April Shower APDS Shower Head Water Filter Dial-A-Spray

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Product Description

Turn your daily shower into an indulgent experience with the April Shower Dial-a-Spray Filter APDS by NewMarket Naturals. With this filter, each shower will be not only good for you, but enjoyable as well. The APDS features a built-in chlorine filter as well as patented filtration media to target specific impurities, including minerals that cause hard water. Turn the dial to select among various spray settings, including a relaxing pulse massage. And once your tired muscles are soothed, there?s no need to put them to work scrubbing, because the purifying power of the APDS reduces scaly buildup in your shower. The chromed brass connecting collar and swivel ball offer easy adjustment and durability. Discover why the April Shower Dial-a-Spray is always in season!

  • Reduces scale buildup on tiles and glass
  • pH balances the water
  • Built-in three-way showerhead with pulse massage
  • Chromed metal parts for maximum durability
  • Swivel-ball action effortlessly adjusts direction of spray
  • Cartridge lasts up to 6 months (depending on water quality in your area)
  • Tool-free installation requires only seconds
  • Offers maximum head room
  • Most compact
  • Best filter for traveling
  • Features:
    • Adjustable showerhead features multiple spray settings
    • Patented filtration media purify your water a clean, pH-balanced shower experience
    • Patented high-performance filtration media: KDF-55 (copper-zinc) and Chlorgon (mineral salts)
    • Pulse massage setting soothes tired muscles
    • Removes chlorine, rust, sulfur smell, and other odors
    Customer Reviews:
    • good product
      Not sure if this filter really makes a difference, but we like it and use it, the filter media does need to be changed ~ 6 months....more info