DELTA 50-760 1.5HP 1,200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector

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Product Description

The DELTA 50-760 1.5 HP 1,200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector features a volume-saving vertical design that doesn't compromise the power of its 1.5 HP motor, which moves up to 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute. The vertical dust collector sits on heavy-duty casters, a sturdy steel base, and four glide wheels that can move anywhere in your shop without damage. The durable plastic collection bag can be mounted on one of two rings. The upper bag can filter out pollutants one micron in size--contaminants that your eyes can't see but your lungs will thank you for. The collection bag is a clear 6-mil durable plastic that allows you to see when the bag needs changing. Exhaust is filtered through the filter bag rather than the collection bag to prevent air from escaping. The dust collector includes four swivel caster assemblies, a cord, a plug, and an instruction manual.

  • Dust collector with a powerful 1.5 HP motor and innovative vertical design
  • Moves up to 1,200 cubic feet of air per minute
  • Filters out pollutants as small as one micron
  • Measures 35.5 x 20 x 18 inches; weighs 95.6 pounds
  • Utilizes clear 6-mil durable plastic bags for changing ease

Customer Reviews:

  • Damaged unit
    I received the DELTA 50-760 dust collector today via UPS. When I opened the box, the main unit of the dust collector was dented. I continued the assembly to see if the dent would cause an issue. I also noted that the frame of the unit was dented and the grey paint was cracked and peeling due to impact. Then I noticed that the motor housing was smashed in and the blower fan would not turn. I was able to remove the motor housing, hammer out the dents and get the dust collector to work. It is a heavy item, but it should have been packaged and shipped more carefully. If returning it was easy (and if I didn't need this item immediately), I would return the item for an exchange. Hopefully the machine does not experience problems in the future due to the state it arrived.

    After getting the unit working, it ran quieter than expected and produced good suction. Will update review later after using it for a while....more info
  • Good product
    Unlike some of the others here, I seem to have got lucky in the fact that the motor was not damaged (Although I can clearly see that the package design leaves a lot to be desired.)

    I didn't have much trouble putting this unit together, I skipped the instructions on everything but the bag attachment (a small problem for some of the reviewers here) I went with the snap ring option, instead of the metal strap, with a little finesse the ring slid in easily and will be easily repeatable.

    The price was right and the unit performs well. The motor, and the damage that may happen during shipping, are the only crap shoot with this product, and the reason it is missing a 5th star....more info
  • best suck for the buck
    I can see how many have reported damage from shipping. The top of the motor is not well protected in the packaging. I bought mine locally to save the headache.

    Assembly is very easy and all the parts fit perfectly. There are two choices for connecting the clear, plastic bag: large quick release band clamp, or large felt o-ring. The top bag connects with the large felt o-ring and it seems easier to me than using the clamp. I opted to attach the plastic collection bag using the o-ring. It works well.

    There are also two choices for mounting the motor and blower assembly. You can assemble it with the motor on top and the inlet on the bottom as shown in the photos, or the other way around with the motor on the bottom and the inlet on the top. This makes it convenient for folks who want to install overhead duct work.

    This machine is much larger than you might imagine. It's 83" (almost 7 feet) tall and occupies 35" X 19" floor space, which is a small foot print - it's the height that is a shocker.

    The machine comes with a 5" X 4" X 4" wye fitting. You can hook up one 5" hose or duct (odd size), or two 4" hoses. This puzzles me because a 1.5 hp machine is not really suited for more than one machine at a time and most folks would put a wye further away from the machine. I used a 5" to 6" adapter and went with 6" ducting with 6" to 4" reducers at most machines except my 15" planer, which I ducted 6" all the way.

    I have about 32 feet of 6" metal duct work with 3 wyes and 6 blast gates to shut off either entire parts of the system or just individual machines. Much to my surprise, it works great. I was worried that this machine would lack the power to handle sophisticated duct work. I run only one machine's blast gate open at a time. I also have a floor sweep that connects directly to the 6" duct. It's fun to use. You just sweep a pile of sawdust with 4 to 6 inches of the floor sweep and it sucks it right up.

