April Shower APDXB Deluxe Brass Filter Shower Head

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Product Description

Wash away your tension and cares with the April Shower APDXB deluxe brass shower head filter. Specially designed filtration media remove chlorine, iron oxide, sulfides, and other contaminants, leaving your water softened and pH-balanced for a new level of cleansing. You?ll enjoy cleaner, healthier skin and hair than ever before. Where the APDXB really gets under your skin is with its adjustable spray that features a therapeutic massage setting to ease your tired muscles and relieve your stress. You?ll feel even more relaxed in the knowledge that the APDXB reduces scaly buildup on tiles and glass, which means you?ll spend less time and effort cleaning!

  • Flowrate: 2.5 gpm @ 60 psi
  • Removes 98.9% chlorine and vapors, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides (rust water), odors, and traces of
  • Filter Media: KDF-55 (copper-zinc) and Chlorgon (mineral salts)
  • All-metal polished brass shower filter housing
  • Elegant jeweled metal finish won't spot, tarnish, or crack
  • Stylish adjustable polished brass showerhead
  • Reduces scale buildup on tiles and glass
  • pH balances and softens the water
  • Cartridge lasts up to 6 months (depending on water quality in your area)
  • Cartridge unscrews into halves for easy cartridge replacement
  • Features:
    • Elegant brass finish never looks tarnished or worn
    • Specially designed filtration media remove impurities and odors
    • Handle and Showerhead Dimensions: 6" x 3 1/2"
    • Softened, pH-balanced water leaves your skin and hair cleaner and healthier
    • Weight: 44 oz.