiration and motivates me to 'take it to the next level'.
    I am now putting on the DVD because I miss the feeling it gives me, not because I have to. I couldn't live with out this DVD and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about yoga....more info
  • Fantastic, thoroughly recommend it
    Like all of Ravi & Anas yoga DVDs, this is great. Can't find any other yoga DVDs that grab me like theirs. I like the pace, the workout, the guidance throughout. You wont be let down if you try it....more info
  • Works great for me!

    I work fulltime and really try to take care of myself. I took up mindfulness meditiation in 2005, I play guitar and I try to exercise daily. Sometimes it just doesn't fit. I find a combination of different exercise, stretching, cardio and yoga work well for me. Sometimes my body is tense enough that sitting to meditate is not easy, my body needs to stretch and move. I started taking a Kundalini yoga class at work, and added this video at home. I really love it! it is exercise, meditation, relaxation....and I can do it!...more info
  • Yesss!!!!
    My initial interest for trying this type of yoga was that it is refreshingly different from other types. This to me is what all yoga should be. I had also heard that Ana & Ravi's yoga had none of the ubiquitous sun salutations found on virtually every yoga DVD out there. So imagine my surprise when halfway into the workout we began a Kundalini version of salutations!
    My next surprise was - I actually enjoyed these! They are pretty intense like all sun salutations, but different enough to make it interesting and fun.
    Again, the part I don't like about regular Sun Salutations is that they are in every Yoga DVD that I own. I'm really tired of them. I used to like them but now am really over them.
    What I do like about them is that they really work to tone the arms and upper body.
    I love this workout. It is excellent on all levels. The instruction, the pace, Ana's form, Ravi's voice over...
    I am very happy I to have a yoga DVD with sun salutations I actually enjoy. All the benefit with none of the boredom! The repetitions get the muscles really warmed up. As other reviewers have said, I feel this one sculpting my body. It's kind of non-stop so you are fully engaged throughout. I have a low boredom threshold with most workouts, I feel that Ana & Ravi have made this workout exactly for me.
    Thanks Ana & Ravi. You guys are amazing!...more info
  • Strengthens Mind, Body and Soul!!
    I don't even know where to begin. Ana and Ravi's DVD's have made a dramatic difference in me in only 2 months of regular exercise. I am not a novice to working out; other regimes haven't worked on so many levels and so EFFECTIVELY as these have! I also have Dance the Chakras and Fat Free Yoga.

    I've done the whole gym scene, classes, running, walking, diets, etc. None of that made as much of a change in my body and overall health and well being as these have. I've already lost inches and pounds in only two months, I haven't seen myself at this weight in years!!

    It also works on your mind and soul, Ana and Ravi are always so encouraging and inspiring. You will find yourself calmer, more focused, happier, and at peace.

