ALL NEW Glyco-Flex? III (120 Tablets)
ALL NEW Glyco-Flex? III (120 Tablets)

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Product Description

Glyco-Flex? III contains Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine HCl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract, and Glutathione. It is the most complete joint formula providing factors necessary for joint restoration, as well as added Methylsulfonylmethane for maximum comfort during recovery. It is part of the Vetri-Science? stage of life program. STAGE 3, RESTORE, for maximum support for joint dysfunction. Glyco-Flex? III helps alleviate severe discomfort and joint stiffness. Effective alternative available for only $39.99 (120 tablets)

  • Contains Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine HCl, Dimethylglycine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium, Grape Seed Extract, and Glutathione
  • Most complete joint formula
  • Provides factors necessary for joint restoration
  • Support for joints and connective tissue health
  • Helps alleviate severe discomfort and joint stiffness

Customer Reviews:

  • great product
    My vet told me about it as I have an older rottweiller with bad hips that I dont want to medicate and he was on it in spring of 06 or thereabouts and it helped.My vet charges 3 times what I could buy it online for,120 or so dollars vs around 40 bucks and after almost a month of therapy in feb 07 the dog has gone from in pain and very lame to much improved not perfect,but again,he is over 10,old for a rot,and this stuff has allowed him to walk and move better it supposedly according to the vet lubricates the joint,a cost effective treatment that works,and while he is not a puppy again function wise,I was afraid he was nearing a pont of having to be put down,this stuff works,quickly and without side effects.Is he perfectly healthy joint wise? no but he is much improved because of this product and has better mobility, can enjoy life and is pain free,the week before treatment he was waking up wimpering and I had to give him two or three aspirin and now he is apparently pain free and I will order another
    bottle,no question....more info
  • Great stuff
    Dogs love it and no limping after heavy excercise, which is exactly what I wanted....more info
  • Glyco Flex III Rocks!
    Rocky is my 105 lb 4 year old White Lab that has limped on his front shoulder off and on for quite some time, He was always limping after getting up, acting like he had to "walk it off" Hesitant to get jump off the bed, really stiff after rough play. I am happy to say Rocky has been on it for just over 6 weeks and no limping at all! My vet introduced this to me and got $90.00 out of me a year ago, used it and then stoppped. I am very happy that I put him back on it! I just ordered another bottle!

    I recommended it to my friend who has a 8 year old black lab, but he has major lameness in both front shoulders from jumping in and out of the big truck. They haven't seen any difference, so this product may vary from the extent of the injury/athritis! ...more info
  • VERY pleased with Glyco-Flex lll
    Our American Bulldog has severe hip displaysia in both hips. At 7 months,she had TPO hip surgery. As soon as she got home, I started her on this suppliment. Knock wood, she has not had a painful or stiff day since! I can't swear that it is the suppliment helping her that much but I can tell you that I won't take a chance on it! I will never let her run out of it as long as she continues doing so well! ...more info
  • Older Dog
    My english setter who will be 15 years old next month, and who is also blind now has been on Glyco-Flex III for her arthritis about five years now. I tried another product and the results were awful, she went back to limping and having trouble getting up after a nap but back on the Glyco-Flex she gets outside for a walk and even runs (lopes) a few yards and that lets me know she feels good....more info
  • why pay more?
    I ordered these vitamins in Feb of 2008 and they were $34.00 before shipping, 6months later they are $48.50 before shipping?? Too bad because they were very helpful for my lab. I will be looking elsewhere for another product and for a company that is not a rip-off!!!...more info
    I am 100% sold on Glycoflex lll. I have an eleven yr old Cocker Spaniel that had a severe limp on her right front leg.After x-rays,canine orthopedic visits,and hundreds of dollars later, I was advised to try Glycoflex lll by my vet.It was the last attempt to cure the severe limp in my Cocker. Weighing less than 30 lbs, we were told to use 1/2 pill daily and try it for a month.Miraculously, after two weeks there was a huge difference in her .After a month, the limp was gone, and she acted like a puppy again.It's been five months now and she's shown 100% improvement and continues to do well with excorsize and walks.We decided to keep her on the 1/2 pill daily.I am behind this product with all my heart and would highly reccomend it to anybody willing to try it.I was told by the vet and the company that there is absolutely no harm to the dog in trying it.Waht have you got to lose ?...more info
  • My dog won't eat them
    I ordered these and just received them last week. My dog won't eat them. There were some samples of some other products included in the box and she loved those, but she won't eat these. The reason for my bad review is this, I think, is the first thing I have ever found that she won't eat. It's a bummer. I am going to try crushing them and mixing them into her food. If I have any luck and see any results, I will leave another review. ...more info
  • My dog jumps with ease in less than two weeks!
    Glyco-Flex was highly recommended by our veterinarian. When the bottle was used up in the winter we didn't think to replace it. We noticed our older dog having difficulty jumping on the bed and into the car, but it was after a long walk early in Spring that we realized how much she aged without Glyco-Flex. We ordered two bottles to make sure we're not without it again. Now she is so happy and confident when she leaps onto the bed or into the car without any effort....more info
  • My dog is young again!
    We first purchased this from our vet at his recommendation- and paid much more. My 10 year old shepherd has been troubled with arthritis, and it was painful to see him try to walk- and even in his pain he tried to play! This supplement has brought his body back in line with the youthful desires of his heart :) Now we can play fetch, go for long walks and do most of the things he could do as a youngster. Give it a try, the price is great and your loved one will thank you!...more info
  • Miracle relief!
    After giving my 11 year old lab over-the-counter glucosimine for years with limited results, a friend referred me to this. I can't tell you teh difference it has made in her life. She used to have a hard time standing she is chasing our younger dog around the yard. I started with the lower dose but upped to this one based on her needs. I highly recommend this to anyone who has an aging dog with limited mobility due to joint problems....more info
  • Glyco-Flex III
    My dog was perscribed this medication by our vet. I can buy it through Amazon for less than half what my vet charges. My dog's joints are greatly improved and his ability to walk without pain is great....more info
  • One of the best joint support supplements available
    This is one of the best joint support supplements that I've found on the market today. My dogs range from 2yrs to 13yrs and are very active--3 of them run agility--and this product keeps them moving along beautifully. Would recommend it to everyone as both a preventative and a supportive joint supplement....more info


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