    I run a 15" Jet planer with a 6" duct and it has so far kept up with fairly aggressive passes on 12" wide stock. I didn't honestly think it would be able to do it but it does.

    Emptying the plastic bag and cleaning the felt bag is a royal pain. There is nothing wrong with the 50-760. All machines designed this way are a pain to dump and clean. Fine dust will pour out in clouds if you're not super careful when dumping. I take my top bag off first and fold it so as to close off the opening and take it straight outside. I then remove the bottom bag very carefully so as not to stir up the dust and take it straight outside as well. After dumping the plastic bag I turn the felt bag inside out being careful not to damage it and then lightly shake it and brush it clean with a soft bristled brush.

    After using the machine for a few hours I turn it off and lightly swat the felt bag with my hands causing the shavings and dust to fall into the lower plastic bag. It will clog if this is not done regularly along with the cleaning I perform when dumping.

    1 micron is nice but dust still comes through the bag. It's much better than a 30 micron bag but it's not magic.

    Since wood chips come into direct contact with the impeller blade I think a pre-separator would be a good investment. I have a friend who uses the trash can style plastic cyclone separator with good success. I am going to build a custom 6" one since all the store bought stuff is only 4". The fewer times you have to empty and clean this thing the better off you'd be....more info
  • Very Nice Inexpensive Dust Collector
    I was going to get the Delta 50-850 but this one includes standard 1 micron bags so I decided to get the 50-760 instead. Set up took about 15 minutes including fumbling with the bag and the exterior band strap. Delta includes an interior flexible band & a band strap to mount the bottom bag with. I suppose out of habit I used the band strap but the flex band seems a lot easier and I will probably switch bag mounting methods next time I empty it. The unit runs a lot quieter than I had imagined and seems to have more than enough power to collect the dust from my shop. With 2 clear chip bags 1 micron collection and the cfm rating this machine is hard to beat. I do not see having to upgrade to anything larger....more info
  • Also received a damaged unit
    The unit I received was new in box, did not look like it had ever been opened. The blower housing had two major dents in it that were not due to shipping damage. It looked like poor handling before being packaged. Delta was very responsive in sending out a replacement part but needs to work on better QC in the packaging process.
    Assembly instructions were clear and it took maybe 30 minutes to put together. Overall the build quality, finish and features of the unit seem first rate. The 11.5 inch impeller and 1 micron bag provide good airflow and static pressure to collect most dust from any machine in my typical amateur woodworking shop. The ability to point the intake port up or down is a real nice feature if you are putting in a duct work system.
    The noise level is louder than I expected but not as annoying as my shop vac....more info
  • Wood Chip
    The collector was very easy to assemble and works great, only drawback - didn't recieve the advertized $30 refund certificate....more info
  • Dust collector
    I have only had a chance to use the dust collector once. It works great. It picks up most of the sawdust from my table saw, band saw and miter saw. I have not had time to use it with my planer yet. ...more info
  • Delta 50-760
    I'm relly impressed with the power of this machine. I plan to install a ductwork system for it over the holidays, but so far I've used it on the planer and the drum sander and it really does a fine job. I'm looking forward to having it installed as a permanent setup....more info
  • Larger than I thought
    I procrastinated and debated on my selection of a DC for my new workshop. Based on Amazon reviews, price and features I selected the 50-760. I found the unit very easy to assemble. Even the bags went on easy. The unit initially made a racket when powered up for the first time, but after I removed the the dented motor cover and pounded it out (apparently a common shipping mishap for this unit...attention Delta!), the unit was very quiet. Compared to my old shopvac, the low hum was a relief over the previous high pitch. Hooked up to my Unisaw it immediately drew large quantities of sawdust out of the motor chamber. The only surprise was the size of the 50-760. Compared to the Delta unit sold at Home Depot, this stands about 2 feet taller. I assumed it would be only slightly taller. Otherwise, very pleased. 4/5 stars for minor damage and missing "large" flat washer that is used in fabric bag hanger....more info
  • Poor Packaging -Another one damaged in shipment
    As with many others this item arrived damaged. The fan housing was just barely dented in the area where the fan is. However that was enough for the fan to hit the housing making the unit worthless. It was sent back. I have ordered a replacement and will update when it arrives.

