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Honeyville's Steel-Cut Oats have been carefully selected from premium milling quality oats. These oats are then stabilized through a special heat process that ensures freshness and flavor, then passed through a steel cutting process to crack the oat. Steel-Cut Oats are a rich source of soluble fiber, protein, and vitamins, as well as other nutrients. Just three grams of soluble fiber from oatmeal daily in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. A thirty day regimen of 1 bowl a day of oatmeal will actually aid the body in removal of cholesterol.

  • $4.49 ships entire order anywhere in the continental U.S.
  • Selected from premium milling quality oats.
  • A rich source of soluble fiber, protein, and vitamins.
  • Guaranteed Fresh.
  • Each can contains 4.375 pounds of Steel Cut Oats.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Steel cut Oats
    We love steel cut oats and go to great lengths to find good oats. Prior to trying Honeyville Farms Steel Cut oats, we were big on McCann's steel cut oats. However, McCann's quickly started to get really expensive!

    Honeyville Farms Steel Cut oats are fantastic. They cook well, have great texture and satisfy us every time.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Good Buy? Yes, But..........
    This is actually just a comment. I am an oatmeal lover, and am about to start slow-cooking them overnight on the recommendation of a friend. I know that the quality and taste reviews of McCann's and Honeyville are very similar, but the notion propagated by some that these are substantially cheaper is not correct. Here on Amazon, even without the auto-ship discount, the McCann's 4-pack is 22.38 cents/ounce [with free prime shipping], while the Honeyville is 22.54 [including shipping]. If you sign up for auto-ship, the price per ounce for McCann's drops to 19 cents per ounce. So, granted, Honeyville is the cheapest to buy for your first bowl by almost $10, but not in the long run....more info
  • overpriced and overrated
    Your steel cut oats are way overpriced not even organic. I can get organic steel cut
    oats from any health food store in bulk in Los Angeles by Fedex for a fraction of your price or almost
    anywhere in the country. A consumer can buy it organic for much less without the fancy designed can. And without the chemicals. ...more info
  • a lazy way to healthy eating.....
    I'm not much for cooked oatmeal so I take a 1/4 cup of these oats with some of the Honeyville blueberries and a good dollop of low-fat yogurt. Into the fridge with this concoction, and the next morning the liquid from the yogurt softens the oatmeal a little (but not too much). Healthy breakfast - about 2 minutes of work. ...more info
  • Wonderful Oatmeal
    This is the best oatmeal I've ever eaten. We cook it overnight in a small crockpot. A quick, hot breakfast the next morning! You can add things to it for endless variations....more info
  • Great product.
    I was a little skeptical when I saw the price difference between these oats and McCanns, which I normally buy. But the other positive reviews made me buy and I'm really glad I did. This is an awesome product and you just can't beat the price. Highly recommended....more info
  • Impossible? A health food that tastes great!!
    It is possible... this is it. A huge can of this finely cut oat product. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare but you won't be sorry. It is a chewy treat and all my kids love it and we even make it mid day for a kind of dessert. Here is how I make it into a desert...

    Make it with milk, put it in a dessert bowl, pour whipping cream around it, sprinkle with sugar... serve.

    I think there is a way to soak the oats overnight and cut the preparation time too... most of the prep time is about reconstituting the oats (pulling water back into it). Experiment and get back to me will you? Do yourself a favor... stop eating those terrible rolled oats and get some of this stuff!!...more info
  • Great bang for your buck
    This oatmeal is extremely tasty and well worth having to order online versus buying other expensive brands locally. You definitely get more bang for your buck and you cannot beat the quality of the product and service of the vendor.
    We will definitely be buying Honeyville Steel Cut Oats from now on!...more info
  • Great oats and great value...
    I bought these oats after my grocery store stopped selling steel cut oats. They are really great and steel cut is far superior to rolled oats. I actually crave oatmeal now. I sometimes cook them in broth with chopped onions and mushrooms. They come out like a creamy risotto....more info
  • excellent oats
    best buy for the money and very good service. I will purchase all my oats from this firm in the future.
    dfg...more info


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