Original Looks Silicone Breast Enhancer Bra Insert

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Product Description

Original Looks Silicone Breast Enhancers Better than permanent breast enhancement - The Wonder Shape Forms breast shapers look and feel like the real thing without risky surgery. Comes in Natural color bra.....

  • Comes in Beautiful Retail Box - Make sure you receive the ORIGINAL LOOKS brand. Beware of cheap knock off's. If box doesen't say ORIGINAL LOOKS, You received a cheap knock off.
  • Used by super models.
  • Increase bustline up to 2 cup sizes.
  • slip resistant - Silicone gel pads - breast forms.
  • Due to hygienic health reasons - This item is not returnable once opened..

Customer Reviews:

  • Fulfill the purpose
    I bought theese inserts as I'm a small B/A-cup. These inserts finally give me the look I always thought I should have. They completely give me the fill I want and I wear them almost every day (depends on what I wear). I only have two little comments to say about it. First, they are a bit "pointy", that is to say, when I wear them with a non-padded bra, my breasts look like they did on women in the 50's. So I've come to use them with a slightly padded bra and that problem is no more. Since all my bras were padded to begin with, it's no big hazzle. Secondly if I wear them right next to my skin, I sweat profusely on my breasts! So I've started "dressing" them in a patch of cloth to make them more comfortable. At first I didn't like these inserts because of these two facts, but with the small modifications, they have become my favorite part of dressing in the morning!...more info
  • realistic
    they fill me out well (im a very small a cup and they make me look like a b cup)
    but these inserts have a bit of a problem staying in place
    they feel totaly real when they are warmed to your body and im guessing if your not as flat as me theyll boost your breasts and give you a little bit of cleavage along with fullness.
    just make sure your bra is a little padded or they look a little weird

    i wont give it a full 5 stars because they dont stay too well
    but im going to try body adhesive or double sided tape and see if they'll stay

    oh theyre pretty bulky too(they tend to stick out), so dont try to wear them in differently shaped swimsuits

    thanks original looks :-)
    its worth the price...more info
  • Not as described
    This product is definately misleading. There is not many bras you can wear these with without them sticking out all over the place. I tried them on with literally 20 of my bras and only 2 of them completely concealed them. Would never recommend wearing these with anything that shows cleavage cause they are bound to pop out. Certainly not a bathing suit. Not a great item....more info
  • excellent
    I had tried Takeouts, but I think that these fit better and provide more "assistance" (haha). Even though these are cheaper, I believe that they look more realistic (particularly the side profile)....more info
  • Great Product!
    I am a full cup size smaller on one side. I bought these inserts with the idea of wearing one on the smaller side. It works great! I don't have any trouble with it shifting around; I don't even know it is there. I've been wearing it almost every day for three weeks now. Very happy with this product. ...more info
  • Can't keep MY hands off them!
    Bought these in a fit of low self esteem and have been very happy with them. They're packaged so nicely and are very life-like. They stay in place relatively easily. Although I feel it's a bit like false advertising, they are good conversation starters! ...more info
  • not for everyone
    have to have the right type of bra. Also if you are not pale they might show...more info


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