    While this is a shipping problem, it is also a Delta quality control problem. The box has the least amount of package protection (Styrofoam)around the heaviest part of the assembly. That almost assures that a large percentage of the units will be damaged in shipping as the reviews indicate.

    I would suggest you unpack the box , then turn on the unit before you do any assembly.

    The only reason I am reordering this one rather than the Steel City (cheaper) is that I have a small workshop and this model has enough space in the cart for a accessory 20 gallon collector can in the footprint of the unit. That and the switch is at a reasonable height rather than close to the floor. I will report again if I can get an undamaged one....more info
  • Overpowering
    Great unit lots of power with a small foot print fits in really good in my garage workshop....more info
  • Two big bags of sawdust later...
    Before purchasing this machine, I read a magazine review which suggested a 2hp+ cyclone collector was necessary if connected to ductwork and multiple machines. In the end, I couldn't justify the expense (almost $1000) and decided to try the Delta. I'm very glad I did. I've run 4" duct with blast gates to four machines - this machine captures ALL the dust and chips from the jointer and planer, and most from the router table. Collection from the contractor saw is only fair, but I can't blame that on the dust collector.

    Shipping was fast, packaging was fine, and the included 1 micron bags are great. If you're used to an industrial cyclone dust collector, this may not be enough machine for you. If you're like me and your previous dust collection system involved a dustpan and broom, you'll be very happy with this machine. ...more info
  • Junk
    I've had this unit for abour 6 months now and am not particularly happy with it. When it works it's ok, but in the short time I've had it the bracket that holds the dust bag up had broke, and after getting a replacement on ($15) appears to on the verge of breaking again. Also, the dust bag does not seat well in the opening and leaks fine particles of sawdust. Most recently, the motor stalls when I attempt to power it up and it appears the starter needs to be replace. These things are not that complecated and there should be a lot of good ones out there. This just isn't one one them. I'm going to sell this one and get another brand....more info
  • Great Machine
    The Delta 50-760 is everything the manufacture claims. I've used it primarily at my woodturning lathe. Dust in the air has been eliminated. Heavier chips still land on the floor, but not as many, so cleanup is much easier. The machine was packaged exceptionally well. It went together easily. One minor problem with the instruction book: The book says that all you need is a 12mm wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver. Right off the bat, a 14mm wrench was needed to attach the casters, and a thin one at that. It took a few minutes to improvise a thin wrench, and that took up most of the hour it took to complete the assembly. Those casters can't be tightened down with a regular wrench. A special wrench should be supplied in the box. Overall, I am very pleased with the product.Delta 50-760 1.5 Horsepower 1,200 CFM Vertical Bag Dust Collector, 120/240-Volt 1 Phase...more info
  • Good for the money
    Mine arrive in good condition with no dents or scratches. Suction is great and the 1 micron bag keeps the dust down in my shop. The 1 micron bag alone is worth $60. Great value for the $$$....more info
  • Delta 50-760 1.5 Horsepower
    Product arrived in just a couple of days of my order. Packing was good. No damage to unit. Dust collector can be used with 120 volts and 220 volts. I originally hooked it up using 220 volts but it sounded like a low flying airplane so I changed it back to the 120 volts. I have only had a chance to use a couple of times and it works well. I held back 1 star due to fact I havn't had enough experience with machine to give it higher rating. Price was the best I could find. Lowes had it for $ 350.00 plus tax. Make sure you put machine on a 20 amp circuit it will not run on a 15 amp circuit. It will pop the fuse within 30 seconds of starting machine. Overall a very good experience with Amazon. I would buy another machine from them in the future.
    ...more info
  • Damaged but usable
    The Delta 50-760 unit was superficially damaged when received. The vacuum housing was buckled as if it had been hit with a fork lift, but not so severely that any rotating parts contacted it. Having read another reviewer's report of a similar experience, I figured I got the unit he returned. He apparently was then sent another damaged but usable unit and elected to keep it. I decided to just keep the unit I received. Aside from that the unit works fine....more info
  • Does a great job.
    This is working great for my small shop. The one thing I didn't take into account was its height. It's too tall for me to easily move around my basement due to overhead storage and ductwork. So I'll probably use it as more of a stationary unit than a mobile one....more info
  • Delta 50-760 Dust Collector Arrived Broke
    It gets 1 star because it arrived damaged and unusable. The motor cooling shroud was crushed . Poor packaging. They put plenty of padding over the bag and box containing wheels but none over the motor !

