Cosequin for Cats, 80 Capsules, 4 Pack

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Product Description

CAN NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALY..Cosequin for cats is a flavored nutritional supplement to help cats maintain healthy joints. As cats age, it is common for their joints to become less flexible which impacts their mobility and quality of life. COSEQUIN is an exclusive formula to support and maintain the health of your cat's joints. Each natural chicken & tuna flavored sprinkle capsule contains 125 mg Glucosamine HCl, 100 mg 95% Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 5% Mixed Glycosaminoglycans, 8 mg Ascorbate and 1 mg Manganese.

  • Maintain healthy joints
  • Nutritional Supplement
  • Less flexible in the joints
  • Natural chicken and tuna flavor
  • Glucosamine

Customer Reviews:

  • Good supplement
    We give this to our aging cats at least once a week. It really does seem to make a difference to them - or more like, it makes a difference if we DON'T give it to them. They seem to be slower and don't jump as much if we miss a few weeks. Thanks, Cosequin!...more info
  • Cosequin is great.
    The Cosequin seems to keep our cat thinking she's a kitten. It works on her like glucosamine is supposed to affect humans. We're very happy with the results....more info
  • Wonderful product!
    This product is wonderful! I have a 16 year old cat and the difference in her mobility after taking Cosequin is amazing. I also give it to my 10 year old cat who was not exhibiting the same severity of symptoms but noticed a difference in her as well. They indicate it takes some time to build up and show the effects but I noticed changes very quickly. This product also literally saved the life of a friend's pet. Her cat was so severely limited that she was considering putting her down. She tried Cosequin and again, the results were amazing. HIGHLY recommend this product to any cat owner!...more info
  • Saved My Cat
    I have a very large Maine Coon. He is 15 years old. A couple of years ago he started developing degenerative joint disease and was swaggering. It was obvious that he was in pain - he could barely jump to the couch, where previously he was jumping to the counters and refrigerator. The vet recommended this product in conjunction with Metacam. Together they resolved his discomfort and improved his quality of life - he still doesn't jump like he used to, but he is much happier and at least can get on the couch and bed. I can get Cosequin at a much better price through Amazon than I can through the vet. I'm also loving the free shipping!...more info
  • Cosequin for Cats is Amazing!!!!
    Our 11 year old female cat was having trouble walking as her hind legs were sliding out to the side and she was unable to walk on her tip toes as a healty cat is able to do.

    We had read reviews of this product and were skeptical because we had tried others with no results. After using this product for a short time, we noticed some improvement as she was walking a little straighter but still was not able to walk on her tip toes or go up and down the stairs without taking a really long time.

    After using Cosequin for a full 2 months, she is now not only able to walk on her tip toes but she runs up and down the stairs, jumps on the bed and runs and plays like she is half her age! She shows no signs of having had any problems walking and best of all she absolutely LOVES the taste of the product mixed in with her wet food!

    Cosequin is an Amazing product and I would highly recommend it for any pet that is having trouble like my baby girl was. She looks great and we couldn't be happier!! ...more info
  • Cosequin for Cats
    Although it has been documented that Glucosamine may or may not be effective for the relief of pain in humans, my cat seems to be moving quite a bit easier since going on the Cosequin for Cats regimine....more info
  • This product has put new life in my 19-year old cat.
    My 19-year old cat Vito was starting to drag his painful hips up and down the stairs. Our holistic vet recommended Cosequin. We noticed an immediate improvement. He's been on it a year now, and he runs up and down the stairs, chased by his three-year old brother. Vito has always been very picky about anything mixed in his food, but he eats the Cosequin, no problem....more info
  • Two polyactyl thumbs up for Cosequin!
    My cat Mira, a 5 year old polydactyl tabby, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia several months ago. She'd never been a big leaper (never leapt onto my kitchen counters!), but when she wouldn't jump onto my bed, or even sit up for a little bite of tuna, I knew she was in trouble. X-rays showed hip dysplasia. Her vet put her on a short regimen of prednisone, plus daily supplements of Cosequin (1 pill per day). After two weeks, I was able to discontinue the prednisone. That left her with just the Cosequin, which her vet recommended should remain a permanent supplement to her diet.

    I'm happy to report that since she's been off the prednisone, eating food supplemented once daily with the Cosequin, she's been her old self again! She leaps easily onto my bed, and sits up for treats. I'm VERY happy with the results of this supplement -- and so's she. Two polyactyl thumbs up for Cosequin!...more info
  • cosequin
    Cosequin was recommended by our vet after our cat had knee surgery. So far as I can tell it helps, though this is hardly a double-blind trial. The vendor we used through Amazon has been reliable and ships very promptly with good feedback....more info
  • Meds came fast, cat likes it
    The 4 boxes of cosequin were inside a shipping box with a little bit of paper to keep them from rattling around. They were either crushed around in shipping (not enough paper was added to be effective) or they were crunched to begin with.

    Product wasn't damaged, but if I'd ordered anything in a glass container I wouldn't have been so lucky. Hopefully their packing dept is more careful in those instances....more info
  • Cosequin is helping out cats!
    Since our cats have taken Cosequin they are more agile...they are not cured but they do not limp as much ...and we think they feel better....more info
  • Cosequin
    This product is exactly what I would normally get from our Vet's in Canada.
    About the same price, too. I ordered it from here, because our Vet said it was back-ordered for at least 2 months. Very happy. ...more info
  • Lillie
    Cosequin is made for arthritis, but my vet put my cat on it after a serious urinary tract infection because she said it helped out the lining of the tract. For over a year now, my boy has been just fine.
    ...more info
  • complaint
    I am not unhappy with the product, which seems to help with joint pain and even gets your pet to eat more of the food it is mixed in with, but the seller is a running one of the worse businesses I've ever dealt with. Be aware that (also doing business as - never a good sign) charges your credit card when the order is placed, then delays shipping the order for some reason. When you call to check the status of your order, you will be told it was 'lost in shipping' and that there is no tracking number. A later email from them told me they had TRACKED the parcel, but it was still lost. How can you track a parcel without a tracking #? You will then be told that the parcel is to be re-shipped 'in a few days', but no such 2nd shipment is made.
    If you sign an agreement to accept credit cards, you can not charge a card until the parcel is within a day of shipping. I suppose if you wanted to get around this you'd use the 'lost shipping' or some other excuse - but why not just take orders and send them out?...more info
  • Brittle Pills
    The blister packs pop out very easily which is ok, but the pills themselves split/break very easily. I have to open up the pills and sprinkle onto my cats food but they bust open when I try to pull them open. Need to twist them open very carefully or powdered hands! Great value though. nice to get thin product online in higher quantities at a lower price than vets....more info