Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Newborn Feeding Set

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Product Description

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles are the only bottles designed by a doctor to help reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. Dr. Brown's bottles feature the patented internal vent system, which creates positive-pressure just like breastfeeding. This fully-vented bottle design produces a more comfortable feeding by eliminating the vacuum and excess air ingestion. It's the venting system your baby deserves, in a choice of bottles to fit your lifestyle. Dr. Brown's bottles are also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Colic. The word strikes fear in the heart of any parent. This mysterious ailment seems to have its roots in the belly of the baby, although no one has determined for sure what causes these uncontrollable bouts of crying in newborns. However, it is certain that a baby with gas is an unhappy baby, and anything that alleviates that pain can only be a good thing. Enter Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Newborn Feeding Set. For parents who bottle-feed, for whatever reason, these specialized bottles may make the difference between a howling, gassy baby and one who is content and well-fed. What's the secret?

Internal Vent Decreases Vacuum Effect
A patented system enables babies to feed more comfortably because the built-in vent discourages ingestion of air bubbles. It also prevents the development of a vacuum, which helps reduce fluid in the ear. Ensuring that the milk in the bottle flows out through the nipple while the air is channeled through a tube to the other end also eliminates another unique problem of bottle-feeding: nipple collapse. The positive-pressure design mimics breastfeeding and can be used with breast milk or formula.

In Plain English, Please
The bottle prevents air bubbles from getting into baby's tummy.

No Air Bubbles, No Gas
And no gas, no colic…at least that's the principle. At a minimum, baby will be more comfortable while his digestive system develops.

A Note to Parents
The first time parents use the Natural Flow system, they will need to be very conscientious about reading and following the detailed instructions. No shortcuts, please! Washing the bottle parts carefully is always important, and resisting the urge to become cavalier about mixing formula, heating milk, or checking for tears or cracks is important to your baby's health and safety. Time spent attending to these details is well spent.

What's in the Box?
Dr. Brown's newborn feeding set includes everything needed to get started on the wonderful, ever-changing world of sustaining an infant (except the actual milk, that is): Three 8-ounce standard baby bottles, two 4-ounce standard baby bottles, five Level-One silicone nipples, two extra Level-Two silicone nipples (faster-flowing for the older baby), five 2-piece patented internal vents, two storage/travel caps, three cleaning brushes, and instructions. --Emilie Coulter

  • Helps colicky babies settle down / sleep
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear / No vacuum
  • Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe
  • Recommended Age Range 0 & up

Customer Reviews:

  • Good bottles, useful for babies
    This is a very nice and useful product. My baby loves to have milk from this bottle. They are standard size bottles with an in ternal vent that releases any vaccum and the baby does not swallow any air. That way, it reduces colic and gas in your babies stomach. He/She is gonna have an easy 3 oz whereas they'd have not more than 2 oz with a regular bottle and cried 'coz of gas problem and taken a long time to burp and then demanded more milk again.
    Good stuff.. buy it. You'll be happy since your baby's gonna be happy....more info
  • Best Bottles Hands Down!!
    These are the best bottles ever. The unique design cuts down on the amount of gas your baby swallows. This leads to less spit up and gas fussiness. Just a good healthy burp!

    The bottles are easy to clean and assemble and clean up well in the dishwasher. I'd suggest the Dr Brown's bottle drying rack as well. It will make the job much easier....more info
  • Smooth flow, but a messy mixer
    We just got these bottles and we really like them. I think they have definitely cut down on our baby's need to burp. Just make sure that tube doesn't get clogged....more info
  • Sanity saver for us
    At 2 months old our little guy was so fussy and we had tried 3 different formulas and almost every bottle. Finally we tried Dr. Brown's and literally overnight our cranky little man turned into a sweet baby who slept normally and cried only when hungry or tired or poopy. Before he cried all the time and we never knew why...and I thought we just had to wait it out until he was four months and they say fussy babies mellow.