    You won't regret buying these....more info
  • Cleansing
    The first time I tried this DVD I thought it was pretty challenging. After using the DVD for a few weeks, I love it! The cleansing techniques are helpful and the mediation at the end is one of my favorites on prosperity....more info
    This incredible sequence truly represents what a Kundalini Yoga set ought to be. Not only does this set give one increased cardiovascular capability, but there is a serentiy, a true clarity or peace of mind which accompnaies it and gives one focus for the rest of the day. When approaching the notion of a truly advanced workout, it is essential to balance pure strength and grace or fluidity. Warrior Workout somehow manages to magically achieve that delicate fusion. Also, this is a truly fun practice to do. I particulary love the innovative marching throughout the kinetic body/mind symphony of motion and meditation. I don't believe another fitness program exists on DVD which leaves one feeling as healthy, streamlined, and strong. I bought this DVD nearly a year ago and I know it will always be a vital component of my workout regimen....more info
  • Feedback on Ravi/Ana DVDs
    3 months ago I got the 3 Ravi and Ana DVD's(Warrior Workout, Ultimate Stretch and Navel Power) and they are the most interesting workouts I have ever done. I have had many years of neck and shoulder pains. I had been seeing a chiropractor 2X a week for a month before I read about these tapes and tried them. I tried the Warrior First(probably a mistake)and ended up feeling more tight in my neck and shoulders then I already did. By the time I went to sleep that night though I started feeling really good. I slept like a baby and by the morning I felt better then I have in years.
    I canceled a couple of my chiropractor appointments because I felt so good. They kept calling me and I finally went in to show them how good I was doing. I had all the doctors coming in and listening to my story about doing the Kundalini Yoga DVD's They were amazed at how fluid my back really was now. I have been continuing with these DVD's and still maintain more openess and less tension in my neck and shoulders.
    I plan to purchase their other DVD's to help me further explore Kundalini Yoga.
    Thank you Ravi & Ana for giving me the opportunity to have this experience in my life....more info
    I bought this DVD not knowing what to expect. Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini sounds like some kind of wierd pasta, but I'm always up for something new. This is a killer workout with good music. No time is wasted on boring minutae like many other yoga DVD's. Breath of Fire along with exercises is a very cool innovation. In one DVD I got my ab fix, my stretching fix, my cardio fix, and my meditation fix. ...more info
  • Warrior Workout
    I have been a yoga teacher for over a decade and have mostly prefered a power vinyasa style of asana. Recently I was introduced to Kundalini and this practice has reinvented not only my personal practice, but my life! This Warrior dvd is one of my favorites- I love the intensity and it leaves me feeling fabulous! A GREAT combination of kriyas done with Anna and Brett's own groovy style. I would not be without it. ...more info
  • Kicked my butt but I love it!
    I am on Amazon writing my first review because I have finally done a yoga workout that is fun, kicked my butt and left me feeling like a godess. I have no doubt I have worked every muscle and even better - balanced my glands and chakras after I have finished this tape!...more info
  • The Warrior Workout is just as great as the old but with more!
    I have enjoyed Ravi Singh's Kundalini instruction for over 16 years now, and have had the opportunity to do a workshop with both Anna and Ravi. They truly uplift the soul and body! This is my favorite Kundalini workout. Keep up the good work guys! :D...more info
  • All Inclusive Great Workout!
    I can't say enough good things about this workout. Every part of the body is worked on, and as with all of the Ana & Ravi series, you don't have to worry that your yoga and fitness are an either/or propostion. With Warrior Workout you get the best of both worlds: the targeted, comprehensive focus of the best fitness programs, with the stretching and multi-dimensional approach of yoga. I always do feel empowered when I practice this tape. It challenges me in a good way, but it's not so difficult that I put off doing it. I also love the music on this. Most yoga DVD's contain generic new age music. All of the music on Ana & Ravi's DVD's is totally memorable....more info
  • a re-connection to my self and my body
    i first tried yoga when i was 17, 7 years ago. loved it, but it didnt last cuz i was not ready.. now i have been doing yoga on and off for two years, and pilates about one year.

    i always felt like something was missing, like i was waiting for a deeper fullfilment in my body and mind. i love jennifer kries pilates, but have never been truly satisfied with yoga classes and dvds, all though i feelt a "yoginis high" after doing yoga. . i never felt i had the will power to continue yoga,
    but this has changed after trying kundalini yoga. in addition, i feel that this type of yoga helps the seksual energy. -to release tennsion and anxiety - and channal it into personal power

    After bying this dvd for a friend on her birthday, two friends and i sat down to watch the dvd. we became emotional and high, just by watching the beautifull ANA BRETT and listening to the mantra song.. after trying this dvd my back has never felt stronger( like many others i have had lower back and shoulder problems) this sounds a bit cheesy and woo woo, bUt i FEEL LIKE I AM "HOME"!

    when i listen to, and sing the mantra "HARE GOBINDAY" i cry. for the first time i feel like i am doing something that both makes my body stronger and more beautifull, my mind more focused and my soul more powerfull!
    i recomend this to anyone who needs o boost of energy, a re-connection to your "Self", and a great workout all in one.