    Also, It appears I'm not the first as it seems to have been returned before. Shame on amazon .

    Otherwise it seems to be a great unit . I'll report after its all fixed.

    Now if I can get a part without going thru the hastle of returning the whole thing. Delta was no help. Now its Amazons turn.
    ...more info
  • Nice machine, but big
    Works well both for woodworking machines and with a 4" hose threaded up through a floor vent into the kitchen during a remodel it really cut down on dust in the house. Don't leave any thing remotely mobile near the mouth of an open 4" hose....more info
  • Powerful
    The 50-760 has very strong suction. Have to be careful what is placed near it otherwise its gone, it will suck it right up. Simple design, very easy and straight foreward assembly. Would buy again, and would recommend....more info
  • Product Damaged - box in excellent condition
    Collector arrived with damage to the motor shroud, scratches and dents were also in evidence elsewhere on the unit. The collector was advertised as new but I believe this one was returned by some other dissatisfied customer. Assembled the collector with dust intake on the bottom motor on top, motor had a noticeable clunk when stopping. Reassembled with dust intake on the top and motor on the bottom. Unit would not start and blew the circuit breaker. Delta has advised I take unit to service center - fortunately there is one nearby - hassle I should not have to have. New Product? Forced to give 1 star....more info
  • Great deal on a great machine
    This DC is great machine for a small shop. Setup was easier then I expected. It does take an extra set of hands to setup. I have used it with my planer and bandsaw and what a difference. I should have done this sooner.

    The only negative is the specs say the machine runs on 110 or 220. What they do not tell you is to run on 220 you have to purchase a new switch for around $32. Not a big deal BUT it would have been nice to know so I could have had the switch here when the machine arrived....more info
  • One man shop dust collection
    The Delta 50-760 is the first dust collector I have used. At first I was undecided between the single stage type (Delta 50-760) or a cyclone 2 stage type. Good reviews and price decided me on the Delta. If you are using a single machine at a time the Delta is more than enough. Its small footprint and wheels make it simple and convenient to move from machine to machine. The greatest chip maker I have is a 12" jointer/planer combination machine. The Delta has no problem keeping up with jointing or planing a full width 12" board. In addition the 1 micron filter is definately a health benefit. A grest dust collector and I have no reservations about recommending it....more info
  • No problems .... great unit
    I received my 50-760 late last year. Even though I have been receiving items damaged from Amazon, the dust collector made it without any problems at all.

    Assembly was a snap, fit and finish was very good.

    I am still running the DC at 120v, but will be wiring to 240v after I put in the 240v outlet.

    I currently use the DC in a ducted metal pipe environment. I come off vertically with 6 inch spiral pipe (5 inch to 6 inch expander from machine), run up to ceiling, run over 16 feet, then head down to the floor with 5 inch pipe. I have multiple branches off this vertical pipe, and run 5 inch hose to the woodworking machines via home-made blast gates. Eventually I will expand the system to other machines, but since the existing ductwork and run lengths are the longest that I will be using, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the future enhancements will also work just as good as the existing hookups.

    Performance with the above set-up is great. I have great airflow and suction, and the amount of dust and sawdust has been reduced tremendously in the woodshop.

