Harbinger 340700 3 Part Exercises Mat 2" x 48" x 96" (Black)

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Product Description

The Large Tri-Fold Mat is 48" x 96". This mat is made of 2" thick, tri-density foam padding which offers the maximum in support and comfort. Its 3 part pad design with integrated nylon handles makes the Large Tri-Fold Mat easy to store and carry. Its zippered vinyl covering maintains its original shape and allows for easy wipe down after each use.

With thick 2-inch padding and extra-wide and extra-long dimensions, Harbinger's 3 Part Exercise Mat provides comfort and durability to your at-home exercise regimen. Sit-ups will be a pleasure as you lie back on the sweat-resistant, zippered vinyl covering that is a snap to wipe down after use. Fold-up design allows for effortless transport around the house or to the gym, and easy storage under the bed or in a closet.

What's in the Box?
Harbinger exercise mat

Manufacturer Warranty
90 days

  • Exclusive two tri-density padding for maximum support and comfort
  • Tailor-fitted zippered PVC shell maintains shape and form
  • 3 -part pad system for enhanced comfort and convenient storage
  • Integrated nylon handles for easy transport
  • 48 inches wide by 96 inches long

Customer Reviews:

  • Soft padding - ideal for exercising while laying down
    The padding is soft and does not provide energy absorption for aerobic exercises. This is ideal for laying down and doing crunches, sit-ups, etc. The handles make it very transportable and the 4' x 8' size provides plenty of room for any adult....more info
  • Not Quite What It Seems
    I was expecting something more robust.

    The promo shows a fabric taught and tight over firm foam, but in reality, the fabric is somewhat loose and puckered.

    Cover has a plastic feel that seems like the type to crack at edges in the not too distant future.

    Foam is composite and not as firm as I had hoped. NOT suited for high impact training, such as Judo.

    It really has a Made In China feel to it. Which it was.

    The person complaining above about weigh and height must be a effete midget, as the mats folded are less than four feet and very lightweight. I'm not big and I tote this easily one handed.

    If you want something durable and for life, get a heavier grade gymnastics mat. This is suitable for portability. ...more info
  • Harbinger Exercise Mat
    I ordered this mat a couple of months ago to do toning and arobic exercises to a video. This mat is way too soft for this purpose. It is good for laying on but not for standing exercises. I would not recommend this mat....more info
  • Too heavy - Handles Do NOT Make This Mat 'Easily Transportable'
    The mat appears to be good quality, and the padding is certainly thick enough. However, the web site is somewhat misleading because the extremely heavy weight of this product is not listed, while the handles are promoted in a way that gives the (mis)impression that this would not be a difficult item to move. It IS a difficult item to move. In the pictured folded state, the mat is taller than I am - not easily stored, and certainly not easy to transport. The handles are attached, but are a joke if you really want to be able to even lug this thing across your living room. This WOULD be a good product for a home gym if you plan to lay the mat out in a set location and leave it in place. If you're looking for a comfortable mat that you can store between uses - keep looking. I suggest choosing a mat that lists it's actual weight and size when folded/stored. ...more info
  • Exercise Mat
    The Exercise Mat that I received is nice. It is thick and comfortable. It arrived in a timely manner and I am happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Good size. Too soft.
    It's definitely a well sized and nicely made mat, however it's not somewhat universal and only suitable for certain types of exercises. Being definitely too soft for any kind of balance or wrestling exercises this mat is still pretty good for tumbling (kids or teens at the most). One of its major benefits (aside from the size) is its light weight which is also its significant flaw - one has to constantly interrupt the routine to return the mat to its original location for it does move as you do, and sometimes even faster....more info
  • Harbinger Exercise Mat Review
    The price was reasonable...maybe a bit high, but definitely competitively priced.

    Our matts shipped and arrived early, so that was good.

    We bought 2 mats which has worked well, but wish they were designed to "link" together if so desired. We put velcro stips on each end with works mostly well enough.

    We did have a handle break, but i am not sure if it is a manufacturing defect, or the kids were just too rough.

    The kids use it mostly for tumbling, so it performs well enough, but I did expect and would prefer the thinkness/resistence of the foam inside to be heavier/higher density, so it gave more support for tumbling etc....more info
  • Nice mat but but too soft
    This is a thick and good looking mat but it is far too soft and the covering is too lose to be effective....more info
  • Great Exercise Mat...Versatile for Low Impact Aerobics & Floor Exercises
    I purchased this mat primarily to protect my carpet while doing my exercise routine. I needed a surface that would cushion my body while doing floor exercises, and to absorb shock to protect my joints for lower body strengthening moves, such as lunges and squats. I was in need of a sizeable, durable, non-slip surface. In addition, I didn't want too much padding because that would interfere with maintaining balance and proper form.
    I am happy with this purchase. The quality and weight of this mat is remarkable. It is quite "cushy" and thick, which makes it exceptional for crunches, yoga, and other floor work. As for my low-impact aerobics, lunges, and squats....the density of the mat does make these moves more challenging, in that the padding makes me work a little harder. The foot sinks into the 2-inch padding, therefore, it takes a bit more effort to lift the foot and execute each move. After a few workouts, however, I am adjusted and used to the feel and give of the mat. I also love that the mat folds into thirds, and has handles for easy storage under the bed. ...more info
  • Decent price, good product
    This item was ordered, shipped and delivered in a prompt easy fashion. It's pretty much what it says it is and works just fine. It may be a bit bulky but that can't be helped since it is a larger size (area) mat.

    Overall, I was happy with the price and product....more info
  • Great Pad
    Good amount of cushioning. Cover is certainly durable enough for home use, and rivals that of commercial pads at a gym/health club. My motivation for buying was to mimic the stretching area at my gym, and it meets that expectation fine. Plenty of room to lay out (I'm 6 feet tall). I also noticed a bonus that the cover sections have zippers, so I could conceiveably replace the pads if desired or necessary.
    ...more info
  • Father-in-law loves his mat!
    This was purchased as a birthday gift for my father-in-law. We were very happy with the quality and size of the mat. We feel we got quite a bargain to be honest! My father-in-law seemed quite pleased and genuinely surprised upon receiving the mat for his birthday (it was on his Amazon wish list). Our order was filled and shipped very quickly. I have no problem recomending this mat to others. ...more info


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