Swiffer Dusters Refills 10-count

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Our Price: $6.99

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Product Description

10 Count, Swiffer Duster Refills, For The Regular Swiffer Duster Or The New Swiffer Duster With Extendable Handle

  • For use with Swiffer Duster original handle or Extendable Handle
  • Swiffer Dusters have thousands of soft, fluffy fibers that trap and lock away dust
  • Work on virtually all dry surfaces leaving no residue
Customer Reviews:
  • works great but is the price worth it?
    these products do work well, but it is way over priced. I am also reluctant to use more disposable products adding to the already over stuffed garbage landfills. I try to use a reusable cloth half the time and the swifter products the other half. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I have been using these swiffer dusters for a long time and could not get along without them. I am so happy that they now have just the refills and delighted to get them through Amazon, as I never did see them in grocery stores or drugstores....more info
  • Save your money
    These are expensive. When they first came out they were expensive, but I tried them anyway. They were great. Were is the key word. Over the years they changed either the formula that they use on them or they use less of it. All they do is push the dust around. A good product gone bad....more info
  • Swiffer Dusters
    When these first came out, I thought that they were the best invention since sliced bread. Over the years, they either changed the formula of what ever chemical that they use on these or they use less of it. Now, all they do is push the dust around. Nothing sticks to these at all. Talk about a good product gone bad. Sigh....more info
  • ingenious!
    i salute the makers of this product..
    it's something we all need until someone invented a way to make dust disappear on this planet..

    even if i had to get this in USA (I'm from Singapore by the way, and the stupid P&G in Singapore are stupid enough not to bring this product in).

    the only thing is u hafta keep buying the refills......more info
  • Love it!
    This actually removes the dust... it doesn't just leave it wherever your "swipe" ended like most other dusters. Before I discovered this product, I used to dust probably twice a year. What a difference!...more info
  • Still haven't received the product so I can't review even though it is charged to my credit card.
    Still haven't received the product so I can't review even though it is charged to my credit card....more info
  • The best duster I've found
    I've tried everything and this is the best dusting product I've ever used. Unlike others, it actually removes the dust instead of just moving it around and it easily gets into hard to reach places. And then to just be able to throw the duster away along with all of the dust! Great product....more info
  • Very useful
    I tried the Swiffer duster once and got hooked. They work so good that I ended up buying a second duster, a Swiffer wetjet mop, Swiffer broom, and extra refills. It's definitely worth buying and using....more info
    I's also quick. Works great on laptops and video sreceens. It gets into hard to reach spots. Makes me dust more often...which I guess is a good thing. Kinda expensive....more info
  • Excellent product
    i was a little skeptical about this product, but after trying it a few times, it has changed the way i clean! so much less mess with paper towels and cleaners!...more info
  • good buy
    I bought this as a trial product, because the other stuff that I bought didn't work as what they advertise it. But this dusters picks up the dust instead of pushing to another place. This refills is quite cheap and it make my cleaning job much easier....more info
  • so easy and picks up all dirt, dust and pet hair!
    this is great for hard to reach with your vaccuum spots. it picks almost everything up and is fast and easy....more info