Swiffer Dusters, 5-Count Box, with Extendable Handle

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  • Sturdy handle extends to 3 feet in length
  • Pivoting head can be adjusted and locked into four different positions to clean angled surfaces, such as ceiling fans, venetian blinds, cabinet corners, and baseboards
  • 5 disposable Swiffer Dusters included with Extendable Handle
  • Swiffer Dusters have thousands of soft, fluffy fibers that trap and lock away dust
  • Works on virtually all dry surfaces leaving no residue
Customer Reviews:
  • Works very well.
    This product works very well. It picks up most dust easily and effortlessly. I don't know how I cleaned without it but now my place doesn't feel clean if I don't dust with it....more info
    The Swiffer Duster is one of those little miracle products that can cut your work time and make cleaning much more pleasant an experience. If you have allergies, you'll be able to dust without sending an army of dust mites up your nostrils. What the Swiffer Duster picks up it really holds -- then in the trash it goes! The extendable handle enables you to hit the dreaded ceiling fans and other out-of-reach horrors. It's worth the price!...more info
  • Three enthusiastic cheers for Swiffer Dusters! Makes cleaning almost fun!
    I hate cleaning house, or in my case, apartment! There are so many wonderful, worthwhile things I could be doing with my time rather than dusting, sweeping and mopping. Sleeping-in on weekends is high on that list of activities. However, I cannot abide living in filth. Sigh. So, clean I must. And then a dear friend of mine, a compulsive cleaner, turned me on to Swiffer products. After receiving a firsthand demonstration from my enthusiastic pal, I purchased the "Swiffer Duster with Extendable Handle."

    Wake up fellow humans!! The Swiffer Duster takes the yuck, or most of it, out of cleaning...well, at least the dusting part!! I have two cats, so eliminating their hair more easily is a major plus! This amazing little dusting apparatus, similar in design to an old-fashioned feather duster, cuts down on dust, invisible particles and pet hairs, in no time flat!

    This starter package comes with two sturdy plastic handles which extend to 3 feet in length. Two disposable Swiffer dusters are included, so I would recommend buying a package of refills along with this purchase, since once you use a duster you throw it out along with whatever it picks up. You simply insert the duster onto the handle, shake to fluff, and dust. Dry cloths are extra-thick with unique, V-shaped ridges that pick up more dirt, etc., than traditional methods of cleaning. The Swiffer fibers create an electrostatic charge, that when wiped across a surface, attracts dust/dirt, hair, and other gunk. Then the trademark "Lift and Lock" pockets hold the dirt to stop it from returning to your clean floor or surface

    I find Swiffer Dusters are particularly good for getting into hard-to-reach places, like under and behind the computer monitor, keyboard, TV screen, sound system equipment - they're fabulous for cleaning ceiling fans, around knickknacks, and my personal nemesis - loaded bookshelves!! The pivoting head can be adjusted and locked into four different positions to clean angled surfaces, such as above mentioned ceiling fans, venetian blinds, cabinet corners, baseboards and tight spaces.

    Some folks complain that the refills are expensive and I agree, to some extent. Although for me, they're worth every single penny because after I dust, both dust and duster go directly into the trash and out my door - Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200! Weigh your priorities. I'd rather brown bag it to work and cut my cleaning time in half. Check it out. You won't hear me cheering often about anything that has to do with cleaning.
    JANA ...more info