Wagan 2251 Smart Ac 120 Watt Invertor

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Product Description

Recharge and run your laptop computer furing your flight
Continous power: 120 Watt; Peak surge power: 360 Watt; A/C Voltage Output: 110 Volt; Plug& Use: No installation required; Use it for auto or airline.
* Single outlet
* Plugsinto 12 volt cigarette lighter socket
* Built-in airline adapter
* Overload protection
* Meets safety standard requirements

  • Auto/Airline Laptop Power Inverter
  • Converts 12V DC Power From Vehicle/Airline to Household 115V AC Power
  • Plugs into 12 Volt Cigarette lighter Outlet or With Built in Empower
  • 120 Watt 24 Hour Continuous AC Power
  • Can Operate With the Engine Turned Off
Customer Reviews:
  • Did not work
    I received this product brand new, in a box, but it did not work in the plane. The enpower connector for the plane seem to fit, but it would just beep and the light would turn green for a second then go off and no was supplied to my laptop. Perhaps, it's just a dud, but since I threw out the box, I can't return it to try another one. Luckily my return flight had standard AC plugs so there was no need to use it.

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