Bissell 3545-2 PowerGlide Platinum Upright Vacuum, Wine Red

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Product Description

Bissell 35452 Powerglide Platinum Upright Vacuum - maximum power and convenience to thoroughly clean your home. This vacuum has many features including 7 height adjustments, wide beam headlight, bag change indicator light, HEPA media filter, clear deluxe stretch hose, 30' power cord, easy carrying handle and an extra wide cleaning path to name a few. There is also an extension wand, crevice tool, combination upholstery/dusting brush and TurboBrush included for all those hard to reach areas.

  • Upright vacuum with 7 height adjustments for bare floors to high-pile carpet
  • 12 amp motor; bag-change indicator; HEPA media filter; clear wire-reinforced stretch hose
  • Lightweight design; 14-3/4-inch cleaning path; wide-beam headlight; 30-foot power cord
  • Attachments include upholstery/dusting brush, crevice tool, and rotating TurboBrush
  • Measures 12 by 13 by 42 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great vacuum
    I've only used this vacuum a few times but I am very pleased so far. I did notice at first a little difficulty pushing it on carpet at times, but I think changing the carpet height adjustment helped that. Most of the time it glides across carpet easily. It has great suction and is only a little noisy, much quieter than my last vacuum. Overall I am very happy with this vacuum. Now I don't mind vacuuming!...more info
  • A whopper of a Deal!
    Not having owned a Bissell vacumm before, I was somewhat concerned about buying there product. I had heard many good things about the vacuum, so for the price I figured I had little to lose. Set up was very simple. I was impressed by the way this vacuum looked as well. I put it together and put one of the two vacuum bags they give you into the bag holder. Very simple bag install. I turned the vacuum on and was surprised how quiet the vacuum was. I brought it over to the couch, and hooked up the handy Turbo attachment and went over the couch to remove the cat hair. This attachment works much better than the same type of attachment that came with my $250 Eureka Whirlwind, and it's clear so you can see it function as well as see if there is anything stuck on the beater brush. As far as vacuuming, it is a light vacuum. It vacuums very well, and the see through beater brush cover makes it easy to see that it's turning, and to see if it has anything on the brush that needs to be clean. I cannot find a thing wrong with this vacuum, other than the fact that the beater bar is always spinning no matter what, even when you are using the attachments. I am not sure why that would be a big deal, but I do know that on some models that when the vacuum is in the up right position, the roller brush is not turning, and turns on once you step on the vacuum to release the handle! That is the only thing I would change though I cannot see what the big deal is about the beater brush turning all of the time. I say buy, you will be pleased. Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Good Deal, Good Item!
    I got it yesterday! And i love it! It makes my carpet look like new! I just love everything about this vacum cleaner!
    Alexandra....more info
  • Best Vacuum ever
    Completely satisfied with this. My wife and I are pregnant so we wanted a vacuum that would get all the hair left about by our two cats and not shoot dust back into the air we breath. Well, we are completely satisfied. The whole machine is designed so well; it's going to last a long time. This competes with the Dyson. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • great vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum a couple weeks ago after checking out reviews on consumer reports, epinions, and amazon. The powerglide is awesome; very good on carpeting and on bare floors. Its not as heavy as most vacuums I checked out in the stores, it's not too loud, has very good suction and it seems to be a pretty solid well built unit. I really like the hepa filtration system on it; nice clean smell when u get done vacuuming. The only thing that would make this vacuum cleaner perfect would be a switch to turn the roller/brush off and a better way of attatching the wand into the base; its just a little awkward . Great vacuum for 79.00 ...more info
  • Avoid this vacuum!
    I purchased this vacuum less than 6 months ago and it is already useless. About 2 months ago, the Turbo Brush attachment (which was wonderful at first) stopped working completely. Unfortunate, but the vacuum still worked nicely. Currently, I vacuumed my whole house and smelled that familiar hot smell and thought I was burning through a belt. Not so. Upon opening the bottom of the vacuum I found that the beater bar had caused so much friction with the vacuum casing that it burned through 2 layers of plastic casing on the vacuum unit. It cannot be repaired and Bissell customer service won't do anything despite it being under warranty. I am taking the unit back to the store where I purchased it for a refund!...more info
  • only worked four months!
