Doom 3 Limited Collector's Edition
Doom 3 Limited Collector's Edition

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The Doom 3 Collector's Editioncontinues the incredible shooter action of the first Doom games! The Mars Research Facility has been invaded by demons from Doom, leaving only chaos and horror in their wake. You're one of the only survivors - to stay alive you'll have to fight your way to Hell and back.Special Collector's Edition features the classic Doom and Doom 2, plus a special G4 show, art gallery, developer interviews and more.

  • Intensely realistic and stunning visuals - advanced graphics immerse you in the feel of all-out combat against deadly killing machines
  • The action doesn't stop or slow down for a second - collect ammo and health as you plow through all-new levels, each one filled with terror
  • Battle new monsters with all-new weapons
  • Frightening visual design and murderous intent - ever-changing levels of fear and uncertainty will test your limits
  • Vicious multiplayer action within a totally dynamic game world

Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty good game
    First, I'll say what I'm sure everyone else has said: this game is really scarifying, and the graphics really utilize the x-box's cababilities (something that can't be said for most games).

    My only problem with this game is the lighting - a few levels of dark spooky cooridors is fine, but after a while it gets tedious to fumble between a flashlite and your weapons.

    The x-box live is pretty bad. Most sessions have lagged pretty badly (not nearly as smooth as Halo 2's live). I wouldn't recommend this game if you already have the PC version and you just want to play your friends on x-box live.

    Finally, I bought the collector's edition for the original Doom. It consoled well to x-box, and I found it a blast to relive the game I first played ten years ago. Otherwise, I wouldn't have shelled out the extra ten bucks.

    Overall, this game has some minor irritations, but it's a very solid game with great graphics and fun gameplay. It's a must own for any fan of the fist-person shooter genre....more info
  • Pretty Awsome
    I had never played Doom 3 before but one of my friends is addicted to the PC version, so i decided to risk it and buy it. Overhall this game is awsome, its a ton better than Halo 2 and alot of other games out there. If you like to kill zombies and what not than this is surely the game for you. I highly recomend buying the Collectors addition, it comes in a metal case and you get the second and the original dooms with it. For five dollars more its a way better deal....more info
  • This is way better than the regular edition
    the collector's edition is the same price as the regular but has 3 games in one. nothing beats killing 2d demons with a chainsaw!!!
    switch back and forth from kicka$$ graphics to old school pc graphics...more info
  • Doom3 by D139
    in their attempt to make the game more "realistic" I feel they have taken most of the fun out of it.I'm a big fan of the other titles (DOOM,DOOM2,FINAL DOOM)and this game just doesn't stand up for all it's graphics and realism....more info
  • You have no chance survive make your time!
    Painful as it is to admit, when DOOM III came to the PC, I was among those poor lost souls whose PCs couldn't handle the strain of playing it. After agonizing over the great reviews the PC version and not being able to play it, you can imagine my delight when DOOM III burst onto the Xbox a month or two later in all its gory glory. Ok, so it doesn't look as beautiful as on a top-of-the-line PC, but I have to say it looks pretty great all the same. And it plays great, too. The name DOOM isn't just a cool title, it's actually what this game is about. Death and destruction are the name of the game, all rendered with pristine textures and models. For the first few minutes of the game you will literally be afriad for your life. It will make you feel as if you are truly trapped in he dark with horrifying monsters. And though the graphics are some of the best of any Xbox game, the framerate never slows down once. But no game is perfect, and DOOM III does have a few (minor) shortcomings that I should mention.
    First of all, though it looks and plays great, you realize after a while that the gameplay is actually very simplistic. Basically, you run around dark corridors, shoot monsters, and open doors with key-cards. There isn't much to it. However, this really doesn't matter because you'll be having too much fun blazing away at groups of zombies with your chaingun to notice it anyway. The gameplay (like the original DOOM for PC) is simple but fun.
    One other gripe I have with this game is that some of the monsters seem to have much more bark than bite. The first time I encountered the ferocious-looking Demon (a remake version of Pinky from the original DOOM), I was already preparing to reload my last save game as I blasted away at it when, without much fanfare at all it just keeled over and died. It didn't even take away any of my health. This is true of many of the other monsters as well, making for some anticlimactic fights. Still, DOOM III is really fun to play, and there are some great weapons that you get after a while, such as the plasma rifle and chaingun (as well as the BFG 9000, a DOOM classic)which are really quite fun to shoot.
    There are a few good reason's to by the collector's edition too, the main one being that you get Xbox ports of the classic DOOM and DOOM II, great games not available on the Xbox anywhere else. There are also some good commentaries and interviews if you're into that sort of thing.
    All in all, DOOM III is a game worthy of any shooter fan's collection, and if you missed it on the PC, the Xbox version is a great alternative. It's a great experience, dark and sinister to the last and chock full of over-the-top violence and lots of really big guns. So if you;re looking for a good shooter and some genuinely unsettling atmosphere, pick this one up at your local Gamestop or here on Amazon, and you won't be disappointed.

    "My heart is black, and my lips are cold
    cities on flame with rock and roll
    three thousand guitars, they seem to cry
    my ears will melt, and then my eyes." - Blue Oyster Cult...more info
    Doom 3 takes the FPS genre to new places with this moody, sci-fi horror game, using just the right amount of graphic power, narration cut scenes, sound, atmosphere, and gameplay to create a truly scary experience.

    The gun or flashlight option is certainly a cheap trick to amp up the suspense- but is a lot less annoying than the wack controls of silent hill or the gimmicky camera angles of resident evil. as far as Horror based games go, Doom III gives your character better control than most, which makes the suspense much more effective.

    While some of compared the gameplay negatively to the halo series, I would somewhat disagree. Unlike the Halo firefights, where dying is more a frustration of having to replay a section than anything else, Doom III invests the player more in the experience. Much less of a strategy game then the current crop of FPS's, Doom III is somewhat old school but at least provides a plausible explanation of why there are suddenly demons behind you, and provides a new ironic layer to the term spawn!

    The evil human charaters give the perfect blend of exposition and creepiness, and doom III's new take on the classic "mad scientist" is clever and fun. Ironically,because of the use of voice over "messages" you find, the charaters in the video game seem more fleshed out than in the recent Doom movie.

    Doom III walks the line between action and horror perfectly. This is not some military style FPS where the Nazis have been simply replaced by Aliens. Doom III uses it's senario to deliver a gaming experience that is unique not because of any particular technical innovation, but it's ability to use existing conventions to their full effect.

    ...more info
  • there can be only one
    all i have to say is that this game is the best fps to come out ever. i have been waiting for nearly a year for this to come out and when it did i was not let down just awsome. although it is dark it will not bother you youll be so much into the game. o yea and for all you cheaters out there i found a hugely cool thing if you dont want to play through the game the way youre supposed to go to the system link mode and you dont have to do system link but you can do any level in the game. over all one of my favorite game ever.( my favorites are devil may cry 1 2 and 3, all the resident evils, the dino crisis series, return to castle wolfenstein, and the original metal gear solid)but this is better than most of those...more info
  • the Best Game Ever made, THE REAL HALO, HALO2 KILLER
    Doom 3 Collector's Edition is the Best Game Ever made. I still cant believe how good the graphics is. The game play can not be possibly better. DOOM 3 is the real HALO KILLER. The PS2 Competitor to doome and hako "killzone" is just a joke, that's another story.BUT Doom 3 Collector's Edition is the Best EVER MADE ON ANY DAMM CONSOLE. 10 OUT OUT 5...more info
  • Doom 3 Collector's Edition
    First off, I love Doom. I have loved the franchise since the first time I played it. The series has aways been great, but not to scary. Not any more. Doom 3 is an enhancement on everything that Id Software has brought us before.

    The moment I started the game, I was hooked. I was playing non-stop, and was terrified the entire time. Id Software has taken Doom to an unimaginable level of detail, fun, and terror. The game has a lot more story this time, but not enough to where you will be playing for twelve hours before you fire your weapon. Basically, you are a marine stationed at the Union Aerospace Corporation, (UAC) where teleportation is being extenisivley researched. Something goes wrong, and a gateway to hell is opened. After that, the game consists of shooting, dying, and screaming in terror.

    A lot of people complain about not being able to use your flashlight and gun at the same time. This highly trained marine can wield guns of all types, take multiple hits before dying, and can hold off the entire populus of Hell by himself, but he just can't seem to figure out duct-tape. It seems really stupid, but it adds terror to the game. I for one, think that it was a good move on Id Software's part.

    Now, if this was all that Doom 3 had to offer, I could stop right now. But, there is online multiplayer, and online cooperation, which is exclusive to the Xbox version. Also, if you can afford to shell out the extra ten dollars to buy the Collector's Edition, do so. The Collector's Edition includes concept art, developer interviews, and an entire episode of Icons showcasing the history of Id Software. All in all, this game is great.

