April Shower APCBR Shower Head Filter Replacement Media Pouch

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Product Description

Guarantee hundreds of fresh, clean baths with this replacement cartridge for the April Shower Crystal Ball bath filter model APCB. This sachet contains the filtration media that purify and soften your water, removing chlorine and other impurities and balancing pH. It features a patented KDF filament in such abundant concentration that, if stretched on end, the amount in each sachet would measure the length of a football field. Perfect for bathtub, hot tub, or spa use, the long-lasting APCBR replacement media pouch offers effective purification for approximately 300 baths or one year. Treat your skin to bathtime indulgence that leaves it soft, smooth, and hydrated.

  • Removes chlorine and chloramine
  • Replacement media for April Shower Crystal Ball model APCB
  • Features:
    • Cartridge Life: Up to 300 baths or one year (depending on water quality in your area)
    • Long-lasting sachet guarantees approximately 300 pure, clean baths
    • Replacement media keep your Crystal Ball APCB at its purifying best
    • Sachet pouch containing filtration media resembling fine steel wool
    • Sachet removes chlorine and other contaminants