CARUSO Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter 30 Rollers & Carrying Case Creates Shine & Volume (Model: C97953)

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Product Description

The Caruso Professional Molecular Hairsetter was invented to finally give women the results that they longed for - long lasting curls and volume while keeping hair healthy, shiny, and in great condition. The Caruso Professional Molecular system is a revolutionary process; tiny molecules of steam penetrate the ahir shaft reforming the chain bonds to create healthy, strong beautiful curls. This hairsetter has been customized to give you the styling power ti accomodate any and all of todays most popular hairstyles. The Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter Includes: (6) Petite Rollers (6) Small Rollers (6) Medium Rollers (6) Large Rollers (6) Jumbo Rollers (1) Carrying Case

  • Steam Conditions as it Curls
  • Quick & Easy: Sets in 5-10 minutes, or to Achieve the 30 Second Curl, Simply Blow Dry to Evaporate Moisture
  • Can be used on Foreign Currents
  • Curls last for Days, For All Hair Types & Non-Damaging
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Product
    I have really long hair and the Carusos are so easy to use and does not damage my hair!! This is so much better than curling irons and takes less time! ...more info
  • This is a great product!
    My hair is fairly resistant to curl. I would use curling irons, heated styling brushes, hot rollers -- I would try anything to get a curl in my very straight hair. Nothing has ever worked as well as these curlers. The steam doesn't damage my hair and the curls last until I wash my hair. Just make sure to leave the curlers in until they are completely cooled. I've found that if I take them out before they are totally cool, the curl isn't as strong or bouncy.

    I love these curlers and have not found anything that curls my stubborn hair better. If your hair won't hold a curl, definately give this product a try!!! ...more info
  • An awesome product
    I have very curl resistant hair- straight as a board, actually. I borrowed my friend's set, and the curls lasted for four days! Well by the third day I *really* needed to wash my hair, but I was so impressed with the product that I'm looking for some for my self. Normally hot rollers or a curling iron will last for a few hours and then fall out; these curls remained bouncy and fairly tight (we used the small roller) for days. By the third day they had fallen out just a small bit. It's my understanding that this type of hair curler does not do the damage to your hair that using a curling iron will do. Which just makes the product that more attractive to me, frankly. I recommend this quite highly to anyone who wants to have nice curls that will last and last....more info