    10/10...more info
  • Awesome!
    I got this game really fast in the mail. I mean really fast. And even tho this game is used, It works perfect. No scratches or nicks in the disk, it is absolutely wonderful. I am having an awesome time, and I can't wait to buy from you guys again!!!...more info
  • are you afraid of the dark?
    Any big name release with a lot of hype will inevitably bring with it some degree of backlash. But which do you believe? In the case of Doom 3 a little of both is probably a good idea. This title nails a lot of aspects necessary for an amazing game experiance. It also has its fair share of irritating (and one would think easy to avoid) faults bogging it down.

    In particular, the atmosphere in this game is intensely gripping. the audio ambience combined with the dynamic lighting and enemy use of the dark makes this a pretty terrifying game to play. It succeeds wildly in transporting you inside a sci-fi horror film. Of course it's pretty much a straight nod to the Alien franchise in that way - the story is nowhere as solid (although thank heavens the voice acting is competent.) But inasmuch as Doom 3 instils in the player the visceral sensations of being hunted by bogeymen in the dark, the horror element here is pure gold.

    The engine is fairly realistic and all around solid. Apparently the pc version has occasional framrate problems but you will find no such issues in the Xbox version. I went from end to end of this game's campaign mode without a single lock-up or slow-down. The character models behave in 3D space in a surprisingly convincing manner. The bump-mapping is phenomenal and no corners were cut on the visual production. The artistic updates on various enemies and weapons were well done and sensible.

    A number of fairly stupid design problems do hinder the overall experiance though. For example, as the game progresses you will start to find unavoidable situations that force you to platform in first person. That's generally considered a huge no-no in first person shooters and was completely avoidable. Also, the level designs are occasionally redundent, particularely early on in the game when the story gives you no real clear goal.

    Additionally, the menu system is uncomfortably sluggish. It may not sound like a big deal that it takes 1.5 seconds to go from menu to menu instead of .5 seconds, but when you're really immersed in the gameplay and you just want to customize the D-Pad weapons really quick in the middle of a fight or make a just-in-case save file, it stacks up. Another similar frustration comes in the form of save file load times. Although the ability to save at any place in the game may seem desirable, it results in a lot of time wasted staring at load screens later on in the game when you may need to retry particularely difficult passages or bosses over and over. Some sort of checkpoint system would have eliminated this flaw, even if only implemented in particular trouble spots. Besides these technical issues, there are a number of little spots in the gameplay where goals are ambiguous and general level design works against you in a way that feels distinctly unintentional.

    The special edition features are decent. It does come with full emulations of the original two doom games as well as a smattering of somewhat informative interviews and other video features. Still, there isn't anything of mindblowing proportions here so if you're the frugal type you won't be missing anything by opting for the basic edition.

    There aren't any especially good arguments against playing this game; it accomplishes its main goal as a horror fps quite well. At the very least it's worth a rental. The flaws keep it from being a hall of fame game but they certainly don't ruin what is mostly an enjoyable and convincing game with a well-balanced fps set up....more info
  • YES!
    I love the Doom games. There's just something about killing hell demons on Mars...

    Alright. This game was awesome...and scary as hell, too. It's probably one of the best games that I've played on the XBox. I don't even know where to begin. Obviously it's the same old Doom we know and love but in 3-D. It still has the same huge levels and the same evil demons, the same weapons plus one and some grenades, but it's a lot darker and more evil...and really detailed. There are also some funny bits here and there.

    Not only that but the full versions of Doom and Doom II are a sweet bonus.

    Basically, if you like first person shooters, you'll like this; if you like the Doom series, you'll like this; if you like survival horror games, you'll like this....more info
  • Doom 3 Collector's Edition - Xbox
    I bought the Xbox system and Doom 3 Collector's Edition from my local Wal-Mart Supercenter over a month ago, and I haven't regretted it since. Doom 3 is one bada$$ first-person shooter game with incredibly realistic graphics, dark eerie levels filled with creepy looking monsters and zombies, lots of blood and violence, awesome weapons, and a very atmospheric soundtrack. Playing this game is like seeing every drop of ink coming to life in a tattoo parlor! This game starts out peacefully enough; no monsters, no zombies, nothing unusual happening.......yet! Once you accomplish your objective of finding the "missing scientist" ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!! So sit back, relax, and enjoy your soon-to-be unforgettable journey to hell and back. Also, I highly recommend that you purchase the Doom 3 Players Guide by Prima; trust me, you'll need it! I kept getting lost and couldn't seem to find my way out, so I went back to Wal-Mart Supercenter and bought this guide. It certainly comes in handy. Oh yeah, I'm sick of reading all of the negative reviews of people complaining about this game, saying it's too dark! let me point out that Doom 3 is a sci-fi-action-HORROR game! It's supposed to be dark! And if you don't like it, then go back to playing Atari and Nintendo! Id Software said themselves that they wanted to "create a really scary version of Doom." And like it or not, this is it. It's Doom 3. Take it or leave it. Everybody has the right to their own opinion, and MY opinion is that Doom 3 rocks! This game has scared the daylights out of me on more than one occasion, and I like that!

    This Collector's Edition also includes PC-perfect versions of Ultimate Doom & Doom II, and I'm pleased that they added those two classics on here as extras. However, I wish they wouldn't have left out Final Doom, or as I sometimes call it, the "Forgotten Doom." Among the extras are interviews from id Software, and not ONCE do they mention anything about Final Doom. Oh well, I can't complain. I recommend this game to id Software fan everywhere. This entry fits perfectly with the Xbox console. ...more info
    Doom 3 is one of the best games I've played all year! And that's saying something since I got the Xbox at the beginning of the year and have played both halo's(you'll basically forget about those after you have played this), Star Wars Battlefront, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein! All great games, but Doom 3 seems to BLOW THEM AWAY!!!

    If you have the extra bread, get this one because it will definately be right up the ally of the classic doom fan as well since it has doom 2 and ultimate doom. I only have those on pc and am not a really big fan of the keyboard and mouse and my computer is about as old as Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

    Doom 3 really packs a punch and will scare you $h*+less, because I just got done playing it a while ago and just got a clean pair of underwear. The graphics are wonderful, the weapons are really awesome and pack a punch too!

    This game has definatley taken advantage of the xbox and I am very glad that is is on the xbox and that I am very lucky to have one. You will love this if you can take a few scares. Well, that's putting it a little lightly.

    If you have an Xbox, you are definately in luck! Rent or buy this immediately and see what I'm talking about!...more info
  • Thanks id for another great game
    Doom 3 is THE scariest game I've played yet. Im waiting to get resident evil 4 for my gamecube. But i dont know if it will compare to walking down a bloodstained corridor with , written in blood on the walls, words like DIE SUFFER BURN. Then all the lightbulbs shatter, leaving you with only a flickering bulb. But then you start to see the images of "things" with chainsaws flashing around you that arent really there. thats when id really amazed me. Thanks id, looking foward for quake4. peace out....more info
  • A Casual Gamers Review of Doom 3 (Xbox)
    I played the demo from OXM a while back and, frankly, it scared the crap out of me. As a fan of horror movies and the like, I was hooked. So, a few months later, I was lucky enough to get a gift certificate from Amazon and Doom 3 Collectors Edition was on sale, so I took the plunge.

    Now for my disclaimer of the day: if you're a parent getting this for your kids, be warned. This game is quite frightening, to say the least. I'm in my early 30's and this game almost made me wet myself on more than one occasion.

    That said, all the levels on this game are a blast. I'm actually playing through it again right now. Yeah, there are quite a few places where a flashlight would come in handy, but I think that diminishes the effect id was going for.

    Multiplayer is very cool, too, but I wish more people played on Live with Doom 3 (could just be that I have a slow DSL connection....). The bonus features in the disc are great, too. A "Making Of" type documentary on Doom 3 done by G4TV, concept sketches, and best of all, the Original Doom (single-player only).

    Now that the Collectors Edition is only 20 bucks (and the regular edition is 30 as of this writing...go figure), there's no excuse not to get this game now if you haven't already....more info
  • thrilled with Amazon purchase(s)
    got this for gr.son but he had gotten it in the meantime...he kept the one I got from Amazon instead and returned the one he bought..he said my find was by far the "greatest", tne most complete and the cleanest of others he had seen...needless to say I am thrilled he was so happy with my purchase and am always happy with all my Amazon finds...everyone should check Amazon will be as happy as I am with their site and service...ladybookie...more info
  • One of the best games for original xbox
    This is probably in most xboxers top 5 somewhere below Halo. Excellent new engine now used in next gen games from ID and others (Prey, Quake4). Game looks gorgeous.

    Weaknesses are thin story (though this franchise never had or needed one in the past), no offline co-op, no wide open spaces as with original Doom games (though they may be trying to give a clausterphobic feel), not enough Hell levels (but the game is enormously long). But these aren't enough to keep it out of 5 star territory. I'd give it 4.8/4.9 if possible. The flashlight thing people make a big deal about didn't bother me as much as others - they are obviously trying to increase the scare factor by doing this.