    Noise level is not a problem. While not quiet, the noise level is less than my shop vac was. Since the DC is in a corner of the woodshop, it is at least a fair bit away from me. Eventually I will add a wooden panel or two around the unit to block some of the direct noise.

    I am glad that I purchased the unit. It handles my woodworking needs at a low cost and with a small footprint. No regrets on purchasing the unit.

    I can't wait to hook up the rest of my machines!

    ...more info
  • This thing sucks
    Sorry. I couldn't resist the pun. Ordered this dust collection system from Amazon last week and it arrived yesterday in perfect condition.

    It works as advertised. Plenty of suction power and it's not as loud as my shop vacuum. It's also fairly light and it's easy to wheel around my small workshop.

    Something to note... Delta isn't kidding when they say you need a separate electrical circuit to operate this thing. Don't plan on plugging this into the same outlet as your table saw....more info
  • 240 operation
    I haven't had the dust collector long enough to comment on its performance. But, its listed as 120/240 VAC, to run on 240 you need to purchase a different switch from Delta($30). After a discussion with Delta customer service, I was informed this was an option not a standard part, even though its advertised as a 240 machine. So for me, this item is not as advertised, and customer support is poor. ...more info
  • Great machine but packaging needs improvement.
    This is my first experience with a dust collector and I am very pleased with the performance... it's much much better than using a shop vac! I was very disapointed when I pulled the dust collector out of the box and found four dents in the main shroud! Plus the leg/wheel assembly made of tubing was bent. All probably due to inferior packaging design and careless warehouse/delivery men. I probably could have lived with the dents and the bent wheel/leg assembly but I decided to contact Amazon to get replacement parts. My hats off to Amazon, in a few days, I had a whole brand new repplacement DC! The exchange was so easy!...more info
  • Good collector with one major flaw.
    I bought this machine based on all of the positive reviews. When I got around to putting it together myself I was surprised to see how poorly designed the lower dust collection bag was. You have the option of either using a metal ring to hold it up or a cloth ring that you have to wedge in. Basically you get a large garbage bag with no loop around the top to put the metal ring through to clamp it, so unless you have 6 more hands to hold the bag in place this is impossible.

    With no success using the metal ring I tried the cloth ring. You put it inside the bag, fold the bag around the inside and then try to wedge it in the DC. I got that to go in OK but regardless these are both poorly designed.

    Otherwise the machine seems pretty solid. It has plenty of suction power, even when using my contractor table saw with a open back. The manual could be written better and I'll be dreading changing the bag! 4/5....more info
  • amazing dust collection
    This dust collector really gets it done. Ihave been using a shop vac. for quite a while[have burnt up 2 or 3 over the years] knowing I could benifit better from a dedicated collector. Am still using hoses but as soon as I finish this project plan to add rigid duct work ....more info
  • Nice item, but $99 in shipping?
    I just saw a good review of this device and came to Amazon to check pricing. The $299 price seems typical, but with a $99 shipping charge its hard to imagine that it wouldn't be cheaper to buy it locally. ...more info
  • Exceeded Expectations
    The Delta 50-760 arrived looking better in my shop than it did on the sales floor of the local Woodcraft dealer. I'm convinced that for my particular needs there was no better collection system available any where at any better price. Assembly was done extremely quickly, as I just had to see it work before I went to bed.I've purchased a tremendous amount of different things over the internet in the past. This was my first experience with Amazon and nothing before has ever compared to it! You blew the competitors away with both price and service. The unit does everything I had imagined it would and operates at a noise level well within acceptable levels for a small shop. Thank you Delta for a fine product, and Thank you Amazon for an excellent price with such expedient delivery. ...more info
  • smallest footprint for great suction and room for seperator
    I received my unit with a slightly damaged motor housing that was cosmetic only (like most other reviewers). No other flaws. Assembly about 1 hour. Have used it for about a year now with no problems at all. It has far better suction than a 650cfm unit and this enables you to use floor vacuums (like the one sold by grizzly with the wheels on it) and a cleaner shop. The one micron bag is nice. The unit is tall but has the smallest footprint of any dust collector with this amount of power.