    These bottles are not that hard to clean and worth the extra little effort it does take since it obviously helps with gas. The liquid flows so easily and the baby does not have to suck so hard- I highly recommend even if you don't have a fussy baby because they seem to work the way a bottle should....more info
  • Best Bottles around
    I bought these bottles after my son had gas problems with the avent system. Within the first use, I saw a dramatic difference. With the avent bottles his burping would last up to 20 minutes. With the Dr. Brown bottles it was within 5 minutes (no joke). There are NO bubbles when they are feeding.
    It one down fall it cleaning the straw and the rubber attachement. Although it comes with a brush to get into the small holes it does delay bottle cleaning a bit more. I consider it a trade off to having a happy baby....more info
  • These work great, but be warned!
    As stated in several books given to me on parenting, I tried several different types of bottles for my newborn, and I only bought one at a time to avoid spending insane amounts of money. I finally settled on the Dr. Brown's bottles for my son.

    The only problem I've had with them is the common "complaint" that they're a pain to clean. The two pieces that make up the venting structure need a pipe cleaner to clean properly, but thankfully every bottle (or set) comes with at least one.

    My son is less colicky with these bottles, which is great, and he's less fussy about his ears, which is even better. He's never had an ear infection with any bottle, but the vacuum pressure with other bottles did bother him.

    In my opinion, I'd rather spend an extra 10-20 minutes a day washing bottles rather than have to worry about extra burping time or treating ear problems.

    If you're interested in these bottles, my recommendation is to purchase just one. If you like them, buy more. If not, then you didn't spend as much as you could have by buying a set =)...more info
  • Require a bit of extra work, but the results are worth it
    With our first child, we used Avent bottles. With our newest family addition, we decided to try the Dr Browns bottles. The vent system that comes in these bottles requires extra cleaning and assembly, but the bottles greatly reduce the volume of gas that the baby takes in.

    The biggest drawback, in my opinion, is that the bottles will leak if turned on their side or if you try to mix up formula in them. We have found that the best solution is to mix up formula in a separate container and then fill the bottles.

    I really like the way these bottles help to control my baby's colic....more info
  • More than a wonderful product
    More than a wonderful product, and strongly recommend its use
    Because it is a wonderful product, has my child get rid of the annoying theme gases....more info
  • Unsatified - oh yes!
    Hello, I bought the Dr. Brown's bottles because everybody recommended them, for possible colic or gas. . . they're just great! EVERYBODY SAID. But nobody comments on the constant spilling (I actually have to make the formula with a cloth or bib around the neck of the bottle) because when you open the cap I have to be ready of a lot of milk coming out and you can NEVER leave the bottles upside down or sideways = SPILLING FOR SURE!! Also these bottles are hard to clean and maintain, if you don't dry well the inside parts by the second day they get mold!!!! And also the caps don't fit well in every bottle as the Avent bottles. So I only recommend these bottles if your baby has colic problem, otherwise use AVENT PLEASE!!!...more info
  • These are a life-saver!
    My son had stomach problems as a newborn and was always crying in pain because of gas. I tried every bottle I came across, spending tons of money untill i found Dr. Browns. This is the only bottle that eased his pain. He will not take any other bottle now. They may be higher in price but they last forever....more info
  • Thank Goodness I tried this bottle!
    My daughter was having horrible gas pains and we tried everything under the sun to help her out. Then, we switched to these bottles and it worked like magic. AMEN! I don't care how many parts there are -- it is totally worth the sleep we are now getting....more info
  • Excellent - Will Definitely Use Again
    I started out a hardcore Avent fan. That's what everyone used - they must be the best. I received a ton of them as gifts. I saw the Dr. Brown's bottles and registered for a three pack and received them (just for a back-up, just in case).

    We started out with the Avent wide mouth bottles and my baby was having difficulty. Milk would come out the corners of her mouth; felt like she was getting a lot of air; gassy; and spit up a lot after feedings.