    Very good job by the folks that started the FPS gaming innovation, ID....more info
  • Doom 3 Collector's Ed.
    wow....great game, amazing cinematics and graphics, great gameplay, good story line.

    highly reccomended...more info
  • Doom 3 is great but...
    doom 3 is awesome but is 2 easy. put it on vetran and it gets harder it allmost the same as the pc version but some parts are different. Skip the intro when you start up the game it gives away spoilers. other wise if your going to get it get the collectors edition it has ultimite doom and doom II and has interviews with id....more info
  • Wow!
    I've been playing console games since the Atari 2600. My last "wow" moment on a console game was "Resident Evil" on Playstation. Well, Doom 3 is a another BIG 'wow' moment in console gaming history.

    The graphics are beyond belief. I didn't know the Xbox was capable of such amazing graphics. You simply have to see it to believe it.

    The gameplay is well done with many old friends (hello again shotgun) and new items and monsters as well.

    If your over the hill like me, for an extra few bucks the collectors edition is well worth it, as you can play the original Doom games on your XBOX as well as find other bonus material on the CD. Pick this game up, you'll be glad you did!
    ...more info
  • Satanic!!! Mwuahahaha!!!
    first of all this game is Evil which I love!!! Games like this don't come along every day... it takes alot to scare me but this game did that more than once every time I see a new critter I freak out and think to my self how hard is this one gonna be to kill...anyways I Highly Recommend this game to anyone that likes Horror Movies and has more than a few places that make u think...I was stuck in one part for a good hour but then i got through it...

    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    Some game players will tell you that graphics aren't everything. And others will tell you that, on the contrary, graphics are truly important for a game. Doom 3 makes a compelling case for both sides of the argument. On one hand, its gameplay has noticeable shortcomings, and its competitive multiplayer mode--which is a focal point of most of today's shooters, thanks in large part to id Software's own contributions in the past--seems like an afterthought. On the other hand, Doom 3 is a spectacular game in the truest sense, and it's therefore by all means worth experiencing by those with an interest in witnessing just how far the technology of gaming has come along. Fortunately, the actual game itself, while not as remarkable as the technology that fuels it, is put together well enough to make Doom 3 legitimately great, all things considered....more info
  • Finally
    Folks all i can say is it was well worth the wait. Ive heard people cry that its dark. Yes it is in more ways than one. Its just dark enough to keep you nervous about what is around a corner or behind you. These graphics are without a doubt the best ever produced on any console. The nay sayers are dead wrong. I play (other than an occasional platformer) nothing but first person shooters and while i enjoyed the Halo games as well as Metroid Prime and many others they are well behind the design and gameplay of this masterpiece. This is not a "run and gun" game. If you play it as such, you will die and die often. Take your time and look around there is lots to see and find. Believe the hype folks! I did not think these graphics could be produced on any console. Play it in the dark and enjoy. ...more info
  • Don't turn out the lights.
    I am not one to scare easily and I found myself frightened by this game. The graphics are extremely sharp and the AI is intelligent as well. The controls are exceedingly smooth and the default button layout is pretty intuitive. The sound like the graphics is amazing and really adds to the game, with random demonic noises and the screams of soldiers all around you. I would not recommend this game for anyone under the age of 14 unless you want problems with nightmare. My only complaint is that you cannot hold the flashlight with a weapon, which makes it difficult to attack and see an enemy at the same time. In addition to Doom 3 the limited addition contains the original Doom released for the PC, which is fun for nostalgia's sake. Overall this game is nothing less then amazing and is a must for anyone bored with the ordinary....more info
  • One of the Best Games for XBOX
    Being a fan of all the other Doom games I figured that this one wouldn't let me down and I was right. Great graphics, story, weapons and effects. It's hard to turn this game off, it's one of those you want to play continiously. I can't think of any flaws. I recommend getting the official strategy guide so you can find all the weapons, ammo, ect... and so you won't get lost, which is easy to do without it. To make a long story short, buy this game.. get the Collectors edition (which is only $10 more), it's worth it. Doom 2 and Ultimate Doom are some of the bonus features as well as interviews, the making of the game and some other stuff. ...more info
  • The grand-daddy of FPS is back and better then ever.
    Wow, wow, wow. This is one incredible, scary ass freaky game. I only have an older labtop so I can't update it or anything, so I thought I'd never get the chance to really play Doom 3 since there was no way I could ever get it to play on my PC. But low and below Id announced that Doom 3 was coming to X-box and I was as happy as could be. It took a little while, but it's finally here and it's awesome.

    First off, the graphics are incredible. These are probably the best graphics that I've ever seen on any console. Better than RE 4, Splinter Cell, and I'd say even a little bit better than Halo 2. This game showcases the power of the X-box at it's fullest, and why it's my favorite of the three systems. The lighting, bump textures, backgrounds and monsters just look spectacular. I was worried that the graphics would be nowhere close to its PC brother, but I wasn't let down. While the PC version obviously looks better, this version comes pretty close. It's about the mid to low res of the PC version. These graphics will blow you away. I don't think I've ever seen lighting as good as this. It reflects of the surfaces and characters extremely realistictly. Lights sway and the shadows follow. There's the contstant use of your flashlight which looks great too, as well as strobe, fire, muzzle and grenade explosions. All of it is seamlessly intregated. The textures in the game are so life like you feel you're actually there and can reach out and touch any of it. Id did such a wonderful job designing and making these monsters too. You can see beneath their skin the muscles and veins pulsating underneath when caught up close and personel in your flashlight. They look and act realistic and all of them are incredibly frightning. There's also a lot of variety in them, which is always welcome.

    The sound in the game is also great. If you have surround sound like I do, the sound will amaze you. The creature sounds and ambient noises that fill the game are all masterfully done, and sound even better when they're coming from all around you. Not to mention it scares the crap out of you that much more. Each monster has its own kind of sound and you can learn to pick out what kind of monster you're fighting by the sounds around you. I often found myself stopping in the dark and listening, trying to decipher if something was about to jump me around the next corner. There's no music in the game except for the beginning and that works really well, because the lack of a soundtrack keeps your level of anticapation up as you wait for what happens next, rather than hearing the musical cue that something bad is coming right at you.

    Gameplay is exactly what you'd expect from a Doom game. You run throught clastophobic corridars on a Marine base blowing the crap out of bad things while you get scared out of your wits. Ocasionally you need keys so you find them and continue on. Its classic Doom and I love it. A lot of people have complained that it's too simple and doesn't really evolve the game past dumb shooter. I tend to disagree. This game isn't a dumb shooter. It's an action oriented horror FPS that you can't just run balls to the walls through. I found myself constantly stopping and moving slowly ahead so I wouldn't be killed. I explored hidden areas that I found and tried to decipher codes to doors and cabinets by searching through my PDA. There's lift systems to figure out and computers to locate and use. The game is essentially a remake of the first Doom, and I'm astounded how 13 years later Id was able to make a new Doom and also make it feal so much like the old Doom even with slick new graphics and gameplay. This game really feels like the old series. Walls still slide open behind you and to the side and hoards of enemies pour out. Most of your favorite demons make a return, in some form or another, ready to rip you to shreds. The old weapons are back to, from the shotgun to the wonderful BFG. And my favorite one of all, the chainsaw, which sprays wonderful blood across the floor when you dig in to a shambling zombie. There's a thinly veiled story here that's not to in depth, but that's okay since this is a Doom game. What really brings you into the game though is your PDA and other characters PDA's that you discover along the way. You get video kdisks to watch, e-mails from people to other people to read and audio logs to listen too. All of these show life in Mars City before all Hell literally broke loose. We get to pear into these people's daily lives, from the mundane of annoyance of getting spam mail to the more serious, how one person feels about another and how some of the UAC employees are beginning to act weird, pre invasion. You find codes to weapon stashes and hints on where to find things when you listen to these and they really draw you into the world of this game.

    Warning though for the weak of heart. This game will scare the living crap out of you. I just got done playing RE 4 and I thought I got scared during that a lot. That was nothing compared to this game. Here I was scared every moment of the game, even when I cleared out a room, because almost always there was at least one more demon that I had missed which would then be trying to rip my head off. The monsters are scary to the max, but what really makes this game creepy is the lighting. You'll be traveling and suddenly the lights will go out and you'll be surrounded. You have a flashlight, but do you use it because you won't be able to fire if you do. Or do you use the gun and hope to see where the demons are by the muzzle flash. I've heard a lot of negative reactions to the flashlight and how you have to use it through a lot of the game, but I think it's a great addition. It adds realism to the experience and really amps up the freak out factor. Demons crawl along walls warp right in front of you, come through vents and out of ceiling panels. There's nothing like two imps smashing down broken doors and throwing them out of the way like toothpicks to kill you to get the adrenaline flowing. Where in Halo I always felt like I was the badass master chief wiping out entire alien races, here I feel like no matter what I do, or how big my gun is, I'm still being hunted like the weakest link in the food chain. And that's a good thing for this game, because you're supposed to feel uneasy and scared the entire time, it all adds to the atmospher of the game. Also, the physics engine in this game is just killer, even better than Halo 2. All of the items you can shoot or hit or kick along the floor act realistically no matter what you do to them.