    The best part of this dust collector is the ability to add a shopmade seperator ON THE SAME FOOTPRINT. All other dust collectors force you to use up additional floor space for the seperator. If you turn wet wood or use a planer then dust collector input hose will get clogged from long strands and everything grinds to a halt (regardless of dust collector model). The trick is to add a seperator. To add a seperator to this unit you make a plywood floor for the bottome of the unit. Then you place a 20 gallon metal trash can under the motor unit on the platform you just added. The lid is just a piece of round plywood with two holes cut in it, one 5 inch hole for the suction intake to the motor, and one 4 inch hole for the hose to the tool. Use a glue gun to seal around the hoses where they enter the lid. Altogether should take an hour to build. I tried numerous rubber trash cans but this dust collector imploded all of them, you have to use a steel can. All commercial seperator lids are for 5 or 30 gallon cans. 5 gallon cans are toys for people using shopvacs, and a 30 gallon can wont fit on this models stand. I bought the 20 gallon steel can at a Menards.

    My only complaint is the same as most of these mobile tools--I wish it came with bigger wheels so it could jump a power cord. The tubular frame does not look like it will tolerate bigger wheels but maybe I will get around to trying that eventually....more info
  • This thing sucks...but that's a good thing
    This is a fantastic product. I was able to assemble this and be up and running in about 20 min. The internal spring bag clamp was very easy to use. Just make sure you empty the bag before it gets too full, or you'll have a real mess on your hands. Do not ask how I know this :)

    The 1 micron bag is fantastic. The air in my shop (and the floor) is so clean now, I cannot imagine going back to a shop vac. The DC is much less noisy than a shop vac. It has more of a drone than a whine. I often leave mine running for long periods of time in between cuts and barely notice it. I had to install an over the blade collector on my table saw to collect all the dust. My shop vac might have done a better job when using only the dust port on the cabinet. However, with the cabinet and the over the blade collector, there's very little dust that escapes, even when cutting MDF. The miter saw is a different story. This thing is amazing at collecting dust from the miter saw. I built a "back stop" behind the saw and installed a 6" port on the bottom of the table just behind the saw. You can see the dust flying every which way off of the saw, then being sucked into the 6" port. It is a beautiful thing.

    I highly recommend using 220v. I've got mine hooked up to 110v on a dedicated 20 amp circuit about 18 inches from the breaker and I still trip the breaker every once in a while. It isn't too much of a pain since the breaker is right there, but I assume a 220v setup would result in fewer trips.

    Overall, I?|m glad that I bought it. I set up ducting and blast gates to each machine rather than wheel this thing from tool to tool. That results in me actually using the DC for nearly every operation. The air is much cleaner, and I no longer have a nose full of saw dust after a day in the shop. I?|m constantly amazed at how fast the bags fill up. To think, most of that stuff was ending up on my floor or in the air before?K

    ...more info
  • Very good, but...
    As with most reviewers, I think this is a very good machine with LOTS of sucking power. I especially like the 1-micron bag. My only complaint - as mentioned by at least one other reviewer - is the bracket that holds the rod that holds up the bag.

    As with many other Delta products, the folks that write the manuals don't talk to the folks who design the product; it's a foreign concept. The manual that came with my unit shows the bracket in question fastened to the main dust collector housing with three bolts, one on the top and two on the side (a pretty good design, I think). However, my 50-760 had since been redesigned by Delta to save 25 cents in manufacturing cost and the bracket mounts with only one bolt (fastens the bracket only to the top of the housing). Not only does the bracket have only one hole for one bolt, the housing has only one bolt hole, which uses a threaded insert (so buying an earlier 3-bolt version of the bracket wouldn't allow you to step back in time to the superior design).

