Sunbeam Health at Home Heating Pad, King Size 14" x 18"

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Product Description

  • HeatSense technology self-regulates to eliminate hot spots
  • High tech, ergonomically designed controller
  • 6 heat settings
  • Selectable auto-off (choose between 2 hour auto-off or continuous ON)
  • Extra soft, plus size integrated pad (14" x 18") conforms to body and is machine-washable
  • Integrated elastic loops offer convenient cord/pad storage
  • Moist heat option for deep penetrating pain relief
  • Vinyl storage bag
  • 12 foot extra long cord
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Features:
    • 6 heat settings with selectable auto shut-off (choose between 2 hour auto-off or continuous ON)
    • Extra soft, integrated pad conforms to body
    • Moist heat option for deep penetrating pain relief
    • Easy care, entire pad is machine washable
    • Ultra high tech, ergonomically designed controller with extra long 12' foot cord

    Customer Reviews:

      I purchased this heating pad for my back. It does exactly what I want. It is large enough to cover the affected area, it heats up fast enough, and it keeps a constant heat as long as I need it. I particularly like the cord because of its extra length. The cord is a little stiff, but that is not a major drawback. Once I learned the routine for turning the heating pad "on" and selecting the amount of desire heat, that initial issue was resolved. The quality of the heating pad and the price on Amazon (about ten bucks less than in a major drug store chain) make this an excellent bargain....more info
    • Toasty Toes
      I love this heating pad. It's so great to heat up the bed before I go to sleep. I am able to defrost my icy feet and sleep soooo comfortably. The best part is that it goes off after two hours so I don't have to worry about burning my feet or burning down the house. This is the second one I have purchased. I had the first one for many years and I guess it just wore out. I used it almost every night in the colder months. I wish I had not thrown it away because I found it it came with very long warranty and I might have been able to replace it. This time I'll know that....more info
    • Sunbeam Health at Home 809-015, King Size 14" x 18" - does not get very hot
      Sunbeam Health at Home 809-015, King Size 14" x 18" I read several reviews before purchasing this but some people said it was hot enough and others said that it was not so I took my chances. I was disappointed. The heating pad I currently own is not hot enough and this one was even less hot on the highest setting. I returned it....more info
    • Finally a Heating Pad That Maintains Consistent Temperatures
      So what can one say about a heating pad? They seem like pretty simple devices, and they've been around for ages. So what makes this heating pad any different from those bargain basement models? Well, the Sunbeam Health at Home Heating Pad utilizes something called "Heatsense." This new technology is supposed to regulate itself to eliminate hot spots. This is according to the claims made by Sunbeam. Well after owning and using this heating pad for a few weeks now, I can attest that this technology does seem to make a difference.

      My wife has always bought the cheap-o heating pads, with the simple four position heat controller (off, low, medium, and hot). These are those rubbery plastic bags, with a cloth cover that snaps over it. They take forever to heat up and usually get really hot, then cool down, then get really hot again. I have always had to turn them on and shut them off again and again in order to prevent my back from getting too hot. When I read the claims about this Sunbeam Heatsense model (model #809), I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try. My wife argued that the Heatsense technology claims were just hype, and that she could buy at least two heating pads for the price of this one. Well I went ahead and ordered it anyway, and I am very glad I did so.

      This Sunbeam heating pad comes with a wonderful electronic controller, with a backlit LCD display. It allows for 6 different temperature settings, and has a 2-hour auto-off feature for safety and to save electricity. Of course the control allows you to bypass the auto-off timer if you wish to; with a continuous ON setting. There is no snap on cloth cover with this model. The heating elements are integrated into a machine-washable, "extra soft" pad. The overall dimensions are 14" x 18", but the heating elements don't extend all of the way to the edge of the pad, so the "plus" size this pad claims to be doesn't really prove too useful. The pad heats up fairly quickly, and it maintains a consistent temperature throughout the entire heated surface. It is very soft and comfortable, and it conforms well to your body. You can also dampen the pad, by spraying or blotting it with water, but you don't want to saturate the pad. Just a little bit of moisture helps the heat penetrate deep into your muscle tissue better.