    I bought this new in April, and it worked fine for the first 3 1/2 months I had it. Then it stopped suctioning dirt and dust. If I attempted to use the attachment hose, it would not suction AT ALL and would, in fact, spit dust and dirt ALL OVER my floor and myself! I was very aggravated and took the whole thing apart one day. The belt is not broken, I have no clogs in my hose or vacuum itself, AND I changed my bags and nothing seems to make it work! This was a total waste of my money!!!!! Be warned before buying this vacuum online! I should have spent the money on an Oreck! At least I KNOW that those work!!...more info
  • Great product!
    For the price, I was very impressed with my new vacuum. Great suction and many useful attachments. I have a cat and this vacuum was a godsend for the mountain of hair that accumulates each week. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Impressive!
    I'm delighted with this vacuum cleaner. I recently got a cat and wanted to keep the pet hair under control. I thought I would have to spend at least twice as much money (probably more!) to get this much suction. It pushes just fine across the carpet (even on low setting) and seems to do a good job. The real benefits are the attachments. The hose has fantastic suction and they weren't kidding when they called it a turbo brush. I wouldn't use it on anything delicate, but it's great for regular upholstery. I used the dusting attachment on my lampshades and was impressed. I also wanted a bagged vacuum (less mess... which is the point of cleaning!), which seem to be harder to find these days. The downsides are that it's sorta hard to get the hose out of it's holder and it's a little heavy. But overall, I would definitely recommend this vacuum, especially if you're looking for good attachment suction. And only $80!!...more info
  • Fair vacuum, but not worth the price
    My previous vacuum, a Eureka Boss, just wasn't getting my old shag carpeting clean enough. So after reading the reviews here, I decided to spring for this Bissell upright. It was quite a bit more than I had paid for the Eureka, but if I got the performance I expected it was worth it. Well, after figuring out how to assemble the thing, on my first use it sprayed dust and dirt all over itself - and the floor. The attachment hose does double duty as the route from the floor to the bag, and you have to REALLY jam the hose in tightly (beyond what I was able to do, and I'm not a weak person). In fact, in order to push the vacuum you have to have incredible upper body strength - I keep it on the High Carpet setting and still struggle by the end of my 12x16 living room. Due to the wheel width, the edge cleaning is virtually non-existent. The Turbo Brush attachment works wonders on pet hair covered upholstery, though. And it does do a decent cleaning job on my carpets, with a nice wide cleaning path. So if you want to build some major upper body strength, and don't care if the edges of your carpet get dusty, then this is the machine for you....more info
  • Great Vaccum
    I bought this vaccuum after doing a lot of research and reading plenty of reviews. I must say all of my research paid off, this was a great buy. The name speaks for itself, PowerGlide, this vaccum glides right cross my carpet surface. I LOVE IT. I also must commend Amazon for the good delivery time....more info
  • Soooo Sad!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner tonight from Walmart; got it home and was eager to try it out right away. Got my den finished great!! Then to my bedroom; in there no more than 60 seconds and the little roller in the front of the vacuum stopped turning. My husband opened the little lever to check it out and the belt was broken completely in half! : ( Too bad! I was liking it so much! Wished it would've lasted longer than 2 minutes! Am taking it back tomorrow and getting another brand. Obviously not a good manufacturer!...more info
  • So far, so good
    I have had great results using this vacuum in my small loft. It even works on my kitchen's wood floor, and doesnt't choke and blow dust if it sucks up a coin or hairpin. Maybe I got too used to the old, heavy, crappy vacuum I used to have, but this one feels quite luxurious. If vacuuming can be luxurious.
    And it's a nice color, too. ...more info
  • vacume review
    the vacume i bought was great it works just like they said it would. It was a great value and got here fast. We used all the parts that came with it and they all work great. Anoter great buy from Amazon thank you...more info
    This vacuum is GREAT ! It has great power ...picks up wonderfully ...the brush tool makes cleaning the furniture
    a breeze. It is heavy to push ..but very managable....more info
  • Boy, does this work; found all dirt,debris on rug, loved it!
    Now know why called PowerGlide!hehe,easy to move over rugs. Grt picker upper. Loved the color-red; like having start button near the top(on side)Not loud! Its a lower sound, so it doesnt bother your ears(specially mine)Just got today and used, and got the old dust and bits of tiny paper off a badly worn rug on low setting! was real fast. I was soo surprised!Turbo tool even better for upholstry.A plus! Good product-- hope all remains that way. even gave me an extra bag too. Thanks Bissell, great machine.
    ...more info