    I bought the Collectors addition because it include Ultimate Doom and Doom II which is worth the extra money right there. But it also includes interviews with the makers at Id and a segment from G4 about the making of Doom 3. Plus it comes in a nice metal case like the Halo 2 case from last year. All of it is well worth the extra money, and I only paid five bucks more at Target, so I'd diffently reccomend getting the bonus version. Plus, with the two original Dooms you can play deathmatch and two player co-op.

    There wasn't much I found that I didn't like in this game. The sound was superb,except for some of the weapons. A lot of them, especially the shotgun sounded muted, which was pretty odd. Like I said, I just got done playing RE 4, and those guns sounded spectacular. So they should have taken a page from the old Capcom book for that. Another disappointment was lack of co-op splitscreen, which isn't that big of a deal since you can still do it by system link or other live, but still, it would've been nice. And probably the one thing that really angered me about this game was the lack of head shots or realistic body shots. Once again, in RE 4 the enemies all react to where you shoot them. They also die faster if you shoot them in the head or torso and have their own animations depending on where they get shot. Not so in Doom 3. Foot, hand, head or groin, it doesn't matter. Wherever you shoot them they go down after so many shots. I heard they did this because the consoles controllers aren't as precise as a keyboard and mouse, but I think that's a load of crap. I play tons of FPS's and I've never had a precision problem with any of my console games. Even Return to Castle Wolfenstein, another awesome Id port had head shots. So I don't know why they left it out of the X-box version.

    Overall, one of my top three FPS's and X-box games. This game will show you the true power of your X-box while scaring the living daylights out of you. It's a must buy and an excellent port. Just make sure to pay the little bit extra and get the great collectors edition of this top-notch game....more info
  • A little perspective...
    I see some folks complaining that Game A is better than Doom, Game B has this but Doom doesn't... well, Doom ISN'T those other games. It's not Halo, it's not Splinter Cell... it's the granddaddy of first person shooters. It's a great game to turn the lights out, turn up the sound... and get the beejebbus scared outta you! If you come in trying to compare it to something else, you're missing the point completely. Doom 3 is best as a singular experience with you, the dark, a single flashlight and the stuff of nightmares around every corner. GIve a great game it's due and judge it for yourself. If you want to get your feet wet, the May issue of Official Xbox magazine will include a Doom 3 demo. Try before you buy. THEN make your own decision....more info
  • Get this if you can
    Okay, if you want my full review please check it out on the non collector's edition for Xbox.

    Anyway, this includes interviews, concept art, and behind the scenes videos to this game. The best part of this disk though is the inclusion of the the full playable versions of Ultimate Doom and Doom II. These two games, while not as revolutionary or scary as the 3rd, are great for old memories and for the co-op mode. Sure the games are pretty straight forward and don't have a lot of storyline, but back in the day this stuff was scary to people who played it. While you may laugh at the bad models of the game I see what people were talking about. It was revolutionary because it was a rather new concept back then so there wasn't much to expect. Nowadays we've got more revolutionary technology that can add the inclusion of realism.

    The interviews and behinds the scenes are nice to watch. They include a lot of what they were thinking back then and what they wanted to keep in the 3rd installment.

    - Full playable versions of Ultimate Doom and Doom II
    - Interviews with staff
    - A documentry by G4's Icons
    - Concept art behind the 3rd game
    - Awesome tin case with great artwork on it...more info
  • Think it again...
    Well...Doom 3 is not what i expected, the graphic engine produces good graphics but sometimes they are too dark (maybe in order yo hide deficiencies) and sometimes is really confusing.

    The sound is very well made with sound effets that help to maintain the attention.

    The action is not as fast as in other games and some enemies are really really slow.

    The limited edition disc includes "Ultimate Doom" and "Doom 2"...two classics (practically free) that are always welcome and the co-operative online mode can be fun.

    Well...if you are thinking about buying Doom 3 i suggest that you rent the game before, then you decide. But definitely not a must-buy....more info
  • Review from a veteren
    I am a veteran I have been playing the dooms(and wolfenstien) ever since I was tall enough to use the mouse and keyboard on my granpa's computer I know each of the old levels inside out Ive even saved up enough money to buy 4 computers so me and my buds could play the old games together at the same time.

    And now at long last the new has come. This game has aweinspired me eversince my friend got it on his hyped up computer it was so advanced my own computers could barly play a demo of the game this almost made me cry but then a blessing came from microsoft xbox this pulse pounding game is now in my grasp to wield wenever I want it.

    this game amazing it has everything you would exspect from the good people at id

    -amazing liflike texture
    -extreme weapon arsenal with new and old weapons from the classic games
    -new and classic creatures (THE NEW CYBER DEMON IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!)
    -haunting storyline that will keep you playing just to find out what happens next
    -special edition includes the original doom for your entertainment
    -intense multi-player includes deathmatch and 2 player co-op
    -new features like flashlight(thank God!!!) and PDA
    -interactive enviroments(WARNING MOST WILL REQUIRE A FLASHLIGHT)
    -And genres that will scare the living C_AP out of you

    Some minor disavantages
    -short campaign will leave you wanting a sequel badly
    -having to switch between flashlight and weapon (although actually having a flashlight and a gun is alot better that walking through the levels with your fists)
    -Co-op for doom 3 can only be acomplished through a system link
    -and once and awhile having a shortage of ammo

    All and all I think this game is a definite must have on your xbox console.

    For all those who think Halo was "cool" you havent seen nothin yet...more info
  • Enjoy this and GO TO HELL!
    The whole collection of the doom games in this set Doom 1 and 2 are pretty good for classic of the 90's but the one that really kicks @$$ is Doom 3 the graphics are cool. It is a long game when ever I don't feel like playing anymore I save the game so next time I won't have to start all back over. What gets anoying in Doom 3 is when in some places where it is dark you need your flashlight but when demons come you have to drop you flashlight and switch to weaopn back and fourth and those monsters come at you fast. When shooting a gun sometimes you run out of buillets but with the chainsaw it's always going.

    O yeah get Doom the live action movie staring The Rock it's pretty good too....more info
  • Demonic Three-in-One
    PC games have come a long way in their short existences, in the early nineties consoles were dominating the market, but then in 1992 a group of hackers through to gather game that was a huge first in both graphics and game play.

    It was called Wolfenstien 3D.

    But wasn't until a year later when Id software really earn their strips with a game that still popular today even though it is completely dated.


    Fast forward 11 years and the folks at Id went back to their roots, remaking Doom for an action shoot to a fright fest horror game.

    You're a marine that just got station on Mars City, the hub of all research and Development for the Union Aerospace Corporation on mars. Right off the bat you notices something is a miss, people are missing, rumors are spreading of strange sounds, odd behavior in some of the personnel, and some kind of experiment going on in the Delta Labs?

    Suddenly the lights go out and screams and gun shots echo up and down the corridors, there are suddenly flash of red and orange light, disembodies voices chanting. Suddenly your co-workers turn on you! Personnel become mindless zombies and suddenly horrifying creatures start crawling out of every corner. After one narrowing escape after another and intense firefights, you find out that these strange monsters are really Demons straight from the very burning pits of Hell. The Experiment in the Delta Labs must of open some gateway that allowed all of the Devils minions to invade the Martian Base.

    Doom 3 is heavy on atmosphere, dark costraphobic corridors with an occasionally flickering light. This atmosphere creates a haunting sense of dread. It's dark, there's blood everywhere, half eaten corpses. The foreboding is intensified by sudden disembody voices, screams and whispers, sometimes even shadows dance on the walls and floor.

    This atmosphare is always problemactic because when you enter a pich black room you have to switch to your flash light so see anything, making you utterly defensless if somthing jumps out at you.

    Doom 3: The Collectors Edition, also has a fair about of booty, interviews with the game makers, concepti art, but best of all this edition comes with two more games, Ultimate Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth, \now you can play the classic Doom games that everyone loved right on your Xbox.
    ...more info
  • Friggin' Awesome
    This game is unreal. The graphics, sound everything. This game is def. the best game of 2005. I recommend anyone and everyone who has an Xbox to buy this game. ...more info
  • Carries The Legacy
    Ive played and beaten the orginal Doom 3 for xbox then it was stolen, little did i know that this would lead to the purchase of this fantastic game. The game is the same as the orginal xbox version but the extra bonus features make it worth purchasing for diehard ID fans as well as those who enjoyed the orginal doom and doom 2. There is a bonus Tv special detailing the histroy of id's most famous creation(next to quake) the orginal doom and ultimate doom games for you old school players, as well as an art gallery and interviews with members who created the game. A glimpse into Carmacks brilliant mind a must have purchase for any die hard fan or anyone who had there orginal game stolen.:D...more info
  • DOOM 3 Great fun!
    No matter what you read on all the big review sites you will always see them compare this game to the PC version. Im not sure when video games becasme something more than a toy or entertainment device. This game is fun, plain and simple. Its fun the shoot the undead people, or beat them down or however you choose to kill them. The aliens are also fun to shoot.