    We tried the playtex nursers (the ones with the bags inside - what a pain). I finally tried the Dr. Brown's bottles and WOW! We were immediate fans. We went to the original nipple (not the wide mouth) and she never spit up again and didn't suffer from gasiness. What a relief. If you don't have a dishwasher I'm sure they're a bit of a pain to wash but we stuck all the parts in the dishwasher and put the dishwasher on santize and...done...ready for use again! Even handwashing them at the grandparents was easy when you used the cleaner brush included in the bottles. Lots of parts and I was a skeptic myself but I've save them for baby number 2 and recommend them to everyone I know! ...more info
  • Great bottles
    I used Avent bottles with my first born. She had no problem with them. When I had my second child he had reflux, gerd and a host of other stomach/digestive issues. The Avent bottles did not work at all for him. Our pediatrician recommended these as did the Gastroentrologist that we were referred to. That was enough to get me to try them and I'm so glad I did. They really helped my son. There are more parts to them, but I put them all in the dishwasher on the hot water steralize setting and don't have a problem. I haven't had any problems with leaking. These are a great help if you have a fussy little one with stomach issues. ...more info
  • Beware of Chipping Paint
    I absolutely love these Dr. Brown's bottles but was extremely flabbergasted to find that the paint was starting to chip off the bottles! I would have given 5 stars if it weren't for the paint. This is the first time this has happened to me. It never happened when my baby was using Avent bottles. Just be careful and throw any bottle away if the paint starts chipping. It happened to 2 of the 6 bottles I own which is a bummer because these bottles are not cheap!

    As for Dr. Brown's bottles -- they are FANTASTIC! My now three month old was suffering from horrible gas pains using Avent bottles. Just after ONE DAY of using Dr. Brown's bottles, there was a significant difference! Though babiesrus.com does not sell the wide neck bottles, they are available in-store at Babies R Us. I prefer those over the traditional tall bottles. The nipples on the traditional bottles are a bit small - which is great for newborns but once your baby gets a little older, the nipple becomes too small. The drawback is that if you do decide to get the wideneck Dr. Brown's bottles, you cannot interchange the parts from the traditional sized ones you already own.

    At first glance, the parts are a bit overwhelming and if you do you not have a dishwasher (like me), it does add cleaning time but having a happier baby (less fussy/gassy) is definitely worth the extra few minutes!...more info
  • Highly Recomened with some warning
    Let me first say that some times when I read reviews I'm skeptical and wonder if they are true reviews. However, there isn't one thing on this review that isn't the truth. I bought these bottles over a year ago when a friend of mine had told me they work great for colic-gas or just a fussy baby. I didn't think there was anyway a bottle could do such a thing especially since I've already spent so much money on these different bottles I was beginning to think I should own stock in them. She gave me one that she hadn't used yet and I tried it and I'm here to tell you my colicky baby was less colicky and less fussy and had less gas. I'm not saying these bottles were his complete cure, but they reduced it quite a bit.

    The reason I give this review a 4 instead of a 5 is this. I've had these bottles like I said over a year. I could never prevent leaks. Like if you have the pieces put together right it should never leak out of the nipple. Well, I'm not one of those perfect people that could make that happen I tried so hard to put the pieces together right and it just didn't work, but it was only when the bottle was layed down on something or when my son turned it up side down it leaked. Another down fall of it after you've used the bottles regularly the yellow top straw piece begins to wear out and break. Other than that it's a great bottle and if I had another child I would purchase these again. ...more info
  • best bottles ever
    my second child is a very gasey, fussy baby. i have tried so many thing things to help my child out, nothing worked!!! these bottles reduce the amount of air intake from the bottle, while the do not make the gas go compltely away they help tremendously!!!!! i have tried avent, the platex ventaire system, they did not help at all!!! these bottles are worth every penny!!!...more info
  • A little more maintenance, but better for baby...
    First of all, I'm sure you have read all the comments about "extra cleaning time". Trust me -- running the little brush through the vent and the tube takes an extra 3 seconds per bottle (yes, I counted), so do not let that scare you off using these bottles.