      The features of the Sunbeam 809 Heatsense Plus Size Heating Pad are as follows:

      * HeatSense(tm) technology self-regulates to eliminate hot spots
      * High tech, ergonomically designed controller
      * 6 heat settings
      * Selectable auto-off (choose between 2 hour auto-off or continuous ON)
      * Extra soft, plus size integrated pad (14" x 18") conforms to body and is machine-washable
      * Integrated elastic loops offer convenient cord/pad storage
      * Moist heat option for deep penetrating pain relief
      * Vinyl storage bag
      * 12 foot extra long cord
      * Lifetime Warranty

      Overall my wife and I are quite happy with our purchase of this heating pad. The extra long power cord is convenient, and my wife loves the fact that she can machine wash it when needed. The electronic controller is very handy and easy to use, but it is a bit bulky and pulls at the pad when it hangs over the edge of the surface you are sitting or laying on. The LCD display on the controller only remains backlit for a few seconds, after activation, so it can cause some groping in the dark when trying to find the controller. The integrated elastic loops are convenient, but I still would have liked to have received the vinyl storage bag Amazon and Sunbeam claims to be included with the package. I received no storage bag, but instead received a "Free bonus" of a cold pack (one of those squeeze and shake cold packs that come in first aid kits). This heating pad is a great performer, but it is not perfect. For being a "Plus" size, this model offers an actual heated surface area that is not any bigger than the cheapy models that my wife has bought in the past. But now that I have tried this plush heating pad, I would never go back to those old fashioned, cloth covered pads that you can buy for less than twenty bucks. The evenly distributed heat, and consistent temperatures are worth the small premium price of this model. I highly recommend it, as long as the consumer is aware of the minor shortcomings of this product....more info
    • Best heating pad I've owned
      This is by far the best heating pad, Sunbeam King Size Health at Home, we have ever owned. It is large, has a really long cord, no hot spots, is very durable, and having owned one for well over a year it lasts. This is why we purchased two more. Have had heating pads by other manufacturers that break after 6 months and others fail to heat after a year. Even had one that burnt a hole in clothes and a hole in the pad.

      Our parents owned Sunbeam pads years ago and they also held up very well. Thank you Sunbeam for such a good product....more info
    • Very good product
      Very good product that performs as advertised and is quite comfortable. The main area needed for improvement is the control which is unnecessarily clumsy to use. ...more info
    • Greatest Heating Pad EVER
      I've probably tried at least 5-6 other pads before getting this one. My search is finally over. This one gets VERY hot, and eases my back cramps. It's soft and big, and conforms to your body. I bought a second one, in case mine breaks or they stop making it.Love it. ...more info
    • Great Heating Pad
      I bought this heating pad for my wife. She had been lamenting the loss of her grandmother's heating pad, and we had tried several different heating pads in an attempt to replace it. She wanted one that was soft and flexible, that attained sufficient heat, and that was easy to clean. This heating pad fulfills all of her desires. We especially like the fact that the entire pad is machine washable. The controls are simple to use. Overall, she is very happy with this heating pad. (And, you can't beat the price, either.)...more info
    • Sunbeam heating pad, king size
      Super product, all that I expected when I placed my order. Fair price, prompt delivery. Recommended product and seller!!!

      This product has an auto shut off option the user can select. Sure beats the heck out of the junk I threw away immediately after Sunbeam's fine product arrived!!...more info
    • Nice Pad, Maddening Controls
      I like this pad because it does not bunch up, heat is good, is soft and large.

      The controls are hard to use, hard to see. However it is worth the trouble because the pad itself is superior to other pads....more info
    • Don't Buy Sunbeam
      I bought a Sunbeam Heating Pad from Amazon, Model B0000V773M, and it would not heat above warm. I called Sunbeam, faxed my original purchase invoice, and they sent another heating pad, Model 808/809. It does not heat above warm either. So I m out purchase price and I have a useless product. It's not the money...I just want a "hot" heating pad. To replace the second pad, I would have to send it to a special re[placement company at my expense. Not worth it. Don't buy Sunbeam!...more info
    • Probably the best
      I have purchsed three of these over a period of 5 months for myself and for my parents. The quality and finish are very good.

      It is convinient to use and the best part is that it is washable....more info
    • great heating pad
      I love this heating pad. For one, it doesn't have a cover that slips off and it doesn't twist up like other heating pads I've use. I really like the digital readout and the auto shut off. I have three of these and it's the only kind I'll ever buy. ...more info
    • Works well but....
      The devices heats up nicely and its very comfortable... but after 3 weeks of use it stopped working. The LCD had an F4 error on it and it stopped heating up. I contacted Sunbeam and they sent me another one free of charge. And the new one works perfect....more info
    • Great heating pad!!!
      This heating pad is one of the best that I have ever bought and priced at $24.99 is terrific!! I picked this up in my local department store and what helped me to decide to buy it was the chioce of having to use the auto shut off or having the continual use. Other heating pads that I have bought alwasy shut off in 2 hrs and you cannot select longer if you want it to stay on continuously. It is hard to find a heating pad now days that are not built without the shut off but this has both, so you get to choose. I need the continual on option sometimes because when I hand feed my birds I don't want to get up every 2 hours and turn the heating pad on and when I am sleeping my birds will freeze because I cannot get up every couple of hours to reset the heating pad because of the auto shut off feature. What I also like about it is the style and durability! This is quite a stylish heating pad.. It has 6 electronic heat settings and on the right side of the remote you can push it once and it will light up auto "shut off 2 hrs" and then push it back and it will light back up to "Stay on". This is a simple heating pad to use and it has continued to work very well and gets good and hot also. The pad cover is good quality and it is very stylish in all over silver tone. Highly recommended! ...more info
    • dangerous heating pad
      I sent this heating pad to my 75 year old sister in upper Michigan. I never saw the pad. I sent it direct. When I called her to check on it, she tearfully told me that it came with a warning that it had lead in the power cord, and that she should wash her hands if she touched it. A heating pad that you cannot touch? A Sunbeam heating pad? She was in tears. But I am outraged that this Chinese trash is now being sold under names like Sunbeam. Profit over people.

