Panasonic CW-XC55HU 5200 BTU Air Conditioner

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  • Compact remote control
  • 12-hour delay setting timer
  • Economy operation mode
  • Temperature setting (60-86 F )
  • 2-way air deflection system
Customer Reviews:
  • Worse Panasonic ever
    I have own 5 panasonics in the house and this was the last one I bought that have made me think that panasonic A/C had gone south as far as quality goes. The oldder panasonic I have bought many years ago were the BEST because they were freezing, extremely quiet, perfect quality that I would expect from panasonic. They were all made in either malaysia or Japan. But this model I bought was made in Shanghai China. The fan is misalign and it makes annoying loud noises. Even when the fan is not making noise, the unit itself is far from quiet. It is not cold at all. I left it on for 24 hours in a 200 sqft room and I don't feel any cold air at all. Once I shut it off, the room is hot. That tells me that the unit did not generate any cold air at all or it did not do a good job of sucking in the warm air. So do not buy this model. ...more info