    The second most common complaint is leaking. We also had some leaks at the beginning, but there are 3 things you can do to prevent leaks (and yes -- prevent, not just reduce leaking; I have a "leak free" feeding history now that I follow these rules):

    1. If you are re-heating the bottle, unscrew the collar a little to let the hot air escape. If trapped in the bottle, the expanding hot air will force milk/formula up into the vent tube and you will have a leak. We use the Night & Day Bottle Warmer, and I had leaks after warming the bottle until I figured out the problem.

    2. Do not shake the bottle if you are preparing powdered formula or have reheated the bottle. Swirl the bottle or stir the formula (pop a few PLASTIC spoons in your sterilizer - microwaves don't like metal!), or shake it without the vent and tube in place. Shaking also forces liquid up into the vent.

    3. MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure the tip of the vent tube is clear of liquid when feeding the baby. Sounds obvious, but when you're focusing on your little guy/gal, you don't always pay attention to the bottle angle. If the tip of the tube is covered in formula or just barely above the surface, liquid will slop down the tube and leak out the vents under the nipple collar.

    We have been using the small 4oz bottles for our newborn son (now 3 weeks old), and he has very little burping and spitting up compared to nieces and nephews I have fed using other bottle brands. The Level 1 nipple flow seems to be fine, but there is also a Newborn nipple if your baby likes to feed more slowly.

    The biggest challenge with these bottles have been sterilizing all the parts. We have a microwave sterilizer (which works fine once you figure out where all the parts go). However, we switched to the Philips Avent iQ24 Sterilizer, because it holds 6 of the 4oz bottles and all the parts (bottles, vent tubes, and 3 caps on the bottom, collars and beige vents in the middle basket, and nipples and 3 caps plus the assembly tongs in the top basket). I don't know how well all the parts and larger 8oz bottles will fit (or how many), but the convenience is there -- you can set a 24 hour sterilization cycle and leave it on overnight.

    All in all, we're very satisfied with these bottles, and would definitely recommend them.
    ...more info
  • BEST Baby Bottle EVER !!!
    Dr. Brown is the BEST !!! Buy it on Diapers (dot) com.... Also ...Get 96 Newborn Pampers Swaddlers .... a Large CASE .... for just $14.99 at diapers (dot) com on the internet. The Newborn Pampers Swaddlers are now on Sale for $19.99, and if you use Referral Code: BRST3227 at check out, you can save $5.00, bringing your cost down to $14.99. Buy $50.00 worth of product, and get FREE Shipping too !! This is the BEST on-line service for all of your baby needs.... Wipes, Diapers, Formula, Supplies !! I have used diapers (dot) com for about one year, and I would not use ANY other on-line provider for my baby's needs !!! Bless you and Your BABY.... And SAVE some Money NOW !!! ) ...more info
  • Advice on the leaking
    I notice that many of you mention that the bottles leak. If its while warming them in a container of hot water, then I know the reason...otherwize, I have no idea as they never leaked for me at any other time.

    Due to the inside cylinder, when the milk warms the heat causes the milk to shoot up the cylinder and leak through. If you just loosen the lid a little while warming, then it does not happen.