      She later sent me the instructions with the warning, so I saw it with my own eyes. Too bad previously reputable Sunbeam doesn't have higher standards. Too bad for us all....more info
    • Not bad choice
      It gives me enough heat if I lie on it. I use the low heat and loves the continous setting. The olny problem is that the heating wire seems to be too large. I can still feel them under the soft linen....more info
    • Does the trick
      I found it a little strange that in order to get wet heat you have to sprinkle the outside covering (my old heating pad had a thin, removable inside sponge). But the temperature can be regulated well (without feeling burned or like there is no heat at all) and overall it does what it's supposed to do. Good size too....more info
    • Much better than my other ones
      This heating pad has been great. I have chronic neck muscle pain and find that sleeping on a heating pad helps provide some relief. I wanted a heating pad that doesn't turn itself off or else I wake up in pain. This gives me the option of leaving it on or setting it to auto off. The pad seems to be sewn into the cover so it doesn't slide around and the pad doesn't accidently fall out of the cover and burn me. It's washable and has a detachable cord. My only complaint is that I have to turn it pretty high for it to feel hot. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase....more info
    • Good but not very hot
      I just bought it 2 days back for my mom..yet to give it to cant add her feedback but I tried it on myself the day i bought..and wasnt really totally wasnt heating enough..even at the highest setting..wont say it was was definitely better than that..but i felt it wasn't enough to provide relief to a bad pain......more info
    • dangerous! don't buy it!
      When ever I use this heating pad I find myself wondering whom I can tell that it stinks! The cord disconnects from the pad, for safety reasons, when you lean on it, and then turns itself off, but you can't really tell when it is off... until it's cold. To turn the heating pad on again, the button function is complex and noisy (when you have a sleeping person next to you); you have to click through to see if it's on or off... which function number has come on ... the light doesn't always come on so you have to turn on the lamp ... when you finally completely wake up and click through the functions, unplug it from the pad, unplug it from the wall, and get it on again ... you lean back onto it ... and it goes off again. I do not recommend this heating pad.

      The only positive point is that the low is very low; most heating pads I find the low to be too hot.

      Since writing the above review, my mother called me to tell me that the heating pad wire, where it connects to the heating pad, cracked and both of the copper wires were exposed and that I should check mine since we got them at the same time ... I checked mine and I noticed the same thing; where the wire joins to the pad both copper wires were exposed and it was quite a fire hazard so I am going to find a way to report this problem since it is dangerous and it happened to me an my mom in the exact same part of the wire; it must be a weak link. Thanks to Amazon I just filled out a form to let a government agency know about the problem.
      ...more info
    • Nice heating pad
      This works very well. I especially like the fact that it is washable. The cover is nice and soft and the control easy to use....more info
    • Love it! Heating pads have come a long way!
      This heating pad has great features. I love the auto shut-off. It fabric is nice and soft. It isn't really big but a good size for me. ...more info
    • SunBeam keeps bringing you the Best Products
      The new SunBeam Heating pads have come a long way from
      their past! After 21 years, I broke down and bought this
      new heating pad. There were many to choose from. I bought
      a SunBeam because I trust their products, they have never let me down. This one has a removeable cover for washing,
      the control turn it off, in case you forget to. It is
      soft and plyable. I really Love this product.It is actually big enough to cover the needed areas for heat therapy....more info
    • Good...but bulky control and stiff cable
      I'd give this product 3 1/2 stars if half stars were possible. It seems well-constructed and -- most of all -- delivers plenty of heat. I had almost been too discouraged to try another heating pad, believing that the lawyers and assorted consumer nannies no longer allowed heating pads to heat. Not true with this one.