    My specific problem with the one-bolt scenario is that I have low-hanging obstructions in my basement workshop and on a couple of occasions, when rolling the dust collector around, the rod bumped into one of them. This, in turn, bent the bracket (made of soft metal), not the rod; the earlier design, I'm sure, would have resulted in a bent rod, which would have been very easy to straighten or, worst case, replace. Here's the rub: I can't remove the bracket now to pound it back into proper shape because, while mounting it to the housing in the first place with normal torque, either the threads on the threaded bolt hole insert stripped or the weld or crimp that holds the insert in the hole broke (probably made from aluminum; another 25 cents saved!).

    Funny how you can never find out who, specifically, makes design decisions like this and, more importantly, what they were thinking (as Dr. Phil would say)....more info
  • value for money
    coming with a 1 micron bag gives this unit great value for money at the 1200CFM dust collection range....mine also came with 6ft of delta 4" hose and two 4" wire clamps.
    suction is outstanding. however, the catch with these large units is the actual suction power (represented as inches of water)is lower than say a shopvac. its the large volume of air moved (1200 CFM) that makes the difference. this means that long stretches of hose and points of constriction (such as a reducer fitting) will greatly reduce suction at the end.
    nevertheless the quiet operation and large holding capacity make this a wonderful upgrade from my 5HP shopvac.
    i included a photo that shows how i rigged up a 30 gal can with a MDF lid and some 5" hose to work as a 1st stage collector. i find that adding this accessory reduces the suction a little, but is very effective at separating even fine dust; reducing the need to remove and reattach the plastic bag regularly.
    one drawback: delta should have included a switch that is safe for 230v operation...running this unit on 110 puts a huge draw (up to 20A)on the circuit, especially at startup....more info
  • Perfect Product and Transaction
    After reading all the reviews here and elsewhere, and doing days of research, I made the decision to purchance this Delta dust collector. It arrived AHEAD of schdule from Amazon in perfect condition. I put it together in less then 20 minutes and had it attached to my lathe and operating within minutes.

    I am extremely impressed with suction power of this 1.5 horse-power unit, maybe it's the model's unique design (i.e., hose free connection between the intake, impeller and bag) but it seems more powerful than the 2 and even 3 horsepower units I've seen first hand in friend's workshops. I currently have it attached to a collection hood on my lathe, and when in operation, it snatches every bit of dust and wood chip while turning even large pieces. The piles of sawdust that use to accumulate with my previous 1/2 horse power collector are gone for good.

    In fact, it so powerful, you really have to hang on to your sand paper while finishing (although speaking from experience, it does eat sand paper and shop rags quite I've witnessed zero dust leak from the 1 micron bag, in fact the bag seems to even filter fumes from wood finishes, much to the delight of my wife sensative nose. So I leave it running to help dry the projects I finish on my lathe.

    I've also hooked a 12 foot shop hose to it that does a great job of cleaning up the shop. In I'm extremely please with this product and impress with Amazon's excellant ahead of schedule delivery and "best on the net" price.


    A Very Satisfied Customer

    P.S. After buys items off the internet for a dozen years now, this is the firt time I've felt impelled to write a product review....more info
  • This thing SUCKS!
    and that's what it's supposed to do. Great unit. great results. little issue with the packaging. not sure if that's a Delta issue or an Amazon issue. the cage covering the motor cooling fan was dented in the first time, enough to send back as it seemed to have affected the motor. second was dented as well, but motor spun correctly so I just banged it out. in use, it's fantastic. ...more info
  • dust collector
    the delta dust collector works as advertised and rated by WOOD magazine. excellent buy....more info
  • Excellent System
    I've only had this machine a couple of weeks but it's seen some heavy use with my planer and drum sander. I don't have my ductwork installed yet and just using flex hose to individual machines and a 55 gallon drum separator. There is no doubt that this machine will do the job when properly set up....more info
  • Excellent for the small shop!
    I've had the 50-670 for over a half year and I'm very pleased with it. It is very easy to move around and moves a lot of air. I remember turning it on for the first time and having my hand sucked into the flex hose; I said "Daamn!"...more info


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