Airoma MisterTM Machine

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Product Description

Airoma-MisterTM is a time release wall dispenser that uses the 7.5 oz Air Therapy? Refill Can. Revitalize, Neutralize and Protect your personal environment from odors, smoke and all airborne pollutants. Airoma-MisterTM is the easiest way to keep you in control of your environment. Adjustable mist 7, 15 & 30 mins Non-VOC Propellant California Air Quality Approved U.S.D.A. Accepted Uses two AA batteries (not included) On/Off switch Effective on smoke and all odors No OSHA problems

  • Automatically Cleans and Freshens Your Air!
  • Great for Spas, Resorts, Hotels, Boats, Schools, Offices, Clinics and More!
  • U.S.D.A. Accepted
  • Original Orange Scent
  • Purify and Deodorize the Air You Breathe