      OTOH, I consider the bulky control and the stiff cable to be substantial drawbacks to this product. The control is the size of a largish TV remote, the kind that fills a man's hand. Maybe this is necessary to accommodate the "computer control." (What'd you think...they had a little three-position switch?) Even worse than the bulk of the control is the stiffness of the cable from the control to the pad. This is not a subtle point...we are talking seriously stiff here. The pad is awkward to maneuver with all of this hardware hanging off of it....more info
    • Disappointed
      I saw alot of the reviews stating that the product wasn't hot enough. I thought that I would decide for myself as I am not hard to please. However, the pad did not provide the heat needed to ease my pain. Heat on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being very hot would be 2....more info
    • Not hot enough
      I have been using ThermaCare pad for several years. It gets expensive due to it's only for one time use per pad. I tried this Sunbeam product, it's nice with it's temp control and so on. However, for over an hour it will not heat up (I use it for relief pain). It's warm, if you are using it as small blanket to warm your legs, that's ok. I change the temp setting from L to H, that's all I can get, WARM. ...more info
    • Could be better
      The control on this heating pad is difficult to use but the pad itself works well. I think I will stick with just on and off and temp settings after this one!...more info
    • Shouldn't a heating pad heat up?
      This pad barely got warm. It's going back! Since this is the same complaint as with another Sunbeam model I tried, I suspect it isn't defective but intentional... probably for legal reasons. But shouldn't a heating pad actually have some heat to it?? ...more info
    • Several problems
      I agree with those who say this pad doesn't get hot enough. Maybe some people's do, and maybe some others just like the pad cooler. But on the highest setting, I don't think this got as hot as the low setting on my 30-year-old pad.

      In addition:

      1. It has a digital display with no backlight. You have to have the light on to see to set it.

      2. Only the quilted part heats up, and that's about the size of a standard pad. The borders don't heat.

      There were a few things I did like:

      1. Long cord.
      2. Washability.
      3. The cover doesn't slip off.

      Nevertheless, I want a heating pad that heats. I'm sending this one back.
      ...more info
    • This is a wonderful product.
      This is a wonderful product. It's the third brand I've tried, and it's the best. You can put a pillow behind your back to help the pad conform to your back, and you don't get any uncomfortable creases. It conforms perfectly to your back. You don't feel any wires, cords or any other protrusions. This is the best part. The quilting makes the pad cozy to have at your back.

      Also, having the option of a permently on setting and a two-hour shut-off setting is great. Depending on the day you are having, you can choose your setting. Sometimes you need constant heat and sometimes you just need a little to get you going.

      There are not any "hot spots" which is very helpful. When you move, you don't get suprised because a certain section of the pad is hotter than the rest.

      I fully recommend this product. I haven't seen or tried better....more info
    • Multifunction selections
      After having read previous reviews, some of which were less than satisfactory, I took a chance and purchased this pad. I love it. Found the multiple heat settings to be a real plus. The directions are very vague in terms of 2 hr setting or continuous heat, but once these were mastered, I was thrilled to have a pad offering continuous heat. It helps my back problem and provides blissful warmth for the cold Adirondack nights....more info
    • Nice.
      The product is nice. It is well made. The control features are excellent. The digital screen is back lit. The cord is long enough to reach from the outlet to the opposite side of a queen bed. My only complaint it that it doesn't get really hot. It gets warm enough for comfort, but if you are used to an eighties or earlier heating pad you won't find something that hot. Final review: Good for comfort, not for therapy. Still worth the money for me....more info
    • Finally!
      After years of having to discard heating pad after heating pad because the rubber sticks together inside the flimsy cover, I'm delighted with this product. It stays put, is comfortable on the body, the controls work well, and it doesn't over-heat or have hot spots. ...more info
    • 2 tries and it barely heats...
      How bad can things get? I ordered this mid-December; when it arrived, I found that it didn't heat up beyond a super-low setting -- even on High, it was barely warm. I called Sunbeam, and they said the control was defective and they'd send a replacement the following day. The replacement arrived on February 6th! I plugged it in and guess what? It was even more useless than the other! Some people on here have good functioning pads, so I suspect there are a number of bad ones, or they've been reconditioned or returned and Sunbeam is just playing Russian Roulette with the orders. I had a similar Sunbeam pad for years and I loved it -- it died after much use and I was trying to replace a really great heating pad. I'm really sick of this!...more info
    • Flawed in many ways
      The power cord pulling out is quite irritating, as is the loud controller...but the final straw was when I started getting "F1" and "F2" errors after about 10 uses. The pad refuses to heat up at all now. Sunbeam sure has gone downhill....more info
    • Finally a good heating pad
      After having owned two heating pads with the element inside a vinyl pouch, then covered by a cloth bag, this pad is a wonder. There is no vinyl pouch but rather the heating element is sewn inside a cloth cover. The vinyl ones would get all topsy-turvy inside the pouch and couldn't be straightened out until it heated up. Even then it wouldn't stay flat. The Sunbeam pad is a good size, has convenient solid state controls and heats up quickly.

      I recommend it 100%....more info


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