    The sound is fantastic. The gun sound effects and monster noises are very well done and really draw you into the game.

    The graphics are great! The graphics in the game really set the mood of the game.

    The colectors edition also has the old version of doom included. Very cool!

    Its worth the price of entry.
    ...more info
  • Awesome game!
    This game works great and is lots of fun to play. Has the classic Doom games (which mom likes to play) as well as Doom 3 (which the kids like to play). A family favorite around here......more info
  • Whats the difference?
    I just recently bought Doom 3 and I thought it was really good, I am just curious as to what the difference is between Doom 3 and the Collectors Edition??...more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    AWESOME!!! DOOM I II and III on one disk nothing more needs to be said....BUY THIS!!!...more info
  • Freakin' Awesome!
    This game is freakin' awesome! I have never played a Doom game before, and I heard they were cool, and I saw this game, and I thought it was cool, so I preordered it at Gamestop for the $60 out of my wallet. What's that you say? $60? Yes, for the collector's edition which includes a metal case with a slipsleeve just like the Halo 2 Limited Edition, Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 with 4 player co-op and deathmatchs, a concept art gallery, and a G4 t.v episode of Icons about the making of the game! All for a measly $10 more than the regular edition! It is all worth it! The game itself is cool. It is not as scary as everybody says it is, and I know this doesn't have to do with scary, but the chainsaw you can get is one of the best weapons of any FPS! This game is worth every penny....more info
  • Amazing game!
    I've had this game preordered for weeks now, awaiting this day. This game is a must buy, for a Halo 1/2 fan. I personally have been playing halo 2 forever, and now it takes a rest and doom 3 comes in. This game is perfect, the only thing i could ask for is a better ranking system online. They rank you by kills i think? I was looking for more of a # rank like in Halo. Any how onto the positives.

    Greatest graphics in ANY game I have ever played
    Superb controls
    Great Mutliplayer
    Great Campaign

    nothing, its great!

    this game is a must buy, and get the CE over regular so you can play the 2 great original dooms, i havent seen the DVD yet but it seems good from what I have read. Its definetly worth the 10$ extra, and the game is easily worth the price....more info
  • Great, Fantastic Game: Just Not Scary
    I really did believe the hype that this game was going to be the scariest thing I have experienced in video game playing, but I was wrong. Sure this game has a few moments that make you jump, but scared, no. It's about as scary as any other game in the horror genre, but nothing that has kept me up at night with insomnia or that has made me afraid to look around the next corner in the game. That's the only bad thing I have to say about this game, other than that this game totally rocks.

    The graphics are incredible, some of the best I've seen in a long time. You really do get the feel that you are thrown into this situation; the lighting gives an eerie vibe, but nothing to shocking. They did a great job with the special effects, it feels as if you are inside a movie, it is fantastic!

    The game play is great; you will find yourself playing this for hours and thinking to yourself, "Man, this is fun!" The story only adds to the game, it is what DOOM has been missing in all of its previous installments. This game is a fresh start, DOOM and DOOM 2 does not exist in this universe, it's a fresh start.
    They explain everything:

    *Why all of a sudden Hell itself takes over the Mars station
    *What they were doing before everything went wrong
    *Who started this problem and so on. It's great and sheds new light on to this series

    The limited collectors edition is the one to get; you get Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 and a lot of extras including the entire DOOM Icons TV special that was on G4. Great stuff for any Doom fan. This is one of the best games ever to appear on X-Box and I recommend all to get it.
    ...more info
  • A fine port of a superb PC game
    This Xbox port of Doom 3 holds the spectacular graphics, terrifyingly ambient music, sharp sound effects, intuitive controls, and thrilling action/horror gameplay included in the original PC version. It's also one of the lengthiest first person shooters I've played in a while. Xbox Live-enabled Deathmatches and a newly added Co-Op feature makes this port superior to the PC version The main game alone is worth the Grant, and a 5-star score.

    But for just $10 more, you could have this edition of Doom 3 for the Xbox. It includes an art gallery (showing creatures and locations that were included in the final game AND ones that were taken out), a G4TV special about the history of Doom and the making of Doom 3, interviews with all the main guys at id Software, and two excellent bonuses worth the $10 alone: PC-perfect ports of Ultimate Doom and Doom II. Okay, so they're not perfect, but casual fans won't notice any differences, and the die-hard Doom fans (like me) will be happy enough.

    I can't recommend Doom 3 on the Xbox enough, and this Limited Collector's Edition is just icing on an already delicious cake. If you own an Xbox, grab this now.

    ...more info
  • Doom 3 Review Xbox.. Few things different, few issues too!
    Ho Ho.. Doom 3, Doom 2, Ultimate doom, all in the same box! oh yes..
    After playing the PC version and really enjoying it, i figured, hey, i have an xbox, i have xbox live, the PC requires updates, and drivers, and crashes, and blah, blah, i had issues with pc version,
    I bought doom3 knowing what was in store, and it is still an amazing game.
    As for realism - there is something missing from the Game engine, that would have been so amazing if it was there, Some of the lighting in the game cause the enemies/Demons/characters, to cast real time shadows, one of the aspects that bring a new depth of realism to the visuals, except, your character, the main man, does not cast any shadows on walls, or on floor, this would have been quite special.
    I still don't know what to make of the Online multiplayer deathmatch - it's really only any good if the players are of a similar skill, a case of, 1st with the rocket launcher, gets the frags, although if you are in the mood for it, it is good fun.
    I do love the graphics, and the little spot effects, the tin cans on the tables, that u can shoot, kicking various things around, and watching how the light affects their shadows, i love watching that stuff.
    The game DOES make you jump, not any more tho, than a cheesey horror flick, difference being, this is a very interactive horror film, with a beginning, middle and end, there is a set way thru it, its not as free as people would like.
    For me, the best way to play it, is, in the dark, at night, with headphones, or if u have surround, it probably is the best way to experience the game.
    Sound is amazing, graphics are amazing, gameplay is good, big complaint seems to be the flicking of weapon and flashlight, which is understandable, but it does add 'something' that i just cant put my finger on. The playability does not break new ground, but the atmosphere and graphics certainly do.

    It is GREAT that we have the original doom on there, cause i loved it way back then. Actually, gonna play it now!
    Overall, a very impressive package.


    ;)...more info
  • Doom with a View
    What's good about it?
    This is simple, old school gaming where you deal out death to the forces of hell with various weapons and even a chainsaw. You can play online with a buddy in co-op mode which is really the only reason you need to buy this. The graphics are absolutely stunning. The surround sound is awesome. You'll hear activity coming from every speaker at almost every second of the game, wheteher it be hissing pipes, computerized tour guide voices, growling monsters or gunfire hitting the wall behind you. And trust me, when you're making your way through the base and all of a sudden you hear this deep laugh that makes your subwoofer rattle and the lights start to go out one by one leaving you in utter darkness, you'll realize that you may be in for more than you can handle. This is a great game to play at night by yourself.

    What's bad about it?
    The sounds of the weapons themselves are kind of weak. When I blast something with a shotgun, I wanna hear that sonic oomph. The weapons sound really lame for the most part (not bad, they just don't give you that bang that you'd like). Speaking of weapons, it seems to me like some of them are more dangerous to you than they are to your enemies. The grenades have a tendency to come right back to your position for some strange reason, usually if it doesn't hit your target. It's minor but noticeable. The whole idea of not being able to use your flashlight at the same time that you have a weapon equipped. It is really annoying to have to constantly switch back and forth between the light and a gun. Now, I can understand why they did it this way as the darkness in the game plays an important part in the overall effect the developers were trying go for with the game. It actually works better in the online co-op part of the game, as one of the two players usually has to be the one to hold the flashlight for the other half of the team to be able to see where he's shooting at. In the single player campaign though, it is really just annoying. Also, while the online co-op is a blast, the deathmatch portion is a little bland for my tastes. It's really just kill or be killed. It would have been nice to get some objective based gameplay but it could be that we've just been spoiled by Halo 2.

    Regular or Collector's Edition, which one do I go with?
    Collector's all the way. Forget the G4 icon videos, as most of us already know that id Software were pretty much responsible for the first person shooter genre. The Collector's Edition comes bundled with the original Ultimate Doom and Doom II, both of which you can play with up to four players on split screen (sorry no Xbox Live for the classics) in Deathmatch and Co-Op modes. This alone, with the addition of a nicely designed metal case similar to Halo 2's, makes this a clear cut winner.

