Panasonic CW-XC85HU 7800 BTU Room Air Conditioner with Remote

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  • Room air conditioner with 7,800 BTUs of cooling capacity and high energy-efficiency rating
  • Temperature settings from 60 to 86 degrees F; 4-way air-deflection system
  • 3 cooling speeds; 3 fan speeds; 12-hour delay "on/off" timer; auto restart
  • Removable intake grille; left- or right-side power-cord options; compact remote control
  • Measures approximately 14 by 18-1/2 by 20-2/3 inches
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice design !
    I bought othere air conditioners. But, have gone back to Panasonic. One, thing I really like is how it swivels. This way the air flows throughout the room. It is not as noisy as other brands. I bought mine from Costco one last year and another the year before. This year Costco doesn't sell it. Amazon, of course does. But, due to living in Hawaii either it cost to much to ship. Or, they don't want to send to Hawaii. So, I only can say buy Panasonic....more info
  • Works for me!
    We installed this unit to replace an in-the-wall unit. It went in smoothly, we appreciated being able to fit in the light shell before having to hoist the heavy part. The remote control makes it easy to use. It is nice and quiet and doesn't make that annoying "thump" when it switches on that our old unit did. Very happy with this purchase!...more info
  • Quiet, but poor detail design and terrible manufacturing
    Pros: Unlike most American air conditioners, this unit is quiet. With only the fan running it's about the sound level of a refrigerator. With the compressor running (i.e. cooling) it's about the sound of a car idling. The unit is less noisy INSIDE my house that my neighbor's unit located across the driveway. Not exactly library quiet like the ad says, but pretty good by comparison. It's also very energy efficient (off the current Energy Star scale).

    1. The packaging is horrible. Simple corrugated cardboard box, for a unit that weighs quite a bit. Worse, the cooling fins are located on front and back and any pressure on the sides of the box bends fins, reducing cooling efficiency. If you order this online, insist on putting the box inside a larger one with cushioning. If you carry it out of the store, be very careful and only rest the unit on the bottom of the carton. My unit arrived bent out of shape and fins bent in 6 places. Because of the fine mesh, it would take you hours to straighten them all.

    2. While the core engineering is solid - no vibration while running, very quiet as indicated above - the rest of the design is cheap. Sheet metal housing is bolted together and parallelogram rather than rectangle when viewed from front. The front of the unit is cheap plastic - not what you'd expect in terms of Japanese quality. This looks more like a unit made in China (almost certainly is, since 95% of all AC units are made in China today).

    3. The worst offense is that you have to PULL out the AC unit from its housing to install it. Since the thing weighs a lot and the case is skewed and the insulation is simply glued in, you will find tons of friction. I struggled with mine for 40 minutes getting it out literally millimeters at a time and tore some of the insulation. They should redesign so you can attach feet and other items WITHOUT removing the compressor unit from the inside. Also, the bolts provided were not long enough for the slope of my window sill - so I had to go buy new ones. Finally, the design requires that you drive screws into your window in 8 places. Something I'm not willing to do. With a little ingenuity and some dowels, I came up with a redesign that provides security and ensures no one can remove the unit from the outside of the house, without drilling any holes in my window frame or screwing into it. If I can design this in 30 minutes, why can't a professional engineer come up with a solution? I am surprised since Japanese engineering is usually polished and refined in the details. If you have an aluminum window frame, good luck - you will need to drill and fit precise holes everywhere.

    4. The assembly is shoddy - screws were jammed in, one was stripped completely and I had to drill it out. Whoever assembled this didn't care at all. Also, a number of screws were missing, so again another trip to the hardware store.

    5. When reinserting the unit be sure to force the styrofoam side all the way in. I didn't dare to push too hard for risk of damaging it, and I found the fan blades scraping against the styrofoam - again sign of lousy alignment within the unit. After forcing the unit further in on the right hand side, the fan works fine, but to do that I have to disassmble the unit part way again - so I'd recommend plug it in and test it before you put on the front cover (it snaps on and once snapped in is quite a torture to remove).

    Overall, now that I've got the unit installed, it performs well, but not stunningly. If it weren't so heavy and such a pain to ship, I would have returned this just because they need to know their design is really poor (and I'm normally a bit believer in fixing things rather than returning them to be more environmental). Will never buy another Panasonic airconditioner, and makes me think twice about their electronics, which so far I have had good experiences with....more info