Oster 5711 Mechanical Food Steamer
Oster 5711 Mechanical Food Steamer

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Product Description

Let off some steam. Cook healthy meals with this high-capacity steamer. Includes large 3.8 qt and smaller 2.3 qt. steaming bowl for culinary versatility. Includes eight egg holders for soft or hard cooked eggs and 10-cup capacity rice bowl. 75-minute timer with auto shutoff for safety. Model #66471.

  • Generates steam in less than a minute
  • Instant steam allows you to start cooking immediately
  • Cook and steam anything with our double-tiered 6.1 quart capacity steamer for a variety of foods.
  • 75-minute timer with safety Auto Shut-off cooking controls
  • External water fill with see through reservoir allows you to never run out of steam

Customer Reviews:

  • It's the BEST
    I use it nearly everyday- Rice is cooked quick and easy without the worry of sticking to the pan or burning- even brown rice-
    Vegetables come out perfect- not overcooked and mashy-
    Potatoes are moist
    and now I can cook boiled eggs in less than ten minutes perfect without the shells sticking-

    ...more info
  • Too Fancy
    Upgraded to this steamer from one of the most basic models available when it died on me. This is easy to clean and I really like that you can refil it on the side. It has so many different options to how you use it, and I can't imagine using all the attachments. It's too fancy for my taste, but only because I don't want to store all the extra parts. ...more info
  • Oster 6.1 Qt. Food Steamer
    My wife and I found this steamer to have a high capasity, easy to use and easy to clean....more info
  • Great Product
    I love this steamer it makes making rice so easy. The oval shape makes it easy to steam many differnt things in it. It also makes fool-proof hard steamed eggs. The reasonible price is also a winner. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Excellent product
    I have been using Oster products since many years ago and particularly this 5711 food steamer is a good quality steamer. A lot of food you can steam, easy to clean, it comes with 3 diferent trays, easy to read the
    outside printed ilustrations. It is a good investment....more info
  • Great for eggs, change the water daily!
    I bought this steamer as a result of researching egg cookers. It's great for eggs, and you don't have to pierce the shells. It's great for everything I've tried so far - veggies, rice, fish. As for cleaning the water reservoir, I empty the steamer after each day's use - to reduce deposits on the heating element from the water being re-used and getting salts concentrated in it. After I empty the steamer, I tip it upside down to get as much water out of the resevoir as possible. Re-using the same water over and over is not a good idea. ...more info
  • Fast and easy steamer
    This food steamer works extremely fast. Within 10 minutes of turning it on, you will have perfectly steamed broccoli, asparagus, etc. I love the fact that there is no need to watch over it (as you would have to if you were using a pan of boiling water with a steamer top) and that the machine keeps the food warm for you after it has finished cooking until you are ready to use it. In addition, it includes two tiered steaming bowls (for joint cooking of items that need to be kept separate or that have two different cooking times) as well as a separate rice cooker. It really makes it easier to eat your veggies. ...more info
  • it's a good appliance.. but
    my main problems with this appliance is the difficulty of cleaning the reservoir area which shows the water depth from the outside... and the fact that the print on the outside washes off... makes it hard to tell how long you are setting the timer...more info
  • Greatest invention since fire!
    Nothing could be easier for preparing healthy food! If you want to keep it in good operating condition, use distilled or purified water. The drip tray makes it a snap to clean. Recommended for anyone trying to get away from fried food. Also, you can steam yourself some "fresh frozen" vegetables almost faster than you can open a can!(of processed crap!). What a great value for the price!!...more info
  • Oster Steamer
    This steamer works very well; I have cooked a variety of foods so far, and all were of good quality....more info


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