Swiffer Sweeper Complete Pack with 2 Dry Sweeping Cloths & 1 Wet Mopping Cloths

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  • Sweeper has light & durable metal pole with a swivel head to get into hard-to-reach places
  • Dry disposable sweeping cloths are textured with V-shaped ridges that trap dirt, dust, hair, and common allergens without stirring them up.
  • Swiffer dry cloths are also great for hand dusting
  • Wet disposable mopping cloths are presoaked with an advanced cleaning solution that dissolves stains and dries quickly without streaks.
  • Swiffer wet cloths are safe on finished wood, linoleum, tile and ceramic floors
Customer Reviews:
  • Swiffer is as Swiffer does
    ...boy, Amazon sells EVERYTHING nowadays, even household products.


    Commercials says a lot of crap about their products, saying all the cool features that may or may not be as effect as spoken. Sometimes, the people get suckered into buying such products, and the end result remains just that: crap. The "Swiffer" is, in rare cases, anything but crap, even though the overplayed commercials might make it seem like such. The reason why this is a product a joy to buy in any store is for one reason: it works.

    The Swiffer is manageable, accesible, adjustable, and flexible. All unnecessary-rhyming versatility aside, it does what's questioning everyone's mind about the Swiffer: it captures everything that's on floor, no matter what type of non-carpet floor it is. Using the dry-sweeping cloth, the product captures about 98% of the mess: dirt, dandruff, human hair, dead skin, rotting bugs, and condiments such as salt and pepper that were accidently scattered on the kitchen. The cloths are not as magnetic as some might say, it's actually the little hairs that stick out in the cloths to grab the mess from whichever direction. It took me two dry cloths to swiff up the whole house, and the results were amazing. The only thing that the Swiffer DOESN'T catch, as surprising as it sounds, are the one that can easily pass through its hairs, such as lil' rocks and rice. Sometimes, the best way to use the Swiffer is to not sweep the area just once.

    The starter pack comes with everything that's mentioned. I don't think the pine-smelling "Swiffer Wet" cloths are a big deal, but it's nice of the company to include these cloths in the pack. They're not the perfect alternate for a mop, and the "Wet" packages does drip when I cut 'em open, but the wet cloths are effective for mopping away juices and anything remotely liquid. If only it mops away the marks made by the rubber soles of the boots, it WOULD be the perfect alternate of a mop.

    Swiffer is easy to set-up, handles greatly with excellent rotation, and it's easily height-adjusted, so even a preschooler or a midget can use the swiffer. It's afforable as well, so it's the cheap alternate gift for a chia pet, except no housewife or inner-maid fratboy would ever think of this as a worthless item. Take it from me and every lazy person who owns it, we wouldn't have care for cleaning floors if it wasn't for this.

    Overall, "The Swiffer" is perfectly utilized....more info
  • swiffer
    good reliable product. I bought it for my daughter who has a new apartment with wood and tile floors....more info
  • Poor packaging-
    The cloths leaked and were usless upon arrival. WHen I complained they wanted me to send the ruined cloths back. What a pain! Very disappointed....more info
  • The Swiffer Sweeper is worth 5 Cheers!! Cuts cleaning time in half!
    I hate cleaning house, or in my case, apartment! There are so many wonderful, worthwhile things I could be doing with my time rather than dusting, sweeping and mopping. Sleeping-in on weekends is high on that list of activities. However, I cannot abide living in filth. Sigh. So, clean I must. And then a dear friend of mine, a compulsive cleaner, turned me on to Swiffer products. After receiving a firsthand demonstration from my enthusiastic pal, I purchased the "Swiffer Sweeper Complete Pack," which includes 2 Dry Sweeping Cloths & 2 Wet Mopping Cloths. I also bought additional refill packages of the disposable cloths.

    Wake up fellow humans!! This is a fabulous product!! The Swiffer Sweeper takes the yuck, or most of it, out of cleaning...well, at least the daily floor sweeping/washing part. I have two cats, so eliminating their hair more easily is a major plus! This amazing little apparatus, is designed to pick up dust, invisible particles and pet hairs, as well as spills in no time flat!

    The starter package comes with a light, durable metal pole with attached sweeper cloth holder which has a flexible swivel head to get into hard-to-reach places. Four disposable Swiffer cloths are included, two for dry sweeping, and two for wet mopping. Wet disposable mopping cloths are presoaked with an advanced cleaning solution that dissolves stains and dries quickly without streaks. And no, these wet cloths are not dangerous for house pets. Just allow surface to dry before letting your pet walk on it.

    I would recommend buying a package of refills along with the starter pack, since once you use a cloth you throw it out along with whatever it picks up. To use, simply wrap the cloth, wet or dry, around the sweeper head and push edges into grippers. Dry cloths are extra-thick with unique, V-shaped ridges that pick up more dirt, etc., than traditional methods of cleaning. The Swiffer fibers create an electrostatic charge, that when wiped across a surface, attracts dust/dirt, hair, and other gunk. Then the trademark "Lift and Lock" pockets hold the dirt to stop it from returning to your clean floor or surface. Each Swiffer wet disposable cloth is presoaked with cleaning solution and will clean approximately 100 square feet. It is safe for finished wood, linoleum, tile and ceramic floors. Do not use on unfinished, oiled or waxed wooden boards, or non-sealed tiles, however.

    Some folks complain that the refills are expensive and I agree, to some extent. Although for me, they're worth every single penny because after I sweep/mop, the dirt and cloth go directly into the trash and out my door - Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200! Weigh your priorities. I'd rather brown bag it to work and cut my cleaning time in half. Check it out. You won't hear me cheering often about anything that has to do with cleaning. The Swiffer Sweeper is worth 5 cheers!!
    JANA...more info