    ps. i just love ana and ravi, "all power to you" for bringing this great yoga to us all !...more info
  • Very very very excellent DVD's!
    About 1,5 year ago the person I go to for SHIATSU , started to attend Kundalini-yoga-classes in Amsterdam.
    He became very, no, extremely enthousiastic and soon he started to teach me a bit at the beginning or end of the shiatsu. And so I started reading about Kundalini and got through him my first Kundalini tape, and soon after I bought the Ravi & Ana Total Tune Up and Yoga Cleanse DVD's.
    Now I bought the newest DVD's and I am thrilled with the new workouts!
    The Kundalini yoga helped me very much to get out of a very serious depression, to structure and motivate me at the beginning of the day and also to overcome the side-effects of the medication I took.
    It also helps me to keep my lower back in shape because a hyper-mobility off my spine causes me severe back-problems when I meet stress.
    The Kundalini-fever infected my life in such a positive way that I am gladly spreading the virus under my friends. The excellent DVD-work-outs are so clear and easy to follow, that it's a very nice way to do yoga on your own when you wake up in the morning....more info
  • I like it!
    It's weird... but I like it. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in different forms of yoga. The routine really focuses on breathing, which helps you to focus on what you're doing and keep your mind focussed on the breathing and working out. ...more info
  • Invigorating, dynamic, energy building!
    Ravi and Ana Workouts are my favorite yoga dvds and the ones I use on a consistent basis. I believe in rotating workouts, to keep the metablism humming and mind/body energy high, so I use Warrior Workout or Navel Power when I want to burn calories and tone and their Ultimate Stretch Workout when I want a workout that focuses on flexibility.I also sometimes alternate with other workouts like Iyengar(Suzanne Deason) even Baron Baptiste(power vinyasa).

    If you are fairly new to Kundalini Yoga I would start with Yoga Total Tune Up which is a particular favorite of mine, in place of Warrior, or Beginners & Beyond. You can't go wrong with any of their workouts for a full body workout that will leave you feeling great.

    Ravi Singh is very adept at cultivating inner peace while Anas energetic and impeccable moves lead you through an invigorating workout. Together they have achieved the ultimate in yoga DVD workouts: A workout that gives a full body tone up while ALSO helping you to relax and integrate deeply mind, body and soul....more info
  • Not for a beginner but a good place to work towards
    Tried this workout today and oh my goodness. It was so hard for me I quit half way through. I'm still rating it a five though because I believe I'll love it when I'm advanced enough to do it.

    So, what was so difficult. To start off I'm overweight FYI, and while not inflexible I'm no yoga buff, gymnast or dancer. You have to hold this back bend what seems like forever and rotate in and out of it for example. There are down dogs and they are so slow. Holy cow. And unlike my other two dvd's from Ana I have; Chakras, and house call, not much meditation inbetween the moves. This one is more intense so if holding some gumby like positions is no problem for you and breath of fire simultaneously is your cup of tea, than drink up.

    As for me, I'm keeping the DVD as something to work up to. An, "I have arrived to the top of the yoga mountain DVD." Those backbends were such a killer, unbelievable. My triceps were simply screaming. Pilates was much easier than this by the way.

    For those who'd like a comparison the warrior is a ten in effort compared to chakras (3) and house calls (2). I guess they don't call it the warrior for nothing....more info
  • Add this to your Ana and Ravi collection!
    For anyone looking to add to their collection of Ana and Ravi DVDs, this is an awesome, exhilarating workout.

    There are a few 'traditional' yoga poses here, including a great down dog - chaturanga - up dog sequence, but no warrior poses.

    Be prepared to do the breath of fire many times, and expect to sweat! There are also fewer meditations between poses, making it 'more aerobic than aerobics' (as Ravi Singh would say).