    Is this the scariest videogame ever?
    Certain parts of the game are unsettling, that's for sure. The surround sound coupled with the awesome graphics really make you feel uncomfortable, especially if you're playing at night with the lights down low. The game is really dark (pitch black at some points...) and it really gives you the feeling that something is waiting around the next corner to jump out at you. The whole Hell thing in itself always makes for good atmosphere. The monsters look pretty good and when they're chasing you through the darkness and all you can see is their glowing eyes, it might even make you scream out loud, being that you aren't able to have your flashlight equipped while shooting. As for this being the scariest videogame ever, I'd have to say no. It is creepy as hell but personally, I think both Fatal Frame and its sequel, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, have this game beat hands down in terms of scares. Even the Silent Hill games are creepier than this.

    Should you buy this game?
    Absolutely. Great graphics, great sound and a good amount of old school style gaming with online capability make this one worth waiting for through all those delays (this was supposed to have been released back in November!).

    ...more info
    this game is worth buying, hands down. it has smooth gameplay, with controls easy to manage and remember, graphics are very realistic, and first player alone is worth buying this game. also it has online coopertive play and deathmatch which makes it even more worth buying. This game is also very challenging even when its on easy. I highly recomend you beat this game on easy first, trust me your going to want to play this game more than once. I have beat it on easy and normal, hard is to much for me. Plus I still play it today cause i keep forgeting what happens, lol.

    This game is recomended to anyone who likes this resident evil series, its even more suspence than that, i do not recomend this game to children under 12 as it might be to much for them, unless you really dont care.

    I give this game solid 5-5 with single player alone.

    enjoy :}
    ...more info
  • and i thought resident evil was a scary game...
    i remember playin resident evil on PS2 and gettin the crap scared out of me, but this is just rediculous. 90% of the reason that it is scary is probably because of the lighting. just about every room is dark with flickering lights. some rooms even go pitch black which almost gave me a freakin heart attack. it really feels like you are the marine in this game. i would probably kill myself if i was in his situation. one of the scariest moments i had in this game was...

    the first time you get the kill a fat dude to get it then a door opens to let you move forward. well as soon as you go through this ALL the lights in the hallway and adjacent rooms go out and blood made pentagrams are splashed on the walls, floors, ceiling, etc and babies start crying, voices start whispering. i hid in a dark corner and waited for the lights to come back on because i almost sh*t my pants.

    i recommend anyone who has a history of heart attacks do not play this game because it WILL give you one. ...more info
  • No Doom 3 Cooperative Play.
    I already own the P.C. version. I bought the X-box Collectors Edition version only because I was led to believe it contained a coop split screen option. I later find out the split screen option only applies to Doom II and Ultimate Doom and NOT Doom 3. The advertising on the back of the collectors edition box leads the buyer to believe coop play is available in all three versions. Read the fine print. Buyer beware. ...more info
  • Couldn't get much better!
    First of all let me say that I am an avid fan and player of all the games in the Doom series. I was extatic to hear that Doom 3 was finally coming out for Xbox and I am happy to say that I was not let down.

    -Graphics: 9/10

    The graphics are perfect. ID and Activision did an outstanding job on bringing this game to the Xbox system. Details in the levels are not lost from the switch and it is just as creepy of a game as it is on the computer. The movement is very smooth and it is also very fluid and natural when you are walking or looking around. There has only been a couple of times when the game slowed down a little bit, but nothing worth marking the game down for.

    -Gameplay: 10/10

    Gameplay is extremely fun and easy. The controls are very natural and if you don't like them you can always change them around. One of the really cool and realistic features is that the base is very dark and you need to use your flashlight often to find your way around. You can only carry your flashlight or a gun so it makes for hightened action and suspense when you light up a room only to find that there is a ton of zombies in there. This feature is not annoying like you may think. Switching between the flashlight and/or other weapons is very quick so you don't have to worry about not being able to shoot in time. As I'm sure you've heard about this game, it's scary. This is very true. Everywhere you go you never know what will happen next. Sometimes while walking, something will just fall or make a noise to make you jump. Other times that noise is coming from someone behind you.

    -Sound: 10/10

    Sounds and music are fantastic. I would highly recommend that you purchase the Advanced A/V Pack for your Xbox and hook it up to some 5.1 surround sound speakers to feel the full effect. Even in the menu screens the sounds are so creepy.

    -Extras: 10/10

    Finally a few words about the Collector's Edition. Spend the $10 extra and get it, it's worth it. Along with the really cool metal tin case, you get the FULL versions of both Ultimate Doom AND Doom II. They have also been redone so that they can be played multiplayer style. In addition the Collector's Edition also gives you some other things like behind the scenes and concept art.

    --OVERALL: 9.7--

    -Quick Overview

    -Good unfolding story
    -Great graphics
    -Easy controls
    -Fun and very scary gameplay
    -Great music and sound (with some classic Doom sound effects thrown in)
    -Two extra classic Doom games included

    -Very few and far between, but can get slow and glitchy
    -PDA can be a little bit annoying to use expecially when having to look for lock combinations...more info
    Doom 3 is probobly the best horror game ever created for any gaming console. Although the graphics are better on the PC, you can enjoy the game just as much on the Xbox, knowing that you don't need a fast processor.

    I will make this review in PRO/CON format.

    1.Graphics are amazing/scary at the same time!
    2.Audio is brilliant, adds to the horror of the game.
    3.Its online!
    4.F@#$%$ SCARY!
    5.Controls are very easy to memorize/master.
    6. Cutscenes are impressive.
    7. Relieve the previous DOOM games with the collectors edition!

    F@#$%$ SCARY!
    Online can lag quite frequentely which is annoying.

    I know i didn't mention very many CONS in this game, but the online aspect is seriousely an issue. Every game that you go into will lag quite often which is very annoying.

    Besides that though, The new horror hit, DOOM 3 is a must have!...more info
  • The best (and scariest) FPS out there so far
    If you've never played a horror video game, or are under the age of 14, stop reading this now. Don't think about buying Doom 3 whatsoever. Go play Resident evil or something, if you want to play a horror game. This is THE scariest game ever made. Period. I actually dropped my controller and jumped up from my seat, obesceneties flowing from my mouth, when I looked up an air vent and a demon hurtled itself at me. Let me just say that if I had a full bladder, I would have messed my pants. I have played the PC version (which is approximitly 100 times less frightning) and that was a good game. So, when april 4th came around, I bought this. This is much better. Oh, and if you're thinking about getting the regular version, without the extras? Go ahead and pay the extra 10 bucks. You get the full versions of Doom and Doom 2, along with an entertaining G4 making of featurette, and an artwork reel. In the words of Napolean Dynamite, sweeet. So, if you are looking for an awesome, fright filled FPS, look no further. Doom 3 has arrived.


    -Awesome graphics, the BEST I've seen on the Xbox

    -Great, easy to learn controls

    -The scariest game ever made

    -Funner than hell gameplay


    -None I've seen so far. If ANYONE can find one tiny little flaw, I dare you to find it and point it out to me.

    So, pay the extra 10 bucks, buy this game, and get ready for a wild, scary ride....more info
  • If Your not afriad! The Play it!
    Great Collection. There are impressing thing and some that are a little disapointing.

    Possitve side:Great Grapphics. Nice gun sounds. You get classic games like Doom and Doom 2 (Negative part on this one is no level selection, Final Doom does not appear, and when your playing ultimate doom all the backgroud in Episode 2,3, and 4, are backgrounds from Episode 1) more positive. Co-op player on both classic and Doom 3!
    Doom 3 online!
    and you get video clips from when Doom appeared on a icons (G4 TV show)

    Negative side: Like I said no final doom, Background from Episode 1 Knees deep is shown on all the rest of the background!
    No online on the classic doom!
    Only 2 cheat codes on doom 3 (Level skip, and God mode)!
    And Doom 3 levels has little changes too!

    But So on, Still a great game, Play by your self or with others. Serious it's great! GET IT!...more info
  • I've dropped my controller too many times from fright
    Doom 3 for the XBox is the BEST looking FPS out there at this time. The textures and normal mapping make the environment come to life in a way that is not even possible on my lowly PC without causing serious degradation in the frame rate.

    The last game to give such a detailed environment was the Chronicles of Riddick. However, that game (as great as it is) was plagued with some issues. At times, the graphics would get very fuzzy. Also, there were clipping issues in some areas. But, those can be overlooked in a game that is not just a FPS, but also a stealth game as well.

    Doom 3, however, is not plagued by those abnormalities. The graphics are ALWAYS clear and sharp. Frame rate reduction is minimal (almost non-existent) and doesn't affect the gameplay at all. If you want to really show off the XBox's graphics and sound capabilities, then this is the game to do it with.

