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The NEW Preventic 2-pack gives you the convenience of 6 months of protection and you save money as well. The PREVENTIC Tick Collar by VIRBAC is the only tick collar that detaches and kills ticks effectively.

  • 6 months of protection
  • 2-pack

Customer Reviews:

  • The best thing I have found for fighting ticks
    The Preventic collars work wonderfully. I live in the country on 40 acres and there is no realistic way to treat my land for ticks (not that I would willingly dump toxins onto the earth if it were feasible). I have tried Advantage and Frontline, but they left the ticks on my dogs when they killed them and most of the time I found the ticks on my dogs and still alive. With Preventic Collars, my dogs are tick free - the product actually causes the ticks to fall off. They also really work for the full 3 months and even longer at times. These are truly the best thing I have found to keep ticks off of my dogs....more info
  • Watch out!!
    My dogs still got ticks and one dog got lymes which almost killed her. I recommend getting the drops you can purchase. They are alot more money but the vet bills you may get are really high!!!...more info
  • A Dog Saver
    I wish someone had told me about this before I spent a bunch of money on products that just plain didn't work. And I am referring to the "highend brand names"... We had a major tick problem, that came upon us suddenly, and I was pulling my hair out, along with the dog hair as I was hunting ticks. Our groomer told me about this product and it's awesome!!! Have not seen one tick on them!...more info
  • great alternative
    We tried this collar several years ago because we bathe our dogs regularly after frolics in the river, woods, etc, and the topical treatments seemed to loose their effectiveness.
    In about five years of use, we have only found one tick on one of our dogs. These dogs spend serious amounts of time at the park, in tall grass, and in the woods. The preventic collar tends to end up out of sight under the dogs' regular collar. That leads to the only negative to this method. The collars are only full strength for about 90 days. So they need two for a typical summer season. And with the tick collar hiding so well, replacing them can be forgotten....more info
    We purchased this Preventic collar for our two Yorkies from our vet. It cost us $18.00 plus tax.

    We have a well maintained and fenced backyard. When we found the first tick, my husband treated the yard with granular and liquid insect killer and preventative. We do have a small neatly stacked woodpile against the back fence that the dogs run in and around (chasing squirrels) and that's where we think the ticks are coming from.

    Our Yorkies are well groomed. They are both brushed and combed at least once, sometimes twice daily. We have not been giving them regular baths as the company states the animal oils need to be present for the collar to work. We followed the directions to the letter.

    AFTER TWO WEEKS OF USING THE COLLAR, WE WERE STILL PICKING OFF LIVE CRAWLING AND ATTACHED TICKS. We've been keeping them in a jar to see if they would die off. A few died, but several are still very lively, seem quite healthy and are crawling around the jar.

    Don't expect much from customer service, if you call them. I called TWO WEEKS AGO and left a polite message asking for a return call. THERE'S STILL BEEN NO RESPONSE FROM THEM. I wanted to give them a chance to explain why the collar wasn't working. I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE COLLAR AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

    After a month of still finding live ticks, we tried Frontline Plus. Since applying the Frontline Plus, we have NOT FOUND ONE SINGLE TICK!!!!

    One of my Yorkies is going to the vet for an annual checkup. I plan to let my vet know how poorly this tick collar performed and how poor the customer service is with this company.
    ...more info
  • My dog loves this thing.
    I tried using some grocery store spot-ons (Sergent's and the like) to try to keep ticks away from my dog, but it seemed like every time he came in I'd find one- even a lot of fat ones that had obviously been on a while. After this, I was going to try Advantix or Frontline, so I called my vet's office- where they sell both of those spot-ons- and asked which one would be better to keep ticks away from my dog since I live in the country with a large tick population and they actually recommended this- even though they don't actually sell it. I found another vet that did sell it and bought it there before I found it on here and bought the 2-pack for the same price as the one collar at the vet's- anyway, since then, my dog has been tick free! The only time he had a single tick with this was after he accidentally got soaked in the rain when I let him out but the information with it tells you not to get it wet anyway. Great, great product. ...more info
  • Best Tick Coller
    This tick collar works very well. I live in a rural area and have 3 dogs. These collars have kept the ticks off in a year when the ticks have been really bad....more info
  • The best tic preventative I have found!
    I have two 100 pound dogs. I have tried Advantix and Frontline, but nothing works better than Preventic at preventing tics on the dogs. A few people have said that they used Preventic for a couple of weeks, but still found tics on their dogs. You have to use this collar religiously for several weeks to stop a tic infestation (along with bathing the dog, vacuuming the carpets, and spraying outside the house), and continue to use it regularly to keep the tics away. I had a bad tic infestation a year ago (on the dogs and in the house). I started using this collar when all else failed, and I have not had tics on our dogs in the last year. ...more info
  • Great dog tick collar!
    Works great with less toxic chemicals used as compared with Frontline. We have 3 dogs and no problems. ...more info
  • Good Product
    I have used this product before when I bought it from my vet. It definitely keeps the tics away. Good price too!...more info
  • Tick Terminator
    After a training day in the field with my Golden Retrievers, I found a tick feeding off one of them. After a visit to the Vet to remove it, I researched the best way to prevent another trip to the Vet. Preventic is waterproof and stops Ticks from attaching to my dogs. How do I know this? I have found numerous Ticks on my clothing, but none on my dogs. The only drawbacks are it is a collar and it only kills Ticks, not fleas. When used with a high-end topical Flea treatment, I believe it is the best way to protect my girls....more info
  • Best preventative out there.
    I have 3 dogs. Two of them use the Preventic collars and the smallest, who sleeps in the bed with us and is constantly loved on by our two year-old, uses Frontline. I find far fewer ticks on our dogs using the Preventic collars than I do on the dog using Frontline. And, the ticks I do find on the Preventic wearing dogs are never attached; that is not the case for my dog on Frontline. Preventic is just a better product, but is not for everyone b/c it is a chemical laden collar....more info
  • Excellent Service great product
    The delivery was quick and the product works perfectly. Not a tick in site...more info
  • Preventic WORKS!
    We've been fighting ticks all summer. Just got these collars and it worked exactly as described on the package. Ticks gone in a day, new ones dead and not attached. Ordering more now.
    ...more info
  • Good, but has a short life...
    It's been one month since I purchased the Preventic collars. Our dog was infested with ticks. Within 24 hours the ticks were gone. It was great. However, according to the literature with the package, no new ticks were supposed attach to the dog. That wasn't the case. They did attach, but they would die within 24 hours. So, the ticks were still being brought into the house. Additionally, within 3 weeks the collar had lost its effectiveness. I literally pulled about 40 ticks off of our dog! Not fun. So, I used the second collar. It's working great right now, but how long is it going to last? By the way, the first collar never got wet, so there was no reason for it to lose its effectiveness. I don't know why the collar was uneffective after just 3 weeks. The box had an expiration date of July 2008. I don't mind the cost of using a new collar each month, but they really should last a lot longer than 3 weeks. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I have been using this product for over 10 years now on my 8 dogs and no more ticks. We got a new 2 year old dog from friends which had some ticks and after one month this dog also was completely free....more info
  • Did not work for me.
    One week after wearing the collars I was still finding live and feeding ticks on my dogs. In fact one was engourged and on her back four inches below the collar. I was hopeful and ultimately disappointed that this is not the end to my problem as I had hoped. ...more info


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