    I did this DVD for the first time last night and can't wait to do it again. I've been bursting with energy all day today....more info
  • Outstanding workout
    I have been doing Ravi and Ana's DVDs almost daily for the past 2 years. Warrior Workout, to me, is the ultimate. It offers a very challenging workout (which gets more enjoyable and slightly easier over time) and makes me feel incredible. I feel uplifted and joyous when I finish it, even if I was in a bad mood when I started. This is a tougher workout for a beginner, but it certainly is "doable." It was actually one of the first of Ravi and Ana's workouts that I ever did. You can do it as a beginner, it will just be more challenging for awhile. I own almost every DVD they have made and can't say enough about how they have changed my life for the better (I have 4 kids under 11 years old, and the DVDs definitely help me get through the day with a better attitude)....more info
  • kundalini
    very different take on yoga, but i enjoy it. i have only used the video a few times. teh stretches are deep and the breathing is strong, so if you have a hard time remembering to breath, this video definately helps you remember!...more info
  • Great!
    What a great workout! I'm a beginner and yes, there were a few thing on there that I couldn't do...honestly I'll never be able to do them...I've got horrible knees..so I can only do 1/2 a frog pose..and I cannot get up and sit back down without using my hands..oh well, I can do everything else. I will definitely keep this in my weekly rotation.....more info
  • Release the Warrior Within!
    I have an eclectic background of Tae Kwondo, Chi Kung, Hatha Yoga, Transcendental Meditation and Kundalini Yoga. Embracing the mental and physical aspects of Kundalini Yoga took some time for me, but videos as the 'Warrior Workout' make the process far easier. I couldn't disagree with our Minnesota reviewer more, then again we are all entitled to our own prejudices. Note, this video isn't the best choice for a beginner. The sequence can be a bit challenging, but it's a level of fitness and flexibility worth striving for. This set seems to hit all the major systems (lymphatic, cardiovascular, circulatory) along with calming the nervous system. Grab a copy!...more info
  • Warrior Workout - Kundalini Yoga w/ Ana Brett & Ravi Singh
    I love all the Ana/Bret DVD's that I have. This is a bit tougher and you really can feel it. Cardio warm up will definately get your blood flowing. The cardio is hard for me to keep up with one of the exercises but is getting better each time I do it. Cardio cleanse is just awesome and I feel great afterwards. May seem odd at first but after you do it for awhile you will come to enjoy the great feeling. I wish I had more time in the day to do them all everyday. I've been doing this type of yoga for several months now and feel a huge difference in my health and body. I've lost a total of 12 inches and just feel leaner and stronger and flexible. Keep an open mind and enjoy the benefits....more info
  • Powerful and doable!
    I was a little afraid of the title but.... this workout is powerful... but doable! I had purchased Ravi & Anas Total Tune Up and was addicted to that for a long time but this one goes beyond in production values and music.?
    There are warmups. Two parts to the workout and a chanting mediation. It is really easy to break up into segments. It is like buying three DVD's in one.
    Every exercise has a breathing pattern along with it. Either Long Deep breathing, Breath of Fire in moving or poses. After one hour of this you will feel amazing, this I guarantee....more info
  • Lots of breath of fire
    What a great workout! I am now in love with these guys and want to do more of their workouts. I've been doing yoga for over 15 years and there were new exercises in this dvd that I had never done before. They do a lot of beathe of fire, rapid breathing. It was hard at first, but I feel so energized and clean by the time that it's over.
    And at the end of the tape is a lovely song/chant. It makes me so happy. I will even just put on that part of the dvd after other yoga workouts because it's so uplifting.
    I was sore for two days after the first time. Now I'm more accustomed, but I still feel how it's toning my whole body and trimming my waist and thighs.
    I have never written a review before, but I just wanted to pass on my joy of finding this great DVD....more info
  • I'm Hooked Too
    While ordering my two favorite "more traditional" yoga tapes in DVD form, it was suggested I try Kundalini yoga. I'd never heard of it. The first time I did the Beginners and Beyond workout I was taken aback, I felt almost giddy. Even though I was alone, I wanted to look over my shoulder and make sure no one had just watched me gyrating, twisting back and forth, and trying to chant along with Ana and Ravi. I was strangely elated, and hooked. Instead of using all traditional static posing, Kundalini yoga often uses repetitive movements to warm and stretch your muscles. I love watching Ana. I really like that it is just her, one-on-one. Ravi has a wonderful, mesmerizing voice. When I complete my workout, not only do I feel more limber and relaxed, but Ana and Ravi send you on your way with a little piece of joy tucked inside yourself. I now have Fat Free Yoga, Ulimate Stretch Workout, Navel Power, Warrior Workout and Dance the Chakras. I can't wait to buy their latest CDs. I have given them as gifts to my daughters and two of my friends. Need I say more. ...more info
  • Wonderful DVD
    I recently purchased this DVD, and it is the best all-around workout DVD that I have ever owned. I used to use walking tapes until I was diagnosed with plantars fasciitis. I had to stop putting so much pressure on my feet. I started using the Ravi and Ana DVDs and think this one is my favorite. I can really tell that it tones and also works cardio. I also have the Yoga Beauty Body (love it), Dance the Chakras (a lot of fun), and AM/PM Yoga. I like all of them, but keep going back to the Warrior because it seems to work all of the muscles and it doesn't involve pounding on my feet. The Dance the Chakras is fun because it involves dancing which is a great workout. I have started toning up (especially my arms and abs). I was never this toned, flexible, or relaxed with my walk tapes. I will continue to purchase the Ravi and Ana DVDs....more info
  • This DVD gives you bounce!!!!!!
    Never ever Done a workout that keeps your body moving and energy flowing all day long like this one! Really it is true this one fires up your engines and gets the motor running in turbo charge, you feel like speedy Gonzales after this one. A must do to start the day in a great way!!!!!...more info
  • excellent for the gentle warrior in us all
    This is a powerful work out but most anyone can do it. Kundalini yoga is great at combining the physical with the mental, emotional and spiritual. So we are cleansing and purifying ourselves as warriors on all fronts. I feel energized all day after this one....more info
  • This DVD delivers!
    I am pleased to find this comprehensive DVD with the new Matrix option. It takes us through a thorough warm-up, spinal exercises and all, and goes into cardio and cleansing, with meditations and mantra. There are some difficult moves, but with modifications it is doable.