    Doom 3 is a re-telling of the original Doom. Forget that Doom and Doom II ever occured. In this game, you learn more about the UAC, it's operations and who caused the portal to hell to open and why. Again, you play an unnamed space marine called to the UAC base on Mars for a normal rotation in your active duty career. People have been disappearing left and right on what is not a large installation. Others have come down with serious cases of schizophrenia, while others have even resorted to cutting their tongues in two. Yuck!

    If you've played the PC version, then be prepared for some changes. First off, the areas are NOT as dark as they were on the PCs. This was due to console games being played on the TV. It doesn't detract from the scary environment of the PC game and you still need a flashlight in many areas once the portal to hell is open. But, at least you get to see the lush environment and the minions of hell a lot better than you did on the PC.

    Second, many areas of the PC game (such as the beginning where you actually walk through the scanning machine yourself as well as walking around the landing platform to get into the main entrance of the base) have been replaced by you watching it occur. You actually take control of the player when he comes to the desk to receive his PDA.

    Other areas have been removed or paths have been changed. This was done to help increase the action and speed of the game. Whereas the PC game was more of a slow-paced scare fest, the XBox version is a fast-paced juggernaut that still scares the holy heck out of you. There have been areas where I knew there were imps yet, because the atmosphere of the game has pulled me in so deeply, I would still have an imp scare the heck of out me, causing me to drop my controller and curse out loud because I knew the imp was there. Also, certain areas creatures have been replaced to take into account that this is a console game with a controller and not a PC game with a mouse. It doesn't detract from the game at all. In fact, it makes it better.

    The controls are laid out nicely, with the D-pad acting as your quick weapons select that you can modify to have access to your favorite weapons. Unlike Halo and Halo 2, you can save the game at any point. The Back button serves as a quick save button so you can save where you are at quickly and get back to the action. This is definitely a plus because then you don't have to worry about the game saving at a pre-determined savepoint when your health and/or ammo is low. You control when you save and in what condition your health and ammo is in.

    The 5.1 surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action and is used to it's fullest potential. I can't count how many times I've heard a sound behind me (breathing, something falling, whispering) and I turned around in fright to only find nothing there. It adds to the tension of the game. The detail of the demons and people are the best I've seen yet. The level of detail of everything makes this the best looking XBox game to date.

    With the Collectors edition being only $5 more than the normal version, I say shell out that extra cash so you can also get the original Ultimate Doom and Doom II games ported to the Xbox. They allow co-op play and are a nostalgic look back at the games that defined the FPS and deathmatch shooters era. Doom started it all.

    The other extra features on the CE version include 4 FMVs about the making of Doom 3 and the history of Doom. They are really interesting to watch. There is also an art gallery as well as interviews with the creators of Doom 3. I did notice that the voices were NOT in synch with the videos, but it's minor and not that much of a distraction.

    The online play seems well on it's way to bringing back the glory days of playing Doom on a Novell LAN. It only allows up to 4 players, but sometimes, those are the the best types to play. The levels have been created just for that type of game play and it allows for some exciting matches. There is deathmatch, team deathmatch and arena-type where you watch two players go head-to-head and when one dies, one of the other players waiting comes in and plays the winner. I did notice some lag at times, but it wasn't enough to detract from the gameplay.

    Another issue with on-line play is when you search for games. It seems to take a long time to find them. Once I did find a game, there were numerous times when I selected that game, only to be told that it was no longer available. Hopefully, these issues are just due to the fact that I tried to play on-line on the day of the release and will eventually be fixed or reduced once the hype has died down a little.

    Unlike the PC version, you can have coop play as well for the main story. The FMVs are gone and certain areas from the single-player game have been changed to allow for 2-players, but this is something we Xboxers can brag about that the PC players don't have. It makes for some interesting gameplay, especially in the dark areas. To see your buddy get munched by a demon while you hold the flashlight is something you just have to experience to really get the feeling of sheer terror that it can bring.

    Overall, I was a little disappointed in that this was only a one-disc edition when the other limited CEs had two discs. Still, the inclusion of the original Dooms and the port of this game to the Xbox is nothing short of brilliance on the part of Vicarious Visions. They must be commended on this port. It actually makes this better than the PC version and looks almost as good for a console game.

    Doom 3 is the BEST looking FPS out there. Does it beat Halo 2? Maybe in the single player version, but online is a different story. Each has it's own merits. If anything, Doom 3 can sit right next to Halo 2 and be equal to it. This is definitely a game every FPS fan should have for their Xbox....more info
  • A devilishly wicked time
    Wow. Just simply, Wow. Let me preface my review by saying I was a mod on one of the original Doom boards WAY back when, so I could be a little biased here.

    Played original, played 2nd installment, invested in Ultimate and now have bought the 3rd. Something with this game is that everytime the new release comes out, it is totally ground breaking. The original absolutely took the FPS by storm. The 2nd installment sucked all of us in more and the 3rd one, well, just simply kills. Absolutely kills.

    If you are not playing this game in the complete dark, with surround sound, you are missing 80% of the game. This game is about the mood and setting as much as it is the blood and gore. I can't imagine playing this game on a Saturday morning sipping coffee. This is a hardcore, after midnight game with the Dolby Digital turned way, way up.

    I agree that it would have been nice to have been able to keep a flashlight in one hand and your weapon in another. Yes it does get tedious flopping from flashlight to weapon, and I can't tell you how many times I've already been jumped while peeking in some dark corner with my flashlight.

    That minor flaw, however, does not take away from the heart of the game.

    If nothing else, you need to own this game for the sole reason that the game is groundbreaking for the Xbox....more info
  • Action Perfection
    Doom 3 is yet another wonderful example of just how entertaining video games really are.With 40 levels of demon blasting,chainsaw wielding goodness, there is much fun to be found in doom 3.Just like titles such as: Halo 2, Chronicles of Riddick and Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory, Doom 3 uses "normal mapping technology" to bring an unprecedented sense of realism to the game's environments.Along with looking absolutely realistic, the sound of the game is astounding, adding an enormous amount of tention to the player's experience by provoking emotions of fear and terror at what could be around the next dark corner.A large array of weapons is also at the player's disposal.With such weapons as rocket launchers,mini-guns,shotguns,pistols,chainsaws,grenades,assault rifles and the "BFG"-(Bio Force Gun),gamers will have no trouble mowing down the countless hordes of demons that vie for the players soul.Along with a single player experience that lasts 20+ hours, the developers have also included the original dooms 1 and 2 to the collectors edition of doom 3. The multiplayer aspect of the game is compromised of the usual modes found in action games,including: deathmatch,team deathmatch,capture the flag ect.In conclusion: one could say that Doom 3 is almost the perfect game, With a single player experience that lasts over 20 hours,huge weapons,thousands of enemies,unbelievable graphics and sound,solid multiplayer and an excellent storyline, Doom 3 is an action game that rivals the best and one that should not be missed....more info
  • Great Game, stop complaining about lighting!
    THis game was probably the best game i've palyed for quite awhile, one thing i don't understand is why people complain about the lights on guns, come on people, did you really expect to buy this game so there'd be daemons just standing in the light the whole time, i don't think so. The esence of a daemon is to hide in the dark, scare the living crap out fo you, then kill you, if they'd made this game, with flashlights, then that would take half of the thrill of being clawed or mauled to death by a daemon away. Plus, if you can't switch from the flashlight to your next wepon, then put down the game and never play again. Unfortunetly, it looks like the whiners got there wish, and in the resurrection they have flash lighted guns, seriously, it jsut really isn't that scary with all the lights now, jsut another con in a great game......more info
  • Halo bow down to your master!
    Okay,let me tell you,no,let me order you-if you want one of the most frightening,visceral,sweaty,heartpounding,and unholy experiences on your x-box,or just period,drop everything and buy this now!And if you want to complain and not give this game the props it deserves then stop reading this and go dunk your head in a turd filled toilet and open your mouth.I was looking forward to this one on the box for a long time and when I finally got my hands on it,it failed to disappoint and never stopped ceasing to amaze me.When I finished the game I wanted to tell the guys at Id "thank you" for giving me such an intense,thrilling,and excellent gaming experience.Let me tell you,everytime you pick up the controller,you will feel the anxiety about what's coming up.Everytime you open a door to a new area,you will feel the creeping fear of what's hiding in the ever consuming darkness.As you advance in the game,you will literally feel the evil taking over your x-box.And that is a great thing because it shows that Id really put alot of time into creating the feel and atmosphere of this game.Everything is 5 star-the graphics(some of the best you'll ever see),the music(the haunting sounds notch up the fear factor),sound effects(don't tell me you don't feel the fright when that evil laughing comes out of nowhere or when you hear the roars of the hell knight),and other things that you will see.There are naysayers and oponents of this game,some who say that the enemies are dumb,they don't strategize to kill you.IDIOTS-demons strategizing-stupid.They come right at you like animals.Have you ever heard of animals strategizing to kill you.No.They jusy attack.These people need to go back to playing Socom or f--king Splinter Cell.Doom 3 is neither of these.Then there are those who say ,"where are the puzzles?".I don't want to spend all my time solving puzzles and getting frustrated playing this-if you do,go play f--king Tetris.Then we have the,"it's the same as the original Dooms."Morons.What the hell have they been looking at-a damn wall?Halo 2 is basically the same as Halo.Where are these morons to say that.Nowhere,but it is a masterpiece?Huh?It is nigh time that the gaming industry(that especially includes the mags)and the gaming public stop sucking the d--k of the flavor game of the month and see the real quality.Yes,see Doom 3 collector's edition (with the Doom 1 & 2 for fans).See it,get it,NOW!...more info
  • Would be a five...if there was duct tape on Mars
    LOVE Doom 3. Love everything about it...except one utterly weird design decision on id's part: you can have either the flashlight OR a weapon handy...not both. I can just see this decision being made in classic committee form: "It'll heighten the tension in the game!" Well, a wide variety of things would heighten the tension in a game, and they're not all smart. How about making our space marine one-legged? Or hey - BLIND! THAT'S some TENSION! We won't even have to render any graphics - we can stuff the whole disc with sound! But no...our boy can't do the simplest thing they teach a cop to do: hold your flashlight with your LEFT and your pistol with your RIGHT, or cross them over. Or simply find a roll of duct tape (there are ducts all OVER this facility) and tape the darn thing onto your shotgun. There's already a wide variety of hacks on the PC version to do this (there's even a Hello Kitty flashlight hack), so the PC folks are already enjoying a saner, more fun game...all I can do is plead for an XBox Live update that does the same. ...more info
  • It feels good to play a complete game
    Doom 3 is the 2nd best game to come out this decade. The only reason I say 2nd best is beacuse Halo beats Doom 3 in game pace, as well as group play (X box live,split screen co-op,head to head)and dual wealding of weapons. The atmosphere is rendered almost perfectly, This is the type of game that will satisfy you as far as graphicsand sound. I mean this is just what should be expaected for a game you pay $50.00 -$60.00 bucks on.
    This game is more scary than Jason,Feddy and Dennis Rodman smokin crack while whatching Martha Stewart take a dump in her hand. Sorry?! Thats the only thing I can come up with this game is mad scary. If you dont have the balls to play I feel sorry for you doom 3 is a must have for all FPS players....more info
  • thank you lord for sending us this wonderful game
    this is the best game of 2005. the grafics are the best i have ever seen on any console gaming platform. i would even say that it is better than halo 2....more info
  • Yes, there IS co-op
    There is a coop to Doom 3. You have to have a system link. I dont know why they would do this but Im still gonna buy it anyway because of the original dooms and because this game will scare the pee out of you.
    -Warning- Dont play when youre home alone at night with the lights off. ...more info
  • All spectacle, no substance... but damn fun.
    If one thing can be said about Doom 3, it's that the game merges new school and old school seamlessly. The visuals in this Xbox port are nearly perfect when being compared to the breathtaking atmosphere of the PC version. Basically this means that the cutting-edge visuals are still cutting edge, especially for a console, while they are becoming more accessible for a wider audience who may not have PCs beefy enough to run the game at full specs. As for the Doom legacy, everything a fan could want is here. The simple run-and-gun action from the socially taboo games I played as a child is mirrored perfectly in this remake.