    I like these bottles, although there are many parts to wash. Hopwever since its my first baby, I do not have anything else to compare them to.
    ...more info
  • I don't recommend this bottle
    We got these bottles to try and replace the Playtex Drop-ins we've been using for the last nine months. We figured the Dr.Brown's bottles would cut some cost in having to buy drop-in's all the time for the Playtex bottles.
    The design of Dr.Brown's bottles are quite ingenious. As the milk flows, air is automatically directed to the other end of the bottle by a tube. With a regular bottle and nipple system, the milk flow would stop if you tip the bottle because air pressure keeps the milk from flowing out. But with the Dr.Brown bottles, with every drop of milk flowing out, it automatically 'gulps' in air and directs it to the other end of the bottle. So the milk flows on it's own, like a tap.
    That last part is where we had a problem. The milk flows non-stop if you tip the bottle; whether the baby wants to feed or not. If you tip the bottle, the milk starts flowing immediately. Our son likes to take breaks while feeding, without taking the bottle out of his mouth. This is much easier with the Playtex drop-in's. The drop-in's work just as well to reduce air intake and prevent colic; the drop-in bags collapse while the baby drinks. Cleaning is also more complicated with Dr.Brown's bottles; more parts to dismantle, many tiny holes and crevices to clean. It's nice that the set came with 3 cleaning brushes, but we saw that as a bad omen ;-)
    In my wife's and my opinion, Dr.Brown's bottles just cannot compare to the simplicity and usefullness of the Playtex drop-ins. We're going to stick with the Playtex drop-ins...more info
  • Great for Baby
    I purchased these for my daughter in law, and they have been the best bottles for my grandchild. The product does what it says and babies seem to have less spit up and air in their bellies.....more info
  • thank god for Dr. Brown!
    These bottles work great. Sometimes I don't even get a burp out of our baby after using them. We tried generic bottles from the hospital and he had so much gas and burping--forget it!
    They're not that big of a deal to wash either. We just throw them in the bottle washing basket for the dishwasher. I would buy them again and was very pleased--won't use anything else....more info
  • Very disatisfied
    I bought these bottles for my newborn and they did not help at all with colic or gas. Also all the paint in the bottle has come off and at this point I cant even see how much formula I am giving my baby. I would definetly not buy this product for my next child, it is really a waste of money.
    ...more info
  • Not impressed
    My daughter used Dr. Brown's Newborn Feeding Set for my grand daughter when she was born. I was not impressed with this product what so ever. My grand daughter suffered from gas and had ear aches. I wouldn't recommend this bottle for anyone who did not have a dishwaser. The inside component is a thin straw like devise. I was never content with the cleanliness of this straw since you couldn't even get water to flow through it, let alone a bottle brush. I used Playtex bottles and neither one of my children suffered from gas and ear problems as my grand daughter did. I wouldn't reccomend this product. My daughter is expecting another baby and these are not going to be the bottle of choice for the new child....more info
  • Does not seem to reduce gas
    Our little one has grown out of the gas, and we thought we'd give these a go, after using the Playtex nurser system for her (she's mainly breastfed, but I'm going back to work soon). These bottles gave her more gas than the Playtex nurser collapsible liners, although I guess it depends upon how your baby feeds. Ours gets right down to business, and protests strongly if you take her off to burp her until she reaches a certain level of fullness, so it's important that the bottles do not generate gas. Dr Brown's bottles do seem to generate gas, and they are fiddly to clean. We won't be using these again. On the plus-side, you can pump straight from a Medela pump into the bottles, which is handy, and means slightly less waste, I suppose....more info
  • great product
    The bottles look nice. I have to wait to try on my baby in November....more info
  • what is the bottle made out of?
    We purchased these bottles after reading the glowing reviews. Since there has been so much in the news lately about the dangers of many common plastics containing phthalenes and bisphenol, I am surprised that Dr. Brown does not mention what kind of plastic is used in the product-it is not on these pages, their website, the bottles have no number-type, or on the packaging or inserts. I'll be returning this product unused. I'd rather spend three seconds burping than add to his toxic load at this tender age....more info
  • Not worth the effort
    We tried several different brands of bottles. Dr. Browns failed us on several levels. 1) My son gasped and burped the most using Dr. Browns 2) they are a pain in the neck to clean. Playtex dropins worked well in preventing burping, but are a pain when mixing formula. The best of the bunch was Avent. Avent occasionally leaks, but I'll take that over a burpy/fussy baby AND they are easy to clean and easy to mix formula in....more info
  • Disappointing
    We bought this product based on its testimonials and thought it would be the best choice for our new baby. While he had no problems using the Playtex Nursers, he ended up having a problem with Dr. brown's Natural Flow bottles. First off, they are a pain to clean. Each piece needs to be painstakenly washed (boiling the nipple, washing the bottle, and scrubbing each hole of the the insert and the reservoir.) It was certainly laborsome and time consuming. Anyhow, when he uses them, he spits up where he didn't with the competition. I tried to figure out why. If you tip the bottle over it drips constantly without any sucking. So my baby is not sucking or swallowing when he uses this product. He lets it build up in his mouth and then ends up having to push it out when he has gotten too much. Needless to say, we are planning to return these and will stick with Playtex....more info
  • Not so great
    My baby is very gassy and also has reflux and i didn't see any difference with these bottle then with the playtex ones. Too much to clean and not that great....more info
  • Quality product, with a few glitches
    I'm a breastfeeding mom who had to supplement with formula from the time my son was 3 days old. After each bottle feeding, he would have a terrible time with spit-up, gas and general fussiness. Although not a cure-all, Dr.Brown's bottles certainly helped. Because he was so young, he did go through a period of nipple confusion after using these. Also, the flow rate was too fast for him, even with the size 1. We found that replacing the Dr. Brown's nipple with a Gerber orthodontic nipple solved both problems. (This only works on the standard-size bottles.)

