Kirby Generation 3,4,5,6, Ultimate G and Sentria HEPA Bags PKG of 6

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Product Description

Kirby Diamond Addition Allergen reduction Bags Part 204803 These Bags Fit ALL Generation Series Model Kirby Vacuum Cleaners. Each Package Contains 6 Disposable Allergen Reduction Bags. These are Kirby's newest and best vacuum bags ever. Kirby Micron Magic HEPA Filtration with Micro Allergen Technology. Removes 99.97% of common household dust, pollen, mites, and other particles. Electrostatically charged material traps sub-micron particles. Certified to meet H11 filtration standard per EN1822. Maintains higher airflow throughout the life of the bag, for up to 100% greater filtering capacity. These are not ordinary paper bags for your vacuum they are the ultimate. These bags will fit any Kirby manufactured from 1985 to present. If you have allergies, these bags are a must have.

  • These Bags Fit ALL Generation Series Model Kirby Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Each Package Contains 6 Disposable Allergen Reduction Bags.
  • Certified to meet H11 filtration standard per EN1822.
  • If you have allergies, these bags are a must have.
  • Fits New Kirby Sentria
Customer Reviews:
  • Perfect Fit & Arrived Fast!!
    These were the perfect fit for my Kirby Sentria, their just like the ones I got when I bought my Kirby. They arrived within 3 days. I was very pleased with this purchase!...more info
  • Great Service
    It's very hard to find bags for the Kirby. I was hesitant to purchase online but I selected the right place to order from. It was fast delivery and they even sent a complimentary little gift. ...more info
  • Kirby Bags
    I'm happy with the seller and the product is the exact right fit for the machine....more info
  • Could not find a better deal.
    The bags are top quality original equipment HEPPA fabric. The price from this merchant is excellent. Bought 2 packs and got free shipping. I also liked the straight forward description. Some merchants make us guess if the product is OEM or a knock-off. I'll be back....more info
  • Quality Product
    Very happy with the quality of the product, as well as the speed of delivery and the cost....more info
  • Exactly as Described
    Very pleased with my purchase. Exactly the same bags that came with my vacuum, but at a much better price than Kirby customer service quoted me.

    Very rapid shipping and product was in excellent condition.

    Will definitely do business with again....more info
  • I love my Kirby.
    When I first purchase my Kirby Sentria, I wasn't too hot on the idea of having to go through the company to purchase bags. I just signed up for this year and since then I have found several great offers including the Kirby bags that I am reviewing. The bags were a steal of a price! They are the best kind of vacuum bags that I have found in a long time. When I vacuum there is no funky smell in the air afterwards like with other vacuums I've had. They hold all the dust in, and I know this because my husband and my brother both work in the mining industry and they always seem to drag their work home with them. I would always tell anyone to at least try the Kirby out. It is worth the expense. =)...more info
  • Five stars
    Extremely quick turn around. Received HEPA bags in the mailbox (which we desperately needed) a couple days after order. Exactly what we needed for our Kirby vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Kirby Micron Magic HEPA Bags
    Bags are Kirby factory bags. No dust released when used as instructed. Less dust, pet dander, and allergens released into home while vacuming. No odor released from partial filled vac bags....more info
  • Pet hair Stink - No More
    Ok all you pet owners,especially stinky dogs, this is very possibly the only bag on the market that captures the stink and keeps it in the bag! Use it with the small scented tablets that go in between the inner bag and the outer, and you've got a great solution to the stinky vacuum bag. Probably spent about $500 bucks looking of the right product, it's here!...more info
  • good bags
    these bags are agreat product for my kirby. They seem stronger and the hypoalergenic properties are great for dust reduction....more info
  • vacuum bags
    I was pleased to find this product because I was having trouble on other web sites. I was looking for the word sentria in the product info. and found it. Thanks and I will shop with you again....more info
  • Best Bags
    I have children with asthma and we have pets in the home. This bag releases nothing back into the room. I have no problems at all with this product, and it has performed better than exprected....more info
  • Delivered quick. Great product.
    Thank you for the quick delivery of the product which was new and in the packaging....more info
  • The BEST
    I was so excited to get my Kirby bags. I didn't use my vacuum cleaner for three days waiting for them to arrive. These are the exact same bags that came with my Kirby. The value was excellent. I saved over $10.00, even with shipping....more info
  • kirby bags
    These bags are exactly like the one provided when you purchased your new Kirby vacuum. They arrived in a timely manner and work perfectly with the vacuum. The performance of the vacuum is far better if you change your bags regularly....more info