    However, once you strip away all of the gritty realism of the environments and the nostalgia of classic Doom, you are left with an extremely rudimentary corridor-crawler that is firmly based on derivative shooting and cheap scares for entertainment. At its core, the gameplay is absolutely repetitive, but masked by convincing character animations a bone-chilling scenery. The plot is also quite thin. Half of the time, it will feel like you are going somewhere simply because you haven't been there yet. At several points in the game, I actually had to check my PDA (which was a very cool feature, by the way) to see what my "objective" was supposed to be. Lastly, the feeling of dread and unease you get from not knowing exactly what's around the corner is somewhat reduced by the "QuickSave" anywhere function.

    Close-quarters combat is used for 90% of your encounters, and while this helps add to the claustrophobic feeling that Doom 3 conveys so well, it also severely limits tactical decisions for you AND your enemy. In fact, while the AI is better described as "tenacious" rather than "stupid," there are very few moments in the game where the enemy will use clever tactics instead of rushing straight for you. Add that to the seemingly innocuous "monster closets" that demons will jump out of for a quick jump-out-and-go-boo scare (Jeeze, did the guys that designed this base actually make a conscious effort to give demons and zombies a place to hide?!) and you are left with a single, repetitive outcome to nearly every battle: a zombie/imp/soldier jumps out of a shadowy era, and you blast them away with your shotgun. Rinse and repeat. The game does have interesting events every now and then, such as gunplay in total pitch-black darkness or bizarre visions that will make you wonder if what you saw really happened, but these treats are few and far between. Derivative shooting ultimately drags Doom 3 down a few notches.

    It should also be noted that, for whatever reason, headshots DO NOT do anymore damage than say... a shot to the foot. As a cardinal rule of FPSs, even on consoles, I have no clue as to why the designers decided to omit headshot damage. This was extremely disappointing.

    What Doom 3 DOES do well, however, is atmosphere. The dingy, mechanical walls and flickering lights of the Mars base make you feel like you are in a living and breathing (sometimes literally) industrial environment. The level of detail is simply astonishing. Everything, from a giant, gyrating energy reactor to an insignificant ruptured pipe, looks REAL. Shadows are intense and lighting is generally clever; the game designers never let you see TOO much without the aid of your flashlight. Speaking of that wacky flashlight, it seems like it's almost become a fad to talk about how silly it is to not be able to attach a light to your gun. Well, this is one leap of logic that I'm actually willing to overlook. Having guns and light separate adds to the tension. End of story. What kind of tension, you ask? How about "the dirty feeling of isolation and claustrophobia resulting from maneuvering your nameless, voiceless marine through a dark, ominous air vent smeared in the blood of your fallen comrades, making it seem like you are actually there" kind of tension. Enemy designs aid the intensity of Doom 3's macabre scenery; it's really too bad that you really won't see many of them until the last quarter of the game. For the majority of time you spend playing, you'll be fighting the aforementioned zombies, soldiers, or Imps. Needless to say, this gets predictable (and rather boring) after a while. It really is a shame that every few levels or so, you may be introduced to an interesting new enemy (like, for example, the Maggot, Wraith, and Lost Soul), but you will most likely never see that enemy again until hours and hours later in the game. Once you advance far enough into the game, the balance of demons evens out, but Imps will still be your most common threat. Still, waves of identical enemies can't take away from an excellently crafted industrial atmosphere, which becomes so creepy that the latter half of Doom 3 that it looks like something straight out of Silent Hill (in a good way).

    Oh, and just on a side note... I don't care if the Revenant was in the earlier Doom game. That enemy looks totally ridiculous. It's a skeleton with awkward rocket launchers grafted to its shoulders. Stupid. Really, really stupid.

    Sound is great. It was an exceedingly wise move to use music very sparingly. The naturally grating, echoing, metallic sounds of the Mars base mixed with footsteps, demonic growls, and maniacal laughter is more than enough to convey a feeling of unease.

    Although the multiplayer is abysmal (not even worth playing, in my opinion), the Co-op is probably one of the most interesting additions to Doom 3. You can't Co-op on split screen (boo!), but it's not hard at all to find someone via Xbox Live (or even System Link if you get desperate). The game has been altered to accommodate two marines instead of one, power ups and multiple demons have been added, and cut scenes have been removed. The result is an extremely fluid and addictive experience.

    Well, after this long, wordy, and somewhat negative critique, I bet you're wondering why I gave Doom 3 four stars. There answer is simple: this game is fun. In an age where the Xbox's FPS games are becoming more and more innovative (take Splinter Cell: CT and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath... both excellent games), it's almost, dare I say, "refreshing" to play a game that's actually easier to learn than Halo 2. It's an extremely cathartic experience. Sit back, relax, and let yourself become scared of the dark again as you blast through hordes of Hell's minions. It's the perfect stress reliever.

    With the added features (including retro Doom games, as I'm sure you already know), the Doom 3 Collector's Edition for the Xbox is the perfect addition to any FPS and/or Survival Horror fan's library... repetitive gameplay and all....more info
  • Buy the collector's edition!
    This is a very good game, but I have three reasons that you buy the Collector's Edition: 1.It comes with Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, for you nostolgic fans. 2. It has some other great extras like, interviews with the ID software team, concept and production art gallery and "Behind the scenes of Doom 3" (a G4: video game TV "icons" feature). And finally reason number 3. It comes in a great case! ...more info
  • Doom 3
    I'd have to say this is the best game of the Doom series. It has tons of action and a constant sense of dread that makes it a lot cooler than previous installments....more info
  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is awsome(the level of HALO 2 good) and the extras are awsome . IT HAS THE FIRST TWO(Ultimate Doom, Doom 2),A G4 ICONS Episode,Concept Art ,and team intrveiws. (I Just Wish there was more)...more info


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