    One thing to consider is the number of parts that require cleaning. It's not difficult, but it is time consuming, and every second counts when you've got a new baby on your hip. For this reason, we eventually switched to Avent, which worked just as well but required less upkeep.

    Some people complain about leaking with these bottles. The standard size seems to leak a little less than the wide-neck version, but with either, leaks are easy to prevent - don't heat the bottle with the vent apparatus in place, and empty any milk that gets into the vent during feeding. Leaking was not an issue with us....more info
  • Great Bottles!
    These bottles were given to me as a gift. They are great. My 3 month old loves the nipples. She never really liked the wide ones. The only thing is that its a hassle to clean but worth it if you want your baby to have less gas....more info
  • great at first
    This was heaven sent at first. Now that he is 2 months old it doesnt work as great. Even on the stage 2 nipples he has to work very to get a little bit of formula leaving us both frusterated. But before now it worked great dr. browns took his colic away that and a change of formula. The only thing i have found is that with dr. browns i found it more difficult to get the burps out of him we have now settled with avent and loving it....more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    These bottles are awful. my daughter is MISERABLE after using them. We do use them correctly. She burps all the time. She has the hiccups for 20min after eating EVERYTIME!!!! It hurts her and she cant sleep. Do not buy these. You will regret it. Please take my word for it....more info
  • Best bottle out there!
    My son had no colic or gas while using these bottles. It is well worth the extra time spent cleaning the bottle parts when you never have to stay up all night because your baby has digestive discomfort. I used these with both formula and breast milk and they worked wonderfully. Dr. Brown's have many nipples to adjust the flow for your child so these bottles really grow with your baby. ...more info
  • I'll NEVER buy another brand!
    My son was born premature. I breastfed for as long as I could but after he was diagnosed with severe acid reflux. I needed to find a bottle. He needed cereal in every bottle to thicken it, along with medications for pain and to help move it along his digestive track. First I tried the playtex bottles with disposable liners. The amount of gas and spit up was still quite a lot and I still had a unhappy baby. Then my doctor told me about Dr. Brown's bottles. They are a bit more expensive then others but WORTH EVERY DIME!!!! The clean up is fine too if you just throw all the pieces together in a nipple basket in the dishwasher. I will never use another bottle with my future children ever again. I am so happy I found these. My son was like a different baby from the FIRST time he used these bottles. The gas was GONE, the spit-up was decreased by well over half the previous amount. I tell every mother and soon-to-be mother I run into about Dr. Brown's bottles. I'll never buy another brand!...more info
    These bottles were great at first... then after a few weeks you get tired of cleaning the parts, because there are just WAY to many. But I did it...and i was ready to buy more. But then I started to notice that the paint chips off when you sterilize the bottles...and the paint ended up inside of the bottle... well as a new mom that bugged me and I threw the bottles away b/c I didn't want my son drinking milk with the paint chips in it. But besides all that they are great bottles...he took the milk pretty well in them...But they just scared me with the paint. I recently purchased THE FIRST YEARS SOOTHIE BOTTLE..AND IT WORKS GREAT!...more info
  • Great for Babies with Acid Reflux
    My daughter has severe acid reflux and even the tiniest bit of gas would give her extreme pain. I tried everything before I found out about these bottles. For all those parents out there who have infants with acid reflux: I HIGHLY recommend.