    The matrix option is great! Just select which parts you want to do, in order, and it plays it through as ordered.

    Very nifty.

    I love Ravi and Ana DVD's!

    kstars...more info
  • more like an exercise video than yoga
    I bought this DVD based on the reviews, and was very disappointed. Even though it is a workout and does increase your heartrate, and physically is probably good for you, it doesn't seem like yoga to me, more like calisthenics or aerobics. I just don't think walking in place and standing up/sitting down repeatedly qualifies as yoga....more info
  • fun
    This wasn't hard in the way I thought it would be. It's still a challange, just unlike any I've had with exercise or yoga yet. I really enjoy her dvd's. ...more info
  • Fabulous
    This is a challenging, invigorating, complete work out for mind and body. I have all of Ravi & Ana's DVD's, and this is definitely one of the more challenging. This and the Weight Loss video are the only that really make me break a sweat (although I love them all). After completing this video, I feel like I got a great workout, feel more energized and positive, and yet also feel extremely relaxed. This style of yoga is so much more enjoyable for me than the yoga I have done at the gym (hatha yoga, power yoga, etc.). I don't even view it as exercise... it's something I look forward to doing rather than a chore. It's great to find something that you truly enjoy doing that also makes your body look fabulous... feels like it shouldn't be possible! Thank you Ravi & Ana!...more info
  • Five Stars Isn't Enough
    First I have to comment on the previous review which got me to write this in the first place. The sound on my Warrior DVD is fine, better then most. It sounds like she has a problem with her player.
    The concept of the Warrior is a big part of the Kundalini yoga tradition. This tape really helps you feel centered, strong and confident.
    It starts with some warmups for the spine, stretching, and then goes into a very vigorous routine that is as aerobic as anything I have seen in the yoga realm.
    This is a great all purpose DVD for total body conditioning, stretching and balancing.
    I think this could be helpful for anyone, whatever their fitness needs....more info
  • I can't say enough about this DVD
    I don't really know how to start this review. I'm a terrible writer but I MUST review this DVD. This workout/meditation is just perfect and beautiful!!! I've been doing yoga for years and have many many DVD's. This is definitely in the top of my list. Kundalini is new to me, and after trying Ana and Ravi's DVD's I'm totally hooked!!! I'm addicted to this kind of yoga... all I think about is coming home to this DVD.

    I have two other Fat free yoga DVD's, the Journey through chakras, the one for weight loss and this Warrior DVD. They are all great, but this is definitely my favorite. I love the workout and I love the meditation. The music is great and the meditation/chanting for prosperity at the end of the DVD is just AMAZING!!!!! I haven't felt as connected and great with any other yoga workouts in my entire life. This DVD brings out my true self. It makes me a better person, it makes me happier!!! After I finished this DVD I just wanted to cry of happiness.... this is truly a complete workout for the body, mind a soul. Don't look any further!!!!!! This DVD is just fabulous!!!
    ...more info
  • A little disappointing
    I'm a huge fan of Ana and Ravi DVDs, but this is really one of my least favorite. The workout is difficult but doable, and that's what matters. On the other hand, Ana's voiceover is particularly annoying in this one, and doesn't make for a great meditative experience. Also, the video is strange -- not skipping, but the timing is off, which makes it pretty difficult to follow Ana "to the rhythm of the breath of fire." This is also one where they use repeat loops of the voiceovers, which is annoying if you do the video enough. Overall, it's worth buying for the workout and meditation, which are really great, but you're going to have to grit your teeth and bear Ana talking. ...more info


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