    Trust me - you get over cleaning all the parts....more info
  • great bottles
    I love Dr. Brown bottles. I've been using them for almost half a year. The paint came off pretty bad on 2 out of 6 bottles, but I contacted Customer service by email, and they replied to me within the next day, and they sent me replacements for free. I got this problem solved within a week. Their customer service is very friendly, and it's a wonderful brand. ...more info
  • Great Bottle - Pain To Clean
    I bought the Dr. Browns bottles after having peoblems with the Playtex Nursers. My daughters doctor suggested to try them. And they are great bottles. They did help calm my daughters fussiness and gas. I only gave it 4 stars because they are a pain to clean. I work full time and don't always have time to clean them right away. But I do shake them...I add gas dropps which seems to make the bubbles go away (which I used before I used the Dr. Browns bottles anyway to help with gas) and I shake it with the travel/storage cap on it. NO BUBBLES! Stirring takes forever! They are pretty expensive but who can put a price on their childs well being. ...more info
  • Leaks like crazy. Doesn't help with colic

    I got this set as a shower gift and was quite impressed at first. Then when the colic set in, I started to use these bottles. All they did was leak like crazy on to my sons face. It made no difference with the colic. I really do not like these bottles, they are a pain to clean and I always find them leaking all over my diaper bag too. Save your money.. Ventaire works better! Atleast for me....more info
  • Excellent starter set!
    You will get tons of use out of these innovative bottles, whether you're nursing and need to pump once in awhile or are exclusively bottle feeding. This is a good starter set, but I highly recommend buying at least 3 more of the large size...you will need them sooner than you think!...more info
  • Be careful re what you buy
    These transparent style it turns out are NOT BPA-free. Stick with the translucent polypropylene BPA-free ones....more info
    Our daughter had surgery on her esophagus a day after she was born. Because of the procedure (and her medical condition), she had severe reflux. These bottles were a lifesaver!! Yes, they have a lot of little pieces to clean, and if you don't have a dishwasher (which we don't), they can be a royal pain sometimes. However, the trade-off was a happy baby who spit up far less frequently than she did using any other bottles we tried. I would highly recommend these bottles to anyone, and plan on buying them again if we have another child....more info
  • Dissapointed
    I was disapointed in the Dr. Brown's bottles. I had researched them prior to having my first child and thought they would be great. Olivia is now five months and I am fed up with these bottles they leak, the ounce markers, numbers and writting are chipping off. I will say that she is not a very gassy baby, which could be a result of the bottles, but for the price I expected a better quality. ...more info
  • Save Money and Buy these First
    Dont bother experimenting with other bottles, these are the best. Baby has no hickups, no gas, and no other ailments caused by bottle feeding. Flow is fantastic and natural for baby....more info
  • Paint chips off
    I really like these bottles, they do help my son with gas. I've been using them for almost 3 months now and the paint is chipping off. I hand wash them, put them in the dish washer and use a bottle warmer. I'm pretty sure it's from the bottle warmer. It's getting annoying since the paint gets all over my hands. Otherwise these are great bottles....more info


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